Guidelines for Other Hotwives


The night your lover makes you pregnant for the first time is the peak experience in the life of a hotwife! You may be reluctant at first, but it will make no difference to a young back man. You can't say no to his massive cock. Lat all the others, you will open your legs to black insemination. As his huge back cock slides into your wet white pussy, all resistance will evaporate.

Even if your lover does not ordinarily like to have your husband around when he's fucking you, he will probably want him to watch you getting knocked up. He will want your husband's acquiescence that his sexy white wife will bear the offspring of a superior black man. Hubby is going to be changing the diapers of this baby, taking care if him all those nights you are out having fun with your lover or working on the next baby; it's only fair he should get to see you begging for your lover's semen, sobbing for him to put his black baby in you.

Once you are pregnant by your black lover, you will want to flaunt it. Start wearing maternity clothes -- outrageously sexy, revealing maternity clothes -- as soon as the rabbit dies. Some women wear garments saying "Black Baby Inside." That's OK if you are fourteen, but I think that's a little tacky for a mature hotwife. People will find out you are preggers soon enough when he takes you out public and runs his hands up under your maternity dress to rub your bulge. Hint to your friends that you never intended to let your black man get you pregnant, but once he decided to knock you up, you could not refuse to have his baby. End of discussion. Now of course you are proud and excited to know he chose you to have one of his black babies. Always say "this black baby" or refer to it by number, implying that this is just the first or most recent offspring; your lover may be planning to keep you in maternity clothes until you are 60. (You wish! After three or four babies, he is likely to become tired of you and move on to breed other white wives. You must accept this and try to find another, probably even younger, lover.)

Hold, pat, and rub your swollen belly at every opportunity. Cultivate a dopey, fucked-out-of-it expression, especially when your lover takes you out in public, parading your bulging tummy for all to see and know that the black man at your side is cuckolding your husband. Tell the wives of your husband's friends how knowing you are pregnant with your lover's black baby has sent your libido through the roof. It will get back to their men who will want to shoot themselves in fear and frustration. And you may be able to recruit some of them into becoming hotwives, too.

A final word on age. You are never too old to become a hotwife. It's even more important, in fact, if you have taken a younger man as your lover. Although your dresses may not be quite as short now as when you were in Jr. High fucking all the black boys on the football team, the fact that a woman of thirty five or forty or fifty is besotted with and obviously getting fucked silly by a well-hung young black stud is hotter than any twenty-year old in full slutwear. And this goes in spades once he has you pregnant. Imagine your gray-at-the-temples husband in the middle of a multimillion dollar negotiation when he pleads, "Can we roll this up pretty soon, TJ? My wife's about to drop her black lover's third baby and I want go home to see him sent her off to the hospital with her pussy full of his cum for luck!"

Happy hotwifing,


The end


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