tagSci-Fi & FantasyGuests Cum First Ch. 04

Guests Cum First Ch. 04


This is my personal triumph, that I share with you dear readers. It has been 15 years since I actually finished a story from begining to end from my own heart and mind. As we reach the climactic end, I have to thank my beautiful, if sometimes distracted, editor Teknight, who bravely plowed through this to correct and clarify. On to the next one baby!



Xanthus knew he had to take his own suggestion of patience, however hard that might be. He dropped another kiss behind Mikal's ear, then let his mouth drift to the back of his neck. Yes, this would be worth employing patience for. With a sensual methodicalness that belied his burning need to just bury himself balls deep in Mikal's ass and pound him into a quivering puddle, he returned to his exploration of the shimmering dragon on Mikal's back. He slid the arm that was around Mikal's chest to the back of his neck, sliding his body to Mikal's side, his fingers both caressing and at the same time holding him still, as he ran his other hand down the center of the shimmering outline, noting in passing it's edges were now slightly raised. This time though he didn't stop at the top of Mikal's ass but let his fingers continue their path into the warm, slightly damp cleft of his ass, stopping briefly to run his fingers around the tight pucker.

Mikal managed some sort of a shaky breath, his head spinning. Xanthus's words seemed to come from far away. Patience, the word zinged around Mikal's head as he tried to make sense of it. He shifted his weight, shivering as Xanthus's heavy cock twitched against his hip. The change in Xanthus's grip and position forced him to brace himself once more against the heavy door with his hands. Mikal damn near came unglued with the feel of Xanthus's hand down the outline though. It had been a very long time since Mikal had been this close to shifting to dragon uncontrolled. He drew in a hissing breath through his teeth and let it out with something close to a groaned whimper as Xanthus's fingers teased his ass.

Xanthus's patience was just about at an end. He took a deep breath and shivered. He'd played nice long enough. He knew if he let go Mikal would melt or turn on him. He wasn't completely sure which and it didn't really matter. His amber eyes swept the room and settled on an inconspicuous looking jar on the dresser. With a flicker of thought, a dollop of the contents appeared on two of the fingers of his free hand. With a smile he bent his head toward Mikal's ear, changed his grip from the back of his neck to a solid handful of silky, dark hair and slid the coated fingers back down between Mikal's ass cheeks. "Insurance against shredding." Xanthus gave a low, sensually rumbling chuckle by Mikal's ear even as he made very sure that he coated the delightful pucker under his fingers and then slid one finger in to the first knuckle. He shuddered lightly as the feel of the initial resistance was followed by the snug, moist, searing velvet of his passage. He paused for a fraction, savoring the feel, then slid his finger the rest of the way. "Oh yes... definitely don't want to shred something this sweet."

Mikal's cock twitched hard and he quivered under the duel assault. He knew he was on the edge of a situation that was going to rapidly get both out of control and dangerously intense. He also knew that whatever else happened, Xanthus was going to push him beyond anything remotely like a civilized fuck. While his body might well delight in it, his mind made one last ditch effort to hold some veneer of civility to the romp. "Xan... thus.... please..." He wasn't even sure if the words were audible and when Xanthus slid his finger home he didn't care. Civility crumbled, leaving pure, raw draconic lust.

"Please what? Please stop, maybe..? Xanthus twitched his finger slightly, savoring the quiver that followed, "Noo... couldn't be that could it pretty dragon. Mmmm... lets see..." even as he practically purred the words in Mikal's ear he began a slow rhythmic finger fucking of Mikal's ass. "Perhaps you want more?" Deftly he added a second finger and drew a deep breath at the result.

Mikal didn't want more, Mikal demanded it. The dragon in him demanded it. Not with words, which were so beyond him now, but with his body. First yielding then pulling, the addition of the second finger was like heaven, wringing a starved sounding noise from his throat, even as he began to meet each thrust, matching the rhythm.

Xanthus had learned patience over the centuries, but this pushed even his patience. The aching thrum in his own steel hard cock was almost painful and the lure of Mikal's ass a powerful draw. He knew he should wait, wait at least until he had him opened more. When Mikal began matching the rhythm of his hand though, it was almost too much. "I could take that as a yes... Mikal... but... say it." His own code of ethics wouldn't let him just ravage the seemingly willing, he had to hear the request. That his tone was an almost plea meant nothing.

The rational part of Mikal had been buried under the roaring demand of the dragon. Whatever else this was though, it was no cycle. It was so much more, primal to it's very core. "Fuck me...now!" The voice that rippled through the room wasn't human, it was pure dragon, laced with both fury and hunger. Fury at being teased, hunger for what was offered. There was no rational thought to size or the potential of tearing.

That was request enough for Xanthus. That the tonal quality of the voice was draconic only added to his own desires. Extracting his fingers from Mikal's ass, he took a thought to acquire and apply a generous amount of lube to his own aching member before lining it up to replace his fingers. It was at that moment that Mikal chose to wiggle. Normally the feel and vision of such a luscious ass wiggling would have delighted him, the timing on it in this instance could have been detrimental. Xanthus actually growled, a low guttural growl filled with warning and delivered a ringing slap to Mikal's hip. "Be still, Mikal." He didn't bother with making it a request, it was a command, plain and simple.

The slap both cleared Mikal's head slightly and infuriated the dragon. For a fraction of a second he found the strength to rear back against Xanthus's restraining hand, a snarl rippling from him. Mikal was barely aware of surroundings, almost aware of the situation, then the draconic fury blazed through him and it all became a world of crimson.

Xanthus learned right then that a dragon aroused and pinned is not a dragon rendered into pliable putty. Those amber eyes flashed dangerously and he tightened his jaw before he flexed his arm and slammed Mikal back against the door, "Stay." Without another word, he lined up again and with a smile that could only be called calculating buried himself half way into Mikals ass. Thus impaled, he set his free hand on Mikals hip; the same one he'd slapped not moments before; and drew half the impaled length out, hissing at the power of Mikal's muscles locking around his cock. He paused, glancing down at a glorious sight, then leaned forward to brush his lips across the back of Mikals neck and drove himself three quarters of the way in, groaning at the heated, velvety vise that encased him.

Mikal grunted slightly as he found himself face planted against the door, then drew a hissing breath as Xanthus' massive cock invaded, "Ahhhhh.... yessssss..." The last word ended in what could only be called an impassioned squeak as Xanthus partially withdrew. The feel of lips across the back of his neck sent a shiver so deep that normally he would have wiggled, however, even in the half oblivion of lust, the dragon part remembered the harsh slap and the command to "be still". The feel of three quarters of Xanthus's cock driving into him following so close on the heels of those lips left him dizzy and breathless. Time seemed to freeze as he could feel every single ridge, vein and pulse deep in his quivering bowels.

Xanthus drew a shaky breath and swallowed hard. The rippling pulses that engulfed his cock were almost beyond comprehension. He flexed his fingers against Mikal's hip, and then let his eyes flutter half closed, savoring. Had someone caught sight of the two at that moment, they would have been struck by the sheer exotic/erotic contrast of the two men. Mikal, lean and almost delicate looking, spread eagle against the dark oaken door, his hair curling about his face, an expression of inhuman lustful rapture upon it. Xanthus towering over him, looking like a sculpted piece of golden marble, partially buried in Mikal's feminine shaped ass while a single hand held Mikal's body against the door, the other hand resting possessively on Mikal's sleek hip. Then the moment broke and Xanthus gave into the desire to bury himself fully in Mikal's ass. A single easy thrust, a pull on Mikal's hip and he plowed his cock all the way into Mikal's ass with a hissing groan.

Mikal couldn't have moved if he'd wanted to. He counted himself lucky to be breathing, even if that breathing consisted of panting. It would be the last full awareness of self for days. When Xanthus drove the rest of pulsing cock into him the world and himself as he'd ever known it vanished in a wave of blinding carnal lust and heat. He never felt his head slam into Xanthus' shoulder, nor felt his back meet Xanthus' chest. He was oblivious to the howling whimper wrung from him, a single word, though whether it was a plea or homage would be anyone's guess, "Gods."

Xanthus smiled, dipping his head to brush his lips across Mikal's temple, "Yes Mikal." Xanthus manged a husky chuckle before tightening his hold on Mikal's hip; Mikal would bear the impression of his hand for days afterwards; while setting Mikal against the door again. Patience time was done. Once more he withdrew, albeit with a shudder, and then drove himself deep in a single thrust. The feel of Mikal's ass rippling and pulsing around his cock drove any last semblance of humanity from him. Xanthus' eyes practically glowed as he used the sheer force of his strokes to hold Mikal's slender body against the door, slamming into Mikal's ass with such speed that the sound of flesh meeting flesh was a single, constant sound. With each thrust Xanthus's eyes glowed brighter and Mikal's dragon outline seemed to take on a life of it's own. Amber and deep electric blue met in the air between their bodies, twining around each other like some mystical whirlpool of energy. Faster and faster it whirled, even as Xanthus spiraled closer and closer to cumming.

A dream, an amazing surreal dream. That was the only rational Mikal's lust fevered mind could put together. His entire body screamed for release, and yet he could not find it. Search though he might in this dream, all he could find was an abyss of amber and blue. Desperate, he reached to touch it. His fingers brushed the edges and everything slid sideways. A flash showed him a room, a door, and what some part of him knew to be himself against that door, being brutally and methodically fucked by what appeared to be a god-like being, whose amber eyes burned with need. A sense of falling, a wall of amber fire as he called out a name that he did not recall, "Xanthus!", and then he knew nothing.

Xanthus was so close to the edge, so damn close to doing what he'd wanted to do from the moment he'd laid eyes on Mikal, namely fill his glorious ass with enough cum that it would over flow. A pulse in the whirlpool of energy between them; a single tendril of blue moving toward and colliding with a swirl of amber; like fingers brushing the length of his cock was all it took to send him over that edge. Xanthus threw his head back howling in release even as Mikal screamed his name.


Something soft and cool against his skin was the first sensation that Mikal became aware of. It took him a moment to recognize the texture as a sheet. He drew a deep breath and was a bit surprised at how shaky it felt. What the hell, was the only thought he could manage at the moment. He didn't think opening his eyes would be a good idea, so he listened instead. The sound of breathing, of cloth moving against cloth. Neither of these gave him much to go on. He waited for other hints, as he became aware of the aches in his body namely his hip and his ass, and upon not getting further information dared to crack an eye.

"Ah.. you're awake.", Xanthus smiled as he saw a glimmer of cobalt beneath Mikal's dark lashes. Once he regained his breath and the ability to stand, he'd gathered Mikal in his arms and carried him to the bed. Xanthus wasn't surprised that Mikal had passed out. Most did. He'd carefully cleaned them both, and settled back to wait. He didn't really need sleep, so while he'd laid down in the massive bed, he hadn't slept but rather had watched Mikal.

At the sound of Xanthus' voice Mikal opened both eyes and started to sit up, until his body objected. Okay, note to self, he thought as he carefully shifted to his side, do not sit up. He winced as he found the sore spot on his hip. "Mmph... ow... apparently yeah." Mikal managed a wry, weak laugh. "Dare I ask how I got to the bed?"

Xanthus grinned wolfishly as he slid out of the bed and walked over to a small table ladened with fresh fruits and juices. "I carried you. You weren't exactly in any condition to walk Mikal." Xanthus lazily grabbed some blueberries and popped them in his mouth. He knew what the next questions would be, the same as they usually were, but it was amusing to let them be asked.

Mikal blinked, trying to recall earlier and then frowned when he came up with nothing. "Huh... that seems odd... I should be able to remember."

"Can't recall much of anything when you pass out." Xanthus replied blandly. "Thirsty?"

"When you... ", Mikal shivered, watching Xanthus. He knew he was missing something important, but the play of light across Xanthus' powerfully sculpted ass distracted him from pondering it. "Huh.. oh... yeah actually." Mikal attempted to sit up and managed to without too many winces.

Xanthus lazily poured a glass of white grape juice and walked over to where Mikal sat on the edge of the bed. With an arrogant sort of smile held the glass out to him. With the height of the bed and Xanthus' own height combined it put his hips and subsequently his cock, at just about Mikal's jaw.

Mikal looked up and started to reach for the glass. His hand froze in motion though as his eyes landed on Xanthus half hard cock, twitching lazily, inches away from his face. Blinking, he made his hand take the glass, forcing himself to look away as he took a sip.

Xanthus gave a low chuckle, seeing Mikal choose. "The juice will rehydrate you far better then I will.... Malcovitch." Finding Mikal's full first name hadn't been hard, and it was amusing to see the reaction to the use of it.

Mikal half choked on the mouthful of juice at the sound of his full first name. It wasn't that he hated it, though it held some less then pleasant memories, it was the way it sounded coming from Xanthus' mouth. Both a caress and a curse at once. The sound sent odd shivers through him. He wasn't sure if he wanted to deck Xanthus, not that he thought realistically he had any chance of doing that, or devour him. Mikal managed to swallow most of the juice and give Xanthus a sharp look, "Not if I can't actually get it in me!", his tone as sharp as the look.

Xanthus blinked then threw his head back and laughed in delight. Mikal still has fight in him, he thought delightedly, excellent. When he finally managed to get the laughter under control again, he bent and slowly licked some of the juice off Mikal's chin. "Good point."

The feel of Xanthus' tongue against his skin brought flashes of half memories, which elicited a strangled groan from him as he dropped the glass and reached for the mass of golden hair, "This isn't helping Xanthus.. not in the least."

"Dropped your juiced Mikal.", Xanthus said, sliding his mouth along Mikals jaw.

"Not yet..", Mikal's fingers tangled in Xanthus's hair.

Xanthus pulled back to look at Mikal, ignoring the tug on his hair. He read the look in Mikal's eyes and sighed to himself. He knew that look well, the look that said they wanted to return the favor of being well and thoroughly fucked. "Not the way you want either, I fear, Pretty Dragon." Xanthus' voice softened and was actually tinged with a trace of regret. Something about Mikal touched him deeply. Perhaps it was that of all his playmates over the years Mikal was one of the few whose past he knew and could actually empathize with or perhaps it was simply how beautiful Mikal was, both inside and out. Certainly few had had much in the way of pluck the day after, yet Mikal had snapped at him with more than lackadaisical energy. Whatever it was, Xanthus was sorely tempted to break his own cardinal rule on never being taken by anyone.

The change in Xanthus' tone caused Mikal's throat to tighten. Regret, he thought, but why? He let the silken strands of Xanthus' hair slid through his fingers, "Why not Xan? I'm...", Mikal started to say he was stronger than he looked, then stopped. He knew, suddenly and clearly, that he wasn't necessarily stronger than he looked, at least not strong enough to take Xanthus.

"Exactly Mikal." It was a harsh pill to force anyone to swallow, that, no matter how much they wanted to, one couldn't always have what they desired. Xanthus needed to stop this conversation, before it got someone out of their depth. Xanthus used the most expedient way available to him, he leaned in and captured Mikals mouth in a kiss that was designed to both distract and melt.

Mikal had started to again ask a question, but found Xanthus's mouth attached to his in a kiss that wiped out any sort of thought. His eyes rolled back in his head and with a whimpering groan let the rising hunger envelope him. The hours that followed were a molten blur, during which he had only a handful of crystal clear recollections. He recalled Xanthus sucking him off three times in quick succession; he recalled begging repeatedly to be allowed to fuck Xanthus;he recalled Xanthus finally letting him feel why the answer to his frantic pleas was no, the literal skin blistering heat of Xanthus' anal passage more than any mortal flesh should withstand and he recalled all too clearly Xanthus laying him back on the bed and pile driving into his ass. What he didn't recall was the passage of time. Was it one day, two? That memory was an inconsequential blur.


Xanthus sighed softly as he tossed Mikal's shirt at him. Pity to cover him up, he thought as he watched Mikal finally dress. Through hooded eyes he studied his every move, as he had for the past hour or so. He'd feared for a time that he'd taken him too far, that he'd over stepped what even a dragon's mind could handle. Xanthus was all too aware that his being allowed to use Sanctuary as a way point on his travels was conditional upon him doing no lasting harm to any of the inhabitants. Xanthus took a deep breath and relaxed as he saw that, although he was exhausted and dazed, Mikal was intact both physically and mentally.

Mikal caught his shirt mid-air and pulled it on. He didn't bother with laces or with tucking it in. It felt so odd against his skin, almost foreign. He twitched his shoulders and looked over at Xanthus, who hadn't taken his eyes off of him since they'd, or rather he'd, awoken earlier. Neither had said a word until now, "You're leaving today." Mikal frowned at the sound of his own voice so calm.


"Safe travels then.", said Mikal. The farewell came automatically and sounded flat to his ears.

Xanthus closed his eyes for a moment, then walked over to where Mikal stood and did something rare, he wrapped Mikal in a gentle hug. "May the wind never falter beneath your wings Pretty Dragon." The response came from a time long before, when he'd first visited this place, the softness of the words however was a soothing balm. Xanthus took a deep breath, memorizing the very scent of Mikal's hair, before releasing him and stepping back.

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