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Guarding Jennifer Aniston


I'm a bodyguard for hire mostly to the rich and famous, I'm not what you may call big, with a length of 1.83cm and a slightly muscled build; I look like your normal bloke you might see on the street in a suit. When you look at the bodyguards in movies you see these huge guys, but they are just what we call in the trade, crowd controllers. With my training it will take no more than a few seconds to take a big guy like that down, I'm not trying to boost my image here, I'm just telling it like it is, the more muscle the slower your reflexes, that is the point I'm trying to make. We only get hired if the client has a serious problem, death threats, kidnapping, stalkers or if they go to a dangerous location, we get paid by the hour and we don't come cheap.

I only worked for view famous clients before and when I say famous I mean singers or actors that were known internationally, they normally get on with the crowd controller type. I was on sick leave when a buddy called me and asked for my help. He was working for a movie company and did the normal crowd control duties with the company's main stars while they were doing a shoot. I just got out of the hospital and still had some metal fragments in my body from an attempted assassination on my previous client, someone tried to blow him up with a pipe bomb and I got in the way, so I wasn't in the mood for work, but my buddy said they were filming in Mexico at a nice beach resort and that his client was none other than Jennifer Aniston.

I have always thought that she was on of the hottest female actors I've seen on TV and I only watched Friends and other movies she played in, because no matter what outfit she wore, her nipples were always trying to push through the fabric of her shirts. So when Karl, my buddy said that they were on the beach 90% of the time, Jennifer in a small bikini and that they needed me only in an advisory position, that settled it for me.

The next day I was on a flight to Manzanillo, Mexico where the film crew were shooting, it was a six hour flight with the company's private jet and I arrived there just before sunset. Karl was waiting at the airport and after waiting another hour to get my gun cleared through customs we were on the way to the Villa we would be sharing with Miss Aniston, he quickly explained why they needed me. An unknown man has been stalking Jennifer for the past few months, and from the pictures he sends her it seems he has the ability to penetrate even the best security measures. The last picture he send her two days ago, he was standing in her room and taking pictures while she slept, this had frightened Jennifer so much they weren't able to shoot for two whole days. The film company hired extra guards, but they need my expertise to tell them basically what to do with them.

The villa Jennifer stayed in was one of those huge three story buildings right on the edge of the beach, white in colour with all the luxuries money could buy. Swimming pool, sauna, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, huge entertainment area, private chef and all that. I got a room next to Jennifer with a connecting bathroom between us. I laughed when they showed me and told Karl; "I bet this is the first time our pretty actress had to share anything in her life", when a cough behind me announced that we were not alone anymore.

Jennifer Aniston in real life were even more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, she had a green bikini top on and some sarong thing around her hips, that cover her lower body, only small sandaled feet could be seen sticking out at the bottom, the nipples as always were standing fully erect. She seemed tanned all over with no bikini lines showing, her brown hair were tied in a pony tail and the green eyes looking at me were filled with anger. She replied with an icy tone; "if you have finished checking my body out Mister, can you two please tell me what the hell you are doing in my bathroom?"

It took Karl a few minutes to explain what was going on and who I was, all the while I was busy watching her face, the lady wasn't impressed with me, not one bit. After a long explanation with her basically telling me to stay out of her way, we went outside and I met the staff and some of the crew. I then went through the property checking security measures and posting the extra guards where I wanted them...out of sight. I did not want to scare the stalker away, but rather catch him and get rid of him for good. After talking to her manager slash agent, he said he would talk to Jennifer and run the idea past her.

The next few days went by without incident, they went of shooting during the day and I worked on my tan, like I said I was still covered in, bruises, stitches and bandages from the previous job, so I just rested those first few days and at nights made sure the guards and security equipment did what they were meant to do. Jennifer normally came back from a shoot, had a shower, eat and then retired to her room, to work on her lines and then went to sleep. I used the bathroom in the morning so that I could keep out of her way and so I avoided contact with her those first few days.

I hired a private detective to check out the people staying in hotels and other villa's close by, but there were so many tourists it was hard to get any info that way. The fourth night I was sitting on the balcony Jennifer and I shared when she walked into her room and switched on the lights, it was dark outside by that time so she could not see me. Jennifer walked into our bathroom and I could hear her turn on the shower, she came out and sat in front of her dressing table and began taking off her jewellery.

From where I was sitting I could see her clearly through the window, the curtains were left open, she stood up unzipped her skirt and let it fall on the ground. She was facing the mirror so from the back all I could see was the tiny white string of her g-string, next she took of her blouse and with her only in panties and bra she sat down coming her hair. I knew I should walk away, but hell, it was Jennifer Aniston in her under clothes no more than thirty feet away, she still had the body of an eighteen year old, everything firm and no sagging flesh anywhere to be seen, I felt the first twitches of an erection forming when I thought I saw something move in the corner of my eye.

When I turned around I could see nothing, because like a rooky I was staring into a lighted room from darkness, so it would take my eyes a few minutes to adjust. I sounded the silent alarm and quickly entered her bedroom through the balcony door. Jennifer only became aware of me when I grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the bathroom with me, she was shocked by my sudden invasion of her privacy, but before she could say anything I pressed my hand over her mouth and tried to listen if I could hear anything. In any normal situation if a woman hits me a body blow it would not even faze me for a second, but since I was wounded and the little hell cat hit me right on a wound covered by fifteen stitches, which opened it up, she caught me at a bad time. I released my hold on her for just a moment and she turned and tried to run, a scream beginning to echo from her as soon as she got about two feet away from me, the pain in my side slowed me up a bit, but I caught hold of her hair and pulled her back with such force that the sudden pain froze the scream and her feet travelled forward while her upper body was coming backwards in my direction.

The bathroom filled with steam at that time because of the running shower behind me, made the tiles slippery, so when our bodies connected I lost my balance and fell backwards with her on top of me into the open shower. I could feel another wound tearing open in the process and we landed in a heap on the shower floor.

I quickly replaced my hand over her mouth and whispered in her ears to shut the fuck up, that it is me her fucking bodyguard and there is someone outside, the little bitch still had the obesity to bite my fucken hand. She did calm down a bit and as I strained my ears to hear above the sound of the falling water I noticed that her underwear has become quite transparent by that time. I could clearly see the shape of her areolas through the bra and a dark patch on her panties; she was lying with her whole body stretched out on top of me with the water coming down on us. The moment did not last too long because I could feel a hard on beginning to grow and with her in that position she could not miss it, luckily Karl called from the next room and Jennifer shouted for him to wait, that we will be out in a moment, with a flash of anger in those beautiful green eyes she got up and slipped a towel around her and walked back into her room.

I tried to get up but only got halfway, the stitches in my side beginning to open up more, so I sat back down and just turned the water off. Jennifer did not give Karl anytime to explain, she began screaming about the bloody bodyguard nearly killing her and it went on and on. When she finally took a breath between swearing and telling him that she want me gone, Karl quickly informed her that there was an intruder and that he just got away, this stopped her angry ranting and after a moment Karl walked into the bathroom to check where I have disappeared to, the sight of me sitting there with blood streaming down the sides of my wet clothes, stunned him into silence, when Jennifer walked in she nearly fainted at the sight of me.

Between the two of them they helped me up, but I did not want to go into the rooms and ruin the carpets with my blood, so I sat on the side of the bath while Karl ran down stairs to call on a doctor and Jennifer who was very quiet by this time, helped me take of my wet bloody shirt. The sight of my body full of old scars and new ones shocked her even more, but when she took of her towel and wrapped it around my body I told her to get fucken dressed because with my hart pumping quicker from the sight of her in see through underclothes isn't going to help stop the bloody bleeding. She was out of there in a flash and returned only a moment later with a bathrobe on. When Karl came back he explained to Jennifer about me being on sick leave and about the whole pipe bomb business and that I was only here to help supervise.

A doctor showed up eventually and sowed me up again, gave me a few pills and I went to bed feeling dozy. I can't remember if I dreamed this but Jennifer entered the room an hour or so later kissed my forehead and switched off my light. The next morning she was there with breakfast and decided she was going to feed me, I tried getting out of bed, but she would have none of that so I sat there and took it like a man, yeh.... I know it is hard having Jennifer Aniston feed you and fussing around you like a mother hen, but I just squared up and took it like a man.

She left me with a book and the TV remote and went off filming again, so I read a little, watched some TV and dozed off. When I woke up at two in the afternoon I decided to have a shower and get cleaned up a bit, but the muscles in my side nearly killed me with pain and I had to move real careful not to open the fresh stitched wounds, it took me nearly two minutes just to reach the bathroom, I sat down on the toilet and urinated like a woman, because I just could not stand hold my dick and pull down my shorts at the same time. Any movement with my right arm made me want to feint so with left I opened up the shower water and then tried to brush my teeth, that's when Jennifer arrived and saw me battle, so she pushed me down so I sat on the side of the bath and began brushing my teeth for me. After scolding me for like two minutes non-stop about getting out of bed and injuring myself again, I told her to shut up and leave me alone to shower. She said she is going to call Karl or one of the guards to help me and I informed her in a nice way that I would wring her little neck if she did so.

Well then little miss sunshine decided if I would not let a man help me get cleaned she would do it, I laughed at her idea and nearly opened up all my previous stitching when after helping me to stand up she dropped down and pulled my shorts off. There I was standing with my balls in the wind and Jennifer Aniston kneeling in front of me. She laughed at my obvious embarrassment and said how does it feel to be checked out by a woman, reminding me of the first time I stood there goggling her breasts. She then informed me to stop being a cry-baby, she had been married before and the sight of a naked man isn't going to make her faint and fall down, with that she pushed me into the shower and dropped her sarong thing and dressed in her yellow bikini joined me in the shower.

The shower was easily big enough to accommodate the both of us and she began washing me down from the back, she took care not to open up any wounds on my back and by the time she reached my buttocks I felt the first stirring of a hard-on beginning to develop. It took all my concentration to keep the one eyed snake under control, so when she told me to turn around I felt ok. Jennifer even more careful now applied soap using her hands and then softly washing it away with the sponge, the erotic movement of her hands over my upper torso was almost too much to bear, I just lifted my head and tried looking at the ceiling, but the water falling in to my eyes made that impossible. With her left hand she rubbed soap over my abs and then softly followed with the sponge, it made my stomach muscles jump uncontrollably, she slowly moved downwards to my groin and the sight of her bending down in front of me with that yellow bikini, touching me was too much too bear, my penis had a life of it's own.

It began to swell as it filled up with blood and when Jennifer looked up at my red face and laughed I nearly died of embarrassment. She squatted down on her knees and continued washing my legs all the way down to my feet, every so often her head or even the side of her face would come in to contact with my fully erect penis, making it dance with convulsions, I think the little bitch was doing it on purpose. She finally finished with both legs and stood up, telling me to lower my head, she was a bit shorter than me so she stood on her toes to rub some shampoo into my hair, this brought her breasts into contact with my upper body and my penis touched her navel, the movement of her hands washing my hair were making her breast swing left and right three inches in front of my lowered face, I knew that I could not take this for much longer, so I told her in a husky voice to finish and to get the hell out of here.

She said that she was nearly done and that I must stop being such a grumpy old fart so I just continued watching her breasts swing in front of my face as she washed the shampoo out of my hair. "Now for the last bit' she said..."behave yourself" and rubbing the soap between her hands till they were filled with soapy foam, she softly grabbed hold of my cock, pulled my fore skin back and with short strokes began lathering soap up and down the length of my swollen manhood. When she thought that it was soapy enough she lowered her left hand and soaped up my balls while still holding onto my quivering dick. I was holding my breath and was very close to coming at that stage, just a few seconds before I erupted and spewed cum all over her she let go and rinsed me off with a few quick movements. She looked at my face which was flushed red with anticipation and the little bitch just smiled, turned of the water and stepped out of the shower. She wrapped her self in a towel and as I climbed out gave me a vigorous but careful rubbing down, then walked into my room and came back with clean shorts and a T-shirt, helped me put them on and just laughed as I got into bed and said; "now that wasn't so bad was it?" The little fucking tease, she knew I was close to coming, she fucking knew it, and with a "aint payback a bitch" walked out of there to her room.

Later that night Karl and the rest of the guards came to my room and we had a quick tactical meeting, when they left little miss tease came and informed me that I looked bored, so naturally I should help her with her lines, so I did, with her walking up and down in my room in her big pink robe we recited till she was sure she knew them all, then with a kiss on the check she was out of there and I watched TV unable to sleep, with visions of me fucking the shit out of her rumbling through my mind.

The next morning after only sleeping for an hour or so she woke me with coffee and told me to stay in bed and not to get up, when she left it took me five minutes to fall asleep again. I woke up at about two in the afternoon and rang the kitchen for something to eat, they brought me some sandwiches and just as I finished, in walked Jennifer, dressed in a white bikini top and the usual sarong around the hips. She sat down on the bed by my feet and we chatted a bit about my job and hers till nearly seven o clock that night, our supper were brought up by a kitchen worker and luckily she let me eat without her help this time. After supper Karl came up and we discussed security for a while and when he left, Jennifer jumped up and said she will be right back. Two minutes later he walked in there and informed me it is time for my shower.

She helped me out of bed and into the bathroom; by the time she took of my t-shirt I was already hard, she laughed when she saw this as she pulled my boxers down. She got rid of her pink robe and got into the shower with her white bikini behind me, she washed my back for a while and then said she also needed a clean, I was told to keep facing the other way and I saw her drop first the top and then her bikini bottoms at my feet, so with me standing there with a hard-on facing the shower wall and her chatting away naked behind me we continued our shower together. She then began washing the front part of my body while I still stood and looked the other way, every now and then I will fell a breast brushing against my back as she moved and reached around me. When it was time for my hair to be washed I had both breasts rubbing against my back and I tried hard to concentrate on not coming. "The best for last" she whispered with a laugh as she again grabbed hold of my cock and after a view moments my balls, she washed them a little longer this time, but now with the added bonus of her breast squeezed against my back. I could feel her hard nipples sticking into my flesh from behind and my balls started to quiver with the first signs of pre-cum, I was going to explode any minute now...then I just felt a cold draft and looking behind me caught the sight of Jennifer's naked back and bum disappearing from the shower with a laugh.... The fucking bitch....I struggled out of there only to have her appear in her pink robe to help me dry of and dress, this time she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said her good night.

I spent another sleepless night, woke up late, had a breakfast and slept again till the afternoon. Karl came by and helped me to the toilet, then left me there for ten minutes or so and helped me back to my bed. When Jennifer arrived we all had supper together traded old war stories and at about eight Karl left. Jennifer and I ran through her lines for an hour or so and then it was shower time. She helped me up and undressed me quickly, as I stepped into the shower I heard the rustle of clothes being dropped and then with my back towards her felt her enter the shower. She made a quick job of my back and then told me to turn around; as I turned around she stood there naked staring at my face.

Her breasts had an ever so slight droop and the pink nipples stood proudly erect surrounded by light brown areolas. My gaze lowered to her pelvis and I saw that she was nearly clean shaven down there with only an airstrip of light coloured brown pubic hair, from the angle and height I was standing at, I could not see her pussy lips. I looked in to her eyes and told her she was beautiful, she just blushed and slowly began washing me, but tonight was different, with every soapy stroke across my chest and shoulders she moved slightly forward, by the time she began washing my stomach, her breasts were touching me every time she moved, rather than move backwards she moved slightly to the side and she slowly lowered her hands to my upper legs, as she bent down to wash my knees, shins and feet her vagina came into full contact with the side of my leg, while moving her hands up and down my legs I felt her push her pubic bone harder into the side of my leg.

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