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Guardian Wolf Ch. 01


I hope you enjoy this story. I am not sure whether this will stand on its own or will be a continuing series. It all depends on my time, commitment, my attention span and whether the drunken leprechaun that runs my brain makes his AA meetings or not...fucking lush. Either way enjoy! The first of this is slow and includes back story and character building. It gets good later...trust me!

Chapter 1 -- Beginnings

September 20th, 2006

James Wolfe sat in the cafeteria of Copper Hills High School lost within the vision that sat 43 feet away from him. He knew it was exactly 43 feet because she sat at the same table, the same seat, at exactly the same time of day...that and he had measured out the approximate distance with his cousin Marcus two weeks after beginning their sophomore year. She was predictable and fastidious to the point of anal retention. This only strengthened his longing for her...his future mate. This presented two distinct problems...well three if you consider her track record with trouble and the statistical inevitability that she would be waist deep in it until they were properly mated. The first problem was she didn't know she was his mate, that they were destined with the blessing of the Fates and Mother Luna to spend the rest of eternity together and bear many, many children. The thought alone of her round belly filled with his pups and full round breasts laden with sweet milk was enough to make him instantly hard and his inner wolf howl with need and want.

The second problem was infinitely more troublesome and frustrating. She had absolutely no clue who or what he was...zip...zilch...zero. It didn't help that she was part of the social elite and a rising star in varsity cheerleading. It also didn't help that he was a nerd. Not the stereotypical nerd with pocket protector and coke bottle glasses, but a nerd nevertheless. He was also painfully shy and socially awkward. He was skinny and pale but surprisingly toned and strong despite his outward appearance. He had long black hair that fell to his shoulders and deep emerald green eyes that grayed depending on his mood. He was a mathematical and computer science genius with the intellect and propensity for all things electrical. It didn't hurt having the higher intellect and instinct of his wolf to help further his scholastic endeavors though. He and Marcus had built their first PC when they were only seven years old. Last year they had built their own server farm with several terabytes of storage through a RAID 5 controller and three redundant hot swappable drives. They had successfully integrated with the current pack network and increased throughput by 50% including a more robust firewall and IDS. His father had been so impressed he had tasked him and his cousin plus some friends to help update the network at the corporate offices and improve data security and efficiency. Not bad for a bunch of seventeen year old geeks.

So far his school and professional life were shaping up very nicely...but his love life was completely in the shitter. But that was the way the way it had to be. Pack law decreed that outside of casual acquaintances and friendships, future mates were not to be told of their destiny until the Rites of Ascension which fell on their 18th birthday. It was not only to help protect mates and pack members from potential attacks and retribution but to allow the natural flow of a relationship to blossom and bear fruit as prophesied by Mother Luna and the three Fates. But so far things were not looking towards his favor. He understood the importance of discretion and the secret nature of their courtship and it was not like he was totally in the dark. He received regular updates from her parents per the contracts of mating. His wolf guided him and provided intuitive and insightful glimpses into her psyche. He knew where she was at all times instinctively. He knew what she was feeling by thought or smell if he was close enough...whether she was happy, angry, sad, or...aroused.

Arousal was by far his most favorite. During a particular rousing and exciting homecoming game he had been sitting near the bleachers watching her during her routine. She was a flyer...one of the cheerleaders they threw up in the air to catch again like a human beach ball. Thunderstorms had passed before the game and the field where they had been performing their routine was still damp in many areas. Suddenly the thrower lost her balance, slipped and fell, while Rachel...that is her name by the way...Rachel Merchant...the most beautiful name in any language...um...anyway...she was still mid air and was heading back to Earth head first. Without thinking James jumped over the rail and ran the twenty feet to where she was going to land, catching her securely in his arms. For the briefest of moments their eyes met and the world around them faded to blackness. His emerald eyes connected with her pale green eyes...yes pale green... for the love of Luna...like the finest cuts of Jade. The electricity passed between them and the smell of her sex made its way to his sensitive nostrils...she smelled of freshly cut Cedar. The smell buckled his knees nearly making him drop her. His wolf was howling with wanton lust and desire. It was practically demanding that he take her then and there on the field in front of the Gods, Mother Luna, and about 3,000 spectators. The moment passed and his brain was again able to send electrical impulses to the rest of his body. He panicked. He gently placed her on the ground mumbling an apology and a hope she was okay, then bolted. James ran straight past the visitor uprights into the forest clearing beyond ripping and clawing his clothes as he descended deeper into the tree line. Yep! His love life was off to a Cracker Jack start. Fuck!

He shifted immediately after his underwear hit the forest floor and raced back to the pack compound. Here he is a powerful, supernatural, near immortal being and he pusses out first chance he gets speaking to Rachel. Back in his room James opened up the detailed journal he kept on Rachel with all of her pertinent information. They included bio, likes, dislikes, allergies, etc. -- these came with many thanks from Brian and Natalie Merchant -- Rachel's parents. They were a wonderful, loving couple who were ecstatic to be bound to the Wolfe clan; they were very fond of James and couldn't wait for the two to start popping out grandchildren. They were also loyal employees in his father's corporation and powerful allies when it came to werewolf and human relations in High Council meetings. Wolfe and Merchant were bound in both blood and purpose; it had been this way for the last two millennia. And Gods help them it will last another two. James let his mind wonder to the beginning, willing his thoughts to focus on anything to relieve his current bout of social anxiety...

After the final battle was fought and the dead counted during the last Blood War, the opposing sides were sickened of all the death and chaos. They were tired of war. They wanted peace. They wanted a chance for mutual prosperity and happiness to take root in the soil that had been soaked with a thousand years of blood, betrayal, and distrust. A delegation was formed from all the major factions...the werewolves, vampires, the elves, the dwarves, and finally the humans. The Articles of Council were written and sworn to by all parties at the First Council of Nicaea in Bithynia, Turkey in 325 AD. The Roman Emperor Charlemagne chaired the Council, bless his Pagan soul. A need was seen to marry and breed between the species to strengthen and solidify the fragile peace treaties. Charlemagne agreed with the heads of each clan that the Human species was the most likely candidate for successful mating. The three Fates of legend (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos) decreed that direct Alpha blood lines in each Family tree would mix blood with a particular line of Humans. These blood ties would not only extend to mating but trade and commerce as well. This would allow for stronger familial ties but also bring economic and social stability to the war ridden nations of every species. The motion was ratified unanimously and was very popular among all.

The Fates decreed they would place sacred marks on newborns that signified their intended mate and claim by an Alpha bloodline. The marks were specific to each individual clan but all hold a basic emblem that distinguishes each species. A vampire's emblem is a fang, a Dwarf's is a hammer, an Elf's is a sword, and for the Wolf the mark of Luna, a full moon. These emblems are only visible to the bearer, his or her family or pack, and their intended mate. This would allow intended mates to recognize each other immediately. When the mates were in close proximity the marks would glow brightly according to species markers. For the Wolfe Clan our mark burns with a deep blue lunar glow.

The Fates, bless their gentle souls, also placed spiritual locks on mates to prevent rogue members of species from taking and breeding with Alpha mates to force bloodline disputes. Mates were essentially sterile to all except their intended lovers and not only were they sterile, but becoming sexually aroused was impossible under duress. The Fates went as far as to make a mate physically ill if any but their love was trying to initiate sexual intercourse. Rogue encounters and rape were extremely rare the countermeasures were that effective. The only problems occurred among the humans. If another human attacked an Alpha's mate, it was up to the Alpha or clan guard unit to stop any potential harm from befalling them. Alpha's had learned very quickly after some mates were lost to be very, very protective of their intended mates. The loss was too terrible to not be just a little paranoid about this. So far no Alpha has lost a mate in the last 223 years. But it hasn't been easy. It can be difficult to keep one step ahead of disaster. Especially if your mate has no clue who or what you are and has an uncanny ability for being in the wrong place when the shit hits the fan...

James sighed heavily. He was prepared to do anything to see that he and Rachel were properly mated. Even if she would not acknowledge his existence, he would protect her to his dying breath until it was time to properly reveal himself. But James had always been proactive in his pursuits and he was always one to think outside the box. If he could not be with Rachel in a romantic or social sense until after the Rites of Ascension, he would be with her in spirit. He would be her protector and guardian angel...scratch that...he would be her guardian wolf.

Chapter Two -- The Birth of Lovers

October 3rd, 1988

James was born on October 3rd, 1988 at St. Luke's Memorial Hospital at 2:21 am in room 301 during the full moon. Next bed over Rachel was pushed out at exactly 2:23 am. They were born only two minutes apart. James's mother Margaret had insisted that she and Natalie share a room when they were admitted within minutes of each other. The doctors didn't see a problem with this, even if it was a little...unorthodox. Within hours of being born the babes now donned in hospital regulation baby gear were returned to their mothers and a milk laden tit that each promptly latched a hold of.

Outside the waiting room a sudden uproar came as three plump and cheerful women of indeterminate age (meaning old) barged their way into the already cramped mothers' room, their arms laden with gifts and toys. The attending orderly was quite put out when one of the three women promptly told him to shut his trap and get the fuck out.

"We're the Grandmothers dumbass! There is no way in this life or the next you are going to keep us away from our new Grandchildren. So step the fuck off!" the tallest of the three said with surprising ferocity.

The orderly blanched and opened his mouth a few times in stunned silence before deciding it was not worth his time or energy arguing with the battle hardened shrew. He threw his hands up in defeat and quickly backed out of the room in retreat mumbling curses under his breath. Richard Wolfe and Brian Merchant stood in a corner of the room snickering quietly at the expense of the poor man.

"Lacey! You have to be nice! The poor man was only trying to do his job. You have probably scarred him for life. He still has 51 years left. He'll probably end up homeless and alone because of you!" the second tallest berated.

"Oh shove it up your ass and die Chloe! He probably deserved it. He had a very offensive aura about him. I am not going to be nice to those who are inherently bad tempered." Lacey said in terse reply.

"Quiet please." The shortest of the three said barely above a whisper. "We have come here for a joyous occasion. Let us not ruin it with arguing please."

"Okay Atty. You were always the most level headed one", said Lacey.

With the argument settled they turned their attentions back to the two babies now nursing contentedly away at their mother's breast. The three elderly women quickly crowded around the two nursing infants staring lovingly at them.

"Simply beautiful children! I foresee a happy mating between them. They will have many, many children. Their first mating will yield a set of twins...a boy and girl," said Chloe.

"He will be a guardian and a strong protector for her. She will often be in danger before they are mated. But fear not! He will always be strong and ready to defend against the evils of the human world. She will come to love him not from outwardly appearance but from the strength of his heart and his devotion to her. She will be known intimately to him as Jade", whispered Atty.

"He will be weak in stature before the Rites of Ascension like Alphas before him. This is only to shield his true appearance until the time is ready and allow him to gain his rightful place as an Alpha of the Wolfe clan", said Lacey before bending closer to the two mothers so only they were able to hear her next words.

"It will also help you to know that your son will be hung like a horse and have the stamina of an ox." Lacey said this with a wry and somewhat wicked grin on her face. Both mothers quickly turned crimson at this revelation before giggling quietly to themselves.

"Lacey! Are you spinning tales again?" Chloe interrogated her sibling.

"Of course not dear sister, you know better than most that I always speak the truth!" Lacey stated with an air of absolute certainty. Chloe simply rolled her eyes at her sister not believing a word she said.

"Quiet you two! Enough bickering!" Atty quickly admonished them. "Let us begin the Rites of Mating as laid down in law at the First Council of Nicaea."

With that the three women closed and locked the door, closed the blinds, and bound the room with a spell of secrecy. They gathered in a semi-circle around the now sleeping infants. Atty was the only one to speak now as the others were quickly lost in the trance of the Rites.

"Prince James of the Wolfe clan....we charge you now with the binding Rites of Mating set forth through the Articles of Council. You will take Princess Rachel as your mate, binding you together in body and soul as one universal being. You will forsake all others. You will love and cherish your Rachel for all eternity or until death takes you from this Earthly plane. You will protect and watch over your Rachel against the evils of this world...which are many...defending her until your last breath. We now bind your sexual prowess to Rachel and to her alone. You will sire children with Rachel and be happy. You will be Alpha of Wolfe Clan. So are the wishes of the Fates of Luna. We seal this mating with the mark of Luna and your family crest."

At the end of the incantation a mystical seal appeared in the space between the two beds. The seal was of the full moon, mark of Mother Luna, and the red shield and crest of the Wolfe clan appearing in the center. The crest was a black werewolf in full battle transformation baying at the moon. The mark was placed on James's left bicep.

Atty then continued, "So Prince James is bound to Princess Rachel from this day henceforth until the fall of the Heavens."

Atty then turned her attention to the small girl now.

"Princess Rachel of the Merchant Guild...we charge you now with the binding Rites of Mating set forth through the Articles of Council. You will take Prince James as your mate, binding you together in body and soul as one universal being. You will forsake all others. You will love and cherish your James for all eternity or until death takes you from this Earthly plane. You will honor and serve James, bearing his children and rearing them with love. You will be a companion and help mate in all things private and pack related to James. You will offer council and guidance to James but remember that his word is law to the members of your pack. You will help and protect the weaker members of the pack and be surrogate mother to all who require it. We now bind your sexual prowess to James and to him alone. You will bear children with James and be happy. Your will be Madam Alpha and mother to generations. So are the wishes of the Fates of Luna. We seal this mating with the mark of Luna and the crest of your mate's family."

At the end of the incantation an identical seal appeared in the space between the two beds. The mark was placed on Rachel above her maidenhood.

Atty then continued, "So Princess Rachel is bound to Prince James from this day henceforth until the fall of the Heavens."

The other two quickly came out of the trance and all three echoed in the tiny room, "May Mother Luna bless this union of Clan and Guild! May Mother Luna bless this mating! May Mother Luna bless their happiness! We now close the Rites of Mating until the Rites of Ascension ceremony eighteen years hence. Go forth and find each other anew."

The three Fates finished with the seriousness of business now giggled and congratulated the jubilant mothers. They then proceeded to do what grandmothers do best. Spoil the little buggers rotten with love and toys. Afterwards they said their goodbyes quickly before heading down the hall to another birthing. They never tired of their job. Theirs was a labor of love.

Natalie turned to Margaret and smiled a knowing smile and quickly stifled a yawn before cuddling Rachel closer and falling asleep briefly until the next feeding. Margaret switched James from one tit to the other to allow him to drain her of her life giving milk. Why were the boys always the most voracious eaters?

Chapter Three -- Guardian Wolf

September 23rd, 2006

James was at his usual spot during lunch period staring longingly at the woman of his desires and his dreams. He was thinking how lovely she looked with her long brown hair draping down her lithe body in ringlets. She was short. She was only 5' 2" but she was not really petite. She was curvy and voluptuous in all the right ways. At a 115lbs. She had some curves but they were all in the right places. From her mouth watering heart-shaped ass to her 32 C breasts. James knew with a quiet certainty that her assets would only appreciate with age. God you have to love how that interest accumulates.

James mood certainly took a turn for the worst as he spied Rachel's current 'boy friend' approach. Jayden Michaels was the typical Neanderthal football player with the personality and charisma of a lump of moldy cheese and an IQ to match. This kid was so dense and oblivious to things outside his immediate interest, James wondered if with a bit more persuasion this guy may actually collapse into his own black hole....

"Jayden I said stop!" James heard Rachel scream at the top of her lungs forcing everyone in the lunch room to immediately towards the disturbance.

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