tagNonHumanGrey Sky Ch. 01

Grey Sky Ch. 01


Shaking her head groggily, Lily fought to hold onto the darkness. She was having a nice dream; Strong, firm legs pressing open her thighs; The overwhelming smell of masculinity and pine trees; Teeth lightly grazing the tender flesh of her neck then tracing a trail down towards her pert nipple. This was pleasant enough, but Lily wanted more.

She wanted this dream to hold her down and possess her completely. She wanted to FEEL the teeth over her dusky pink nubs. She wanted to feel them tighten as this dream-man's tongue flicked over then around the hard little peaks. But like any good dream, the more she tried to control it, the more it slipped away.

She was aware of the lips trying to move away from her breasts, 'no', she thought, intent on holding the head to her chest. When her hands failed to wind through the man's hair, she became aware of the dull ache in her arms. It was distracting, to say the least. As more of the fog lifted from her mind, she put two and two together, her hands were tied above her head. Giving a pull to test how secure her binding was, the already raw flesh over the pulse point on her wrists ripped in futile objection. This wasn't how the dream should go. Fighting the chill creeping through her gut, Lily let go of the darkness completely, this wasn't how the dream was supposed to go.

A rough finger thrust it's way between her soft curls at the apex of her thighs, she struggled uselessly to shut her legs, at the same time another digit skimmed the tight hole between her cheeks. Snapping her eyes wide open, Lily screamed as she realised that this wasn't a dream. A mirthless chuckle came from behind her as the fingers were, thankfully, removed.

"Awww look Rick, our little trophy has woken up. Not enjoying it as much now, are you peach? If I had to look at that ugly cunt in front of you, I'd want to shut my eyes too!"

The man called Rick roughly slapped one of her heavy, pale breasts, causing it to smack loudly against the other. "You can look anywhere the fuck you want doll-face. Won't change a bloody thing."

Lily, trying not to scream again looked him in the face. Three fresh, ragged scars lined the man's left jaw from his ear across to the opposite collarbone. Someone had tried to take his head off in the last few months. 'Shame for me they failed', Lily thought. Small, cruel eyes looked out from an over-large head. A badly set nose and missing eye tooth finished the 'look' nicely.

Desperately trying to remember how she got here, Lily fought against the panic starting to overwhelm her. She had been at home in her bedroom of the shared flat she lived in. She remembered getting into her pyjamas and going to sleep in her single bed as usual. Aside from the 'dream' that was it. Questions started to race through her mind. How had she gotten here? Where was here? Why was she tied up? She didn't, however, need to ask what these two men wanted as the man behind her moved around into her field of vision, stroking an obscene bulge through his jeans. He was slightly more attractive than his partner Rick, but still, he looked about as kind as a jail-house rapist.

"D'you want this? Well I'm sorry peach, but you're going to have to wait." Relief flooded through Lily as she realised she wasn't going to be a victim just yet. "Don't worry though, after the Alpha has got what she wants out of ya then you're all ours." Jail-house grinned and a mad gleam sparked in his eyes. Lily felt a sense of surreality settle over her. Maybe she was still dreaming. Admittedly a shit dream, but it made more sense than the current situation. More questions pushed into her mind. Who the hell was 'the Alpha', was she embroiled in some sort of crazy army terrorist plot? This had to be a dream.

"Why am I here?" Speaking finally, Lily was amazed her voice betrayed none of the fear and confusion she felt.

"You'll find out soon enough!" With that, Jail-house pushed Rick towards the door of the dank room. Winking back at Lily, he dangled the key at her before slamming the door shut and the ominous sound of the lock sliding home echoed through the room.

Lily finally took in her situation; She was completely naked, chained upright, in a barren tiled room. Toes barely touching the floor, she had no leverage to move. A small rectangle of daylight shone from behind her somewhere. The white floor was cracked and dirty and sloped towards a filthy drain underneath her feet. A chill ran through her as she realised that this was most definitely reality.



Vicky stared at the two shivering pups huddled together on the newspaper covered floor, not really seeing them. Grateful that, at last, they had quit whimpering and succumbed to sleep. Her plans had started to come together and for that, she was pleased. The little white pup snuggled closer to his black furred sister and Vicky held her breath. While her acquisition of the two children in front of her was serendipitous, it was also outside of what she had planned. She needed some time to fully consider her options and she would be unable to do that with two pairs of terrified eyes staring at her and constant yipping. She'd already had to clean up two 'accidents'.

Hearing coarse language and loud chuckling, Vicky looked out of the grimy office window across the deserted factory floor. Rick and Dan were approaching the metal stairs leading to the small room. With a glimpse back at the pups to check they really were sleeping, Vicky tip-toed out the room, quietly closing the door.

Meeting them halfway down the stairs Vicky whispered, "Shut up." The two men grumbled their objections but stopped chatting.

"If those two brats in there wake up because of you, then you're looking after them."

"Fine, if they start any of their shit then I'll just tie them up and gag them. Problem solved." Rick crossed his hairy arms over his wide frame and looked Vicky square in the eye, nonplussed.

"We can't do that, you stupid cur. How do you think Alpha McCloud will react if he finds out we mistreated his Beta's kids? He may be losing it but he won't let that slide." Vicky huffed, frustrated with the constant explanations required. "If we can arrange a trade in the next forty eight hours AND he gets the pups back unharmed then I can't see him chasing us for too long."

"It's always a matter of pride with that old dog. What will you do about Grey?"

"That's none of your fucking business Dan. You're a fighter, not a thinker." Vicky spat out, angry at how much he was able to see. She'd have to keep a close eye on him. "Is the girl awake?"

Dan's face turned to a cold mask, his voice strained, "Yeah."

"Well. Has she said anything?"


"Want us to make her talk, boss?" Rick asked, his dim eyes brightened with ideas.

"No. You guard the office door. Do not wake up the pups. Dan, go find some clothes and food for the girl. We may need to keep her for a little while. I think I'll go introduce myself."


Hearing the key in the door, Lily tried her best to look unafraid and confident. She would have succeeded if it hadn't been for the shivers wracking her frame. The room she was in had no heating source and heaven only knew how long she had been strung up. The sensation in her fingers was almost gone and her usually pale skin had taken a blue tinge.

Expecting to see one of the huge men who had pawed at her before, Lily was surprised to see a woman come through the door. Even though she was dressed practically in black cargo pants and a long sleeved top, the blonde was absolutely stunning. Glossy hair tied back into a high pony tail and a beautifully regal face, with just a hint of make-up, looked absurdly out of place with the back drop of this meat cellar.

Lily tried not to gasp as a chilly draft blew through the open door. A fleeting smile crossed the taller woman's face before a mask of concern wiped it away.

"Oh, you poor girl." The eloquent, insincere tone put Lily on edge. This woman was a different league to the two men she had woken up to.

"Are you the... Alpha?"

Tinkling, light laughter echoed off the tiles. "I see my boys are somewhat loose lipped. Yes. I am the Alpha. Or rather, I will be."

Lily didn't know what to say to that enigmatic statement. She seemed to be amassing even more questions.

The smiling woman looked down at her, crossing the room and standing behind Lily. Lightly tanned hands rested on pale shoulders.

"I am sorry you've found yourself in such a predicament." Vicky crooned as she started to massage the knots out of Lily's back. "I never meant for you to end up like this." Her talented hands glided over Lily's skin, scorching hot against the cold flesh. Working ever lower, Vicky lightly brushed the top of her ass, gently caressing the round globes. Bringing her hands back up, she let the tips of her fingers drag a trail up Lily's side, causing the bound woman to gasp again, this time at her body's unwanted reaction.

Lily was no prude but she had never been intimate with another woman before. The tenderness of the blonde's caresses was relaxing and she was surprised to feel wet heat begin to pool between her legs.

Stopping just underneath her large breasts, Vicky traced lazy patterns across Lily's creamy skin. Absent-mindedly edging nearer the rock hard pink tips, Vicky leaned next to the loose, mahogany hair hiding Lily's ear and whispered, "Where is the crest?"


"Tell me where you've hidden it."

Trying to get her brain to work, Lily couldn't understand what she was being asked. "What crest?"

Vicky's satiny tone vanished as her nails dug into the soft mounds, forcing a cry from the other girl. "Don't fuck with me Jen. The Wulver crest. I know you have it."

"My name's Lily. What the hell are you talking about?"

Vicky froze, clenching her long red nails and forcing tiny drops of blood from each point. "You are Jennifer Toovey, you are an archaeology student at Edinburgh University, you recently took a trip to the Shetland Isles where you came across the Wulver crest carved from the ancient Wulver stone. Where. Is. It?"

"Jen is my room-mate. She hasn't been back to the flat since she left for Shetland."

Letting go of the abused flesh, Vicky came around to see the confusion in Lily's large, blue eyes. 'Shit', she thought, 'That little bitch is telling the truth'. Mind whirring, Vicky ran a hand through her hair, messing up her pony tail. "It appears I have made a mistake."

Lily could only stare mutely at the scheming woman in front of her. Where was Jen then, and what the hell did this crest have to do with anything? A slow smile widened the blonde's full lips.

"Ok, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to let you down and make you more comfortable. Then, when I get back, you're going to tell me everything you know about your 'friend'. IF you're a good girl and help me, then after that, you're free to go."

The blonde was still smiling but her green eyes were cold and hard. Lily smiled back, playing along. "Just like that?"

"Just like that. IF you tell me what I need to know"

With that, Vicky crossed the room and passed through the still open door. Seconds later, Jail-house entered and put a pile of clothes and covered tray just inside the door. Pulling out a mean looking flick knife, he slid the tip across the soft skin of her flaring hips, slowly tracing the outline of Lily's ample curves before reaching above her head and cutting the rope suspending her from the ceiling.

Letting her drop unceremoniously to the cold floor, he left the room, locking the door once again.

Lily couldn't move. The blood returning to her numb limbs felt like her nerves had been set on fire. Impotently waiting for the burning to subside, her mind churned through the conversation she'd just had. She had no idea what she'd been dragged into, alphas, wulvers and crests meant nothing to her. She did know one thing for certain. The well-spoken woman had no intention of letting her go. She was going to die here.

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