tagIncest/TabooGretchen’s Sugar Daddy

Gretchen’s Sugar Daddy


The kindest words to describe Gretchen were as the office slut. Most women called her a whore, or worse, and Gretchen loved it. She couldn't remember when she lost her virginity, but she sure did remember how powerful she felt as her French teacher moaned and groaned, sliding in and out of her tight cunt, squeezing her tits and telling her how he loved her. Gretchen got an A in French and was allowed to go on the exchange trip to France that summer. Her French wasn't very good, but she soon picked up a lot of useful vocabulary, fucking her way through Paris.

Much to her parents' dismay, she didn't want to continue her studies after high school. Her parents were surprised. She was a straight A student without putting in a lot of effort. Little did they know the effort she'd put in, sucking her teachers' cocks, being fucked in small offices and dingy motel rooms after class. She was sure that she could earn a good degree with her sexual favours, but she wasn't interested. Gretchen didn't intend to spend her life working for a living. She was young and beautiful and very horny. She figured that she'd be able to use her body to earn the lifestyle she wanted.

As soon as she was out of school she enrolled in a secretarial course where she picked up computer skills. She actually passed that course on her own merit. Not because the teacher was female and immune to Gretchen's charm. The teacher was rather partial to Gretchen's tongue. But Gretchen had decided that the only way to get what she wanted was to have the skills she needed to make herself invaluable to prospective employers. There were plenty of girls out there who were dying to fuck their boss, Gretchen wanted the senior managers and directors, and you only became their secretary if you were good.

During her first week on the job she fucked the copy room guy on the photocopier, the mailroom guy on a pile of outgoing mail, the security guard in front of his wall of TV-screens (one of which showed the two of them, she made sure he gave her the tape) and the janitor in the basement. By Friday she was feeling a little bit sore so she lured the HR manager's assistant and the payroll clerk to an empty conference room for some afternoon lesbian fun. She was only a week into her job and already she knew all the key people for finding out the useful gossip for an ambitious young secretary.

She spent her initial stint at work in the secretarial pool, working for various people in the business. After a month and a half, one of the sales managers asked her to work overtime as he had scheduled a video conference with his worldwide sales reps. She soon got bored with the video conference and started flirting with the manager. He ogled her appreciatively and it wasn't long before she crawled under the desk and unzipped his trousers and started to suck him off. It didn't take him long to wrap up the meeting and soon they were fucking each other's brains out on the floor.

Gretchen was his personal secretary for 6 months after that, travelling with him wherever he went, always sharing his hotel room and joining the mile high club in first class on a transatlantic flight. She eventually got bored with him and arranged to "bump into" a marketing manager late one evening. He liked it rough and took her from behind against the windows of his 23rd floor office. She was his personal secretary for 3 months, during which she spent meetings with his hand between her thighs (under orders not to wear any underwear) and being tied up and spanked for his sexual gratification. She didn't dislike the kinky sex with him, but she soon decided that it wasn't going to take her anywhere.

One Saturday the HR manager was catching up on some paperwork when the photocopier broke down and Gretchen just happened to be passing through the office at the same time to pick up some things that she'd forgotten the previous night. By Monday morning she was reassigned to the HR office and she spent a long couple of months being the lover of the HR manager and her husband.

Being on such friendly terms with the HR manager gave Gretchen the opportunity to practise her secretarial skills on a director level, but she took it one step too far. The HR manager warned her. The security guard and janitor warned her. The copy room and mailroom guys warned her. The HR assistant and the payroll clerk warned her. But Gretchen was high on sexual power. She wasn't yet 20 years old and she'd already fucked 25 men and a dozen women. She'd accumulated a sports car, an apartment, a designer wardrobe and some very fine jewellery. How could she possibly fail? She got herself assigned to the managing director and, quite predictably, he fell for her charm. She got a beautiful diamond necklace, a trip to the Caribbean and a luxurious condo.

On her 20th birthday her world fell apart. Her current lover was going to take her out for a romantic meal and then they were going to go back to her condo where she would get her birthday present and then they'd make love all night. It didn't quite go to plan. She went home to get changed and when she came back to work her boss was sitting behind his desk, pearls of perspiration on his forehead and a tense look on his face. She looked to the armchairs in the conference corner and there were his wife and her father, the owner of the company. Gretchen was told in no uncertain terms that she had 5 minutes to gather her things and make herself scarce.

She started applying for other jobs, but it seemed that news of a secretary's affair with the managing director at her old company had leaked out, and most people assumed that she was the secretary in question since she'd quit her old job before getting a new one. Money soon became a problem. She hadn't had to worry about building maintenance and land rent, or any of the costs of owning a German sports car before. Everything had always been paid for by her lovers and she hadn't bothered to save much of her pay. She contacted a few escort services and soon became very popular, but it didn't quite build the lasting, profitable, relationships that she was used to. She knew that she needed a sugar daddy, but wasn't quite sure of how to get one.

The answer to her dilemma was rather unexpected. She was escorting a visiting businessman to a strip club one evening and there was a man who was obviously a big deal to all the girls who worked there. As soon as he came in they all rushed to his side and he chose two girls to sit with him and left the others to his friends. When he turned around to sit down Gretchen nearly fainted as she recognised her own dad. She cornered one of the waitresses in the club and asked if she knew her dad. The waitress knew him as Don and he was a partner in the club. According to the waitress he liked to "road test" the strippers and escorts before they were let loose in the club and he was said to keep a luxurious apartment where his favourite girls lived.

Gretchen couldn't believe her ears. Her father was a salesman for a big paper company. He and her mother lived a reasonably comfortable, yet fairly modest, existence in the suburbs with Gretchen's three younger siblings. There had never been any sign of the kind of money this club seemed to be raking in. She decided it was time to do some more detective work. She spent the night with the client she'd escorted that evening and was awarded with a generous tip after a fuck marathon that resulted in very little sleep for either one of them.

She then spent a week fucking various people to get hold of as much paperwork about her dad as she could. It turned out that he did indeed work for the paper company, but he also owned a company, whose only asset seemed to be 100% of the shares in another company that never paid out dividends. The other company on the other hand co-owned several strip clubs, an apartment downtown, a house in the Caribbean and a couple of luxury cars. Gretchen discovered that her dad paid someone to do the paper selling for him, while he spent those 3 days every week when he was supposed to be travelling to clients in his apartment, managing his strip clubs. He had everything that Gretchen aspired towards and now she knew exactly how to get it.

The next weekend she decided to make one of her rare appearances at home. Her parents didn't know that she'd been fired from her old job and she wasn't intending to tell them as they'd want explanations.

"Hey dad," she said during dinner. "What weird and wonderful places are you visiting this week?"

"Oh, I'm on the road as usual, driving from one industrial estate to the next, nothing exciting, I'm afraid," he lied as Gretchen's mother smiled the smile of a devoted wife who thought her husband was working so hard for her.

"Mind if I come with you?" Gretchen smiled innocently. "You see, I think it's time for me to spread my wings and maybe if I come with you I can find another place to work."

Her dad nearly choked on his food. Gretchen had never exactly been interested in his work and it had been years since she last volunteered to spend any amount of time in his company.

"What do you say, daddy?" she smiled. "It'll be fun. You and me on a road trip."

Her mother smiled expectantly at her husband. She was most likely thinking that finally their oldest daughter seemed to want to be part of the family unit again so they should make the most of it. Her dad cleared his throat.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Gretchen," he started. "But I can't take anyone along with me this week. I have to bring some rather large samples to a customer so I need to take the van, and one of the junior salesmen is going to be shadowing me for the next few weeks so there are no seats left in the van."

"That's a shame," Gretchen said and acted quite disappointed. "Maybe another time."

The following Tuesday Gretchen went to the strip club alone. Her dad was at his VIP table with a girl on either side. He was kissing one of them as Gretchen slid in next to them. The two girls were about to protest when Gretchen handed them some cash.

"Drinks are on me, girls," she said, "I need to have a private conversation with Don."

The two girls looked at Gretchen's dad and he just about managed to nod. When they'd left, Gretchen slid up right next to her dad and put her hand on his thigh.

"Hi daddy," she smiled. "Surprised to see me?"

"How did you find out about me and this place?" he asked.

"Well, I forgot to tell you that I was fired from my secretary job," she said casually. "Apparently the owner didn't approve of his son-in-law fucking the secretary. So a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I needed money and I escorted this guy here one evening and there you were, king of the castle. It took a couple of days, but I managed to piece everything together. So, which one of those girls is the current resident in the apartment that my mother doesn't know about?"

"What do you want Gretchen?" he said through gritted teeth.

"I want it all, daddy," she smiled. "Oh, you can keep your apartment, my condo suits me much better, but I want to be an equal partner in all of this."

"And what if I don't agree?"

"Then I think it might just be possible for my mother, our pastor and all your family and friends to stumble upon this place one evening. You'd lose everything, including the three dweebs that are my siblings. Have a think about it. I'll swing by your apartment at noon tomorrow. Make sure your whore's gone for the day. We have a lot of talking to do."

Gretchen got up and walked away. She'd done it, and daddy hadn't called her bluff. The next morning she dressed with care. She'd had a full body wax the previous day and she squeezed her D-cup tits into a push-up bra. She put on a garter belt and lace topped stockings, but didn't bother with any other underwear. Finally she squeezed herself into a skin tight black dress that didn't leave anything to the imagination. She stepped into a pair of high heeled shoes that added a lot of grace to her 5'7" frame. She let her long blonde locks hang free and she only had a minimum of makeup to accentuate her blue eyes. It was showtime.

She arrived at 12 on the dot and her dad opened the door, dressed in a white shirt and slacks.

"You look like a whore," he greeted Gretchen.

"Well, you're the expert," she smiled. "I take it you've sent yours out."

"Mindy's gone for the day."

"So, how do I look?"

"I told you, like a slutty whore. Not that I mind the look, you just don't expect to see your daughter dressed up like that."

"There's a lot about your daughter that you don't know."

"I don't doubt it."

"Don't you want to know?"

"Know what?"

"What it'd be like to fuck your little girl."


"You heard me, daddy. You have a thing for whores, why don't you try me? I've been told that I'm very good."

"You're insane, Gretchen."

"Am I, daddy? I can see it in your eyes that you want to know what I look like underneath this dress. I'll show you."

In the blink of an eye she'd shed her dress and stood in front of him wearing only her bra, garter belt and stockings.

"Gretchen, you know what kind of man I am. You don't want to take this any further."

Gretchen bent over to give her dad a close view of her ass and her wet hole.


She reached back and parted her pussy lips. It was an invitation to fuck her.

"Oh fuck it!" her dad exclaimed and got on his feet. He opened his fly in no time and pulled out his erect 8 inches. He grabbed Gretchen's hips and impaled her on his shaft. They both cried out with pleasure as they united in the most intimate way a man and woman can meet.

"Oh yeah, daddy," Gretchen moaned. "Fuck me hard. Fuck your little girl."

"You little cock tease," he grumbled as he pumped in and out of her well lubricated cunt. "Let me feel those tits."

He snapped off her bra and reached around to grab Gretchen's firm melons. He pulled her up against his chest by her nipples and he started kissing her neck, biting her as he fucked her.

"You like this, my little whore?" he said against her skin. "You like being fucked by daddy's big cock? You like being daddy's little cum slut?"

"Oh yeah, daddy," she moaned. "Fuck me harder."

His trousers were in a pile on the floor, she was naked apart from her stockings, they were united as one in the middle of the room as he fucked her as hard as he could from behind.

"I'm cumming," Gretchen moaned. "I'm fucking cumming!"

"Cum, baby," her dad told her. "Cum for daddy!"

She cried out as her cunt gripped her daddy's cock hard and she nearly collapsed with pleasure, but daddy didn't stop fucking her. He kept slamming inside her as her cunt squeezed him hard and he moaned with pleasure. When Gretchen's body finally stopped shaking he pulled out and pulled his clothes off. He lay down on the floor.

"Ride me, slut," he commanded. "Ride your daddy like a whore!"

Gretchen wasn't one to hesitate. Her dripping cunt soon engulfed daddy's cock once more and she set off at a ferocious pace. She loved riding big cocks and daddy's shaft felt especially good in her hungry cunt. Her tits bounced as she slammed against daddy's hips. He reached up and started kneading them.

"Oh yeah, baby," he panted. "I never realised my own daughter was such a fucking whore. Let me feel those tits."

He pulled and pinched her tits as she rode him harder. Neither one of them could speak any more. They were both panting hard as their incestuous fuck got faster and faster. Finally Gretchen grinded her clit against her daddy and cried out as she had her second orgasm from her daddy's cock. This time he couldn't resist the quivering cunt around his shaft and he grunted out loud as he started shooting his cum right into his daughter's womb. Gretchen collapsed on top of daddy and they lay like that for a few minutes, daddy's cock in Gretchen's cunt, catching their breath.

"Gretchen," daddy said and kissed her deeply with his tongue down her throat. "My little cum bucket."

"Yes, daddy," she said with her innocent little girl voice that had earned her several tips in the escort game.

"Straddle daddy's face and let me eat your delicious cunt."

Gretchen quickly slid off his cock and straddled his face. She could feel daddy's cum gushing out of her cunt and into his mouth, along with a generous dose of her own juices. Daddy just lapped it all up, licking his little girl's snatch like a starving man. Gretchen moved her hips as though she was riding his cock, but the only thing entering her cunt now was his wonderful tongue. His hands grabbed her thighs as he tried to hold her still. He kept lapping up her sweet juices and sucking her little pleasure nub. Then she came and she squirted all over daddy's face. He cleaned her up with his tongue and then made her get off his face. They embraced and kissed.

"My, my, Gretchen," daddy mused as he played with her nipple. "I raised myself a wonderful fuck toy."

"Yes, you did, daddy," Gretchen replied and returned the compliment. "I wanted to fuck you, but I never knew you'd be so good."

"So, where do we go from here?"

"I want us to fuck some more, daddy. This was too good to not happen again."

"I agree, baby. So, do you want to be daddy's special whore?"

"I might. What do you have in mind?"

"I share my business with you, as you requested. In return, you spread your legs for me whenever your mother thinks I'm out of town. That means sleeping here in my bed three or four nights a week. That part is non-negotiable. I don't sleep alone, I want a cunt there if I wake up horny. In fact, you will be at my beck and call both day and night. I will not put up with having to wait for a cunt. I also won't put up with you questioning what I say. You will be happy to receive my cock, whether it's in your mouth or your cunt or anywhere else I want to put it."

"And what about your other whores?"

"My other whores will be busy making money for us, and they'll also be available for me to fuck if you question me or try to play power games by withholding your cunt. And if I decide that I want a threesome or a foursome I'll get them to join us."

"And what if I want some pussy?"

"If you want some pussy and your cunt isn't busy pleasuring your daddy's cock then you can do whatever you want with the whores. So, do we have a deal?"

"You bet, daddy."

Gretchen hugged her father and soon they were kissing violently. Before she knew it she was pinned to the floor under her daddy's body and his knee was parting her legs. She wrapped her legs around daddy's waist as he slid effortlessly back into her cunt.

"I hope you're on the pill, baby," daddy panted as he started pumping his daughter's cunt again. "Because I will not wear rubber to fuck my own daughter!"

"Oh yes, daddy," Gretchen panted as her hips met yet another one of daddy's thrusts. "I've been on the pill since I started fucking my teachers in high school."

"You little slut! I knew you couldn't be making those grades without studying."

Daddy seemed happy with the revelation that his daughter had been the school whore and he increased the pace of his fucking. His hips were moving at a furious speed when they both heard someone clear their throat. They looked towards the door and daddy's secretary was standing there.

"Not now, Fred," daddy panted angrily, without breaking his pace. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

He leaned forward to kiss Gretchen as he listened to the message that Fred was giving him. Neither of them noticed if Fred left because they were both close to cumming. Daddy made a final deep thrust and grinded himself against Gretchen's clit. She came with a shriek and for the second time that afternoon her cunt milked daddy's cock dry as his cum raced up inside her. After a quick kiss to catch his breath, daddy pulled his cock out of Gretchen and kneeled by her mouth.

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