tagSci-Fi & FantasyGuardians of The Earth Ch. 02

Guardians of The Earth Ch. 02


Miguel held this women. this goddess close to him. He was torn between wanting to continue making love to her or letting her sleep. Although their race had greater stamina the normal humans they still got tired. But their was a select few that had transcended there above their original state. Miguel was now among this elite group. As such he had forfeited his old abilities for new ones. Among these were special senses and one of them told him that Tasha would soon approach the time of her ascendance. He swore then that he would do whatever was in his power to help her though it and to be by her side as long as she needed him.

Miguel tried to hold his desires in check but could no longer with her beautiful body in his arms providing more than enough temptation. Before she fell asleep he pulled her hip closer and eases his still hard cock in between her thighs. His hands slide down from her back to her ass cheeks where he squeezes them and pulling her closer to him and opening her cheeks and lips open and just lets his cock rest there a moment.

Tasha moaned softly. "Again?" she asked surprised. "Don't you ever rest?" Tasha asked before moaning again at the very erotic feeling of his hard cock just in between her thighs. When he didn't move however she wondered if he really did want to make love again. She turned her head to look at his face.

"Not much need to rest if your not tired." He smiled. "But if you need more rest don't worry about me."

Tasha laughed and draped her leg further over him. "Don't mind you huh? Why is that? Are you just going to have your wicked way with me either way?" She ran her hand down his side and back around to squeeze his firm ass pulling his hips closer and creating friction. With the movement Tasha moaned. "I don't think I could sleep now if I wanted to." She whispered.

Miguel brought his hand and gently brushed her hair out of her face and then caressed the side of her face. "I could never do anything without your permission." He said as he leaned his face forward and gently kissed her on the forehead. His free hand slid down to her ass and he held her firmly. "So what do u want to do then?" he asked Mischievously.

Tasha was touched by the tender gesture. She giggled softly at his question, and propped herself up on one elbow. "What a silly question." Still on her side beside him she raised her leg further up on his hip. Her hand moved around to his erection that was still hovering just outside of her sex and stimulating her clit. She gently pushed his head into her and pulled his hips toward her with her leg. She leaned close for another deep kiss pressing her front against his hard chest.

Miguel inhaled her tongue as she kissed him, and sucked on it as hard and yet as lovingly as possible. As he did so he used his weight advantage to roll the two of them until Tasha was on her back and he was now on top of her. He kissed her lips, her neck and her shoulders all the way down to and including her breasts while he took nice long strokes in and out of her sex.

Tasha closed her eyes and arced her back. Her hands moved over his shoulders and down his back. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed him tightly for a moment before letting up. He was probably the only man in the world she would never have to worry about breaking ribs when she did that and she smiled at the thought.

His pace was still slow and leisurely, he was taking his time but Tasha was never known for patience. She squirmed under him then pulled herself closer with her legs. His motion stopped for a minute and they looked at each other.

She growled in frustration and started to move under him.

Miguel didn't want to go any faster, he wanted to keep his nice slow pace. But he was no longer in complete control of his body either. Tasha's movements had begun to effect him to the point that he was thrusting into her sex harder and faster with each thrust. He Looked at her for what seemed like an eternity before reaching out for her arms. He took them into his and them repositioned them above her head and held them there while he continued to make love to her.

Tasha instinctively raised her back up off the bed and pressed her breasts to his chest. She moaned and closed her eyes with pleasure and lifted her legs higher. She squeezed his ribs with her thighs urging him closer and deeper into her. "Miguel."

Miguel grunted as he felt her squeeze not just his ribs with her thighs, but his cock with her cunt. It was like being trapped in a vice, never had he felt anything like this. He leaned into her neck and began to bite it. "Oh Tasha.... your.... perfect." he somehow managed to say as he continued his onslaught.

Tasha realized how hard she was squeezing him and eased up. Her hands ran down his back and her eyes moved across his body. She pulled him down and kissed him hungrily. "So are you! Please! Give me what I want!"

"Don't worry about squeezing me to hard Tasha, I can take it. I just wasn't ready for what your sex is doing to me. No one, not even Miko has done that to me. "Michael told her as he began to giver more of himself, and yet still being careful not to hurt her. "I'll give you anything you want all you have to do is tell me."

Tasha pulled him closer until his face was no more than an inch from hers. Ignoring his first comment for the time being she said, "I don't know what I want, I was hoping you did."

"Then I guess we'll both find out at the same time." He said as he pressed his lips to hers and kissed her deeply. His tongue licking her lips, and then entering her mouth where he found her tongue and began to massage it with his own. After a few minutes of kissing her long and hard Miguel pulled away. His hands roamed down the sides of her body until he reached her thighs then her knees. He the began to pull her legs from him and spread them further apart, but made sure that it wasn't painful or uncomfortable for her. Once he had her positioned the way he wanted her he took his hands away and placed them at the sides of her body supporting his weight. He began once again started to thrust his cock into her. His eyes glued to her as he watched her breasts jiggle with each powerful thrust.

Tasha knew she was more limber than most people thanks to a gymnastics training she started at the age of 4, but she stopped him before he could spread her legs too far. "Miguel..." she whispered hesitantly. "I am still new to this... I can only take so much of you...gently...."

"Sorry love. I guess I was losing myself." he responded and eased his actions as she had requested.

"It's ok, I just need to get used to it." Tasha said. She encouraged him to move faster if not deeper. She was starting to feel the urgency of an orgasm.

The inside walls of her sex squeezed him again and her moans of pleasure grew loud now. "Miguel!" She shouted his name suddenly and pulled him close as her whole body shuddered with pleasure. She held him tightly for a few long moments as the waves of ecstasy subsided. Once it had passed she could feel that he was still very deep within her. "You didn't." It was more of a statement than a question.

"So now what do YOU want to do?" Tasha asked squirming under him.

"Well I suppose I can make you breakfast. I think that we're both going to need to fuel up as much as possible from now on." Miguel said with a smile on his face.

Tasha chuckled and realized that the morning sunlight was streaming in the windows. "Breakfast sounds great. After a shower that is." Instead of moving though Tasha just lay under him, with him still inside her, studying his face.

Miguel gyrated his hips slightly as he allowed himself to feel a little more pleasure from her. Then he pulled out and rolled off the bed and offered her his hand. "Well let's got get that shower."

Tasha inhaled sharply when he pulled away, and paused for a few moments before she accepted his hand and got up. Tasha lightly slapped his naked behind. "You're bathroom is down the hall." She said jumping away from him and moving toward the master bath.

"Oh come on now. I was kinda hoping that we could share one. You know, conserve water and all that." He said grabbing a hold of her and pulling her close to him.

Laughing Tasha let him pull her close and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "I some how doubt that water conservation is what you're thinking about." She kissed him lightly on the lips before pushing him away to back toward her bathroom again. "Your bathroom is that way." She pointed toward the door.

"You are so evil." he said as he gave in and headed to what she said was his bathroom. Before he left her room he recalled the cloths he had been wearing earlier.

"No more than you Miguel." Tasha said folding her arms over her breasts.

A few minutes later he was in his bathroom taking a nice steamy hot shower. Letting his muscles relax under the hot water and trying to figure out what his next move would be now that he was back home.

Tasha watched from the doorway of her bathroom as Miguel formed clothes around him and left reluctantly. She hadn't thought it would be that easy. She could see that he was still physically aroused and marveled at his self-discipline.

Once he was gone she stepped into her twin faucet shower and let the hot water run over her body. She felt as though every inch of her body was suddenly more sensitive. The water caressed every inch of her skin running rapidly over her, and reminding her of Miguel as water always did. But this time was different, much more intimate.

The relationship between them would be very different now. Tasha wondered if it had been a mistake after all. Then she closed her eyes and remembered the feel of Miguel's hands on her skin, and his body pressed to her. She shook her head, definitely NOT a mistake!

Miguel had said he was going to be home for a while this time. He had also said some other things that she now wondered at. He had offered to help her with her training facility, and his unbelievable speed when they had sparred still took her breath away to think about it. And the way he had kissed her....

Tasha shook her head to clear the stray thoughts of Miguel's kisses. She grabbed the soap and started to wash herself. And another thought came to her. She hadn't expected Miguel to be a virgin like herself but who was Miko? Not that it mattered Tasha told herself. Once he came to his senses Miguel probably wouldn't touch her again.

Her stomach rumbled then reminding her of the breakfast Miguel had offered to cook her. She only had one appointment today that couldn't be canceled and it wasn't until much later in the evening. She would call her office to tell them she wouldn't be in, not that they really needed her. She hadn't slept in over 24 hours and she planned to crash after getting something to eat.

Miguel had showered quickly and was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. He didn't have too much trouble, except for a small incident with a master cook that hadn't seen him in several years. But the two men caught up while Miguel made breakfast, or a feast considering how much he prepared. Now he only had to wait for Tasha so they could both dig in.

Tasha thought of Miguel washing in the shower down the hall. He was as unpredictable as she was. She quickly finished washing and stepped out of the shower, and his domain. She walked naked to her closet, heating her body to evaporate the water. Dressed in a pair of cut off sweats and a short tank top, Tasha strolled out of the closet. He gaze fell on the bed, still rumpled from their lovemaking. She sat on the bed and pulled her damp hair into a ponytail. She picked up the pillow where Miguel had rested his head and put it to her face. It smelled of him.

Then another smell invaded her senses. The heavenly aroma of Miguel's cooking. Tasha jumped from the bed, dropping the pillow, to follow her nose to the kitchen. About half way there Tasha hesitated remembering now who Miko was. "Damn." She said aloud and picked up her pace again. ~How stupid of me to forget her name when I had even mentioned her yesterday. ~

Tasha stood at the doorway and watched as Cookie hovered over Miguel as he cooked. She couldn't suppress a giggle when she saw Cookie purposely annoying Miguel.

"Don't be giving Miguel a hard time Cookie, it's your day off and he promised to cook me breakfast." Tasha said as she walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. She avoided the older man's knowing gaze and tried in vain not to blush.

Cookie glanced at the two and started to leave. "I'll leave you two to your meal. Miguel if you're going to be here, make yourself useful and don't let her work too hard!"

Tasha let out an exasperated sigh and shooed him away.

"You mean she actually works now." Miguel jokingly said and prepared himself for counter attack from Tasha.

Tasha glanced at Miguel. "Don't make me come over there! I wouldn't want my breakfast to get cold just so I could kick your butt!"

He took the scrambled eggs out of the pan and placed it on the plates that already had some sausages and fresh hash browns on them. After shutting the stove off he grabbed the plates and took them to the small table that was in the kitchen specifically for breakfast. There was already fresh orange juice, as well as sliced pieces of melon, and freshly baked croissants. "Okay woman... Sit...eat and enjoy." He said with a smile on his face.

Tasha stuck her tongue out at him and laughed before settling into the chair where she normally had cold cereal on Mondays. She pulled on leg up under her and nibbled on a croissant as she waited for Miguel to finish arranging the food on the table. "Looks great Miguel, but how hungry ARE you?" Tasha teased.

Miguel just laughed and began to eat his breakfast.


An hour later they had both finished almost everything on the table. "I didn't realize how hungry I was." Tasha sat back looking at all the empty plates. She stood up and stretched then started gathering plates.

"What are your plans for the day?" She asked Miguel from the sink where she was rinsing plates to put in the dishwasher.

"I didn't have anything planned. Although I might take over the world." He said laughing.

"I was thinking of taking a nap until about 4. I have a dinner engagement at 5 but I should be back by 7 if you want to do something tonight."

Miguel walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck while holding her body close to his. "Your that tired. We're really going to have to work on your endurance."

Tasha looked at Miguel over her shoulder. His touch was too distracting. He wore a tank top and shorts and this close with his arms around her she felt the warmth of his entire body, she felt they might as well both be naked.

Tasha turned and pulled slightly away from him. She found herself trapped between him, the counter and the open door of the dishwasher. "You know damn well I can go 3 or 4 days without sleep, I just don't like to sleep more than 4 hours at a time!" Tasha said almost defensively. He looked so relaxed standing before her with the morning light coming in through the window behind her.

She cocked her head to one side and gave him a mischievous look. "Just what did you have in mind? Some strange technique to build up endurance you picked up in your many travels?" She teased.

Miguel moved closer, pressing his advantage. He brought his hand up and gently caressed Tasha's cheek. His eyes quickly scanned Tasha's body and in that split second she was no longer wearing the folded cut off gray sweat pants, or the white tank top. "Well the best way to build up one's endurance is through a lot of aerobic activity." He said then kissed her lovingly. "If you want I can show you some pretty successful techniques." Then he kissed her again, longer this time, and probing her mouth with his tongue as he started to massage her tongue with his. His arms going around her body and bringing her up against his.

Tasha melted against him, putting her arms around his shoulders and holding on to him tightly. She kissed him back passionately, while leaning back on the counter for support. She pulled away from his kiss, "Miguel. I don't think. that is maybe we shouldn't. you know.." Tasha stammered looking for the right words. It was just too hard to think about anything with him standing this close. She dropped her arms from his shoulders and put them on the counter behind her, her knees still weak from his kiss.

Miguel smiled not pushing anything and letting her go at her own pace. "Fine I won't train you then. But there are few that have transcended. And most are busy right now with galactic matters. My plan was to take you to my private hide away so I can show you what I did without destroying to much."

"Oh" Tasha felt foolish and blushed at the thoughts his suggestion had invoked. Realizing now what he was offering she tried to ignore the fact that he stood so close and tried to calm the pounding of her heart to focus on what he had offered. "Train me?" Tasha looked down thinking. Her gaze fell on his chest and toned shoulders, then lower; that was a mistake. She thought of her bed upstairs where she had planned to take a nap. "Sure, probably wouldn't get any sleep anyway." She looked at his face and poked his chest, "But don't think you can manipulate me mister!" As they both knew he had just done.

Miguel gave her a mocked shock look.

"When do you want to go?" Tasha asked gently pushing him away so and slipping out of the corner.

"We can go whenever you're ready." He informed her.

Tasha considers for a moment, "Give me two minutes." She walks out of the room and returns 3 minutes later, "Ready!"

"You said two minutes not three." Miguel said teasing her.

Miguel chuckled and removed a gold medallion from his pants. And the held it out away from him. Miguel's hand began to glow with power. The energy moved from his hand to the medallion and then a beam shot out of it and created a door way of energy. After the door was formed he looked at Tasha and held out his hand to her, then the two stepped through. When the emerged it was into a place that could only be described as a void. It seemed to have nothing all around them except white. Miguel again reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket watch.

"We'll only stay an hour today. Anything more then that until you get used to this will drive you insane." he told her.

Tasha looked around them. "What is this place?" She whispered in awe.

"This is my Sanctuary. This is where I have spent 2 years alone training. Until now no one else has ever been here." he said looking at the void that seemed to go on forever. "According to JJ when we reach a certain level we instinctively feel this urge to build a place where we can seclude ourselves and attempt to reach another plane where we become attuned to the cosmic powers that is the universe itself. Because of our battle with Julius and absorbing his vast power and life energies we reached this point sooner then any other Alderian. I reached mine 2 years ago when I entered this place and began to train. At first I didn't know how to proceed and just went about practicing with my powers and forcing them beyond their limits. Then after several days I passed out and had a vision where I saw the beginnings of the universe. It was like nothing I can explain or even imagine. When I awoke I felt empty as if I had lost something." He said in a very excited way as he began to walk around and used his entire body to tell his story.

"Eventually I started to meditate on this and eventually I somehow pushed through the barrier and transcended. In doing so I gave up all my past powers, my virtual immortality. And now I am channeling new powers that in some ways are weaker then my old ones and in others stronger." He then looked at her. "I can't tell you that what I did will work for you, cause I’m not even sure that it can. But I can help you, and if you can reach that point of utter calm and tranquility you might receive the knowledge of how to transcend yourself. The question is do you want to."

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