tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGuilty Pleasure Ch. 07

Guilty Pleasure Ch. 07


Disclaimer: I don't own the Dukes of Hazzard, not making any money, just cheap thrills.

Warnings: Slash, Incest, Angst, Graphic sex

Rating: FRM

Italics and/or * indicates thoughts

Bold text and/or ( ) indicates Bo's pov, regular text indicates Luke's pov.


By Saturday night, I had moved into the cabin at the old still site. Wanting Bo to understand that I intended to come back, I only took as much as I would need, leaving most of my belongings at the farm. Turning away from making the bed, I saw Bo standing in the doorway looking lost. "Bo, please don't look at me like that. It's not forever," I reminded him, as he stepped over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

( "I know Luke, I just...I'm trying to understand. " I stood there wishing I could explain my feelings better. "I want you to do whatever you need to, but I'm gonna miss being held every night.")

"And I'm gonna miss holding you, but I need to do this Bo. The other night when Jesse caught us, my first instinct was to run to the club. I know I resisted the urge to go inside, and that's a real good thing. The problem is, it made me realize that I've become dependent on you. The only thing that kept me from going inside that night was the thought of betraying you."

("I don't understand Luke, why is that a bad thing?" I asked, still confused by Luke's reasoning.)

"It's not that it's a bad thing darlin," I softly answered. "Come 'ere," I said, pulling Bo towards the bed and pushing him down onto the edge. Sitting down beside my cousin, I reached out with one hand to caress my lover's face. "I don't want you to think that I feel like loving you is a bad thing, and I'm grateful that thoughts of you kept me from making a big mistake. The problem is, I don't ever want my love for you to become the kind of need I have for the things that happened in that club. I'm not explaining this very well, am I?" I asked, seeing the confused look on Bo's face. "Okay, Bo if you're the only thing keeping me from going back to that club, what happens to me if our relationship ends?"

"That ain't gonna happen Luke," Bo stated with conviction, his sureness touching, if a bit naive.

"You don't know that Bo, the future ain't written in stone ya know. I'm thinking about you too. Bo, I need to know that I can resist the urge to go back to the clubs, for the right reasons. I need to know that I'll stay away because I know it's not healthy for me, that's why I need this time alone. But there's another reason for this, I don't want you to feel like you can't end this because you're afraid I'll go back to that sickness. The only way I can see to make sure that our relationship is sitting on a solid foundation, is to prove to myself and you that.... No matter how much I love you, and never doubt that I do, I can function and be healthy without you."

("I guess that makes sense," I softly said. Leaning my head against Luke's shoulder, I sighed, hoping Luke would say yes. "Luke, I ain't arguing with you, in fact I admire you for having the strength to do this, but...could I stay here tonight? Please.")

"I kind of figured you'd want to, that's why I told Uncle Jesse not to expect you home," I answered. When Bo raised his head with a jerk and looked at me in surprise, I couldn't help the teasing grin that crossed my face. "What? You think I've been around you all your life and ain't learned how to read you?"

( "I love you," I whispered. Leaning in for a gentle kiss, I felt like a schoolkid as my lips brushed across Luke's. Within seconds, the gentle kiss began to turn more passionate as I ran my tongue across Luke's lips, silently asking for entrance. As the lips beneath mine parted, I sensously began to explore my lover's mouth with my tongue, moaning with pleasure as Luke used his own tongue to explore my mouth. Lying back on the bed, I pulled Luke with me. As I continued to kiss my cousin, I began to open Luke's shirt, slowly running my hands across his chest. Stopping to tweak the small brown nubs, I felt myself growing hard at the sounds coming from Luke's throat. Moaning myself in response, I broke the kiss. Moving to my cousin's neck, I began to lightly nip at the skin above the pulse point. With a slowness that was torture in itself, I gradually kissed and nibbled my way down Luke's body. As I paid attention to my lover's chest with my lips, my hands were busy freeing him of his jeans. Groaning with need at the feel of my lover's cock beneath my hand, I began to kiss my way down the hard body beside me. Stopping when I reached the hard cock, I licked my lips in anticipation at the drop of pre-cum glistening on the head of Luke's cock. "Luke, tell me what you want," I whispered huskily.)

"You know what I want Bo," I responed, confused by Bo's request.

( "I want to hear you say it, please," I told him, my instincts telling me that Luke needed this, even if he didn't know it.)

"I want you to...suck me," I whispered so quietly Bo could barely hear me.

( It was enough; I eagerly lapped up the drop of pre-cum with my tongue. A second later, I engulfed my lover's cock with my mouth, taking it down as deeply as I could. As I sucked on the hard cock in my mouth, I fondled Luke's balls. Occassionally pressing against the skin just behind them, I enjoyed the feel of Luke bucking beneath me, each time I applied that bit of pressure. Moving my head up and down the thick shaft, I continuously swirled my tongue around Luke's cock, being sure to dip into the slit each time I reached the head. I could hardly believe what I was feeling, as I worked at my lover's cock, I could feel Luke's balls drawing up as he moved closer and closer to orgasm. A couple of minutes later, I applied a bit of pressure, simultaneously taking Luke's cock as deep as I could and beginning to hum, I could have whooped with joy. It happened so fast, Luke didn't even have a chance to warn me. Luke screamed my name as he shot his load down my willing throat. Willing I might be, but I had never gotten Luke to this point, and I had no idea how to go about swallowing the thick liquid without choking. Reluctantly, I allowed Luke's cock to slip from my mouth. Moving up the bed, I held him in my arms as he continued to shoot his load and tremble in my embrace. "Luke what is it?" I asked when I felt the tears falling on my chest. "I'm sorry, whatever I did wrong, please forgive me Luke," I begged, as I tried to understand what was happening.)

"No Bo, you didn't do anything wrong, you have to believe that." I assured him, God knew it was the truth. "I'm, Lord I sound like a girl, but I'm crying because I'm happy. Bo I never thought I'd be able to, until tonight I was terrified that I would never be able to enjoy sex without pain again. Maybe I wouldn't have if it hadn't been for you. I love you Bo, thank you," I told him. Pulling him down for a kiss, I reached down towards his denim covered crotch, surprised when he drew away. "Bo?" I began to ask and then stopped, I couldn't bare to ask him. I needed to know why he was acting this way, but what if he was sorry? What if now that he'd actually brought me off, he was disgusted by the act?

( "Sorry babe, I...um, this is embarassing Luke. I guess it was knowing that you'd finally been able to that did it..." I trailed off, I had no idea how I was gonna tell him this.)

"Bo you can tell me anything, you know that right? Even if you...I told you I don't want you to feel like you have to stay with me..."

("No! Luke it's nothing like that. Dang it, I...came in my jeans Luke," I could feel my cheeks turning red as I turned away.)

I looked at him for several seconds in disbelief, he had to be making it up. Seeing the blush that was covering his face, I glanced down and couldn't help bursting out in laughter at the telltale stain. "I'm sorry Bo, I didn't mean to laugh, it's just...well I'm relieved. The way you were hemming and hawing, I was sure you'd changed your mind about us. Figured that the way I choked you and the taste had disgusted ya and made you realize that you didn't want to be with me or any man. Kind of flattering in a way, to think that my cumming could have that strong of an effect on ya," I told him, and finding that surprisingly I meant it too.

("Yeah, well don't get used to it lover. I'm pretty sure this was a one time thing, it better be anyway, I ain't in any hurry to do sixteen again," I told him, not even angry about the laughing. How could I be angry at him for laughing, when only a minute ago he had thought I was ready to leave? "Luke, why did you think that I would be disgusted? Didn't you believe me when I told you I love you?")

"I believed you Bo, don't look at me like that, I did. But, you've never been with a man before. When you pulled away, I couldn't help thinking that it was because you'd realized that you'd made a mistake." I explained, praying that he would understand.

("I guess that makes sense, after all it's not like I've ever tasted another man's cum or tried to swallow it before. I can see where my pulling away would make you think I was having doubts. So now that we've got that cleared up, what do ya say we get cleaned up?" I asked, smiling at him, making sure he knew that everything between us was okay.)

After we cleaned ourselves up, I sent Bo to gather some firewood for the stove. While he did that, I began to slice some spam for frying. By the time Bo came back with an armload of wood, I had finished with the spam and was looking through my supplies for something to go with it. Grabbing up a can of peas and another of corn, I sat them on the small table while I gathered the pans I'd need. Turning around, I saw that Bo had gotten a good fire started in the stove and had sat the skillet on top to heat. Dumping the peas and corn into the saucepan, I moved to the stove and placed the pan behind the skillet. Picking up the plate that held the spam, I nudged Bo aside. "Thanks darlin, why don't you get the table set while I do this," I suggested as I began to place the meat in the skillet. Watching Bo move about the small cabin, gathering the plates and utensils, I was surprised at how right these simple domestic acts felt.

(Three days later I was in the Boar's Nest, enjoying a cold beer and talking to Cooter. I had tried to get Luke to come down with me tonight, but he had insisted that he wanted to be alone. I trusted Luke, always had, but I couldn't help worrying that he would give into temptation. But I knew that no matter how hard it was, I had to give him the space he needed. If I told him no, tried to make him do this my way, I wouldn't be any better than those men in the club. I knew Luke would argue with me about that, but it didn't change the way I felt. "So Cooter, when's that new camshaft gonna be in?" I asked, hoping to take my mind off of Luke.

"Oh it should be in Friday, y'all gonna be able to bring the General in then?"

"Long as Rosco and Boss don't try to start any trouble, we'll be there after lunch," I answered.

"That'll work, uh, buddyro don't look now but there's a shark headed our way," Cooter warned me, just before I felt a hand on my back.

Turning in my seat, I looked up knowing exactly who I would see. Yep, Sherry Leigh Wilson, great just what I needed. "Hi Sherry," I greeted her, trying to be polite without encouraging her in any way. Luke and I had talked about this, neither of us was ready to go public and so we planned to keep dating girls. I didn't plan on Sherry being one of the girls I dated though. The plan was to only date girls that we could satisfy with just a little fooling around. We figured that way we could be faithful to each other, but not lead any of the girls on either. Sherry Wilson wasn't one of those girls, shoot I wouldn't have dated her even before I got together with Luke. Cooter wasn't kidding when he called her a shark, there wasn't a man in Hazzard who didn't know that Sherry was a man-eater and more trouble than she was worth. Not that it stopped her from trying, not that girl. She never could take no for an answer, and Lord knew I'd been trying to tell her no for the last six months.

"Hey Bo, what do ya say we go somewhere private? I'm sure Cooter wouldn't mind," she whispered loudly in my ear, making my skin crawl in response.

"Uh, actually Sherry I need to talk to Cooter about some business. Why don't you see if Ernie's interested," I suggested, earning myself a slap to the face.

"Ernie?" she screamed in my face, after slapping me. "I was trying to be nice, do you a favor and you try to palm me off on somebody else. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?" She yelled, before turning on her heel and stomping out of the bar.

"You okay Bo?" Daisy asked, walking up to me and giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Yeah I'm fine Daisy. Wonder what got into her though? Not like I've ever given her any encouragement," I mumbled, confused by the strength of her reaction. "You know Cooter, I think I'm gonna head on home," I told my friend. Moving towards the door, I was surprised to find that Daisy had followed me outside.


"What's wrong Daisy?" I asked, knowing that she hadn't followed me outside just because of a little slap.

"I wasn't sure if I should tell you this or not, but with the way she acted tonight.... Sherry's been talking about you for the last few weeks Bo, you and Luke."

"What about me and Luke?"

"Well...she's just saying stuff cause you keep turning her down. Aw Bo, she's been saying stuff about you and Luke acting like a couple. I just figured you should know, in case she tries to cause trouble," Daisy told me, a worried look on her pretty face.

"Thanks for letting me know Daisy, but there ain't nothing to worry about. I ain't gonna let that little witch ruin what me and Luke have," I told her thinking that's what she was worried about.

"It ain't just that Bo. What if she decides to follow y'all, if she finds out the truth, she'll tell everybody in town. I don't want to see you boys getting hurt, and we both know some people are gonna have a problem with it."

"You think she'd go that far?" Seeing the look on her face was answer enough, "Yeah, she would. Dang it Daisy, why can't things be easy for once?" I knew I sounded like a little kid, but I couldn't seem to help myself. I just wanted to love Luke, it was the thought of Luke that gave me an idea. "Maybe they can be, you better get back to work Daisy," I told her as I ran for the pick-up and jumped inside.

"Bo, wait! What are you...?" Daisy yelled as I pulled out of the parking lot. I knew that Luke had wanted to be alone tonight, but thanks to Sherry I was going to have to interrupt him. I didn't think he'd mind too much though once I got there. I never made it though, not that night anyway. Driving down the road, I was focused on reaching Luke, knowing that once he knew what the problem was, he'd have a plan. I didn't see the car that suddenly pulled out from a side road and into my path until it was too late. Turning the wheel sharply to the right, I felt the tires drop off the road. A minute later, I heard the front tire pop and I lost control. The truck twisted away from me, even as I fought for control. Hitting a half buried log with one tire, I felt the pick-up tilting to one side. Hanging upside down in the cab, the last thing I saw before passing out was a pair of legs climbing out of the other car.)



yeah, I know another cliffhanger. Well y'all know what the muse needs. Please feed the muse, she prefers reviews.

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