tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGuilty Until Proven Innocent

Guilty Until Proven Innocent


Susan Masters stood waiting for the elevator to take her down to her car. She knew she shouldn't have come to the courthouse today but she wanted to know what the judge was going to sentence the man who had brutally raped and murdered her sister.

She had sat in that courtroom as he was brought in by one of the guards. When he saw her, he leered making her shiver as he sat down next to his attorney. Mitchell Larkin was a powerful man physically. He was 5'11" and at least 200lbs of pure muscle. His coal black hair hung down past his shoulders, while his steel blue eyes locked on her until the guard pushed him into his seat.

He had sworn up and down through the trial that he was innocent. Yes he had slept with Jasmine but it was consensual and that when he left she was asleep. He had gone back later looking for his wallet which he thought he had dropped at her place. The door was unlocked so he had made his way into the house, calling her name.

He found her with her throat slit lying tied up on the bed. She was still alive but barely, he had tried to stop the bleeding, (that was how he explained her blood on his clothes and hands) but there was nothing he could do. He was calling 911 when she died before his eyes.

Susan didn't believe a minute of it. The autopsy showed that her sister had been raped, there was major tearing in her vagina and the only sperm they found belonged to Mitchell. She had also been beaten violently, although there were no defense wounds on her body which didn't make sense. Her sister had always been a fighter.

She kept her eyes forward as the judge moved to the bench. She felt Mitchell's eyes move over her again as the judge asked him if he wanted to say anything before sentencing. She closed her eyes when he stood up saying once again that he didn't do this. That was too much for Susan, she had walked out of the courtroom without ever hearing the sentence.

The elevator doors opened just as she heard the commotion behind her. She started to turn to see what was going on when she felt herself shoved forward roughly. She fell to her knees in the elevator. Turning, she screamed as the door closed with her trapped inside with Mitchell.

"Shut up." He growled slapping her across the face as he pushed the next floor down button then shortly after the elevator started to move, hit the emergency stop.

They were suddenly flooded in darkness. She kicked at him when he picked her up in his arms, holding her tightly against his body. "Knock it off. I'm not going to hurt you." He said against her ear.

She stopped struggling but didn't take her hands off his arm that was wrapped tightly around her waist. "What do you want?" She asked as her voice trembled.

He laughed as he held her tightly against his body. Her legs and arms trapped as the emergency lights kicked in and the emergency phone rang. Mitchell ignored it, pulling her over against the far wall. He pushed her against it, even as he held her pinned with his body. The phone continued to ring but he just ignored it. "I want you to listen to me. I didn't rape and kill her. I had sex with her. That's it."

Susan turned her head so she could look into his eyes. "I don't believe you. My sister wouldn't have touched you. She has always been afraid of big men."

Mitchell shrugged his shoulders as he continued to keep her pinned against the wall. "I don't know about that. All I know is I was having a drink and she came up to me. It was her idea to go back to her place."

Susan was shaking her head even as her body trembled in fear. "No...She wasn't that kind of girl."

Mitchell swore as he pulled her savagely away from the wall, turning her so she was facing him. "You ain't gonna believe the truth lady, even if it comes up and bites you on the ass."

Before she could move, he ripped the front of her shirt, exposing her bra to his gaze. She moved to cover herself but didn't get a chance as he ripped her bra savagely from her body. She screamed, suddenly covering her bare breasts with her arms. "You said you wouldn't hurt me." She protested as he pulled her arms from her body, and held them above her head in one hand while he mauled her breasts with the other.

He smiled evilly as he moved his free hand down under her skirt, pulling it up roughly so he could grab at her cotton panties. "Yea, well you won't listen and if I'm gonna spend the rest of my life behind bars for something I didn't do..." She cringed as he pushed her panties closer against her pussy. "Hm...Your wet." He growled running his hand over the wet spot. She shook her head but he just slid his finger under the waist band until he was touching her bare flesh.

She whimpered in fear and disgust when he slid a finger into her sopping hole. "You are...You get off on watching an innocent man go to jail?" He fingered her ruthlessly digging his finger into her.

"Please..." She begged as tears streamed down her cheeks.

He grinned evilly. "Please what sweetheart...? Please fuck you? My pleasure." He turned her back against the wall ripping her underwear from her body as he worked at his jeans.

"Nooooooooo..." She screamed when she felt the air touch her bare ass, her breasts were mashed against the wall as he held her back with his hand freeing her hands.

She tried clawing at him behind her but he just leaned back out of her reach until his 9 ½ inch cock was free, then he pinned her arms at her sides as he moved his cockhead against her sopping pussy. "Please...Don't do this to me." She begged.

He chuckled against her ear. "Why not sweetheart? You already think I raped and murdered your sister. What's one more strike against me?" Then before she could react he slammed himself inside her, burying himself completely.

"AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH..." she screamed at the invasion. Susan wasn't a virgin but Mitchell was so well hung that when he slammed into her, it felt like the other encounters were nothing. It felt like he was ripping her apart from the inside out. "Please...Stop." She begged as he started thrusting violently into her body as he kept her pinned against the wall.

"God, your tight." He moaned as he thrust into her. His stomach and chest pressed against her back. He pulled her back against him so he could reach her breasts while keeping her arms pinned at her sides. He forced himself inside her repeatedly as she cried and whimpered. "What's the matter bitch? Don't like a man's cock shoved up your snatch?" he took one hand off her breast, moving it down her body until he was pulling at her clit.

"No...Please...Don't make me enjoy this." She begged even as her body started getting turned on by his powerful thrusts and his hand pinching her clit.

He nipped at her neck while he mauled her breasts and fucked her ruthlessly. "You like it, don't you bitch?" he growled as he felt her juices leaking all over his pumping cock. "You like me raping your cunt. You like feeling out of control."

Susan wanted to deny it but they both knew she would be lying if she did. Her ex-boyfriend had liked rough sex, oh nothing involving pain or anything like that but he would thrust violently into her while pinching her breasts and pulling at her clit while she begged him to fuck her harder.

Even as her mind denied liking Mitchell's powerful thrusts into her body, her body loved it. Her nipples were hard little pebbles, her clit was throbbing wildly against his hand while her pussy clenched against his probing cock. She couldn't stop the moans that left her lips as he fucked her harder. "Oh fuck me." She finally cried slamming back against him when she knew it was no use, he felt how hot she was.

Mitchell was surprised by this sudden change in her, but his cock seemed to enjoy it. The cum started boiling in his balls as he released her arms so he could hold her hips as he pulled her back against him. "Fuck me." She cried lowering her upper body until she was bent in half, her hips pushing against him as she braced her arms on the wall in front of her. Her head was moving back and forth with her desire. "I'm gonna cum." She screamed.

Mitchell knew he didn't have long, he could hear the mechanics working to get the elevator moving again. He could hear the sheriff screaming at them. He thrust wildly into her as he screamed over and over that he hadn't killed Jasmine.

As Susan felt him empty into her body just as the elevator started to move, she realized she believed him. When the doors started to open, she turned around, kissing him quickly then said, "I believe you." Before she tore herself away and let the cops take him back into custody.

Mitchell had been sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of Jasmine Mitchell, age 30. He was released two years after his sentencing date when they found another woman raped and murdered with the same MO. The managed to catch the culprit as he was exiting the building and he admitted to not only the murder they had found him at but that of Jasmine as well.

Mitchell had been writing steadily to Susan during his time in prison so when he was released, he went directly to her apartment.

When she opened the door, she welcomed him into her arms, accepting his kisses and caresses. When she took him into the bedroom, she welcomed him into her body.

Then afterwards, she took him to the room next door and introduced him to his son.


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