I always hated grocery stores, well let me be more precise, I hated grocery shopping. Yeah it seemed whenever I went shopping I ran into the same thing time after time. If I needed a certain type of bread, sure enough there was someone parked right in front of what I need. Now they were not just shopping, what they were doing was more akin to research. Never mind they weren't even in the store shopping for bread, but there they were looking over each variety in more detail than they did for their home loan documents.

So I moved over to the meat section and once again found someone right in front of what I need. This time we had a pair of vegetarians reminiscing. I veered away and headed for the eggs but find a vegan yearning for an omelet. After that it was the dieters cruising the ice cream section, the lactose intolerant in the dairy section or children in the wine section. Every single one of them stood in my way.

Finally giving up on getting everything on my list I started shopping at random. Well then I ran into the folks who were out for a nice stroll. They had an item or two in their cart, but otherwise they were simply wandering aimlessly looking at the scenery. Of course they happened to be doing it in front of me on an aisle with several other shoppers blocking me from breezing around the wanderers. No I was stuck plodding behind a couple commenting on the pretty boxes, or someone who wasn't even sure what type of store they were in.

And then there were the socializers. Old friends talking over what happened over the five years since they saw each other always seemed to park their carts on the narrow aisles, tight corners or smack dab between me and the groceries I need. They chat away while I tried to find some way to maneuver my half full cart between display kiosks, building columns, spilled juice and the never-ending tale of two long lost friends.

Anyway, on my last trip to the grocery store I thought I'd be smart and go early on a Sunday Morning figuring I would be able to do my shopping without all the crazies. As I pulled into the lot things looked promising with only half a dozen cars in the lot. I grabbed my list, walked in the store, grabbed a cart and started shopping.

Son of a bitch, there couldn't have been ten people in the store but when I went to pick up some bread I spotted an attractive woman, perhaps in her late forties, maybe early fifties looking over the bread, studying the loaves like her life depended upon it. I was about to head off and get something else on my list but decided to make a stand. No longer was I going to put up with all these ne'er-do-wells, I was going to get my bread without delay. The question was how to do it firmly but delicately.

I decided to simply stand right next to her and slowly squeeze her out of the way. Stepping up I grabbed a loaf, looked it over and then put it back on the shelf. Moving a bit closer to her I did it again. After several more moves I expected her to get the hint and move on. Instead, without looking away from her bread she said, "To get any closer you'll need to fuck me."

Shocked, I stepped back a bit and after only a slight pause I replied. "Well that's the best offer I've ever found in this store."

I expected a laugh, perhaps a slap or an angry look but instead she reached out an open hand and said, "Well, follow me."

Perplexed, I reached my hand out to her and when she grabbed it all I could do was follow her as we left our carts behind and walked into a small corridor off of the produce section. She opened a door and we stepped into a small restroom where she turned and locked the door.

"Employee restroom, I don't think they will miss it for a little while," she said.

Befuddled I said, "I... I don't..."

"We don't have room for a fuck but maybe this will do," she replied, dropping down to her knees and unzipping my pants.

My cock quickly responded, growing to its full length as she worked it out of my pants. I then watched as she looked up at me with her deep blue eyes, tossed her head so her blond hair fell onto her shoulders and took me in her mouth. All I could do was push my hips forward and enjoy the sensation as her head began to move back and forth.

Damn, the suction was incredible as she bobbed her head and then reached up cupped by balls. I wanted to hold off coming, wanting it to last longer, but the feeling was too intense. I arched my back as the pleasure jolted from my balls and along the length of my cock. I immediately came, spurting my cum in her mouth again and again.

She kept her mouth on me, sucking the cum until my cock softened. Letting it slip out of her mouth she stood up and gave me a long kiss. Pushing my tongue into her mouth I tasted a hint of my cum as I wrapped my arms around her.

As we pulled apart she stepped back and asked, "Well is that close enough for you?"

I nodded, "Yes, that's pretty close."

"Well I'll let you get yourself back together, I've got to finish my shopping." She stepped through the door and closed it behind her.

I quickly slipped my cock back into my pants, zipped up, glanced in the mirror and tucked in my shirt. Opening the door I walked down the corridor and stepped out into the produce section. Moving quickly to my shopping cart I looked around for her but she was gone.

I wandered though the store hoping to see her again but never did. Instead I finished filling up my cart and headed to the checkout. Walking up to the express lane, fifteen items or less, I began unloading my cart thinking how much I enjoyed grocery shopping.

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