tagNonHumanGuardian Wolf Ch. 07

Guardian Wolf Ch. 07


Here is chapter seven. I hope this will satisfy those who have been patiently waiting. This is the longest installment so far...it came to almost seventy-five pages in MS Word. I was surprised at how easy it was to write this particular chapter; it certainly cuts way down on the time between postings. I guess when dealing with the darker side of fiction, my mind runs full throttle. On this note, this chapter is darker than the previous chapter; not as dark as chapter four, but still kind of gray in certain areas. This chapter revolves primarily around Jessica Hamilton. I introduce a lot of in-depth character analysis to help explain just how horrid her parents actually are (as if you didn't suspect already). You will really, really hate Augustus and Anna Hamilton by the end of this chapter. Don't worry...their time will come.

But this chapter also marks a new beginning for Jessica. She and Marcus do meet in this chapter and begin a tentative relationship. This chapter is a real emotional eye opener for Jessica and she is forced to reevaluate her place in life to this point. James and Rachel work to mend bridges and forge an actual friendship with Jessica. Something that is totally new and frightening for Jessica; true friendship is foreign to her. But with the help of some unlikely people, Jessica opens up a little and begins to fill in that gaping hole her parent's neglect left in her heart. This is the point in her life that will eventually lead her to her destiny.

This being said, there is still a lot of James and Rachel. The first few of pages are filled with stroke material and hot sex between the horny teenagers. It wouldn't be erotic fiction if I didn't include at least a little gratuitous sexual congress. But I decided to devote this chapter to Jessica. Chapter eight will deal primarily with James and Rachel preparing for the cabin and Rachel's promised disciplinary punishment for her less than stellar performance with Jessica at the concert. I think that the chapters from here on out, until I decide to end this story, will be a mixture of the two couples: James and Rachel and Marcus and Jessica (as well as supporting characters, of course). It may seem a little bipolar or schizophrenic to do it this way, but I want to progress the characters together along parallel timelines. So by the time James and Rachel return from the cabin, both sets of couples will be fully developed when I merge the two timelines back together.

I do apologize for my writing; it does tend to jump around sometimes. That is just the way my brain works at times, I write where my brain takes me. Like my brief introduction of the history of Harland and Elizabeth; and yes, I will fully explain the rest of the story in chapter nine when James and Rachel are at the cabin. I beg patience on behalf of the reader. Despite all the tangent segments throughout the chapters, I always try and conclude each side story in a timely manner. But I try to keep you, the readers, engaged in the story; little twists and turns throughout ensure that you are paying attention to what is going on. I have to keep you guys on your toes, don't I? But I assume those that continue to read my story enjoy my style of writing or are at least used to it by now.

As always there is a warning in my chapters. This chapter includes fantastical sex that is beyond the scope of reality. This chapter also includes a scene of attempted rape and some violence. If you are against such things, I suggest you skip these parts in the story. I would also like to personally thank those people who offered suggestions, plot scenarios, and helped review this current chapter: immortalman18, malaknight1818, blade_eros, dormdad1962, and ironbite5

And finally a personal note. I am starting a new position at work and it will involve an entirely new schedule. I hope this will not affect the amount of time available to devote to writing this story. I really don't want to quit writing this tale; I am having a blast doing this. As always I ask for patience if the length between postings is quite long, I promise you I will update my profile regularly to let you guys know when new chapters are to be expected. I just don't know how this new position will affect my personal life, only time will tell. But after such a long and drawn out introduction, I submit to you chapter seven of Guardian Wolf. Please enjoy!

Despair Eternity

Chapter Eleven– Chinese, a Hospital, and Finding True Friends
October 5th, 2006

James was having that wonderful dream again. The dream where his erect member was between his mate's hot and wet lips as she lovingly fellated him. However, when he felt his cock slip into Rachel's throat, James knew it wasn't a dream. He opened his eyes to see Rachel looking up at him as she casually blew him, enjoying the feel of his thickness invade her throat. James threw his head back and groaned when Rachel started to massage his throbbing cock with her throat, sending delicious pleasure coursing through his brain.

"I love when you wake me up like this," James said as he closed his eyes and concentrated on the feelings his wife was sending his brain through his cock.

"And I love doing it," Rachel said as she briefly raise her head to reply.

Rachel continued to fellate her mate leisurely for several minutes, gently massaging James's turgid cock with her throat muscles until he was gasping, groaning, and gently thrusting his hips in perfect rhythm to Rachel's bobbing head. Just when James thought he could take no more, Rachel slipped a moistened finger from her dripping pussy and stuck it up James's asshole, searching out his prostate gland, humming to increase his pleasure. He grunted once and thrust his hips, firmly burying his cock down Rachel's throat as he unloaded the rich contents from his bloated balls. Rachel sighed heavily and drank down his massive offering, swallowing repeatedly. Each time her throat contracted to swallow another full load, little lights went off in James's head as her throat continually massaged the sensitive frenulum of his cock.

When Rachel was finished voiding the pressure from James's testicles, she crawled sexily up his body, rubbing herself lewdly upon his sculpted leg until she reached his eager lips. They kissed deeply, passing the small remnants of his spending back and forth while Rachel rubbed her aching cunt up and down his thigh, leaving a considerable trail of wetness, and matting down hair with each pass. After what seemed an eternity without breathing, Rachel broke the kiss, her eyes burning with lust and need.

"My kitty needs some serious attention," she cooed as she climbed his body in anticipation of a serious licking. She placed her pussy above her mate's face, maneuvering until it was within easy reach of his long tongue.

"Mmmm...my pleasure baby! Place that naughty kitty up here and let me lash it good with my tongue," James said, grasping her ass and burying his face into her dripping snatch.

Rachel spent the next several minutes lost in orgasmic bliss as James licked and teased his mate from one orgasmic peak to the next; each time she flooded his mouth with an increasing volume of liquid fire. She finally fell of his face after grinding her pelvic bone against his hard chin as he teased and pleasured her aching clit and pussy to one last shuddering climax.

"Gods! No more. I'm too fucking sensitive. Holy shit that was good!" Rachel gasped as she tried to reorient herself after going without oxygenated blood to her brain for so long.

James reached out and maneuvered his tiny mate until she was tucked securely under his arm, snuggled tightly into his solid chest. Neither bothered to clean themselves as they fell blissfully back to sleep.


The phone call broke James out of a delicious dream as he struggled to extricate himself from Rachel's iron grasp, which held him tightly to her slender body in a death grip, to answer the phone. James was barely able to stretch his long right arm out and snag the phone base close enough to the bed to reach the cordless handset before the caller hung up.

"About fucking time you picked up Dingus!" Gus's annoyed voice came over the digital connection.

"Fuck you and your high horse, cuz. We got in real late from the concert last night. And besides, we are on our fucking honeymoon. We have no set schedule, so just shove it up your ass and die!" James growled in irritation.

James heard Gus erupt in boisterous laughter, which only pissed James off even more.

"Okay, okay! Damn, boy. Can't even take a fucking joke today, can we?" Gus said only slightly in apology.

"Yeah well, you get three hours of sleep and see how you feel" James groused.

"Three hours? Dude! It's after eleven in the morning. I was about to send up one of the omegas to see if you had fucked each other to death or something," Gus said chuckling.

James jumped up, immediately releasing Rachel's grip on him. Rachel grumbled something resembling a curse and rolled onto her other side; she continued to snore noisily into her pillow.

"After eleven? Damn! I was hoping to be up a lot earlier today to get everything I wanted done before we head up to the cabin. Um...listen. Do you have any other pending reservations on this room for another couple of days? I was hoping to keep the room for another night. I promised Rachel a good bought of spanking and discipline and I don't want to be rushed today. I figure a night full of debauchery is called for before we head up to the cabin," James said.

"I figured you would want another day in the room to check out all the special features we have installed. I already booked you through tomorrow afternoon," Gus said.

"Dude, you're awesome!" James said, pleased at his cousin's forethought.

"But you have to promise me something," Gus warned.

"Sure, anything," James promised.

"If you are going to be disciplining your mate tonight, be sure you use a ball gag on her. I have a law enforcement convention coming in today and I don't need four hundred policemen calling the front desk complaining of a woman screaming her orgasms from the top suite," Gus grumbled. He had had enough complaints from customers about his cousins' lovemaking already.

James laughed, "Sure thing! Is there any other requests?"

"Yes! Please use plenty of towels this time. Aunt Maggie warned us about your mate's excessive waterworks when she comes. I don't need a saturated mattress reeking of pussy waiting for the next customer. I already have high enough dry cleaning bills without having to clean up after my family's excessive lovemaking," Gus said.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you and Tabitha are ever so proper when you make love too. Funny thing though, Aunt Cami was complaining in a similar fashion to my mom when you went through the Rites yourselves. So don't be calling the kettle black, Pot!" James pointed out.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line while Gus considered a comeback. Deciding there was no feasible retort that wouldn't make him look like a complete dumbass Gus grumbled a goodbye and hung up the phone. James looked at the phone with a triumphant grin and replaced the handset on the receiver. James didn't have to remind Gus of one of the Wolfe family's cardinal rules: never call out a family member about their sexual exploits without being prepared to look like a complete hypocrite and\or jackass.

James looked over at Rachel still sleeping comfortably on her stomach, her face smashed deeply into the large goose down pillow; her long hair was a mass of tangled curls completely hiding her face. He reached over and shook his mate's shoulder gently. Rachel grumbled and turned over on her side towards him. James then tried gently tickling the sensitive flesh of her armpit. She squeaked a little but still refused to wake up. Finally James decided enough was enough and stuck his tongue deeply into his mate's ear while pulling roughly on her left nipple. This did have the desired effect and Rachel nearly fell out of bed when she jumped back from James's oral and tactile assault, entangling herself in the sheets.

"What the fucking hell James?" Rachel bellowed as she tried to right herself on the bed.

James did fall of the king size bed, but only because he was laughing so hard he lost his balance. He fell hard crashing on the floor. However, this did nothing to quiet his howls of laughter.

"Asshole!" Rachel huffed as she made her way naked to the bathroom to relieve her bladder.

Rachel padded back into the bedroom after releasing the pressure on her bladder only to find James still giggling on the hardwood floor. She made a motion to kick her mate in the ribs only to find herself squarely on her back with James on top of her after he grabbed her ankle and used her forward momentum to flip her squarely on her ass.

"That wasn't very nice you little wench!" James growled as he spread her legs around his thighs and captured her arms firmly beneath his own. He bent down and captured her lips in an aggressive kiss of possession. After spending a few moments reacquainting his mouth with hers he lifted his head with a look of pure unadulterated hunger.

"How did you do that?" Rachel asked after she found the breath necessary for speaking.

"What this?" James asked as he bent down and grabbed her lips in another possessive kiss, causing her to gasp in pleasure. After a few more delicious moments of reacquainting he released his mate's mouth. Rachel gave him a classic glassy stare; her arousal quickly rising. She shook her head to clear her thoughts of all the lascivious things she would like to do to her mate and get back to the question at hand.

"Mmmm...but...no...no...dingus! I mean the flip thing. I didn't even see you move before I was laid out on my ass!" Rachel said at her husband's obtuse observation.

"Oh that!" James said with sudden realization.

"Yeah, that," Rachel agreed rolling her eyes at her husband's lame attempt at humor.

"It's part of Aikido. It's a discipline of martial arts that teaches how to use an opponent's energy and momentum against them. When I grabbed your foot and ankle I tugged slightly; the sudden stop coupled with your forward momentum redirected towards the ceiling caused you to lose your balance. The rest was easy," James said.

"Easy, huh? I'll show you easy!" Rachel said.

With a sudden graceful movement that belied her strength, Rachel wrapped her ankles around James's buttocks and rolled them over until she sat astride him. She immediately grabbed James's cock and began stroking it back to life until it was at full strength. Rachel mounted her mate without further comment and began aggressively fucking him, asserting her own dominance on her mate.

James accepted this role reversal and began to thrust up to meet his mates hips as she descended time and time again on his massive cock. As he felt Rachel's tight sheath begin to contract around his cock signaling her impending orgasm, James rolled them over once again. He raised her legs until they were on his broad shoulders and began to thrust commandingly into his mate's quivery pussy, intensifying and prolonging the orgasm that had already started to claim her senses and crash through her tiny body. Rachel screamed and swore obscenely as she met her mate's thrusts with angry, hurried thrusts of her own. Her juices liberally lubricating their frantic lovemaking as she pole vaulted (pun intended) from one orgasm to the next until they blurred into one continuous circuit of pleasure that numbed her brain in intense warmth, enflaming her nervous system and threatened to extinguish her mind one synapse at a time.

Rachel was babbling and drooling in excess as the pleasure ate away at her senses like a cancer. She started to scream as her clit became overly sensitive and James kicked his thrusting into overdrive. Fearing another tongue lashing from his cousin, James thrust three fingers into his mate's mouth, effectively muffling her screams of passion and pacifying her oral fixation with something to suck on. Suddenly Rachel bit down hard on his fingers as a particularly large orgasm triggered, sinking her teeth deep into his flesh. The added pain was the thing needed for James to reach his own peak as he emptied copious amounts of semen into Rachel's willing womb. Sweaty and exhausted, panting in great gasps as he forced fresh oxygen into his tortured lungs, James fell heavily off to the side as he worked on bringing his heart beat back below the current 130 beats per minute.

Rachel was a complete mess. She sat gasping, drawing as much oxygen into her body as possible, while waiting for her sanity to reenter earth's atmosphere; it was currently orbiting Jupiter...or at least one of its moons. Her body was covered in a thick coating of sweat and cum. She looked to her left to see James in a similar state of post coital disaster recovery. His large sculpted shoulders and back muscles rose and fell with every respiration. Both were unwilling or unable to move following this latest bout of love making; their pituitary glands were secreting massive amounts of endogenous morphine into the blood stream, giving both partners that delightful light head and numb feeling throughout their bodies. James did turn his head and looked lovingly at his tiny Rachel, a large grin plastered firmly across his face.

Finally, with a great show of effort, James managed to scoop up his mate and roll them until he was on his back and she was resting on his considerable pectoral and abdominal muscles. As Rachel wallowed in blissful serenity atop her lover's body, she felt the copious volume of James's semen as it leaked from her battered pussy and began to coat his lower abdomen and cock.

"You're leaking," James said as if it were national headlines.

"Thank you Captain Obvious. It's your fault you know. I can't help it if my tight, tiny pussy cannot handle the voluminous contents your cock demands as offering to the pussy gods every time you orgasm. Does the term 'white washing' have any meaning to you? Because that's what your cock does to my vagina every time you let loose," Rachel said.

"So...you're saying it should be my responsibility to clean up after myself, is that about the gist of it?" James asked as he smiled lewdly at this mate.

"Hey! I'm not your mother," Rachel said.

"Thank the Gods!" James said laughing.

Rachel caught the incestuous meaning of her words only after they left her mouth. She joined her mate in laughter silently thanking the Gods they were not related. It would not do for their children to have webbed fingers, nor tails in both human and wolf form. Their kids would have a hard enough time adjusting to their world without the additional stigma of unwanted mutations. Rachel did smile warmly after thinking about their children. She found herself aching for her womb to be filled with their young, stretching and distending her teenage stomach, their tiny hearts beating in rhythm with her own. To most teenagers the thought of pregnancy was a joke; it would have been funnier if she wasn't so serious about the matter. She was only eighteen but was already aching for the fulfillment of motherhood.

"You and me both mate," James said in agreement as he read her mind's narrative.

"Is it stupid of me to want children immediately? You and I are not even out of high school. In fact, we will still be in school when I come into heat. Shouldn't this bother me, us more?" Rachel asked, confused as her more prudish human side warred with her primal self.

"Baby if you were completely human it would bother you. But you are now part wolf. Your girl knows the supreme nature of our kind when we are mated. Our goal in life is to procreate; to mate, bear, and rear our young. You and I are naturally designed to propagate and contribute to the continuance of our species. Why do you think I 'white wash' you ever time I come? It is to ensure you become pregnant when you are in heat. Don't hide or try to disguise your natural maternal instincts. We are going to have a lot of children together.

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