When my brother married and left home I finally got the use of our bedroom to myself, he left behind his porn stash saying he wouldn’t be needing it any more. I can well believe that after the vivid stories he told me about his then girlfriend and her mother and aunt. I noticed too, that his father-in-law was a physical sort of man when in the company of my brother. Whether my brother was bi or not I really couldn’t say for sure although I strongly suspected it, he never actually said so.

When he was at living at home we thought nothing of jerking off in the same room while watching the same porn video. Sometimes we read stories to each other from magazines or web sites. Occasionally we would go into lurid detail about recent dates each of us had. One night my brother began a story about his future wife who liked anal, a lot. It was a lengthy tale and he told it to me while I moved about the bedroom, sorting the tv, fixing up my bed and so on, and all the while my dick rubbing the inside of my loose fitting trousers, making a sizeable tent.

Richard, that was his name, was laid back on his bed reliving his own experiences with his large, long cock in one hand and his filled balls cupped in the palm of the other. As the story progressed I sat on the edge of my bed and closed my eyes, took my cock from my trousers and let my imagination wander. When the story reached the part about his girlfriends’ mother catching the two of them together and then instead of embarrassment or anger showed willing and eager, my grip became firm and the strokes rapid. At the point when his girlfriend sat on her mothers’ face while Richard slid his length into her hungry, hairy cunt I almost literally exploded across the length of the room.

When Richards’ voice stilled and became low moans of pleasure I opened my eyes and saw to my astonishment that his belly and chest were splattered with what must have been my ejaculate. Must have been mine, because he was pounding hard and fast on his own meat and came himself half a minute later, hitting his own chin and throat.

I was dumbfounded. He looked across dreamily and smiled.

Then it became an exciting ritual. Richard would tell me in as much detail as possible about shagging his girlfriend, her mother and sometimes her aunty. I would hold on, spell bound until I was ready to unload. He would grin as I crossed the room and spilled my white spume across his face, chest and belly.

But now I have the room to myself, except when Granma visits.

The first time Granma stayed it was very late at night when she said she’d better head for home. My parents wouldn’t dream of her leaving the house on such a cold, miserable night and offered her my room to sleep in. I was fine with that. I’d slept on the couch many times but Granma wouldn’t hear of it and insisted that I sleep in my own bed and she would have the spare, Richards’ old bed. Neither of us had anything the other hadn’t seen before so it was only sensible. Dad looked at Mum and she at him and they both shrugged their shoulders; ok.

Granma is a white haired old lady, in her sixties and she is actually my fathers’ grandmother. My fathers’ mother is often mortified at the way her mother dresses at her age. With strapless tops and skirts up to here. She ought to be ashamed. I like Granma. She has a very decent body for someone her age, a bit broad across the behind and lovely large breasts with ample amounts of cleavage which get lower as the years go by.

Well the first night Granma stayed I had gone to my bed and was woken a while later by the opening of the door, spilling light across the bedroom floor. My sleep-filled eyes hazily made a silhouette of Granma entering.

My usual sexual couplings most often took the form of semi-dressed bunk-ups and it had been a while since I had seen a woman naked in front of me, even an old saggy woman like Granma, so I lay quietly in my lidded eyes feigning sleep. When Granma inquired in the dark “Are you asleep Goergie?” I made silence my answer.

Granma switched on the bedside lamp casting a low light making shadows along the wall. She began undressing, paying no attention whatsoever to my recumbent form. I opened my eyes, mindful of the need to flicker shut should she look my way. I gazed, fascinated as this old woman removed her clothes revealing secretly to me her white marble skin.

First she dropped her skirt and stepped out showing to my now leering eyes; pale stockings held by ivory suspenders and paler panties. Her close fitting silken top was next, over her head to reveal armpits adorned with equally silken white hair matching the mane which tumbled out from beneath the upheld shirt to cascade almost to her thickened but still proportionate waist.

Having discarded her shirt, Granma reached up under her silver tresses and began unsnapping her matching coloured brassiere, which she let fall down her arms to rest bedraggled at her feet, even half-cupped the material there was sizeable, I waited in anticipation of a glimpse of those old boobs. Granma didn’t disappoint, and now I struggled to keep my breathing even as the heating blood raced through my distended veins.

In my eagerness to see I was late in lidding my open eyes when Granma glanced at my face, she had seen me, seeing her. She smiled. Even at my age, I’ve still got it.

Still pretending sleep, and continuing the game I rolled onto my side and managed to rest my hand on my now engorged cock and began stroking it gently. Unsnapping her suspenders Granma turned towards my bed, letting her big succulent titties hang down before my enraptured eyes as she slowly pulled down her panties, then stepping back to reveal her puffy, white silk laden labia.

Now sitting on her bed Granma rolled down each stocking giving me a fine view of her magnificent twat and juicy over-ripe tits coming to rest on her legs, slipping, sliding to encase each thigh in turn.

Then the light was out. The show was over. All that could be heard was the gentle slap, slap, slap of my overladen balls against my thighs as I jerked off in the dark and the soft moans of Granma as she did the same.

After the third time of Granmas’ late visit, which were becoming almost regular occurrences themselves, Granma beat me to the punch and went on up to bed very quickly claiming a hard day. So I guessed that it was my turn to give Granma a show.

When I got into the bedroom Granma was laid mostly under the covers but for a large drooping breast almost hanging off the edge of the mattress. As per role I inquired “Are you asleep yet Granma?” and her reply was to roll over more allowing her breast to drop further from the bed and her arm to dangle outwards. I closed the bedroom door and crossed in the dark towards the table light. As I did so I found grandmas’ arm was against my knee which caused me to pause and then I realised that my leg was pressed against Granmas’ exposed, flopping breast. I fumbled with the light switch, making my knee press inwards in response to Granmas’ slight increase in pressure. I looked down and sure enough her boob was squashed tightly between my leg and the mattress of the bed.

I pressed a little harder and Granma pulled a little tighter and let out a slight gasp.

I moved away reluctantly. Granma mewed.

Then I started Granmas’ show, slowly removing clothing and slowly revealing bare flesh to her burning eyes. I ripped open the studs of my shirt and ran my hands down my chest into the waistband of my trousers. I undid the buttons on my fly and then the waist. I had removed my knickers in preparation and now Granma could see the hair covering my crotch as I laid open the waistband of my trousers to her hungry gaze. I shucked the shirt and posed with my hands framing the hair of my groin, fingers deeper into the fly.

Hooking my thumbs into the top of my trousers at the back I began slowly drawing them down my legs. Revealing my thickening cock held back and down inside inch my slow inch. I turned to show Granma my now exposed firm arse and the bare expanse of my broad back. I turned once more to face her bed and pulled downwards on the waistband making my now stiff pole spring up to slap hard against my belly.

I heard a sharp intake of breath, and smiling stood stock still with my trousers around my ankles exposing my hard on to Granma.

Still smiling I walked out of the trousers and stepped towards the table light, this time pressing exposed flesh to crush Granmas’ dangling mam against her bed.

Darkness. Kneading. Clasping.

I broke the scene and climbed into bed, to jerk off, this time to vivid memory of live flesh.

Spring became summer and Granmas’ sporadic drop-ins became weekly visits.

The next time Granma put on a show for me I was careful to leave the bedclothes turned down, revealing hip and groin for her to see. When it was my turn, Granma had both titties out on show. Then eventually when Granma walked into the room she would stand for several minutes gazing at my fully exposed body before beginning. As I did, her, the week after.

Up until then we had still been ‘asleep’ when the other came into the bedroom, and waited until darkness before listening to each other bring ourselves to orgasm. Now as I lay uncovered, still ‘sleeping’ with Granma watching I moved my hand to touch my hard cock, pressing it against my belly and slowly massaging its length. This time Granma finished her striptease just as I had grabbed my dick in my fist and not waiting for the darkness began wanking my cock in full view. The light went out but Granma stayed sat on her bed watching me wank in the lightless room.

The following week as I entered my bedroom, Granma was laid on top of the covers, naked with her eyes wide open and her mouth stretching like she couldn’t smile wide enough. Her big flopping tits draped her arms and with one finger ever so slightly in her already glistening minge she began immediately to massage her clit with two fingers of her other hand.

I stripped for her, as slowly and sexily as I could, watching her frig her cunt as she watched my show. When my cock sprang out to slap my belly it left a glistening trail of silver from my trousers to the hair on my balls and up to my knob end. I had never had a bigger or harder cock than I did that night. Granma began deep fingering her hairy twat and her other hand was a blur of motion against her clit as she bucked her hips in time to her violent self-fucking. No sooner had I stepped from my trousers than I stepped towards my Granma with my distended rod in my hand beating furiously and spraying the first jerk of spunk across her old saggy drooping tits and the second I aimed at her furry muff, covering her hands too. Granma looked in my eyes and opened her mouth; the third jet hit her tongue. She moaned in ecstasy as her own orgasm exploded in waves over her old sagging body.

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