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Of all the things in life, soccer was the one that Panayiotis would never dream of giving up, especially when it came to Olympiakos, his favourite team. That evening his team was playing against their greatest opponent, and when there was a game of Olympiakos against Panathinaikos, well, nothing could stop him from watching it, not even his wife's moaning and complaining. That particular night, his brother Dimitris and two of their best friends Nikos and Yiannis had gathered in Panayiotis' house to watch it. Souvlakia had been ordered and a case of beer was in the fridge chilling and waiting to be consumed. Panayiotis had worn his Olympiakos outfit and all the friends had brought their Olympiakos scarves. Naturally, Maria, Panayiotis' wife did not share the same excitement and she did not understand the festive atmosphere that filled their home, yet she had helped her husband move the furniture in their Patissia apartment to make space for the fans to watch the game.

Though she had known her husband's passion for the Pireas team when they got married, she became more and more irritated about it as she felt that his attention to the team was getting greater than to her and he more often went on trips to see his team play than to have fun with her. It was her thoughts and feelings that 'forced' her to come up with the plan that she had in her mind. That would confirm her husband's devotion to her or his team, and she didn't mind risking a bit to find that out.

After the boys had come and she had greeted them and offered them something to drink like a typical Greek hostess, she excused herself and let them talk about the game that was about to begin. With an evil-ish smile on her face she went to the bathroom and immersed her curvaceous body in the warm water. At 35 Maria had managed to retain the freshness of a twenty year old with long baths and a series of moisturizing and revitalizing creams and lotions. She had always been careful of her diet and managed to visit the gym regularly to keep fit. Her Mediterranean charms allured many flattering and she always secretly smiled to the "Ti eisai esy manara mou" that she heard in the street. As she was soaking in the warm water in the tub she could clearly hear that the game had begun and the boys were all excited about it. She ran her plan in her mind again, hoping that its outcome would be what she had wanted it to be.

She soaked in the tub for a long while and carefully run her plan in her mind one more time. Ôhe warm water soaked her smooth skin making her nipples stand on end. She run her hands over them and shuddered at the sensation. Next she run her fingers over her well shaven pubic hair, tracing her slit and her ass crack. She loved her body and how she felt as she run her fingers all over it. Feeling the heat building up she decided she had better cool down and as the first half of the game was well underway she decided to come out of the tub. From the noise the boys were making she was sure they would all be in a great mood as their team had managed to be in the lead. As she was drying herself she cast a look at her body in the mirror and smiled at what she saw. Her life-long efforts had certainly paid off and despite the few years she had had on her back she could pass for a twenty year old without a problem. She wrapped her large towel around her and took a peek at the boys. Their attention was on the screen and she thought that they would not notice her, even if she walked in their in the nude.

She walked to their bedroom and spread all the clothes she had carefully selected, especially for the occasion, on the bed. Although she had tried hard to keep her head so that she could execute her plan calmly, she could not keep her hands from herself. Dropping the towel, she traced her delicious curves with her palms, stopping at her breasts. Cupping one tit with one hand, she pinched and rolled her other nipple with the other. Shivers run down her spine and a soft moan escaped her lips as her excitement was building up with each tweak. She knew she had to cool off a bit before carrying out what she had planned, or else she would risk spoiling it all. She lay down and careful not too make too much noise run her hands all over her body. With her fingers she found her clit and rubbed it impatiently, while she rolled her puffed out nipples in her palms. Her pussy was getting more and more wet and she needed Panayiotis now, but she knew (?) that he would never quit on an Olympiakos derby for anything. She slid two fingers in her wet pussy, her perfectly trimmed nails scratching the walls of her vagina as she moved them in and out feverishly. Each thrust added to the excitement she was feeling. In the meantime, she was working her palm over her erect nipples, moaning all the while. It wasn't long before an orgasm started building up in her and soon she felt her whole body shudder as her climax reached a peak. Removing her fingers she brought them to her mouth and cleaned them dry. She wanted more, but time had gone by and she had to apply her plan.

Maria put on the clothes she had laid on the bed and applied some make up and bright red lipstick and as she heard the referee signal the end of the first half she walked right in front of the boys and standing with her smooth legs spread open and her hands on her delicate hips asked them what they would like to drink. The boys did not know what hit them and could only gasp at her question rather than reply.

Maria was standing right in front of them dressed in what they would only imagine or think of in their absolute privacy, probably with their hard members in hand. She was wearing a pair of red high- heeled shoes to accentuate her beautiful legs, which were clad in red stockings and a garter belt. Her red thong panties were just visible under the loose sleeveless Olympiakos basketball shirt that she was wearing and since she had not put on a bra her ample breasts were clearly visible through the large opening round her arms, her nipples hard and erect pointing at them. As she stood there it was not hard to see the bulges that had grown in their pants and although she was trying very hard not to show any emotion, she could not but feel flattered by their reaction. As Her husband who at the moment was sitting was looking at her, with his eyes and mouth wide open and could only whisper her name "Maria...."

There was evident tension and sensuality in the room and Maria decided to take advantage of it, as the second half was about to begin. She was dying to see if her husband would choose her than the game. She bent forward facing the lads, who immediately focused on her hanging boobs, and picked up the wrappers of the Souvlakia that they had consumed and the empty beer bottles and then turning around, her back turned to them, bent over to pick up the bottles that were on the floor, giving the lads a perfectly clear view of her ass whose crack was only covered by the thong that she was wearing. She smiled secretly and lustfully at the gasp and sigh they all made and then headed to the kitchen. She took four beers from the fridge and walked back in. The four guys were still speechless and exchanged looks between them, all turning to Panayiotis as if they were seeking for his permission to move. "Come on guys, is there anything else you need, the game will soon start." She said hoping to hear what would be the defeat of her fears.

Panayiotis, who had never been aware of his wife's secret worries, would never let this moment go to waste. He had often fantasized about sharing his wife and the circumstances seemed to be ideal. "Who gives a shit about the game dear," he said surprising himself as much as the others in the room. "The real game is right here," he added giving the guys in the room the confirmation they were seeking. He moved towards his wife and cupping her breasts winked at his friends who all rushed off the couch and moved all around Maria caressing and kissing various parts of her body. Dimitris was the boldest of the three and took advantage of the situation sliding a finger under Maria's panties finding her dripping wet pussy. He run his finger up and down her hungry slit becoming more aroused to find how wet she was. The softness of her lips and the sensation it all gave made him trace the crack a few times before sliding his finger in her, making her give out a small gasp. Maria had to admit that she was getting far more than she had initially hoped for, but as things had turned out she would not have it any other way. Her brother in law's finger in her was all she needed to go crazy, but still maintained her cool to see how far her husband would go.

Panayiotis had both his hands full with his wife's mouth-watering tits. He cupped them, squeezed them, rolled her cherry nipples in his palms, and twisted them with his fingers. Of all the parts of her body, her breasts were clearly the most desirable, at least for him. He bent a bit and taking one of the magnificent orbs out of the extremely loose fitting shirt he sucked on the nipple, stopping every now and then to give it a light or strong bite. Maria felt she was in heaven and four 'angels' were taking great care of her. Her husband was concentrating on her over-sensitive nipples, her brother in law had now slipped three fingers up her cunt and the friends were kissing and licking her legs and torso.

"Well guys," she said breathlessly "lets go somewhere more comfortable, but first loose these clothes" she commanded and did not have to say it twice. In a matter of seconds they were all lying on their bed, the guys stark naked and she without her knickers. The rest of her attire was far too kinky to remove they had decided. Now Dimitris was in between her legs savouring her sweet juices and sending shivers up her spine as she sucked on her puffy clit and finger fucked her juicy pussy. Yiannis and Nikos had lain on either side of her and had their hands and mouths full with her tits and nipples, and Panayiotis was enjoying his wife's skills at sucking his fat cock. Maria was overcome by emotions as tiny orgasms rushed through her entire body as her lovers sucked, kissed and fingered her. Her husband was receiving all this too as she variedly sucked vigorously, or leisurely on his cock, in tempo with her orgasms, making it the best blowjob she had ever given him.

Dimitris was the first to mount her, and as he thrust his long cock in her with one blow, Maria gave out a short cry. That brought Panayiotis to the edge who, seeing his wife fucked by his own brother could not control himself longer and with a mixture of lust and jealousy filled his wife's mouth with his semen. Maria was chocked by his sudden gush but managed to swallow it all and suck her husband dry, letting just a few drops dribble from her mouth. After Panayiotis fell on the bed in pure ecstasy, Nikos knelt next to her and fed his cock to his best friend's wife. She hungrily took it to her mouth and gave him the same service she had given Panayiotis. In the meantime, Dimitris was in the verge of coming and after a few more violent strokes that shook his sister in law off her place and made her scream lightly as he struck her sensitive spot, he filled her with his juices. The sensation of his semen in her gave Maria yet another orgasm, this time more powerful than the previous ones that made her thrush and spasm for a long while, all the while shouting in pleasure as one wave after another made her lose complete control. Nikos, who was still kneeling next to her but had lost her attention with all this, stroke his cock a few times as Maria had been unable to continue sucking him and soon came all over her face Maria struggling to lick and swallow as much as she could.

After letting her catch her breath Yiannis who had up to now not been satisfied, asked Maria to go on all fours and as she stuck her ass up in the air, he knelt and sucked her cunt taking a good taste of Dimitris' and her juices. Then he ran his tongue to her asshole and worked around the orifice. As he was doing so, he sank two fingers in her well-lubed cunt and when he got them all wet with her juices and Dimitris' semen, he pushed them in her anus. Maria had never let Panayiotis or any of her previous lovers or one-night standers fuck her ass. The feeling she got though was beyond her wildest imagination. A mixture of pain, pleasure and lust made her go crazy and as Yiannis moved his fingers in and out of her virgin ass, stretching the hole to accommodate them she sensed yet another powerful orgasm build up in her. "Don't fool around any longer, fuck my ass, fuck me NOW" she ordered, but Yiannis was not willing to let her have it yet. He continued fingering his best friend's wife who was now moaning like a bitch in heat and in the meantime stick his thumb in her pussy. That made her lose complete control and she bucked and thrust to meet his every surge.

Panayiotis sat on the bed with amazement as he saw his wife in this state. His cock was again standing on end and he was stroking it furiously. He was dead jealous that his best friend had taken what he had been refused all these years, but he secretly begged that Yiannis would fuck her, treat her like the slut she was. Nikos and Dimitris were not less impressed by Maria's performance that evening as she had always been a delicate, respectable woman, and despite they had both fantasized about this, as they later confessed, they did so with great embarrassment as Maria never gave anyone the right to think of her in that way. They too had their cocks in their hands running their fists up and down their lengths with vigour waiting to see what would follow.

Yiannis, despite his friends' rush to fuck and cum over their newly found toy --girl earlier, was very patient and did not intend to give in to Maria's pleading for cock. He continued fingering her, now having pushed three of his fingers up her ass. Maria did not know what to feel. Her hole had been stretched like never before giving her enough pain to want to scream in horror, but the joy that this insertion was giving her was so powerful that she wanted to stay. She was now begging, almost in tears for cock.

Without removing his three fingers from Maria's asshole, Yiannis winked at Nikos who, understanding what was in his friend's mind, slipped under Maria and planting a hungry kiss on her lips, his tongue penetrating her mouth, shoved his hard cock in her pussy. Maria let out a cry of relief as she was finally given the cock she was craving for and stretched to meet her lover's thrust. She was, however hungry for more and she turned around and looked at Yiannis who was slowly and painfully removing his fingers, letting Maria's asshole gape at him. He then placed his cock on the entrance of her anus and with a quick thrust shoved his member in her to the hilt. Maria screamed, a scream of anguish and ultimate joy. Each thrust of their sizeable cocks stretched her, making her feel like a cheap whore. She had heard of stories of double penetration with disgust as she had never considered, up to now that is, ass-fucking being of any pleasure. This newly discovered joy was beyond her imagination, though and as orgasm after orgasm struck her she knew she would have to have it more.

Fucking their best friend's wife in both holes simultaneously was something neither of them had ever considered possible. They had never done that before, but soon managed to find the right tempo, Yiannis thrusting in Maria's now widen ass-hole, as Nikos was withdrawing from her well-fucked pussy, their thrusts making slurping and slapping sounds accompanied by Maria's moans and screams of ultimate joy and ecstasy. Their excitement was way beyond any they had sensed up to then & each thrust brought them closer to the point of no return. Panayiotis was ecstatic himself. He was angry with Maria that had given her ass cherry to Yiannis with no second thought, but also knew that now that she found this 'rear joy' she would want it more. He was also aroused to see his wife's slutty side. She had always been too concerned with what people thought of her that she would never allow anyone criticise or discuss her. Her concern had also crept into their bed where she was too reluctant to try any other than the missionary position. Now she was on all fours while his best mates were screwing her like a cheap prostitute. Dimitris who had always been jealous of his brother's wife was still dazed at having had the chance to fuck her after all the fantasizing. He was rock hard again and was lazily stroking his cock waiting his friends to finish so he could have a second go.

That did not take long. Yiannis and Nikos increased their tempo and gave Maria one hell of a fuck. She started yelling with each stroke feeling her orifices burn with the friction and desire. Each stroke gave her a tiny orgasm, which added to the sensation that was building up. It did not take much longer before she felt the first squirt of hot, thick cum feel her vagina and her massive orgasm broke out. She yelled out loud and her whole body went numb, her muscles tightening around her fuckers' cocks. Soon Yiannis followed and he himself filled her with his semen falling weak and wasted right next to the woman he had fantasized fucking but never dreamt he would, especially the way he did. Maria Herself collapsed on Nikos, who was too weak to move after coming twice already. The three of them lied on the bed motionless, breathing heavily struggling to regain their strength.

Panayiotis was fascinated. He looked at his wife and her gaping holes, which were recently occupied by his best friends' cocks. Thick juices were flowing from each one, making it the kinkiest thing he had ever seen. All three of them had sweated and their bodies were glistening under the bedroom light, Maria's basketball shirt wet from the perspiration. The sweet smell of cum and sex was strong all over the room. He was proud that his friends had reacted like that over his wife's seduction. On the other hand he felt a bit jealous since his wife had not been loyal to him. He also felt upset that his brother had been there too and had participated in this act of adultery, and angry that his wife had never let him fuck her ass. All these feelings were not stronger than the excitement and ecstasy of seeing his wife pleasure his friends the way she did.

The three soon gained their full senses and sat up on the bed. Still dazed and amazed at what had happened Nikos and Yiannis looked at Panayiotis wondering how he would react to their double teaming his wife. Maria with a streak of guilt in her eyes also turned to her husband looking for confirmation that all was all right. She suspected that he would be furious over her letting Yiannis get her ass cherry, but Panayiotis left no room for such thoughts. "Well, now its our turn, right?" he said slapping his wife's wet ass and turning to his brother added. "You get her ass and I her pussy." Dimitris was taken by surprise. He was sure his brother would go for his wife's ass, but he wanted her so much that he was not in the position to argue. Maria was also amazed by her husband's choice. She would have guessed that after all these years of begging for it he would just die to get it. Still, despite her strong orgasm she was ready for some more and her brother in law's cock was thicker than his brothers, it would give her the ultimate stretching she wanted.

Panayiotis lay on his back and Maria sat on his cock and slowly drove it in her. Although she had just had the fuck of her lifetime, Panayiotis cock was still the perfect match. It immediately filled her perfectly and touched the right spots. She squirmed on it a bit, feeling yet another orgasm starting to build in her, and then falling on her husband, her tits crashing on his chest, spread her ass cheeks and beckoned Dimitris who was standing behind her to fuck her ass. Dimitris needed no further invitation and kneeling behind her drove his thick cock in her, reaching out to grab her luscious tits as he does so. The fucking that she received earlier and cum that was still oozing from her hole made the penetration easy making Maria let out an ecstatic cry. She started bucking along with the thrusts of the two brothers who found the right tempo, the one entering one orifice as the other moves out from the other, the pinching and pulling of her nipples giving her an added pleasure. Yiannis and Nikos were lying just next to them, not being able to take their eyes off the respectable lady turned slut in one evening.

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