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Gray Matter


Here we go again. I hope that you have already been introduced to my stories. If not please check out my profile and read one of those as well. I love feedback, and I love when you vote. This story was very fun to write. I hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know what you think, as well if you would like to read something a little more hardcore. I am open for suggestions.

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Arthur was terrified. He felt the cold barrel of the gun pressed up against the back of his head. The hollow center convinced him it was real. His face was pressed against a hard frigid stone. His nose bled coloring the grayish rock. The park was known for such unusual rock formations. He knew this place, he knew it well. Many times he and his family came here for picnics. Now it seemed like he would die here. Too terrified to speak, Arthur felt his back pocket being rummaged through. The weight of his wallet was removed. The gun was pressed even harder against the back of his skull. He guessed this was his reward for not screaming out.

He knew though that he was going to die, that his meager existence was over. There was no doubt about it, he could feel it in his gut. He thought of his family, particularly of his daughter, Sarah. He hadn't thought of this memory in such a long time. He didn't know why he was thinking of it now. It was when his wife, her mother, went away for a business meeting. It was the first week after Sarah graduated high school. She graduated with honors and a year ahead of schedule. Never teased for being a nerd. Even as smart as she was, she was very popular. Not just with her teachers, but with her peers. Every girl wanted to be just like her. Then again, every guy wanted her

She seemed to be dressing in less and less to go to bed, as the week went on. Till finally she was wearing only a thong pair of panties and a half shirt. She didn't even wear a bra. They were both on the couch right before bed time. It was a nightly ritual. She asked to be carried to bed just like he used to do when she was a little girl. He knew she was his little girl, but she was so much a woman. The father in him cried "No," the man said "Yes." After all she was starting it, she must know what she was doing.

He carried her off to her room. She twisted and turned like she did when she was just a tiny thing. Screaming she didn't want to go to bed. It was cute how she was acting. It gave Arthur the feeling he was still needed. So many times a child grows up and doesn't want the parents at all. Here, not only did she show that she needed her father, she wanted him. Wanted him in a way a woman wants a man. How many other fathers were this lucky?

They reached her room. The pink covers spread over her bed. The dolls watching from their perched shelves. Stuffies placed neatly and meticulously by her pillows. It was a typical teenage girls room. Expect maybe for all the cheer leading awards. He carried her to the bed throwing her down on her ass. She bounced gleefully. Her breasts bounced and heaved as she leaned back throwing them forward. The tight half shirt kept them hidden. It was enough though, seeing her nipples pressed hard against the fabric. He slipped, playfully, falling on top of her.

His hands were placed palms down on the bed. Pushing himself off of his young daughter. Trying to lift himself off of her, he found her arms were already around his neck. She refused to let him go. Their eyes met, and he was trapped. The sexy lolita look just melted him. Their lips locked and they kissed. So much passion was enflamed that he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. Their body heat rose. His heart felt like it would burst.

She ran her fingers through his hair as his dick got hard. Her breasts against his chest made him go wild. Sarah pulled his shirt of him and in return he tore the make shift half top off of her. His eyes were glued to the milky white flesh that burst forth. Stunned by their perfection he zoned out till she playfully slapped him. His lips were drawn towards her nipples, only pausing at the decision of the right one or the left. To difficult of a decision, he alternated. "Daddy" she cried, "Oh Daddy"

Somehow in the tangled mess he was able to strip himself of his pants. His cock pushing out into the air measuring a thick ten inches. His daughter grabbed onto it instinctively, hitting one of his testicles by accident. It sent a small wave of pain through his body. Just not enough to destroy his excitement. Her panties were off and her legs were spread. He adjusted himself so he now could kiss her as he entered her. Thoughts of her being a virgin made him hesitate. Until he heard her say "Fuck me, Daddy, I want you to."

That ended any Fatherly love for her. Now it was the love of a man. He pierced between her legs. He couldn't believe that she adjusted herself so her feet rested on his shoulders. He was so glad she went to cheer leading camp. She cried out in pleasure. Her nails raked across his back. He thrusted in and out of her fucking her like she was a horny angel. He could feel the moistness between her legs. He was surprised that she came so quickly. The thought of that sent him reeling. He couldn't contain his excitement, nor his seed. He was cumming and ready to pull out. "Don't...get off of me...cum inside of me..." she spoke between gasps. The last few words were lost to her moans.

Her hands once again went around his neck resting there as cum was dumped inside of her. Arthur could only think that she was on the pill, after all she was a smart girl. Globs of cum forced their way inside to her womb. The warm liquid mixing with her juices. No regret over came him. He knew that his love for his daughter made this OK. His love and her willingness somehow made it right. He stayed their holding her trembling body until she fell asleep. Tucking her in he left her room to take a shower.

The click of the door latch brought him back to reality. Or rather the click of the guns mechanism brought him back. He would never be able to see his daughter again. His sweet innocent daughter. He knew that the gun fired. In less than a second it would all be over, but that was enough time for him to be thrown back in time once more. He watched as the scene was about to unfold. Just like the last one, only this time his pants were full of cum.

She was dressed in a long T-shirt that covered her from shoulder to knees. An outfit she wore ever since she became a teen. Her father was once again on the couch drunk. The TV blared as he snored away. She tried ignoring it, but for the past half hour all she heard was "Fuck me" or some loud moans erupting from the video that was on. She was startled when he opened his eyes as she turned off the VCR. More and more he was becoming unstoppable. This week with her Mom gone he was even worse.

She looked so good, just like the porn stars he was just watching, her fresh skin, her breasts just aching to be sucked. His hormones took over, not caring who she was. Arthur lifted his daughter up. She twisted and turned to get away. She began to scream which was cut off quickly by his strong hands. Her struggles continued uselessly. They reached her room. It was the typical teenagers room. He threw her on the bed watching her breasts bounce. His cock was throbbing wantonly. He was going to have her, daughter or not. Pulling down his pants, he slipped falling on top of her.

Leaning with one hand on the bed, and the other on his daughters tit, he could feel his cock on her panty covered pussy. Her hands wrapped themselves around his neck. She squeezed as hard as she could. She refused to let go. It wasn't enough. Their eyes met, she could see how crazed he was. Arthur leaned in closer forcing his lips against hers. His tongue forcing it's way into her mouth. She struggled again but was held tight by her Father's arms.

Not able to choke him, she opted to pull his hair. There was no stopping him. Panicking she grabbed onto his shirt, but he only slipped out of it. She was halfway out of her shirt when she realized he was undressing her. His eyes were glued to the milky white flesh that burst forth. Her father began sucking on her tits. She cried out "Daddy! No Daddy"

She tried hitting him to get him to stop. She knew she only clipped his balls. His rage took over, rage or libido. Her panties were ripped off and thrown aside. They arched through the air landing on her fourth place cheerleading trophy. He pushed her legs up spreading them as he leaned against her body. Her feet were next to her ears fully vulnerable. There was no stopping him. She tried to speak up again. "Daddy, Don't fuck me. I don't want you to do this."

That ended everything. She no longer saw him as a Father. He was a monster. She knew she would never forgive him. She cried out in pain. Her nails raked across his back. Flesh tore and blood seeped out of the small cuts. Skin stuck under her nails. She felt her hymen break causing her to bleed. He shoved his cock in without any remorse. His hips pressed in deeper and deeper. Then she felt him cum inside. Tears flowed down her cheeks. "Get off of me. Don't cum inside me. You fucking asshole." She cried between his gasps.

Her hands once again went around his neck. She squeezed as hard as she could as her father loaded her full of his seed. Sarah wished she was on the pill. Her pussy was soaking wet between her father's cum and her blood. She cried. Sobs just seeped out of her. He fell asleep almost instantly. Pushing him off of her she felt him slip out. It sickened her. Her tears flowed more freely now. What would she tell Mom? What could she say? She had to get clean, somehow had to wipe the dirt away.

After being in the shower for an hour she came back to her empty room. Her drunk father must have made his way to his own room. Her bed was a mess. Her previously white sheets now stained with blotches of red. She knew she couldn't say anything. It would destroy her Mother. Sobs once again controlled her. After stripping the bed, she threw the linens in the closet and then collapsed on top of them. Closing the door after her and only wishing to be alone, the latch clicked shut.

She was so innocent. Never one to hurt anything. Caring for the occasional stray, even nursing back to health a hurt neighborhood dog. The truth slammed through his skull. He hid the truth from his wife. He never told her what happened. He was drunk, he thought it was a dream. Then he must have changed his memories around so he could live with himself. His last thoughts as the bullet destroyed the gray matter was 'I'm so sorry...' The last word would have been Sarah.

The shot rang through the park. The local animals scurried for shelter. Dogs barked in the distance. The bullet shattered the back of his skull. Space was now available where there was only soft vital tissue. Blood rushed to freedom exiting through what was once the brain. Memories flashed into non existence. The projectile exited through the eye socket. There was no pain, Arthur was already dead. Then fate took over, or karma, it was hard to say what. The trajectory of the bullet went straight into the rock, clipping a crevice just right.

The bullet followed the same path back towards his attacker. The assailant never knew what happened. The bullet ricochet back through the path it created on it's way exiting the gun. With still enough force it entered through the mugger's eye socket and out the back of the skull, continuing on into the park. Arthur's body fell off the rock and lifelessly hit the ground. His wallet dropped next to him followed by the gun. The force of the impact shot another bullet through the air.

The dark clad figure fell on top of Arthur. Their blood mingled seeping into the ground. It would be another half hour before they were found. Cops closed off the area. Blue and red lights flickered through the air. They would have been their quicker but the runaway bullet struck a passerby. He was cleaned up and taken to the nearest hospital. For these two it was too late. It was ironic that the same bullet made the same exact wound in two different people. Arthur and Sarah laid there dead, father and daughter together for one last time.

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