tagNovels and NovellasGritty Times in Wyoming Pt. 03

Gritty Times in Wyoming Pt. 03


Next morning Skye spent a couple of hours flicking through the rejected manuscript titled 'Zina Mace Finds Love' to decide how to get it reinstated for possible publication. Her conclusion was her editors had done a damn good job in rejecting it. It was pathetic.

She sighed and stared the wad of paper.

Where to start? To start anew would delay the request to front up with a revised manuscript by months rather than weeks. She sympathized with the publisher wishing to hit the market with a continuation of the Carey Green series.

She drew her red marker through the 'Zina Mace Finds Love' working title and wondered who thought of that ghastly title. Daisy?

Skye looked at that title with the thick line through it and felt much better. She pulled up the file on her laptop and made a global change of the word 'Mace', replacing it with Green and then selected 'Zina' and replaced that with 'Carey' and exhaled contentedly, knowing she was underway. The first consideration was Carey Green would never venture into a nightclub and so searched for the word 'nightclub' and replaced it with the word disco. She then changed the boyfriend's name to Pete Lime who always had part of his shirt hanging out and had to be reminded to clean his teeth and push his fringe back.

"Hello, hello Daisy, what do we have here. We have a hot prospect underway."

She looked up and saw Glenys in the doorway holding a mug of coffee.

"Oh hi," she greeted, knowing her face had lost color big-time.

"So that's the secret of success," Glenys said softly. "You write as two people -- you and Daisy."

Skye said stiffly, "Please could you keep..."

"...your secret just between you and me? Yes of course. Skye knowing you like I do this little revelation comes as no surprise to me. I accepted you appear to have some kind of gift and after you arrived back here in near panic and watching your face as that horrid woman on TV made public her comments about her opinion of your relationship with your doll, I began to suspect you may have developed the ability to think and see things as two distinct persons but had not yet defined it. I wasn't sneaking up on you just then, I had arrived quietly to avoid disturbing you unduly."

"I understand and accept what you say. Actually it's almost a relief that someone else knows. Um it's just an ability to think on parallel tracks. Daisy doesn't talk to me and she'd not here with me, she's home on my bed. She represents a sounding board that coaxed me to develop my form of thinking. Daisy is not a conduit; she is just a doll."

"I don't wish to alarm you but have you thought of the possibility of some frenetic fan, as these teenies are bound to become, might attempt to snatch Daisy?"

"Yes I have but what will they get, just an inert doll although she symbolizes a lot to me. Mom told me when I was leaving to return here that she'd keep Daisy safe so I think mom might have been thinking like you have. There are many very wealthy residents in that apartment block and security systems are very advanced. I'm sure I wouldn't slash my wrists if Daisy were taken. She's only a doll but I still love her as I did as a child. We all need someone to love."

"That's true. Here's your coffee and I'll leave you to work in peace. Omigod Skye, you have done it to me again. I'm so excited at the possibility of being with Linda on Saturday. We must call her tonight."

"Why ruin a surprise. Let's leave at 5:00. If they are out too bad, you guys can show me around Billings."

"God you are willing to push to the brink. I could never live with your adventuresome mind. Well I'm off. I'll leave you in peace till lunchtime. And you secret is safe with me. You are the most interesting person I've ever met."

"Yeah well we are all different. You are perfect for the role in life you have found yourself Glenys. I recall a quote from one of your fans. Myra Williams told me, Glenys Hobbs is typical of the type of woman who made pioneering farming settlement in this territory possible."

"Well Myra talks too much and anyway how would she know?" Glenys said, but nevertheless walked away looking rather pleased.

* * *

Skye and her hosting family went to Billings in Skye's car, she pointing out it would be more comfortable that the 4X4 with its suspension stiffened for ranch work.

Ryan drove and Fergie sat in the front seat and pointed out landmarks to Skye and talked about old cattle trails used in pre-railroad times.

"The coming of the railway was the making of Billings," he said. "It became a rail hub and today remains the trade distribution point for all of Montana."

When he wasn't speaking, Skye kept up a constant stream of chatter, involving everyone.

At one stage, wiping an eye, Glenys sniffed and said, "You know guys, this is just like the days when we had Linda in the car with us. You two girls are more alike than I realized Skye."

"Or is it just being females of a similar age?"

"Could be Skye," Fergie said, but I think Glenys has put her thumb on it; you two young women have outgoing personalities and you both like including everyone in your conversations. Haven't you noticed how before too long women usually converse mainly woman-to-woman? You and Linda draw men into your conversations and keep them included too."

"Well that is possibility because the alternative for us is to be surrounded by brainless fence posts but at least as a couple you two have got beyond that."

"Cheeky bitch, just like my daughter," Fergie chuckled, almost shaking the car.

"Fergie," yelled Glenys.

"What?" was the innocent response and now Skye was laughing loudly.

"Don't encourage him Skye. He needs to be kept in line."

"I'd like to stop soon to eat," Ryan said. "Having my half finished coffee cup taken out of my hand and an attempt made to grab my piece of toast represented a bad start to my day."

"We agreed last night to leave at 5:00," said his mom. "I had to act because we were ready to leave and you were loitering."

"Yes let's stop at a nice roadside café," Skye said, gently taking charge and Ryan happily said, "Right."

"Ryan will eat all day if encouraged."

"I don't want him to lose concentration at the wheel through hunger."

"Oh yes Ryan, stop as soon as you wish," said his mother.

Skye smiled. Glenys was a little tougher to shift than her mother but she was learning how to handle Glenys. But she knew there would be no way through Glenys if she were taken head-on.

At the house Glenys was up the steps and on to the porch first. She banged on the door and Linda wearing a headscarf and dirty old jeans jacket and torn and paint splattered pants opened the door, stared and screamed in horror, "Mom!"

There was a crash in the lounge as Larry, attempting to hang a light fitting, fell off the ladder on to the sofa and yelled, "Fuck."

But things settled down.

Linda and Skye half-circled each other eyes bright and fixed on each other as Glenys said, "This is Skye" and she said, "Come here Larry and I'll rub your back. You really should be careful up ladders."

The two younger women straightened and rushed into a hug screaming.

"Oh I knew you'd look even more beautiful than in your wedding photo," lied Skye, ignoring the fact that Linda had breakfast jam on the side of her mouth and was devoid of make-up.

"Oh god, not looking like this. It cannot be. You are so beautiful."

Skye laughed, "Well I'm about to unveil and put on my work clothes darling. We are here to help."

"Stop fooling around with that boy Glenys, you'll make him into a wimp," Fergie growled. "We need him outside to show us where he wants the posts placed for the post and rail front fence."

"You can't work out there Mr Hobbs. There's snow on the ground and the ground will be frozen."

"Call me Fergie. I've told you to call me that several times. Who says we can't work outside? We work outside all year because we come from Wyoming where they breed men tough. We also brought an auger with us and gloves and dynamite in case the ground is too hard. You want a front fence erected today don't you? The materials are stacked up for it."

"Dynamite?" Larry's voice quavered.

"That's just dad bullshitting Larry."


"Mom this is my house. Rules have changed. Larry and I find bad language is expressive."

"Flexibility with lexicon is the basis of living language," Skye said straight-faced and for once when Glenys jerked up her head to reply she found she had no reply.

"God already you're handling my mother with aplomb. I'm impressed."

"No one handles me in that manner," Glenys snapped.

"No of course not mother," Linda said sweetly, leaving Glenys staring at her suspiciously.

Linda picked up Skye's bag and said, "Come through and change and help me cut and place the sticky bottom linings on pot drawers in the kitchen. Oh it's so lovely being with you at last. Don't do a runner on me this time."

Skye drove home that night because both men appeared tired whereas she was on a high. Within fifteen minutes her three passengers were asleep. She'd had such a lovely day. Linda had invited Larry's folk over for dinner and they were such a sweet couple. She could see when Larry got his sensitivity from and his earnest disposition. He was so right for Linda, allowing her liveliness and natural leadership qualities to flourish. She'd told Linda that and Linda had hugged and kissed her saying, "It is so lovely hearing that. Mom likes Larry but I know she thinks he's a wimp."

At the breakfast table next morning Skye almost shot out of her chair in shock when Ryan's foot hit hers and stayed there. She looked across at him and he looked away but she caught the faint smile.

Ah, the boy wants to play, she thought and dropped off her slipper and slowly lifted her leg up between his legs, tapping her foot from side to side as she progressed to his groin. She looked at him and saw he looked uncomfortable.

Perhaps Glenys had noticed something because she said to Ryan, "What are your chores today?"

"Just the one. I'm packing a sheet of replacement roofing to fix that leak in the Curtis Creek cabin roof and to lay rat poison."

"Why don't you take Skye with you? She hasn't ridden out that far on that side of the ranch. Skye you won't be settled to write well today after the excitement yesterday at Billings."

Skye looked at Ryan.

"Skye," he said, eyeing her deeply.

"Yeah I suppose so," she said casually and he said crossly then not to bother if that was her level of enthusiasm.

"Go Skye. Saddle Kismet for her Ryan because her Missy is slightly lame."


"Yes that sounds great."

As they rode out of earshot, Skye said, "I've brought condoms."

"I was hoping you would."

She smiled at him tenderly, "I thought you never would get round to this. We appeared to have stalled."

"I was waiting for the right time, that's all. Now mom has pushed us into it but of course this is a great opportunity."

"But not in the cabin."

"Why not? Would you prefer a cold ass from frozen ground?"


"There are no rats in the cabin. That's why we lay poison and once the bait is taken the rats get out and run to the creek to drink water. Finito."

"Oh, then the cabin will be fine. Will I have to lead or do you know what to do?"

"I tell you what: it would be great to have a woman who can fuck."

"Lucky you. You've found her."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah," said Skye, pushing Kismet out into a canter and when she was moving well and warmed up moved up into a gallop and she could tell Kismet loved having a workout. She really was a lovely horse. Ryan hadn't followed because he was leading the packhorse with a sheet of roofing iron strapped to it. She returned to them slowing to a walk and smiling, wondering why they hadn't driven out but remember Fergie had a meeting in town. It was the only four-wheel drive vehicle on the ranch and there were mud patches to ford.

"I'm a bit sweaty."

He grinned and said nothing like she would be when he finished with her.

She frowned and said he should not regard her like something to use and discard.

"Sorry that was not what I meant."

"Thanks and I had assumed you didn't mean it to sound that way. Just be careful, that's all I'm saying. You are not dealing with a country girl."

"You mean country slut."

"I mean country girl."

"Oh sorry."

"Thanks, give me the rein and take Bruno for a run."

"Later thanks. Mom said you could really ride. You and Kismet were moving like one."

"Yeah will she's such a splendid mount she'd make any rider look good but thanks for your praise. When I see you and the boys riding in I can pick which one is you half a mile away because of you graceful posture."

"Are you buttering me up for sex?"

She giggled and he blurted, "I adore you. As a women you are everything Linda is and more."

They rode on in thoughtful silence.

In the cabin Ryan was so excited his erection was dripping and his hands were shaking as he went to roll on a condom.

"Calm down Ryan. We don't want you finishing too soon. Here let me roll it on for you. Just stroke me softly till you calm and think of kissing me in moonlight rather than thinking about fucking the butt off me."

"Um right."

God he had been thinking of pounding her, thought Skye, grinning.

He was plenty long enough and fat enough for her liking and only when they became very active did he pop out a few times and that was to be expected.

She had loved seeing the look on his face as he looked down and began penetration. He was kneeing on the wood floor and she was sprawled back on the faded vinyl sofa holding up her legs spread wide out to provide a real easy target.

He did ejaculate early but not before racking up some mileage and he'd gotten her pretty excited as well and so she understood his situation. But to her relief he rolled on a new condom and was straight back into it, er continuing where he'd left off. He began chewing her left nipple and bang, that got her off and when he squeezed the other breast bang she was off again and broke into a sweat as she began really banging back at him but she was relieved to find he was in a bigger sweat.

When they finished that bout he slumped on the couch beside her and pleased her greatly, saying in simple tribute, "You really can fuck."

They arrived back after dark and without being asked one of the guys came out of the bunkhouse to take the horses.

"Good evening Miss Brock, hi Ryan."

Ryan grunted a reply but Skye made the effort and said brightly, "This is very kind of you. Thanks Zac."

"The boys and I like having you around Miss Brock. It's like having bubbling Miss Linda back again."

"Oh what a nice thing to say to me. I'd be happy for you and the boys to call me Miss Skye. In fact I'd love it. Although I'm a city slicker I know enough to know ranches would lose their efficiency at raising beef if it weren't for guys like your three providing the skilled labor."

"Thanks Miss Skye and we don't regard you as a city slicker. We see you ride."

Glenys looked at Ryan and Skye as they came in and called hi, looked at them closely and then smiled widely.

Omigod Skye thought. How embarrassing, she knows.


Skye's hideout strategy held but there was one known close call. Myra Williams brother-in-law, an attorney in Buffalo, had learned at a business meeting that a magazine journalist, acting on a possible sighting tip-off and waving a photograph, had been making enquiries in that town about the whereabouts of the novelist Skye Brock in that district.

Skye drove to Chicago with an overnight stop at Sioux Falls.

The last corrected and approved chapters had been emailed to Reflections Publications and it had been agreed the new book would be titled, 'Carey Green's Big Romance'.

She'd asked to speak to the executive editor but was told Mrs Beecham was busy. She called Skye two days later and rejected Skye's suggestion that she call a press conference to introduce Skye to the media.

"I'm sorry darling but your North American sales have slumped so there will be no longer real interest in you. Our research shows the subject material of your books is too ho-hum for indigenous reading preferences. The report says your books would be more popular here if they aligned more with our culture, such as having Carey Green go to night clubs, shout rudely for service, commit adultery and watch football."

"You are kidding me?"

"Skye how dare you speak to me like that."

"Bye Mrs Beecham. Please don't be in too much of a hurry to call me."

Julie the editors' assistant, told Skye later that Mrs Beecham called her senior editor to cancel Skye's contract on the grounds of flagging US interest in her books but Phyllis Joyce had pointed out that Far Eastern sales of the first two books had now reached three million.

Mrs Beecham had replied that she'd forgotten about Far Eastern sales and told Phyllis to leave things as they were.

Skye was also unaware two days later Phyllis had burst into Mrs Beecham's office, face red with excitement, and had received a right dressing down for failing to make an appointment. It was alleged Phyllis had said, 'Fuck appointments. You'll want to read this, the first two sample chapters of Skye Brock's epic novel, 'Gritty Times in Wyoming for Carey Green'.'

Mrs Beecham then allegedly said, 'Oh no, not more crap about that stupid little heroine who pukes the senses by sneering her insipid way across all fiction conventions and doesn't take baths or showers and only washes her neck when she finds her white collars grimy inside.'

Whatever was said in that room that afternoon, Phyllis later emailed a confidential encrypted advisory to all senior editorial personnel:

Mrs Beecham was today totally stunned by the 'ripping good yarn' (her words) suggested in the synopsis and the 1st and 2nd draft chapters of Skye Brock's upcoming epic novel titled 'Gritty Times in Wyoming for Carey Green'. It tells of Carey's heart-pounding and gut-wrenching adventures when hiding out on a Wyoming ranch after breaking up with her boyfriend of six month, Pete Lime, who had the audacity to threaten to have sex with her. He also refused to accept it would take Carey at least three months to get used to the idea of being used in that manner outside of wedlock. The novel is expected to be around 480 pages. Miss Brock will begin fulltime writing after spending summer on the ranch haymaking and researching horse-riding trails in the mountain. This last period of her research will include going on a cattle drive, helping to move some 350 cattle of all ages up a mountain to leased summer pastures.

NB: It is noted that Miss Brock's sales of her two novels now approaching five million and occurring mainly in the Far East, equate to 87% of our company's total book sales across all genres for this quarter. Her new book featuring Carey Green's doomed romance will come off the presses at the end of this month. -- Phyllis Joyce, Executive Editor.

Julie sent an unencrypted copy to Skye who read it, her mouth falling open.

Skye's journey to Chicago was not wasted. She renewed personal contacts with the folk at Reflection Publications, although avoiding Mrs Beecham, and of course was staying with her parents. When going to her room smiled and said hi to Daisy and then hugged her and began weeping, but felt really good after that girly stuff.

Her mom was brought up to date, including Skye having sex with Ryan.

"So there could be a wedding?"

"Goodness no, he's just a boy."

"But he'll mature. And perhaps with a person like you it won't pay to marry an equal. You could also end up living and writing on the ranch permanently. Think about it darling."

Skye went to her room and talked to Daisy about it and wasn't surprised that Daisy thought it would be a good idea to marry the kid. He would be still high-powered in sex when Skye was into her forties/fifties and that was an important consideration. She brought that argument.

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