tagIncest/TabooGrandpa and I

Grandpa and I


There is no-one under the age of 18 in this story involved in any sexual acts.

I had been orphaned when I was only 16 and my grandparents had taken me in. It was quite a different style of living for me. I had been brought up in the city where everything was literally at your fingertips. Gran and Pa lived on a hobby farm of about 20 acres just outside a small town about 300 miles from my original home.

As I said, I was 16. I had a trim curvy body and pale skin. My hair was a chestnut red and my eyes green.

Grandma and Pa were in their late 50s and both were fairly fit because of the farm activities.

I got settled into school in the township and finished the last 2 years there. I hadn't made up my mind what I was going to do with myself when I left school. There had been a trust fund set up by my late parents for my continuing education if I decided to go to college.

I told my Gran and Pa that I would like to take 12 months off before I made up my mind and just stay and work around the property with them. They thought about it for a while and eventually gave in to my wishes, telling me that if I wasn't happy

later to let them know and they would organise a college for me.

Unfortunately, by this time, Grandma had become very ill and I was glad that I had taken this time out so that I could help with the chores around the house. I did all the housework and helped Pa on the farm and also took on the nursing of Gran as she needed it. We had a registered nurse coming in 3 times a week but I was there the rest of the time.

By this time my 12 months were up and Pa asked me if I had thought any more about college. I told him that while Gran was so sick I wouldn't be leaving them alone, as I owed them both so much for taking care of me in previous years.

We lost Gran about 3 months later. Pa was so burdened with grief I didn't know what to do for him. They had been married for over 35 years and had always been there for each other.

As the months went by, Pa came out of his grief and became more social. We began to attend the movies and town dances together. I think he was trying to introduce me to a few eligible men. He thought that I was old enough to lead a life of

my own.

One evening we had arrived home after being to a social event in town and both had been drinking, just a little.

We collapsed on the lounge and turned on the TV. Pa got a bottle of wine from the kitchen with a couple of glasses and poured for the both of us.

"Well Sheila, I have had a great night tonight and I have you to thank for it. I haven't danced so much since I was a lot younger. You make me feel like a young man."

"Pa, I love to dance with you, I think you and Grandma would have had great nights out when you were both young."

I leaned back on the lounge and was enjoying the show on the television. I felt an arm go round my shoulders.

"Sheila, dancing is not the only way you make me feel young. I have been watching you for the last few months and my feelings for you have grown strongly. I miss your Grandma but I also miss the intimacies that we had before."

"What do you mean Pa?" I queried.

"Darling, I mean that you have got my juices flowing once again. I am still young enough to appreciate a woman, and you are the woman I would love to give that love to. How do you feel about that?"

"Grandpa, that isn't the right way for you to feel. I love you dearly but I don't know about those feelings. Give me a little while to think this over okay. We can talk again in a couple of days."

"Oh my darling girl, just take your time. No one else need ever know about us if we decide to go ahead. We will just carry on the same as we always have. Everyone knows that you have lived here with your Grandma and I for years."

A couple of nights later I had just taken a shower and slipped into bed to read. There was a light tap on the bedroom door and I said, "Come in," knowing that it could only be Pa.

He pushed the door open and came in wearing his pyjamas, ready for bed.

"May I sit on your bed darling?"

"Of course Pa."

He sat there for a few moments, not saying anything. Then he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. He trailed his lips down the side of my face and met my lips with his. With a gasp of astonishment from me, he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth and French kissed me. I can tell you that because of our recent lifestyle I had never been kissed like this before. I had only received pecks on the cheeks mainly from a few guys at the dances but none so intense as this.

I drew back and looked into his eyes. They were shining with tears and I just put my arms around him and hugged him close to me. He pulled me into his embrace and I lay my head on his shoulder.

This felt so normal. I didn't really know any better but the feeling I was getting was not normal to me. I felt hot and cold, all at the same time, yet also my body seemed to be burning up in its own fire.

As I lay there in his arms, Pa brushed his hands down my body and over my breasts. I shivered and burrowed deeper into his chest. My nipples began to tingle as I pressed against his hairy chest and his fingers found the soft mounds of my breasts under my nightgown. He lowered his head to mine and kissed me again. Not a word had been said but we both knew what was about to happen.

As he fondled my breasts with one hand he dipped his mouth and took one of my boobs and suckled and licked it, changing sides regularly. He let his hand drift down over my belly and at last landed on my mons. He wrapped his fingers in the light hair that was present and then followed with his mouth, gently trailing his lips down to my labia.

The moisture had started to flow from my pussy and Pa was eager to go right down and lick me and suck my clitoris.

You must remember that I was still a virgin in more ways than one.

"No... You don't have to do that. I am alright..." Though I said this, I had already spread my legs and was eagerly waiting to receive Pa's tongue on my pussy lips.

My kindling sexual appetite took the better of my modesty. As Pa put his tongue out and softly stroked the inside of my cunt flaps, I sighed and gently caressed his head with my hands. As he feasted on my cunt juice, his hands were on my breasts tenderly fondling my nipples.

"You are so loving and caring.... You do it so well..." I said as I started moaning in pleasure and ecstasy as Pa's expert tongue and hands pleasured me. He knew exactly where to lick, how to lick and for how long. He would move between my pussy lips and then my clit. Then he would dart his tongue into my fuck hole where his penis should have been and then move back to my clit. His teeth never dug into my flesh even once...

Soon I erupted into an orgasm and grandpa continued licking my clit softly and rhythmically until I finished with my convulsions. As I went through my orgasm, Pa held my thighs gently with his hands. Through my orgasm, I moaned and groaned and gyrated my pelvis against his skilled tongue.

"Pa, I don't know how long I can take this, I need you more than I ever thought. Teach me more about loving."

He slipped up my body kissing me all the way. After another sweet French kiss which lasted for minutes, he raised himself above me.

"Sheila, I am now going to take your virginity. It is bound to be a little painful at first, but that will ease and I will be very gentle."

"Okay Pa, just make this fire go out in me."

He eased himself down onto my body and took his penis in his hand and let it find its own way to the entrance of my hot, wet love canal. He slowly pushed himself into me until he felt the barrier between us. He again leaned into me and kissed

me while inserting his whole rigid rod into me. I tensed for a moment but then Pa stopped pushing while my canal got used to the idea of having something there.

Pa then changed the pace of his fuck, tailoring it to my need - he lingered a brief moment deep inside my cunt before withdrawing quickly only to thrust back immediately as far his long penis would go – touching the mouth of my womb with the

tip of his tool and my clitoris with its base... He did this again and again.

Again and again, so long as I kept holding him tight and groaning... In between grandpa kissed my arched neck gently a few times. He kept on pounding my pussy with his erection sustaining my orgasm as long as it lasted. Pa is too good, I thought.

We lay there both feeling sated. I turned onto my side and looked at him.

"Why haven't we done this before, Pa?" I asked.

"Well my darling, we have missed out some but we still have a long time to make up for it."

"Pa, what can I do to make you feel as good as I do?"

"Well darling girl, seeing we have broken down the barriers between us, I can show you a way that you can satisfy me any time


"How Pa, how?"

"I don't know if you have heard of a blowjob or not. I would love one of those, in fact I would love to eat you out at the same time. That is called a 69 when two people face in opposite directions and proceed to suck the other one's genetaals at the same time. Would you like to try it my darling? If you don't like it at any time – just let me know and we will stop."

"Righto Pa, I will do anything for you, after all you have already sucked on my pussy."

We then turned into the 69 position and Pa took my labia lips into his mouth, and at the same time I was facing his cock. There was a droplet of moisture at the eye of it and I felt that I had to lick it. I did, and then slipped my mouth over the head of his cock. I slid my mouth up and down and worked my tongue around the head, all the while gently pressing on the sacs below. I loved the taste of his musky male scent and continued to suck and lick his man pole with an eagerness I never knew I had.

Pa was moaning and groaning, and I could feel him getting thicker and bigger in my mouth. Suddenly, a burst of lava flowed onto my tongue and down my throat. I hadn't expected this but I did manage to swallow most of it. At the same time, I could

feel my own body responding to the continuous sucking by him and could feel an orgasm coming on. I gushed like molten lava. Pa did manage to swallow all of my 'cum' as I later found out that it was called.

I was such a lucky girl. Even though I was nineteen and a half, I had just been initiated into the mind-blowing experiences of sex, with the gentlest and most loving man I was to ever know.

Grandpa and I continued our relationship for many years until he too passed away.

I am now married with 2 children and I will always think back on those years as the best ones I ever spent.

I feel that he is still around and I often feel him when I think of him while masturbating on my bed.

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