tagSci-Fi & FantasyGuardians of The Earth Ch. 01

Guardians of The Earth Ch. 01


Nine years ago, five teenagers while vacationing where thrust into taking the great adventure that they could ever imagine. They discovered that they were the next generation of supernatural guardians for the Earth. Since the beginning of time there had been those chosen by the forces of Order to combat those of Chaos. Usually things were pretty much kept in balance, but as is normal in life sometimes that balance is disrupted. The greatest threat the Earth had seen in 1500 years had set about to conquer or destroy the Earth. In his way where the newest guardians. After months of battling the evil warlord known only as Julius and his minions, the teens forced a final battle inside of the evil warlord's realm. The battle was long and hard, in the end Julius had been defeated, but only two guardians had survived. This is the continuing story of those two remaining guardians.

* * *

Tasha looked up to see her housekeeper standing on the other side of her desk. She didn't hear the woman come in and she scowled at the thought that the woman could have snuck up on her. She must be working too hard again she thought.

It had been a close to a year since she had been able to train properly with one of her own kind. "What is it?" Tasha asked testily.

"You have a guest." the usually talkative woman said simply.

"I'm busy, who is it?" Tasha asked losing her patience.

You see the servant shimmer and then go clear and watery and then reform into Miguel. "So you forgot about me that quick huh?"

She stands and walks over to hug him without a word.

"So what have you been up to?" He asks.

"Running the world" Tasha says jokingly.

"Well you always were bossy." Miguel says chuckling.

Tasha laughs good-naturedly. "Nah just full of hot air. So what brings you to my world?" Tasha spreads her arms to indicate her mansion.

"Taking over half of it. Gotta give its people a male perspective." He said taking her question to mean the planet. "No seriously I've finished all that damn extra training and I wanted to come home."

"Well your always welcome here." she says. "How is JJ?"

"Pain in the ass as ever, never satisfied with anything, always pushing and pushing"

She chuckles, "Have a seat, I can finish these papers later."

"Thanks." he says. "Traveling between dimensions is draining."

"I guess you don't want to see my latest project then." She laughs again.

"What's that?" he asks with interest.

"It can wait, I insist you stay the night so we can catch up." Without waiting for an answer Tasha walks over to an intercom and tells the housekeeper to set dinner for two and prepare a guest room for company.

"Like I could ever say no to you."

Tasha winked then moved to sit in a chair close to him "No one ever can."

Miguel laughed. "So where do we begin?" Miguel asked as he began to relax.

"I want to know everything about the other worlds you've seen.... Hey weren't you getting pretty serious with JJ's daughter? What ever happened with that?" Tasha says, "I feel so out of it all here."

"I spent 18 months training in every environment you can think of and even some that u couldn't even imagine. Learning how to use my powers in a greater capacity then ever before. As for J.J.'s daughter... things weren't meant to be."

Tasha put a hand over his, "I'm sorry."

"It's life Tasha. Shit happens."

"It is so hard to hold a relationship when you have to leave on a moments notice to fight. I had hoped for you it would be easier with someone that would understand better." Tasha said. "You are sounding a bit cynical."

"Well it's hard when the person is 500 years old and your only 18!"

"How true!" She chuckles, "Are you hungry? We can raid the kitchen." Tasha changes the subject.

"I can use some home grown food."

Tasha stands. "Well your not only 18 any more though right."

"Tasha I'm a year older than you remember. I'm 27 now." Miguel said seriously.

"God, are we that old now?" Tasha smiles.

"I can't even remember what month it is anymore!"

Miguel laughs.

"The days all blur into one. Thankfully we don't look a day older though" She winks at him again. It felt so good to have a friend around that she could speak freely with.

"You mean like this." Miguel says as he makes himself look older.

She sticks her tongue out at him. "I refuse to look my age, and with my money no one questions it! Common lets get some food"

They have had a quiet dinner, talking only about incidental things because of the staff still hanging around. After dinner she invites him to sit with her in the study to talk more privately. He did notice that the housekeeper is new and looks at him suspiciously especially after the cook came out to personally welcome him 'HOME'. Tasha is anxious to tell him about the northern training facility she had only started construction on when he left...

"Would you like a drink?" Tasha asks.

"Sure what do you have?" Miguel replies.

She gives you that look that says 'are you serious?' and says, "Does it really matter?" She pours him a strong drink that she'd bought at a fair in JJ's world. "Here I think you'll like this."

Miguel takes a sip, and recognizes it, smiles. "Your right it's good stuff."

Pouring herself a glass she sits in a chair close to him and curls her legs under her. She is wearing a long skirt and light blue silk blouse. She leans forward on the arm of the chair cradling the glass in both hands.

"Do you remember me telling you about the my idea to build a place where I can train without hurting anyone or making myself obvious?" Tasha asks in an excited whisper.

"Yeah. You said you'd tell me about it later." Miguel asked curiously.

"The construction was finished 3 months ago. I've been working off and on with it since then.... kind of moving in to you might say. Do you want to see it?" Tasha asks. "You could help me with the environments... after your extensive training..."

"As if you had to ask. I'll help you with anything I can." he told her

She jumps up and sets her untouched drink on a table near by. You haven't seen her this excited about anything in years. She reaches out to take your hand so you can teleport together.

Miguel places his hand in hers and stops for a brief moment. It wasn't long but long enough to have an epiphany. At last he was home.

Tasha smiles at him before shifting the air around them. She squeezes his hand and then they are in a different place entirely. They stand in the center of a large cavernous room. Surrounded by what looks like ice but the air is warm and comfortable. The room is circular with at least 15 cave-like doorways leading into darkness. In the center of the room is a large stalagmite, which Tasha pulls him toward. Without relinquishing his hand she tells him about how it's all controlled and with a touch she opens a panel that has numerous monitors. "This shows all the rooms, some aren't finished, but..." as she speaks the screens show various environments. She stops at one that shows a steam and lava. "That's my favorite," she says with a wink.

Miguel looks around and nods as he takes in what she has created

"They were all taken from actual places on the planet. I was hoping you could help me come up with something new." Tasha realizes that she is still holding tightly to his hand and lets go. "Sorry" she says softly, but misses the warmth of his touch

"Nothing to be sorry about. I've spent the last year in my own training facility. No one else but me. It's good to be in touch with another live person. But you look like you got most of the environments. Perhaps a zero-g." He said reassuring her and then placing his other hand on top of hers.

"Yeah I have about ten times grav in the lava one. It's about ten miles from the center of the earth.... " Tasha says. She holds his hand in both of hers. "The most human contact I have is when I shake hands with business associates.... It must have been very lonely for you."

"This is a nice place you have here Tasha. You've done well. So what else you got here?"

Breaking contact she moves closer to the control panel. "I can alter the room we are in too." She touches a button and the room fills with a cool mist. There is a soft glow of light giving the place a warmer feel

She mumbles something and touches another button and the room changes to look like Tasha's library. "Want to sit down?"

"Very nice. This must have cost a fortune."

"I have done well for the company since dad decided to take leave and be with mom. It wasn't cheap but it's not like I have anything else to do with all that money."

"But Tasha... your talking matter conversion or is this just a giant holo-deck? Either way we're talking about technology that is still hundreds of years ahead of where Earth was when I left. And I know I haven't been away that long." He says as he sits down.

Tasha laughed, and sat comfortable in her favorite chair. "It's a little of both. I kinda own most of the research labs working on the technology. Most of this if all prototype stuff, but some of it is just computer simulation similar to what the military has used for years. The walls are actually flat screens, a backdrop picture so to speak."

Miguel simply nodded as he continued to look around at the facility. "Then there are some things I can definitely do for you." He said with a smile "I might even be able to make this place a little less primitive." He said as he gave her a wink.

Tasha smiled back. "Primitive!" Tasha stuck her tongue out at him. Then she grew serious, "Your right of course, the first one, the mist ...that was an expansion of my power. There are still some things that need me to be here to work.... "Actually it was what my bedroom at home looks like!" Tasha explained. "I gather the mist to protect myself while I sleep."

Miguel nods. "Well you won't have to worry about using your power in the other environments. I'll contact a few of the ranger engineers that worked on mine. They'll need to talk to you first, but once they know exactly where you want to go with it, they'll have this place exactly the way you want it in no time.

"Thanks." Tasha said warmly. Then she looked around at a loss for what to say next. With a short laugh she said, "This would be where I tell you we're done and that you can go! I think I've forgotten how to be social!"

"Well we can't have that no can we." Miguel says with a smile. "Let's go." he says as he pulls her closer to him and the disappear. When they reappear they find themselves in a familiar little restaurant in Chicago.

She whispers "Isn't it a little late for dinner?"

"Never to late when your family owns the restaurant. Besides I wasn't kidding when I had told you I hadn't eaten in awhile," he said laughing

"Cook would kick your butt if he knew you hadn't gotten enough to eat at supper!" She whispered as someone approached to seat them

"Tasha even you don't have enough food in your house to feed me right now." I've been in my private place for a while. I'll take you there sometime if you want."

"I would love that!" she said. "So what are you having?"

"I'm having 1 of everything." He said seriously while he placed the menu on the table

"Forgive me if I play the bird!" Tasha laughed. "I just want a shake" "What do you want to do after this? And how long is your family going to keep you here?"

"I've already seen my family. I asked them earlier to keep the place open late cause I'll be by for food. As for what to do after this I have no idea." he said as the first item on his list was brought to the table.

Tasha sat back thinking of something to do. She knew the sun would be up in Japan "We have friends in Okinawa that would be awake.... but I don't really feel like going there.... We could watch the sunrise set! " She laughed.

"I'm game for just about anything." Miguel said.

"You're sure your not too tired? I own a club that's not far from here. We could walk there. It's a fun place, but I might need to change. "

"No I'm not tired at all. And I would love to go clubbin' with you." he said as he made the contents on his plate disappear as if he were a hover vacuum

She shakes her head at the way he eats but says nothing knowing that she has been that hungry herself on more than one occasion. "Cool, then I will go change real quick while you finish the menu." With a wink she stands and moves to the bathroom. 10 minutes later she comes out of the bathroom in a tight black micro-mini and a halter the color of her eyes. She wore boots that went to about mid-calf and her hair had been redone, and now hung loosely over her shoulders. It's longer than you remember it being when you left

Miguel was thankful that he had just finished the last meal he had requested. Because when he saw Tasha his mouth dropped open

Tasha sat down across from him her face flushed slightly at the look on his face. "Close your mouth. You act like you haven't seen me naked! Or a picture anyway, Christ I wear less in battle!"

Miguel laughed. "Well not in several years anyway."

Tasha was used to men looking at her but they were usually strangers and no one ever seemed to be as surprised as Miguel had seem to see her in such clothes. It was a little unnerving. And fun!

"Well ready when you are" Miguel said.

'Your done eating?! I didn't realize I took that long. Picking up the tiny purse that went with her out fit Tasha stood to wait for Miguel.

"You didn't, all the food was prepared before I had even ordered. Plus I've become a fast eater when I eat. Thank god I'm not a messy one though."

"Oh, ok. Ready when you are then." Tasha said offering him her hand.

Miguel stands up and takes her hand and the 2 disappear. When they reappear it's outside of her club. "Not bad Tasha... Not bad at all."

"The owner likes to think so!" As the stepped closer to the front of the long line one of the bouncers recognized her and let them in immediately. "We will need to pay her a visit while here, hope you don't mind"

Miguel looked at her strangely. "I thought you were the owner?"

"Sorry, the manager! I am being a bit of a scatter brain today."

"No problem." He says as he lets her lead the way. The two pass through a crowd on their way to the manager's office. As they clear the crowd Miguel is now wearing a different set of clothing one more suitable for the club scene.

Tasha notices his change of clothes and nods her approval in his choice of clothes. She stops at an unmarked door and knocks. The bouncer at the door makes no move to block them, nor does he say anything friendly when the door opens they see a woman in her late 20's well dressed. She invites them in. and Tasha introduces Miguel. "This is Amanda, she has run the club since it opened 7 years ago."

Miguel nods as he reaches out to shake the young women's hand. "Hello."

"When it was opened I was not allowed to enter during business hours!" Tasha explains. "Because I was only 19" Tasha explained, "but I trust Amanda, she has good instincts about the business.".... After visiting for a few minutes Tasha suggested they check out the club.

"Leave it to you to open up a club that you can't enter during business hours and still make it work." Miguel said with a chuckle.

"Well they always said I was foolish! Somehow I still manage to stay above water though"

"We'll have to test that one of these days." He said with a wink

Tasha blushed uncharacteristically. The manager looks distinctly uncomfortable during the whole exchange. Tasha never bothers to look at books but asks simply how business is doing. Then they leave the office. "I am sorry to discuss business... I haven't been here in over six months though. Do you want to find a table?"

"Hey your a better business person then me. I haven't been at the restaurant since before we fought Julius. But it's good to see that mom and dad have done well with it. They told me they've opened 5 other restaurants nation wide. I don't care we can sit or just start dancing, whatever you want." he told her

"They have! I have lunch at their restaraunts often! Of course the one here in Chicago is still the best, no one can cook like your mother! I would like to get a drink." Tasha said finding a secluded table toward the back.

"That's cause you haven't tasted my cooking in several years. I may have to make something for you later on."

"Your on! Cook is off on Mondays, if your still here tomorrow morning that is...."

"I plan on being here from now on actually. No more dimension hopping for awhile."

"Really!" Tasha was pleasantly surprised. That meant she would have a close friend around when she got lonely, which was getting more often. "Most of my projects are headed up by people I trust, I don't really have a hand in much lately. Too much free time gets me into trouble as you know. That is why I am up north so much"

"That's one reason why I returned. I've also been spending most of my time training, learning. Doing everything I could to become the best protector I could be. Once JJ and his other Generals taught me everything they could I decided to go off and explore. To learn new things about myself. I've been in many battles and have seen many wonderful places. But in all that time I never found anything that matched the beauty of the Earth. I got home sick, and came back." He said as he took the cook that had arrived for him

"And here I've stayed on here holding up the fort growing bored and searching the horizon for some grand adventure. Always wondering what I was missing but too afraid to leave all I love unprotected. That's a bit egotistical.... I was actually afraid to leave... afraid not of what I would find but what would find me."

"Oh well all this serious talk is depressing me! Let's dance" Tasha had noticed at lest 5 girls checking out Miguel and felt she should show them that he was with her before she ended up alone! She jumped out of her seat and dragged him to the floor to dance.

Miguel followed Tasha anxiously. To him there were no other women in the club only her, she shined to him brighter then a star.

Tasha was having fun and by the third song was ready for a drink. Then she noticed a few men clustered at the bar eyeing them funny. She got an uneasy feeling, "do you want to go somewhere quieter?" She nodded to the group of men looking at them.

"Why? Because a few guys are admiring a beautiful woman while she's having fun. Not on your life." He said as he placed his on her waist as the next song came on, a slow romantic one this time. (Lady In Red hop you've heard it.)

Still looking uncomfortable she nodded and moved closer to Miguel holding him almost possessively. She whispered, "sorry I thought I recognized one of them."

Miguel looked her curiously. "Any ideas were from?"

"I can't place it... I meet so many people..." Chancing another look she sees that the group has dispersed. "Probably nothing."

"Nothing you couldn't handle if something did happen anyway." He said with a smile as he continued to dance

"No.... the worst that could happen is the club being leveled and I have to rebuild it!" Tasha laughed knowing it would not likely happen. "So what do you want to do when the club closes in 20 minutes?" Tasha asked.

"Well I suppose we could find other club? Or we could go somewhere else? Or we can just call it a night." Miguel said, the disappointment in the fact that the club would soon be closed in his voice.

Tasha laughed. "There is a club near here known for the exotic dancers!" she playfully suggested. "We can chase the sun and head west. There's another two hours before they close in Cali." Tasha yawned, "On second thought," she looked at her watch. "I've been up almost 20 hours. Maybe we should head home after all."

On the way out they noticed the group of men that had been looking at them earlier began to gather at the door to block the way.

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