Growing Another Set of Gonads


The final dance number was slow and easy as I pulled Carol in tight. We were both wet with sweat. The smell of her perfume mixed with sweat and her muskiness about drove me nuts. I think I was half way under her skirt before the song ended.

Back at her place she asked if I wanted to grab a quick shower.

"Carol, I want you just as you are. I love the smell of you right now and I want to taste you just that way," I said almost ripping her clothes off. Luckily Gary took her roommate to his place, because we started on the living room couch before moving to the kitchen table as I feasted on her dripping pussy.

We left the first wet spot on her roommate's placemat before retiring to her bedroom. Carol had small breasts, long nipples and a nice round ass. After sucking my dick and getting it hard, she mounted me and proceeded to fuck me silly.

When I started to get close, I flipped Carol onto her back and drove my dick home. I wanted, let me rephrase that, I needed to possess her tonight. I needed to mark my territory, that this was my pussy now. I put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her like it was my last time ever. I know I dumped at least two loads into her as she screamed for me not to stop.

We lay there for about twenty minutes, just enjoying the after glow.

"Do you have to go home tonight?" she asked.

"Nope, you've got me for the rest of the night. That is, if you think you can handle me."

"We'll see who gives out first," she replied as she started working on me again.

We fucked like two people possessed all the while trying to out do one another, but I think I won. I was tagging her from behind when I got an idea. With a gob of spit I eased in one finger to the first knuckle.

"Side table," she shouted. "Spit doesn't cut it with anything bigger than a finger," she told me.

"The girls done this before," I said to myself as I found the tube of anal ease.

With my dick in her pussy and two fingers in her ass I spent the next five minutes getting ready to lose my anal cherry. With my thumb and forefinger I eased in just the head past her anal ring, pausing for a minute so she could get use to it. Then slowly inch-by-inch I pushed in. Hell it took me ten minutes to get in all six and a half inches.

As I started slowly stroking I could feel Carol pushing back at me.

"Steve, you're the perfect size. Any bigger and you'd be tearing me apart," she said as she was playing with her own clit.

Even with getting off earlier I knew I wasn't going to last very long. Her ass was smooth, tight and felt wonderful. If I hadn't thought about everything, other than what I was now doing, I would have shot off in less than two minutes. Even still I let loose in under seven minutes as I did my best to fill her bowels with my cum. In the end, I didn't pull out; I just let my dick shrink as it fell out of Carol's ass.

"That my love was worth the wait," I told Carol. "I've never felt anything quiet like that before. I think I could get use to it," I said more than smiling.

"Don't get too used to it," she said. "It's ok once in a while, but it's my pussy that needs the attention." So we took care of it one more time before falling asleep.

"You'll still need the goods on her in order to get things your way," Gary told me. "I think it's time you took an out of town trip, preferably a two nighter," he told me.

"Gary, I never go out of town," I told him. "Accountants don't travel, they stay in their cave and count beans," I told him with a laugh.

"She doesn't know that and there's always a first time," he said smiling. So the two of us planned my trip.

"I'll be out of town all day Wednesday and Thursday but should be back Friday morning sometime," I told Sandy. "It's a seminar about the new computer software we'll be using after the first of the year."

"What am I supposed to do, leap for joy," she said in her usual sarcastic tone.

"I just thought you might want to know where I'll be."

"What's the difference, you refuse to sleep with me any longer and I have no idea what the hell you're doing in that bedroom. You could be sneaking in women for all I know," Sandy replied.

"Rest assured I haven't had any woman in my bedroom, can you say the same?" I asked.

"You'd know if I had anyone in my room, remember how vocal I used to be?" she said unbuttoning her top. "You want to take it for a test run before you go out of town?" she asked.

"Tell you what Sandy, you get checked out and show me a clean bill of health and I'll think about it. Until then, I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole," I said sarcastically.

"Screw you Steve, I don't give a shit if I ever have sex with you again. It's your loss not mine," she spit at me.

"I see you still have that wonderful attitude. Too bad your parents didn't wash your mouth out with soap when you were a kid, it might have made a difference but I kind of doubt it. What I ever saw in you I'll never know. You were a conniving slut back then and you're still one now. I was blind before, I'm just glad you finally opened my eyes," I told her. "So sweetheart, do whatever you wish, because I no longer care," I said slamming my bedroom door in her face.

"You're right, I'll do whatever I damn well please. So, fuck you Steve," she yelled at my bedroom door.

I was out of the house early and met Gary for breakfast. "It's all set, and I made her mad enough that I know she's going to bring someone home tonight, I only hope it's Don. I'd love to fuck that son of a bitch over," I told Gary.

So we went to work and about 5:00 we headed out to our favorite watering hole. We had dinner and then, using Gary's car, went over to my house and waited just out of sight. We didn't have to wait too long.

"Yes, there is a God," I said to myself as Don's Lincoln pulled into my driveway. I took a few pictures of him pulling in, getting out and kissing a semi-naked Sandy standing just inside the doorway.

"I'll work the camera, but I brought a little equalizer with me tonight, just in case there's trouble," Gary said handing me a stun gun; the one that shoots the barbs out. "Don's a lot bigger than either one of us, but he's not too big for one of these," he said with a laugh.

We snuck in and gave them plenty of time to start. Knowing Sandy, she was probably balling his eyes out as we spoke. We quietly climbed the stairs and could hear the two of them going at it.

"I've been waiting a long time to take you in his bed," Don told her. "Spread those legs bitch because here I come," he shouted at her.

We waited two minutes and then walked into the doorway and we started to film the two of them going at it.

"Don, I know you can do better than that. Hell, from what Sandy has told me about you, I thought you'd be about fourteen inches long and two inches thick," I said breaking the silence.

Don turned around so Gary got a great shot of both their faces.

"I'll kill you, you little cock sucker," he said, as he got ready to pull out.

But I had other ideas. I squeezed the trigger and let him have it. Both barbs stuck into his ass as he began to shake as the volts went from his body, through his cock, into Sandy's pussy as well. I let up as he slumped on top of her.

"I've got to get me one of these," I told Gary as Don started to slowly come around.

"I'll kill you," is all I let him get out of his mouth before I juiced them again. This time however, his bowels gave loose and he shit all over himself and Sandy.

"Gary, give me a hand, I need to throw out this trash."

We first dragged Don out the front door and laid him on my front lawn. Sandy followed shortly there after. I threw their clothes on top of them and went back inside. I locked and bolted the door before they came around and started pounding on the front door. I called 911 and said that someone was trying to break into my house and that he had a gun. Two minutes later the police were at my driveway.

I explained that I'd found my wife cheating on me with her boss and had tossed them out of my house. The police asked them both to vacate the premises and if they didn't, he'd take them both to jail. Sandy went nuts but finally left to who knows where.

The following day was very busy. My attorney was only waiting for the pictures to attach to the divorce petition and now that he had them, he filed the papers with the court. Don was served with Alienation of Affection papers at work and a copy was also hand delivered to his wife. The company they work for was also served papers that they were being sued because of the relationship of Don, the entire sales force, and Sandy.

It took almost two months to work out all the paperwork. Sandy got half of what was left in the savings and half the equity of the house. She complained that there should have been more, but I told the court I had spent a lot of money getting together all the evidence. Since there was no record of where the money went, I was home free.

Don and most of the sales force were fired. Don's wife used my attorney and divorced his ass. The company settled for a large five-figure amount plus my attorney's fees so I made out big time. Believe it or not, Sandy moved in with my mom for a while that is until they drove each other nuts; I guess two bitches can't live in the same house.

Me? I'm still dating Carol but going very slowly. I'm getting more sex than I'd ever dreamed of, and we're talking about the future, but the "M" word still sticks in my craw. Gary and I sometimes stop after work for a cool one but has told me that his new girlfriend is starting to give him a hard time.

I just smile at him and ask, "What are you, whipped?"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/22/18

At last

At last a story about anproper man though he did take some time to dump her.

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by sbrooks103x03/06/18

Feedback Portal

This just popped up on the Feedback Portal, figured I'd give it another look.

"I was required to call home everyday" - "Required"? Just what would happen if you didn't?

"Do you think I'm cheating onmore...

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by tazz31703/06/18


he did....and it was stinkweed, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous01/19/18

I Read For Entertainment Value

If I wanted to read a boring page of facts, I would read The Wall Street Journal. This was quite entertaining. Not enough payback for Mom. And I would love for father and son to cross paths and comparemore...

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by Anonymous12/31/17

Anon 10-31... WOW...

You sound pretty lucky, just like Steve in the story. I didn't hear about a new world king, but congratulations. I was happy to hear about Steve getting rid of his bitch if a wife and his controlling mother.more...

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