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Guilty Pleasure


"What the hell am I doing?" Finn asked herself this question with a slow cold realization. What triggered her senses? Was it the unlit road they had just turned on? Was it when the doors locked loudly from the driver's controls? Or was it when she slipped into the leather seat of the Lincoln with the man whose name she did not know?

She was not the sort of girl to do such things. Always she had kept a tight line on her passions. Just this once, she had told herself. Just this one she wanted to see what it would be like to give in to the ideas that raced into her head when she fantasized.

He was a stranger to her, much older than Finn. She had met him when her car had broken down on the side of the road. He was tall and tanned from work outside or perhaps it was play. His green eyes had danced with mischief when he leaned across his steering wheel and offered help. He wore a suit, but she could tell he would rather have been in something else, his tie was twisted loosely against his throat. His hair had a taste of gray at the temples and there were laugh lines at his eyes and lips.

At the time, all Finn could feel was relief for the help. She was 23, alone, and driving a long way in the middle of the night. She had just broke up with her boyfriend. She needed to drive to clear her head. She had gotten in the car, still wearing the short black skirt and small white blouse from her catering gig as a cocktail waitress. She had ditched the panty hose, leaving only her black lace thong underneath and the white lace bra that pushed her large breast into firm attention. The spiked hills were hanging from the garment hook in the back seat by their straps along with her small apron.

She never noticed the check engine light. She was too busy pulling up her long brown hair with a clip and trying to light a cigarette with her shaky hands. One knee steered the car the other gunning the gas on the little blue convertible.

A hand touched her knee.

Finn stopped thinking and let reality set in. She was in this man's car.

"Thanks so much for your help," she had said when he lowered the hood with the convertible purring yet again.

He had smiled at her and looked her up and down in his headlights.

"I don't know how to repay you," she had added while he stared.

"I have some ideas," he had smiled.

Now his hand was on her knee, his large fingers squeezing the flesh on the inside of the knee moving up the thigh. A tingling starting in her stomach. Fear mixed in with arousal, her body was so alert she couldn't decide which was coming over her. Her teeth clenched together but she could feel her panties getting wet.

They had made an agreement for the evening. No words had been spoken since. No words were really spoken at all, after his suggestion of an idea. Finn had slid into the car as if in a haze, never saying a word.

He gripped her thigh and jerked it towards him, her legs opening wide. His fingers digging into her inner thigh moving up to her center. He never took his eyes from the road or his other hand off the wheel.

His fingers pulled at the waist of her panties pulling them down in a rough manner until his callused hand was touching the sensitive shaved skin. Two fingers pressing into her moistening slit and moving directly for the prize, her tight hole.

Both fingers slipped in, curling inside of Finn. She stiffened her body against the intrusion, but was stopped from clamping her legs together by the hand still in her pussy jerking hard into her thigh.

The two fingers began moving inside of her while his thumb found her clit and began to rub against it. Finn closed her eyes. At first she was scared and whimpering like a puppy. After a few strokes of his thumb she found her legs relaxing more, her body needing what she did not understand.

She heard a cell phone begin to dial, then the man's voice, "John, hey it's me. I'm going to be out at the location this evening if you want to get some overtime hours this evening."

Finn froze in horror. They had agreed no one would know. "Whose John?"

The man squeezed her pussy lips with his hand moving to pinch her clip between two fingers. "A friend, a little added insurance to make sure things go smoothly."

"We said no one would know," she said firmly. She pushed at his hand under her skirt.

"No, you said you didn't want anyone to know. I never said that I felt the same way."

He reached for her neck and began to stroke it with his hand. His smile soft on the mouth but hard around the eyes. A street light became clear in the distance, and he pulled her head down towards his lap as they neared it. Finn had her face forced down into his lap as the car slowed. He pressed her face into his crotch, making his growing arousal press against her cheek.

A gate creaked open and the car turned onto gravel. Holding her head firmly, he pressed Finn's face against his crotch, moving his hips to thrust against her slowly, his length growing.

The car stopped. Finn could hear saws and equipment in the background. Her head was released and she looked up to see a site under construction lit by floodlights. There had to be about ten men working on the half-built house.

The man took her by the hand and pulled her out of the car on his side. Putting a hand up her skirt in the back, and cupping one rounded ass cheek, he guided her the few steps to a small portable metal office whose door faced away from the construction site. Finn noticed a truck parked behind it, there was a light on inside.

The construction sounds were muffled once inside the office. Inside was a water cooler between two metal chairs. A desk stood a few feet away with various blue prints and things, with a long computer table behind it.

In one of the metal chairs, sat a younger man. In his early 30's if she had to guess. Shorter than his friend, but leaner and with sharper features.

"I see you've been helping strangers again, Frank," the man in the chair replied. He looked Finn up and down and smiled.

Frank was all business and gave no return smile. He quickly turned out the light John had left on, plunging the trailer into a gray light coming from the two small windows. The room took on a light silvery glow.

He stepped in front of Finn and held her face between his fingers, pinching her chin. The other hand pulled down her hair, making it fall around her shoulders. His hands went to her shirt next, unbuttoning the first button, then ripping the rest away. Buttons clattered to the floor as Finn's back was pressed the wall nearest John.

Hands were immediately on her breasts, pinching at her nipples through the bra. Finn held her breath until her chest ached, let it out and did this again. She was so afraid of what the two of them were doing, but so excited at going along with this act that she couldn't think straight. Just once, she thought, I want to know what it would be like to give in.

Frank pressed his thigh between her legs and jerked up hard, making her straddle his thigh on her toes. He bit her neck below the ear. "He likes to watch, baby, I knew you wouldn't mind." His hand moved under her skirt and began massaging her wet pussy as she squirmed against the wall. Fingers dragged the material of her panties to the side and he took her on his hand again. "You don't mind do you." his voice was almost a sneer.

Finn leaned against the wall like a rag doll, "uh huh," she breathed out, not recognizing her own voice.

Frank smiles, "good," his hand fucking her pussy faster, two fingers now three, jabbing in and out of her hard, "that's my little girl." He wrapped a hand in her hair, and brought her down to her knees in front of him.

Finn hit the floor of the office with a thud, her face pressed into his crotch. This time both hands were holding her head against his pants. "Take it out," he ordered.

Finn undid his belt; opening the khakis and letting them fall to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear and his cock jerked out hard against her cheek. Growling, he pulled her head back with hands in her hair and guided her mouth towards himself. "Now suck," he commanded in a low hard tone.

Finn opened her mouth slowly, then forced herself not to gag, when he rammed his cock home into her throat at the slightest opening of her mouth. He held her head then, with her throat muscles contrasting to the length of him. Finn held on to his thighs for support as he thrust her head with his own hands up and down his cock. He kept himself deep in her throat, never pulling out far enough to allow her to swallow.

Finn felt tears in the corners of her eyes, and a burning in her nose as she tried to breathe and not gag on the large dick being rammed into her mouth.

Frank arched his hips into her face and began thrusting hips as well as guiding her head against himself. Finn could feel John's eyes on her from the chair beside them. She could hear him opening his pants rubbing himself. It excited her, and made her ashamed of this feeling at the same time.

Frank's breathing was getting heavier, his hands in her hair pulling harder in her reddish brown locks. Suddenly, he pulled himself from Finn's mouth.

Finn gasped and coughed from being released, but did not have a long moment to rest. Frank pulled her up by the same grip of hair until she was standing nose to chin to him. He led her to the desk and bent her over the side. Office materials clattered around her as her upper body was pressed into the top of the desk. Her ass was exposed over the edge, and she felt her legs being opened wide apart. Frank held a hand hard against the small of her back, pinning her there. John came around to face her head and pulled her hands across. He took out a pair of handcuffs and chained her to the bottom file drawer. Finn watched him, his cock semi erect peeking out of his open fly. She could feel her skirt being flipped up over her ass, the cold air on her cheeks.

"I won't hurt you," Frank said, "relax." At his words he snatched at her thongs, the material cutting into her crotch then ripping away. His hands following close behind, probing at her wet pussy, pulling back the flesh.

Finn felt her knees weaken as he kneaded her clit with both hands spreading out her pussy lips from either side. She felt his cock pressed against her ass, the hard shaft riding between her thighs.

Just as Finn was growing accustomed to her position, Frank, grabbed her hips and jerked her off balance and onto his throbbing cock. Grunting like an angry bear, he bore his weight down on her upper body and began fucking her pussy from behind so hard that the desk tried to move.

Finn couldn't help but let out a surprised moan from the swift hard cock being driven in and out with the constant gripping of his hands on her clit. She pulled against the handcuffs and tried not to think about the pain from being pressed into the desk.

Frank's growls turned into low moans as he slowed his pace replacing them with long strong strokes. John in front of Finn was stroking himself inches from her face.

Franks fingers drove home against her clit making her body tingle and ache. She formed an "Ohh" with her mouth in pleasure, and John took advantage by forcing her mouth onto him.

Finn had never felt such a sensation. Trapped in the little office, being fucked hard from behind while she sucked hungrily at the cock in front of her. With each jerk of his fingers, he made her body shake, and she sucked John readily matching her urges to the ones she was giving to the younger man.

Both moved away from her then flipped her onto her back. Finn hit the desk with a whack, and felt her wrists crossing over her head. Her head hung over the desk, the cock she had been sucking once again being pushed in.

He legs we pulled wide apart, and wrapped over Frank's elbows. He moved again inside her, fucking her hard and fast again.

Her bra was cut off from her. She felt the knife graze her skin, but was so close to release she didn't care. Hands covered her large breasts when they sprang free, pinching the nipples in tight circles.

Frank gathered her legs up around his neck bending her body and fucking her fast. John's balls were bouncing against her nose, she could smell him, her own saliva from his cock wetting her face.

A hand went to her clit, rubbing hard and frantic. Heat filled her stomach but held out her nervous energy not allowing her to explode.

The desk rocked and shifted the men's voices low grunts backgrounded by the construction. Sensations scary, passionate, and out control filled her. As she felt Frank's thrust become harder and less rapid, her body let go.

She let out a scream against John's cock, her back arching off the desk in a massive release. John began fucking her face hard as she orgasmed, Frank pounding her fast with short strokes as she wet his shaft. Over and over she screamed her release, her body falling over the edge again and again. Frank pulled out and came against her thigh, the warmth of his cum dripping on her leg. John's dick in her mouth emptying in her throat, running out of her lips and up into her nose.

The men fell back into chairs breathing hard leaving Finn across the desk. Cum running down her leg and dripping off her nose. The blood in her head from hanging upside down making her ears ring, her body to full of pleasure to do nothing but lay relaxed.

The sounds of construction continued outside taking over the silence of the room. Finn couldn't believe she had came while letting two strange men force her into sexual acts. But truth be told, she had liked it. She pulled at the handcuffs binding her wrists to the desk.

Frank's voice breaking the silence, "Oh no, little whore, you're not finished yet."

Finn stopped pulling at her wrists. She lay exposed on the desk, listening to the men talk outside; it must have been their break. She wondered if they knew what was happening inside the office and what more she could look forward to doing. Being a slut was as much fun as she had thought.

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