tagIncest/TabooGreg's Metamorphosis Ch. 07

Greg's Metamorphosis Ch. 07


Chapter 7 - College Days and a Family That Plays

To my surprise, when it was time to start the fall semester, Kaylee decided to live in in a small apartment with Megan Myers, her best friend. That meant I had to drive back to State if I wanted to see her, which didn't make me very happy. It was a 30 min. trip, which meant, then if I want to see her during the week I had to drive back and forth twice from home. I was really enjoying my classes and really glad that I went there.

When I finally saw Mr. Diechart, I thanked him for helping with the endowment for my program. He said that he didn't want his baby hurting; so I just told him I was glad. He was really an interesting man to speak with and I really enjoyed having conversations with him. He seemed to like me, as well.

Lee was pursuing a business administration degree and was doing pretty well in her studies. She didn't catch me completely off guard one night when I went to visit her. She said Megan was out and she wanted me to sleep with her.

As we were going hot and heavy, I heard a door close and Megan came in and asked if we minded if she joined us. I was surprised that Lee said, "come join us, there's room for one more. "Megan stripped-down and crawled into bed with us. I was gonna turn this opportunity down, right. Megan had tits like Holly's and a neatly trimmed black bush. She was short and packed tight like Kelly the waitress had been. It surprised me to no end, when we both began passionately kissing Megan. She began playing with Megan's tits and tweaking her nipples why they were kissing. When they broke the kiss Megan said,"You know that drives me crazy playing with my tits. "I got the feeling they had done some playing around before. It bothered me somewhat, but turned me on to no end.

I began to experiment with Megan by eating her smoothly shaved pussy. She tasted good and was a real juicer. She was cramming her pussy into my face as hard as she could, I bit my lip.

"Lee, you weren't kidding, this stud can eat pussy, he's even better than you." That's when I realized Lee and Megan were having a sexual relationship. I was taken aback by this revelation, but too aroused to care. The combined smell of arousal between those two girls was intoxicating. I ate Megan to an earth shattering two orgasms, while Lee sucked on her tits.

Lee said, "You got a fuck her now, Greg, show the slut some real moves."

"Yeah, fuck me you stud, drag that big cock up here and fuck me now, make me come. That's what you're good at, is in it?"

I drove into her and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Not only did I want the pleasure of fucking her tight pussy, but threw a little anger in, as well. After all, she had been fucking my girlfriend and it pissed me off. I placed her in the wallet position and began to pound her as deeply as I could. I was giving her class A fucking as deeply as I could penetrate. She had somewhat rough-textured walls, whose friction, matched with her walls squeezing me were doing a number on my control. The position she was in made it hard for her to lift her hips in response to my rampant thrusts but he made up for it in the use of her Kegel muscles. She was really trying to give me back as much as I was giving her. It was an excellent experience and one that fit right in as one of the best I've ever had in my short time having sex. I really began to get vocal with her as she began to cum along with me.

"There you are, take all of it, you fucking slut. Come for me."

She came twice before I emptied my large load into her. When we were finished Lee and Megan got into a 69 with Lee on top. She licked Megan and I's combined juices from her cunt.

"My God Greg, you came a gallon inside Megan and it tastes so good."

They just went back to eating each other out while I sat there with a perplexed look on my face. Then Megan sucked my cock back to erection and I fucked Lee doggy style. It was quite a night

On my drive home I had time to think about what a crazy evening it had been.


When I got home, Holly was waiting up for me as usual on the couch, reading a book. As usual, I recounted the events of the evening to her. I was always able to talk so frankly with Holly that I never left anything out.

"My God, Lee actually was eating another girl's pussy. I should be disgusted, but I'm so turned on. You better take me upstairs now and take care of me."

I thought that it would be cheating on Kaylee, but then I thought about the fact that she had been making love with Megan and it wouldn't be a different than that so I walked her upstairs slowly by the hand and into my bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom, I began disrobing her beautiful body. I began kissing her passionately with a lot of tongue. As I worked myself out of my clothes with Holly's help I lowered my head beginning to suck on her nipples back and forth. She was getting quite turned on by this and I remembered doing the same thing with Megan earlier in the evening and got hard as a rock. For having already cum twice earlier, I felt really ramped up by Holly. All of a sudden she interrupted the mood by running into the bathroom and coming back with a warm damp wash cloth and thoroughly cleaned my cock off.

"Speaking earlier of girls eating each other's pussies, I'm not in the mood to sample any of their juices tonight, "Holly said.

She dropped to her knees slowly and took me in her mouth and began working her oral magic on me. I had to finally push her away and tell her that I was going to pop too soon if she didn't leave me alone. I told her I wanted to have some time doing the real thing with her. I grabbed her shoulders and slowly lowered her down to the bed and she spread her legs invitingly as I fell face first between her legs and began munching on her carpet.

As I slid between her long well-toned legs I speared my tongue into her always exquisite pussy lips. I tasted her wonderful nectar and lapped it up as quickly as I could swallow it. She must've really been turned on by hearing about my exploits earlier in the evening because it seemed like her juices were copious and nonstop. When she came in my mouth it was the strongest she had ever done in any of the times I'd eaten her. She was moaning so loud that I had actually had to remind her to tone it down a little. I was afraid she would wake our other two sisters, who were just down the hall.

She finally grabbed me by the hair, spread her legs and I pushed her up in her favorite position and entered her. I was moving my hips and a circular, but thrusting motion as I bottomed out inside her. She began moaning louder breathing out my name while begging me to fuck her. She squeezed her pelvic muscles on me, but it was only in enjoyment and I had a lot of stamina from having already shot two times previously that evening.

We were at it for a good 15 minutes, with her soaking my cock twice by cumming twice during our session. I always enjoyed fucking Holly because it was always done with so much love between us. Finally, with her gripping cunt muscles and my growing feelings I finally unloaded my spunk in her gripping canal. We lay there beside each other just whispering back and forth.

"Boy Greg, you really are stud puppy. Imagine getting it on with two girls together."

"I guess I should feel lucky, it's everyone guy's fantasy. But I don't think I like it. It's just too weird. I didn't know she was like that."

"It is college Greg; maybe she's just experimenting like a lot of all college girls do."

"Have you ever experimented, Holly?"

"Of course not silly, I was just saying there's a lot of experimenting that goes on between females during college life."

"Have you ever thought about doing it?"

"Of course, it's natural to think about it. But I've never had the inkling or courage to actually do something like that."

"Now you've got me fantasizing about you and Candi."

She smacked my shoulder hard and said, "I'm out of here, pervert, "as she got up and walked out to go to her own room.

I fell asleep fantasizing and I couldn't even masturbate, I was too wrung out from the evening's activities.


The rest of the semester went fine, with me holding my own with high grades and my professors being quite impressed. Mike, Candi and I did our usual routine of meeting for lunch in the student union. Mike was dating a girl named Jill Mason from Dayton, Ohio. She had traveled to State because of the good physical therapy program. Mike said she was the first girl he'd ever had sex with, and he really thought she was nice. Candi and I both liked her also and she seemed to like us. The four of us talked often during lunch time and got into some good conversations. During this time, Lee rarely joined us because she could afford fast food more often than us and she said she didn't like the cafeteria food.

As far as our relationship went, Lee and I were having regular fuck fests on weekends. Once in a while, she'd invite Megan in. I actually felt there were some weekends when I fucked Megan more than Lee. I took Holly's advice and chalked it up to female college experimentation, but I still didn't like it. Not that I minded fucking Megan, she was a downright fine piece of ass, but it just didn't feel right to me.


It was coming up to Thanksgiving break so I was going to have time to take it easy some. My birthday was the week before Thanksgiving, but the family decided to celebrate my 19th birthday two evenings before. I guess I was lucky that my parents had gone through their usual ritual of naming their kids around holidays or could've been bad. I'm just thankful that I wasn't named, Turkey, giblets, or cranberry. Noell baked me a beautiful, tasty cake and Lee, Mike and Candi all came, as well as my family.

They all sang happy birthday to me and we ate dinner and had cake and ice cream.

My sisters got me CDs that I liked and all gave me a kiss and a hug. Lee got me a Seiko chronograph with atomic time and a State sweatshirt. Mike and Candi gave me a gift cards to Zoonies.

As the party broke up, Lee grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. She began undressing me and said, "Now for your real president."

She took off her clothes and was standing there in a red camisole with red crotchless panties. All I could do at that moment was drop to my knees and shoot my tongue into her nether region. She immediately began moaning as I circled her clit. Boy, she sure was tasty. After she came twice in my mouth I stood up and kissed her passionately. I grabbed her arms and slowly lowered her to the bed. She spread her legs and I leapt on to the bed with my knees between her knees. I began alternately nipping and kissing her nipples. While I was doing this, I slowly entered her soft creamy love tunnel. She came immediately screaming into my ear. I fucked her twice, coming once to every two of her orgasms. It was fantastic. She got dressed, and kissed me good night, again wished me a happy birthday and left.

About an hour later there was a knock at the door and Holly stuck her head in.

"God Greg, it smells like a sex market in here. It makes me horny. It's time to give you the rest of your gift."

"How do you know what a sex market smells like? You didn't even know sex until you had it with me."

"Just shut up and move over. "With that she undressed quickly.

I don't think it was a conscious action, but the first thing she did was go down on me to try to get me up.

"Oh God, I can taste Lee's and your cum. Actually, it's kind of tasty. Am I sick or what?"

Armed with this situation, I got hard quickly. I had her ankles around her ears in no time, pounding away at her. Holly always felt so good to fuck because when she came her cunt would actually ripple, giving me a unique feeling. She was actually giving me better action than I had my girlfriend until I couldn't handle it and I filled her full of my cum. She got me hard again with her mouth in between sessions, and I fucked her two more times. By this time I was exhausted and went to sleep rather quickly after she left.


When Christmas came we had the annual Grayson Christmas party. Lee was away visiting relatives with her parents so I was kind of melancholy. Mike and Candi showed up and we were talking and having a good time. Then I made a mistake of standing under the mistletoe and everybody started pushing Candi toward me.

I wasn't going to be rude, but I didn't really feel comfortable doing this with Lee gone. Candi stepped up toward me and fell into my arms. I kissed her lightly on the cheek and she said, "Come on stud, don't be such a wimp."

Picking up the gauntlet, I kissed her passionately right on the smacker. I felt an electric spark and it wasn't from rug static. She backed off, her face flushed red, and start making a fanning motion with both hands. Mike and my sisters were howling.

Holly said, "You should have known better than to say that to him Candi, you know what a dare does to him."

I couldn't understand the feeling I was having from that kiss. To say the least, I didn't sleep all that well that night. I felt that kiss clear down to my toes.


Home life was rolling along fine up to Christmas break, except Noell had only been getting hers Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays due to my class schedule, and she wasn't pleased. Tuesdays and Thursdays I had class until 4:30 PM, while Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays my last class finished at 2:00 PM. Holly still made a point to come in to get hers during the night. This routine abruptly changed one evening in December after Christmas.

Molly and Holly took Noell out with them to bar hop. When they came home Molly was the only one sober. To watch Noell and Holly stumble into the house was a three ring riot. Molly and I were laughing so hard I almost couldn't stop, but did abruptly after they went to bed and she looked at me straight in the eyes and began to speak.

"Boy when those two get drunk they sure do get loose in the mouth. All they could talk about was how good of a piece of ass you are. It was very interesting to watch their faces, when they both realized each other had been fucking you. You are really a slut boy aren't you?"

"I di di di di di...didn't do anything."

"Oh come on Greg, don't give me that bullshit. Anyone can see Noell's getting laid regularly, she goes around with a stupid grin on her face most of the day. It's also easy to see that Holly waits for you to come home every night and I sometimes don't hear the door closing to her room until early in the morning. You are real pervert you are. Imagine fucking my older and younger sisters and excluding me. When do I start getting mine brother, how about now?"

"What makes you think I want to have sex with you. You don't treat me very well, so where's the attraction. Why do you care?"

"I've always loved you Greg. Why would you think I don't? I know I haven't always treated you well, I don't gush over you, but I've never treated you badly. I'm a smart ass, but I've never meant anything I've said to you maliciously."

She started tearing up and it got to me.

I moved over and hugged her tightly and said, "I'm sorry Molly; I didn't mean to hurt you."

She pulled back a little, looked up into my eyes, and kissed me on the mouth so hard it made me dizzy. I began kissing her back; our tongues dueling like swords. I began getting so aroused I couldn't turn back. I broke the kiss, took her by the hand, and led her up to my room.

When I closed the door to my room, she had my clothes off before I could blink and hers off as equally fast. I had to admit she had a wonderful body, although the drapes did match the carpet, so to speak. She dropped to her knees, grabbed my cock, and began sucking for all she was worth. Boy she sure was good at it, working the Corona with alternating sucks and licks. When she had me hard as steel, she stood up and pulled me to the bed.

"I need this monster inside me, now."

I lined up and slid my throbbing meat straight in. She moaned loudly and began pumping her pelvis so hard that it hurt. I began the match her desperate rhythm as well as I could, really pounding her. It must've been 20 to 30 min. as I counted three orgasms from her. She finally pushed me over the edge and I came a torrent inside her grasping walls.

I slid down and began eating her pussy in earnest and had her screaming again in no time. I was getting hard again with all the action going on. I climbed back up and slid back into her again.

"Fuck me Greg, fuck me hard, make me hurt, slam that hard cock of yours in me again and again."

Never one turn down the request of the beautiful lady, I did as she requested. I fucked her through another three orgasms, before I shot my load into her for a second time. I didn't eat her after this one, I needed a rest.

"My God Greg, where did you learn to eat pussy like that.? And you fuck like a dynamo. My sisters weren't wrong. No one has ever eaten my pussy that good. No wonder you become the stud of the area."

"I've had a lot of practice. Did I satisfy you?"

"Why would you think I wouldn't be satisfied?"

"I just figured that with your vast experience, I'd pale in comparison."

"You must really think I'm a slut little brother, "she said as she starred tear up again. "Greg it might surprise you to know that I've only slept with three guys; you are only my fourth. I have given a lot of blow jobs though."

"Why do you think I'm laying here panting silly? I've never come like that; never. At first I thought it was the fact that it was so hot because of the incest factor, but my boy, you are a killer in bed. You know this isn't gonna be our last time don't you."

"I know it's wrong, but I won't stop you if it doesn't bother you. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings; I didn't know. You've always been the hot party girl."

She just smacked me hard on the arm and said, "Asshole. "She put on her clothes and went to her own room. I slept very peacefully that night.

The next morning became very weird. We were all at the breakfast table eating our morning meal and just dabbling in small talk, when Molly surprised all of us. She brought out three different colors of wide silk ribbon and handled one to each sister keeping the blue one for herself.

"Since we're all going to be fucking Greg from now on, these are our signal ribbons. If someone is fucking Greg in his room or ours, you will tie your ribbons on the outside doorknob, so you will not be disturbed. I have to tell you, Holly, I will be sharing your nights from now on. Greg initiated me into the club last night."

Noell just said, "Jesus Molly, don't be crude about it or anything."

"I'm just trying to make it easier on everyone. I don't want us to be wearing the poor boy out, but he's too good in bed to pass up."

I just said, "I'm not going to be doing this too long, it's cheating on Lee. Besides, you need to go out and get guys of your own. This isn't right."

"Why put up with all that crap out there just to get laid when we've got a stud like you at home."

"It's just not right on so many levels."

Molly, in her usual sarcastic tone, said, "Oh, the whore monger actually has a conscience. Who would've thunk it?"

"Fuck you, Molly."

"If you remember, you did last night, and quite well I might add."

Noell and Holly rolled her eyes at this, got up, and went to their respective rooms to get dressed for the day.

As I went to school I did a lot of thinking while driving about how was cheating on Kaylee and rationalized it by thinking that family came first and decides that, she was probably fucking Megan several times a week when I wasn't there. It still gave me a crappy feeling however, about myself. But I was going to be striking while the iron was hot.

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