tagIncest/TabooGranny's Dirty Photographs Ch. 02

Granny's Dirty Photographs Ch. 02


In response to some of the feedback for Granny's Dirty Photographs I cobbled the following together. I hope you enjoy the scene I describe below. In this scenario Robert's grandmother has a little surprise for him at her house. It all starts well but unfortunately there's a glitch, a bump in the road of their incestuous relationship that seems like it will knock the wheel off the cart.

Anyway, here it is, the follow-up; I've also left a postscript at the end of the piece that I couldn't include here in the preamble because it kinda gives the game away.

As usual, feedback is hugely appreciated. Feedback can be by PM, Public Comments below the scene itself, or by email. If you want a response to feedback, then email is best.

There might (very probably) be typos and the occasional blooper in the text. I did go over the piece a few times to spot any fuck-ups, but invariably I miss a couple or three things every time. I hope any errors that are contained herein don't detract from the overall enjoyment.

Merry Christmas.

GA -- Lankawi Island, Malaysia -- 25th of December 2012.

She wouldn't tell me the secret. No matter how many times I asked, or how much I whined, she refused to divulge the reason for exactly why she wanted me to visit her on Saturday night. I suspected it would be something sexual, that my grandmother had something dirty in mind for us, but try as I might, even when I asked her when my tongue and fingers had taken her to the brink of orgasm she didn't tell.

"Wait and see," she said, all mysterious and coy but with a definite glint in her eye. "I guarantee, Robert, that you'll love it."

Five days I waited, five days that passed with agonising slowness, and as the time dribbled by I imagined various scenarios, all lewd, all involving my beautiful, sexy grandmother.

We'd been fucking for two months by then. It all came about, the incestuous affair between me and my mother's mother, when I found a stash of nude photographs under gran's bed. She caught me out and, after a shaky start during her seduction -- she got cold feet for a moment -- we ended up romping all over those same photographs as they lay spread across her bed. The day I lost my virginity to my own grandmother she'd worn a pink corset -- her favourite colour -- stockings and heels, and I imagined that the surprise she said she had for me on the coming Saturday featured her in new lingerie.

Or perhaps, I mused, she wanted me to take some photos of her; or maybe even a video of us fucking!

As it turned out, when that Saturday evening eventually rolled around, let's just say that what lay in store had me speechless.


On the day itself the hours dragged by even more slowly. It felt to me like time was stuck in glue. When I looked at the clock, expecting half-an-hour to have past, I saw that it was only five minutes since I'd last checked. In the morning my guts were tight knots of apprehension, but as the day wore on that feeling gave way to liquid anxiety.

It didn't help matters when my grandmother phoned at ten in the morning and murmured filth down the line, a sewer-mouthed description in the most vivid terms of what she wanted me to do to her pussy -- and all with my mother standing scant yards away, blithely unaware of what a nasty, potty-mouth her mother had.

When my grandmother got going she really let rip, dropping the prim and proper schoolteacher act completely.

"I'm playing with my cunt right now, Robert," gran whispered down the phone. "You like it when I say that word, don't you, you dirty boy?" "I wish you were here right not to lick it. My pussy's growling for your cock, darling." She gasped and then chuckled. "Ooh, that felt good. My clit's so big, Robert. I'm fingering it and it feels so good. When I hang up the phone I'm going to play with myself, darling. You think about that; think about your granny with her legs spread wide ..." She paused, knowing the image would solidify in my mind. "Think about it, Robert; my cunt all swollen and hot for your tongue and lovely cock."

"Are you sure you don't want me to come round before seven, Gran?" I asked, my voice catching as desire swelled my cock. "I can come over any time you like."

Gran chuckled again, a rich, throaty, dirty sound. "You just want to come on my tits, Robert, you wicked boy." My fingers whitened as I gripped the phone more tightly when I heard the woman gasp and groan. "I'd love it if you could visit me sooner, Robert," my grandmother said. My heart leapt into my throat and my cock grew even stiffer when I thought she was inviting me over earlier than our planned rendezvous. However my excitement was short-lived. "But you can't, darling," my grandmother breathed, gasping again. "Your surprise won't be ... ready until seven. You'll just have to be patient. Now I'm going to go, Robert. See you at seven, not a second earlier. Do you understand? Not one second before seven or you might ruin everything."

"OK, Gran," I managed to say in a voice close to normal. "Seven. I got it."

"And no playing with yourself, or if you do, don't come. You've got to fuck like a machine tonight, darling."

And that's how she left me, the teasing bitch.

I nearly shit when my mother touched my shoulder, saying, "Are you all right?"

"Uh ... Yeah, Mum, I ... er ... I've just got a bit of a headache, that's all."

My mother looked at me, concern in her expression. "If you like," she began, "I'll go and stay with my mother tonight. If you're not well ...?"

Holy shit! No, that would fuck it up completely!

"It isn't that bad, Mum," I said hurriedly. "I'll take a couple of pills and be fine."

My mother frowned. "OK, Robert," she sighed, adding, "it's only my mother being a silly old woman anyway. I don't know why she's suddenly worried about being alone at nights. She's lived in that house on her own for years." My mother tutted and rolled her eyes. She fixed me with a tender smile, saying, "I think it's sweet of you to stay with her tonight. You're a good lad, a nice young man. I'm so proud."

"Thanks, Mum," I replied, walking away as my cheeks began to burn.

I wonder what my mother would say if she knew I'd be balls deep inside her mother in, hopefully, a little over nine hours time? Would she be so proud of me then?


Finally the hands on the clock crawled around to show the time at two minutes to seven. As torturous as it had been, remembering my grandmother's very specific warning about not arriving before seven o'clock, I'd left it late so that my arrival would be about five minutes after the hour.

Being young and insurance premiums the cost that they are, and because I didn't earn much in my job as a trainee manager in the supermarket, and because fuel is so fucking expensive, I normally used my pushbike to go back and forth between home and gran's house. But I was too impatient to pedal over, so I drove. During the short drive to gran's house I realized I'd owned the car for close on two years. My mother and grandmother had clubbed together and bought the VW Golf second hand for my eighteenth birthday, and I wondered where the time had gone now that my twentieth birthday loomed closer. It occurred to me that my grandmother would soon be fifty-eight since her birthday followed a week after mine. I grinned when I thought about what gifts we could exchange this year.

My grandmother met me at the back door, our habitual access and egress to the house. As usual she wore lingerie and heels -- she has a thing about her age and how, she reckons, she's no longer the svelte young thing she was in the photos I discovered. Despite me maintaining endlessly that she's glamorous and beautiful and how she makes my cock hard when I just look at her, she insists on the corsets and negligees. Not that I complain too much, I really like the way my grandmother looks when she's all dressed up for sex.

"Don't say a word," Robert," she cautioned in a whisper, with a forefinger pressed to her lips. "Even when you see your surprise, don't say anything. You'll be surprised, pleasantly surprised, but don't say a word no matter what."

I frowned and asked why the need for me to be silent. "I don't understand, Gran. What is it? What's the surprise?"

"Wait and see. It's in the lounge. We'll go through in a moment, but for now, darling, kiss me."

"I love the stockings, Gran," I murmured when we parted, reluctantly on my part. I love kissing my grandmother's mouth. "And you've had your hair done."

My grandmother preened, obviously pleased I'd noticed. "I'm all smooth between my legs as well, Robert," she murmured into my ear, her hand pressing against the bulge in my jeans. "And you look very handsome tonight yourself." She took a pace backwards, her hand still attached to my jeans front. "Did you manage to go the whole day without wanking your gorgeous cock?"

"Just like you said, gran."

"And you smell divine as well."

I'd taken an age in the bathroom, bathing and shaving; my grandmother doesn't like her dirty boy to be dirty.

"Can I see my surprise now?" I asked abruptly, the anticipation swelling in my guts.

"Of course. We'll go through now. Just remember," my grandmother cautioned, fixing me with her stern over-the-rims-of-her-spectacles look, "no speaking. You'll understand why as soon as you see what's waiting."

Gran led the way with me eagerly following behind. I almost bumped into her such was the level of anticipation, but as soon as I walked into the lounge I understood why I had to keep quiet.

My grandmother strode over to the settee and halted. She turned her face towards me, smiling hugely when she saw the expression on my face. "He's here," she said as she turned away from my bulging eyes and wide open mouth to address the woman sitting on the sofa.

Elaine, my grandmother's colleague and friend, a woman twenty years older than me, and who I fancied the arse off, tilted her head to one side.

"Is he?" she asked, her eyes blindfolded.

"Yes," my grandmother replied in her stern schoolteacher's voice. "You should see him Elaine. He's a handsome young man, very good-looking. He's still dressed but I can tell you he's stiff with desire."

"H ... How old is he?" Elaine asked, her voice warbling.

"Nineteen, darling," my grandmother breathed. "I know you like them young."

"I do, Sarah," Elaine replied, using my grandmother's Christian name.

Questions, I had questions. How, for example, had my grandmother set this up? How the hell had she convinced Elaine to come to her house for sex? Was this a regular thing between them? Were they a couple of lesbians? I instantly dismissed that notion, my grandmother liked cock, I knew that for a fact since she'd sucked mine and been fucked by it enough times over the last few weeks. I'd bet they were bisexual though.

I looked at my grandmother, a woman of many surprises.

"He's going to undress now, Elaine," gran said. "Then he's going to let you feel his cock. No wanking it," she warned. I don't want him squirting spunk all over my furniture, but you can feel him and perhaps have a little lick."

"Yes," Sarah," Elaine murmured. "I'd like that."

"Take your clothes off," my grandmother snapped at me. "Strip and I'll help her out of her clothes."

As I stripped naked I watched Elaine rise to her feet. She slid her blouse over her shoulders after gran unfastened the buttons for her. She reached back to unclasp her own bra while my grandmother unbuckled the broad belt around Elaine's waist. The short pleated kilt pooled around Elaine's feet to leave her naked.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" my grandmother asked as she cupped Elaine's round breasts in her palms. "She's a fitness nut, spends hours in the gym ... but it pays off, doesn't it?" When I nodded, licking my dry lips as I stared at Elaine's body, my grandmother added, "He's staring at you, Elaine. I think he likes you. He's got this hungry look in his eye and ..." Gran chuckled, "... he's big and hard, Elaine. His cock's all stiff." My grandmother signalled for me to approach with the sweep of one arm. "Come here and stroke her breasts," she instructed. "Elaine loves to have her breasts massaged, don't you, darling?"

"Yes," Elaine murmured. "It makes me so wet when a hot young bloke squeezes my tits."

Elaine sighed when my fingers closed over her firm tit-flesh. She reached blindly, searching for my dick.

"Here he is, Elaine," my grandmother said, guiding the woman's hand to my tumescence. "Isn't he stiff!"

"Oh fuck," Elaine gasped when she felt my stiffness. Her hand fisted around my girth. "That's a nice big cock. He's going to fuck me with it, isn't he, Sarah?"

"Eventually," my grandmother replied, winking at me. "But I might have him first ... I'm a little excited by the thought of seeing the two of you together and I fancy a bit of his cock as well."

"If you do fuck him first, let me taste your pussy on his dick."

My grandmother gave her dark, sexy chuckle. "You're in a filthy mood tonight, Elaine."

"It's your fault, Sarah. Teasing me all day about fucking a sexy young man; no fucking wonder I'm horny." I groaned as Elaine's fingers slid along the length of me, then I stiffened, not in a good way, but my body tensed when Elaine asked, "Where did you find a nineteen-year-old to fuck, Sarah?"

"He's just a nice young man I know," my grandmother smoothly replied. "Now," she added, seamlessly, "what did I say about not wanking him? He'll be flicking spunk all over my carpet and settee if you're not careful. "Why don't you suck his cock instead?"

Elaine laughed. "Won't that have him spunking as well?"

"If he does, you'll just have to gulp it all down."

Elaine sat, but not before she released my cock and traced a palm over my stomach and chest, commenting favourably on my musculature when she squeezed my shoulders. Her fingers traced my face and combed through my hair.

Elaine smiled and nodded. "He's nice," she said. "The blindfold idea is fantastic, Sarah. I feel so ... so vulnerable. Not threatened," she added. "It's like I'm at your mercy. He could do anything to me."

Then she groped for me, her fingers bumping against my dick.

I groaned and pushed my fingers into Elaine's short hair when Elaine's tongue slid over the dome of my cock-head and my grandmother pressed her body against my flank, her breasts squashing between us. "Kiss me, darling," she murmured into my ear, and so I swivelled to face her and our lips touched.

Elaine's lips made a wet, smacking sound as she let my hard-on plop out of her mouth after a few moments of slurping and sucking. "Kiss me as too," she groaned, fingers mushing against her own vulva. "Either one of you. Just kiss me."

My grandmother leaned over the seated woman, her boobs dangling and swaying. "Let me taste his cock on your tongue, Elaine," she whispered.

I watched the two women's tongues sliding and writhing, over and over while they both sighed and groaned. Elaine's hand kept busy between her legs while my grandmother massaged the younger woman's tits.

My grandmother's eyes flashed venom when, in a mindless moment, as I stroked my cock, I muttered an obscenity.

"Lick her cunt," she snarled at me, shaking her head and pressing a forefinger against her lips again. She pushed Elaine back into her seat and forced the woman's legs apart.

When I saw the swollen lips of Elaine's sex and the hot, scarlet core of her cunt, I moaned and dropped to my knees.

My grandmother urged me on when I dabbed my tongue at Elaine's clitoris. I probed at the woman, tasting her desire as she juiced heavily, and I had more concern for her staining my grandmother's sofa than me gushing semen all over the place. While she watched and rubbed her own pussy with one vigorous hand, my grandmother roughly squeezed Elaine's boobs. Elaine herself gabbled and groaned, giving me occasional near breathless instructions on where to lick and how fast.

"You're going to get me off," Elaine gasped, fingers clawing at the fabric of gran's settee. "My clit," she squealed. "Suck it between your teeth. Really suck it. Push a finger inside me. Fuck me with your fingers. Oh, fuck, Sarah," the woman grunted, almost bent double now that I'd pulled her hips to the sofa's edge and lifted and bent her legs at the knees so I could devour her cunt. "I'm going to do it. I'm going to fucking come."

"Do it, darling," my grandmother urged. She still had one hand on Elaine's breasts despite the woman's knees being almost on her chest. "Come on his face, Elaine. Let it go, sweetheart. Let his mouth take you there."

Elaine climaxed in a thrashing of limbs. She gasped and winced and raked her nails along my forearms as the lust boiled out of her.

"Fuck her while she coming!" my grandmother cried. "Force her legs apart and fuck her dirty cunt."

"Please," Elaine gasped. "Yes, please. Stick it in me. Fuck me!"

My grandmother collapsed onto the sofa next to Elaine while I balanced precariously on my knees, the shaft of my cock in one fist as I aimed at her body.

"Fuck her," my grandmother grunted through a wince and clenched jaw. "Give it to her. Let me see her pussy all stretched by your big cock. Fuck her, you beautiful bastard."

My grandmother wailed and gasped, three fingers jammed into her pussy as she rubbed quickly at her clit. I watched her tits shiver and roll while her face twisted into a mask of sublime pleasure. She grunted three times and then, with one final bellow, her body tensed and she came noisily.

"Oh, you're so fucking stiff inside me," I heard Elaine say. "I'll come again if you bang my pussy hard. Please," she mewled. "Really pound me. Fuck me hard and make me come on your dick."

I did my best to comply with the woman's wishes, stabbing at her with my cock until the wet squelching of our coupling filled the room. I probed deep, stirring Elaine's insides with the length of me, altering the angle of each thrust just as my grandmother had taught me. Leaning in on bent arms, taking almost all my weight on my legs -- I'd feel the ache in my calves the next day and wonder what the hell I'd done to make the muscles so sore -- I pressed my mouth to Elaine's and kissed her as she came.

Then, unable to take the glorious sensation of Elaine's clenching insides squeezing my dick, overwhelmed by the sounds and tastes and sights my grandmother had engineered for my pleasure, I groaned and squirted semen into the woman's body.

"He's coming," Elaine yelped. "He's filling me with spunk."

I waited for them on my grandmother's bed while Elaine removed the blindfold and peed in the bathroom. While the sound of her water tinkled into the toilet bowl I stroked my slippery cock and thought about much I loved my grandmother for setting this up. I'd ask her later, after we made love in her big bed I'd ask about her and Elaine, but for now I was happy enough with the second woman I'd fucked in my life so far.

Just as I wondered what other surprises my grandmother might have in her repertoire, I heard voices on the landing.

"He's already hard," I heard my grandmother say to a newly blindfolded Elaine. "He must really like you a lot, darling."

"I like him, Sarah," Elaine replied as she sat on the edge of the bed. "Can I take the blindfold off so I can see for myself?"

"No," my grandmother barked. "He doesn't want you to know who he is."

Elaine gasped, her fingers going to her mouth. "You don't mean I know him? Sarah, no, it ... it isn't a former pupil of mine, is it?"

"No," my grandmother responded truthfully, I'd gone to a different school to the one Elaine and gran taught in. "He isn't." She paused and I wondered if she was thinking up a reply, winging it. "But he knows someone you know, he's related to a friend of yours and doesn't want anyone to find out about our tryst."

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