tagRomanceGwen's Journey Ch. 02

Gwen's Journey Ch. 02


Gwen opened her eyes slowly, the far off sound of her alarm clock confusing her. She was on her little brown sofa in her living room, and it was dark. Sure enough, she could hear her alarm clock beeping away insistently in her bedroom, and when she woke a little more she jumped up and hurried to her bedroom.

It was twenty minutes after five, and she was running late. Finding a worn pair of jeans and a clean work shirt, Gwen tossed them onto her bed and ran to the bathroom to take her shower. In her rush she couldn't wait for the water to warm, and so was treated to a cold shower. The icy water made her shiver hard, but she ignored the unpleasant sensation as much as possible and washed her body and hair quickly.

Gwen stepped shivering from the tub and saw that she didn't have her towel again. Swearing, she stumbled into her bedroom and picked it up from the floor next to her hamper and quickly toweled herself off. She sat on the edge of her bed and pulled on a pair of white socks She glanced up at the window to see herself reflected in it, naked save for the socks. She knew that beyond her reflection was another window, only fifteen feet away, and behind that window was Green Eyes.

Feeling very self conscious but unable to tear her eyes from her reflection, Gwen reached over and located the white cotton panties she'd taken out and she watched her reflection as she pulled them on and up, standing and watching her mahogany pubes disappear behind the white fabric. She sat again and slipped her arms through her bra, and settled her breasts into the plain white full support garment. Fastening it, Gwen stood again and looked at herself in the reflection of the window. I need better underwear, she thought, and then she "pinched more than an inch" and thought, what I need is a better body.

Gwen slipped on her jeans and turned to view her butt in her reflection, not totally unhappy with the sight. She quickly pulled on her shirt and sat on the bed to tie her sneakers. Standing again, Gwen realized she had dressed in front of the window, instead of wandering through the apartment like she normally would have. She remembered the thrill of her adventures the night before and she smiled.

She pulled her damp hair into a ponytail while the bread toasted, and hurried to the car, travel mug of orange juice and keys in hand, toast in her teeth. She struggled with the stuck door until it wrenched open with a screech, and listened for several moments to the engine's "ruhr-ruhr-ruhr" before it caught and started.

Gwen drove faster than normal, to make up for lost time, and still clocked in fifteen minutes late. She hurried to her place, facing the silent wrath of her coworkers, and started to insert the little eprom chips into the holes on the sticky green circuit boards.

Gwen's mind wandered, and she found herself thinking about Green Eyes, and how he'd watched her play with her dildo. He was so hot! Handsome, and tall, and all those muscles. She felt strange that he'd been watching her through her bedroom window, but then she'd been the one putting on a show. Besides, she thought, she'd watched him undressing first, earlier.

And then there was the situation with Ronnie. They had been friends for a couple of years, and had been in some pretty weird situations before, even pretending to make out in order to discourage a couple of guys who wouldn't take no for an answer. That had been fun, and a little arousing, but she hadn't felt any urge to repeat the performance since.

If Ronnie was going to the Dark Side, was that a trip that Gwen wanted to follow her on? She'd been insanely horny for over a week, and her encounters with the beautiful Green Eyes had only made it worse. Even the rocking orgasms the night before had only begun to relieve the edge. Maybe if she and Ronnie played around she'd see if it was okay, and then if it was she could go out with Julie, the lesbian who so intrigued and tempted her.

Even though she considered herself a little bi-curious, she had to admit that she hadn't really been turned on, really turned on, by any woman before Julie, and none since. There was just something about her dark eyes and long, silky black hair. She was so pretty, and Gwen had thought she was around her own age of twenty-three and had been shocked to find out Julie was thirty-four.

When Julie had put her hand on Gwen's thigh and held it there, the rush she felt had been like she'd felt the first time a boy had touched her. She'd been so tempted to go with the flow, and so suddenly attracted to Julie, but her fears were stronger and she'd refused. She'd been polite, thank goodness, but she knew it had hurt Julie's feelings.

"Gwen!" a voice shouted, and Gwen jumped and looked around. "Take your break!" Ernie, the line supervisor shouted at her. She nodded and stumbled away to stretch a bit. She got a soda from the vending machine and caught her reflection in the machine's surface. Gwen dropped the icy can into the garbage.

Two hours later Gwen sat in the lunch room. She'd forgotten to grab anything for lunch, so she sipped at the bitter diet soda and felt her stomach rumble. From the corner of her eye she saw Dave Klinger, a halfway cute guy a couple of years older than she was. He'd been looking at her for a long time now, several weeks at least, but he hadn't come over to talk to her yet. He had hands with long, delicate fingers, and Gwen wondered if his cock was long and slender too, like her dildo.

Gwen's heart pounded in her breast and her fingers went to her lips as her face grew hot. Oh my god! Gwen thought, shocked at herself. I am way too horny if I'm sitting here imagining guys naked! Dave was cute, but he was a boy, and Gwen had found herself wanting a man. A man with big shoulders and strong hands. A man with hard, lean muscles and a gorgeous smile, and...green eyes.

An hour before the end of her shift, Gwen found herself imagining situations that would put her into contact with Green Eyes. Maybe she could do something simple, like put on a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt and wash her car until he came out and saw her. Or maybe she could need to borrow a cup of sugar and strike up a conversation that way. Scenarios ran through her mind, some good, some bad, and some just plain stupid. She continued the game with herself after clocking out for the day and on the drive home.

For the first time in a very long time, Gwen didn't shower when she got home, instead changing into a pair of old shorts and a tank top before going out for a run. Eight blocks later she lay panting in the grass of the neighborhood park, nursing her calves and thighs. That had to have been two miles, she thought to herself, and she heard herself reply that she was a fuck-head and had run maybe a half mile at best.

When her stomach cramped Gwen decided she needed to eat something and she made her way on painful and wobbly legs to the corner mini-mart where she discovered that they didn't have anything healthy. She did get a forty-four ounce diet soda, which she finished two blocks before she reached her duplex, and she ran on painful legs for the last block because she needed to pee so badly.

It was dusk when Gwen lay on her bed, still dressed in her "running clothes". She stared at the ceiling, her eyes following the jagged cracks in the plaster, and decided that if she was going to do anything to enjoy her Friday night, she'd better get to it. Rolling onto her side, Gwen looked out and saw Green Eyes looking back at her. She couldn't keep the smile from her lips.

He wore a tight white t-shirt with a small logo on the breast, and a large gold watch. She could see he wore blue jeans, but the window sill cut off the rest of him. His arms were crossed, and he was smiling at her. He looked great.

Gwen rolled out of bed and walked to the window, looking back at the gorgeous man. Her smile was broad, and she fidgeted nervously for a moment before giving him a brief wave. She felt tingly all over when he laughed and waved back. He had beautiful teeth and a wonderful smile.

Green Eyes looked away, distracted by something in his apartment, and he turned and walked out of view. Gwen stood there for a few minutes, waiting for his return. After fifteen minutes, Gwen sighed and gave up, finally taking her shower.

* * * * *

Dressed in shorts and an over sized t-shirt, Gwen bounced down the steps, heading for her car. Her cupboard was bare, and she really needed to get her grocery shopping out of the way. Of course, she though ruefully, what better way to spend a Friday night? Across the street, in the row of duplexes identical to hers, she saw a man leaning on his car, talking on a cell phone.

She slowed and looked him over. He was tall, really tall, and thickly built, had a bit of a belly even, but in his shorts and faded orange t-shirt Gwen though he looked pretty good. He looked up and saw her, and he smiled and waved, still talking on the cell phone.

Gwen smiled and waved back, then tried to open her car door, having to yank especially hard before the grinding squeal sounded loudly and the door creaked open half way. Getting between the car and the door, Gwen put her weight on it and forced the door fully open.

She sat down, tossing her purse on the passenger seat, and leaned all the way out to pull the door closed. It didn't move. She pulled so hard that her body hung between the seat and the door, but it just wouldn't budge. Gwen felt hot tears of anger fill her eyes as she silently cursed her car.

"Can I give you a hand?" a bass voice said, and Gwen turned to see the man from across the street walking over to her. He was built like a bear, with thinning brown hair and friendly brown eyes. As he got closer, Gwen noticed the hair that thickly covered his muscled arms and legs. He was a monster, six foot six and he had to weigh at least two hundred and fifty pounds.

Gwen nodded, noticing his baby face and soft brown eyes, and he squatted down next to her to examine the door. He was so large that even squatting as he was, he was almost at her seated eye level. He examined the door, swinging it back and forth a little with one hand and listening to the loud creaking sounds it made.

He smelled good, Gwen thought, a clean, manly smell. She could feel his body heat too, and even more, his presence. Becoming self conscious, Gwen noticed she had clamped her thighs tightly together. He was so big, and strong too. He'd moved the car door with one hand, easily, when she hadn't been able to budge it even a little with the full weight of her body. He looked so nice and friendly, but if he ever...well, Gwen knew she couldn't resist him.

He looked at her and smiled, making her tingle, and said, "I'm Steve, by the way. I think I can fix this, but it will take a couple of hours and some daylight." Gwen introduced herself and asked if Steve was new to the neighborhood. "Yeah," he said pleasantly, "I just moved here from L.A. for work. I just moved in across the street last weekend."

"Do you like it here so far?" Gwen asked, his strong presence so near her, washing over her and making the tingle grow to flutters. She wanted to keep him talking, keep him close.

He turned and grasped the top of the car for balance, fixing his attention on her. He smiled and said, "The people seem nice. The women here are prettier."

Gwen honestly couldn't help but giggle and flushed slightly. "I bet your girlfriend wouldn't like hearing that," she said, looking up through her bangs into his smiling eyes.

"Probably not," he said, and Gwen's stomach dropped unhappily before he continued, "so it's a good thing I don't have one at the moment." He looked at her and said, "I can take a look at this tomorrow if you'd like. All it will cost you is dinner, and maybe any parts though I don't think you'll need any."

"That sounds great," Gwen said, smiling her best smile at Steve, "but I kind of need to get to the store tonight."

"No problem," he said, smiling back at her, "I'll ride along to take care of the door, and you can show me where the best place to shop is." She quickly agreed, and he closed the door, sealing her inside her car while he ran back to his apartment to get a few things.

Once he was safely inside the car Gwen started it, wincing at the "ruhr-ruhr-ruhr" before it turned over, and Steve laughed and said he'd be glad to take a look at that as well. He continued to catalog items to investigate as they drove, and by the time they'd parked and he'd opened the door for her, Gwen figured he'd listed a couple of thousands of dollars of needed repairs.

Gwen reflected, as she pushed the cart through the supermarket, on how strange Steve made her feel. He was so big and strong and imposing that he frightened her. When he was close to her, Gwen's heart would beat faster, and she felt an edge to her nerves. But every time she looked into his eyes, or even saw him a short distance away, with his broad shoulders hunched slightly, he made her feel all fluttery inside. She liked him.

At the checkout Gwen smiled to herself, seeing that all Steve was buying was a case of bottled beer and a big box of coconut covered snack cakes with a cream filling. Definitely a bachelor, she thought, and both items would explain his soft belly. Gwen thought that his belly looked like the only thing on his body that wasn't firm and hard, and she felt a little thrill.

Steve loaded the groceries into her trunk, commenting on the sorry state of her spare tire, and then sealed her into the car for the drive home. When they were still a couple of blocks away, Gwen gripped the wheel tightly and said, "It's kind of late. While we're out, would you mind if I picked up a pizza for dinner? You could even, you know, join me if you'd like to."

They stopped at a small local pizza place and ordered a large peppers and onions pizza with extra cheese, and Gwen relented, allowing for sausage on half. After Steve let Gwen out of her car, he ran across the street to his apartment to drop off his beer and snack cakes while Gwen went inside and poured some red wine to go with the deep-dish pizza.

* * * * *

Steve went into the apartment and put the case of beer into the refrigerator. Aside from appliances the kitchen was bare, just as save for the second-hand sofa and battered old TV, the living room was too. Snack cakes in hand he opened the door to the small basement and descended the creaking stairs to where Gabrielle sat, with her feet on the table, her long, gorgeous legs showing beneath her tiny shorts.

Steve tossed the snack cakes to her and she caught them, then removed her large headphones and settled them around her neck. "So," Gabrielle said with a smile, "are you going to get lucky?"

Steve scowled at her, arching his back and stretching out to his full height. He squared his shoulders and rolled his head to work the kinks out of his thick neck. His posture better, the softness of his belly all but disappeared, leaving him with the appearance of a fit, muscular brick wall. "You just keep your eye on the ball, Gabby," he ordered, his voice sharp and commanding. "Call me on my cell if you get any activity."

And then with a sigh, Steve curled himself again, his shoulders hunching forward, his belly reappearing and his physique disappearing. "I'm going to go get a slice of pizza."

Gabrielle laughed softly at his back as he went up the stairs. Replacing the headphones over her ears, she murmured, "Yeah, and maybe get a piece of ass, too."

* * * * *

In her bedroom, Gwen had straightened her bed and attempted to hide the dirty laundry on her hamper, suddenly appalled at the odor. She looked over to the window and thought about Green Eyes, feeling that electric thrill that thinking of him had begun to send through her. He was so handsome, so hot! She couldn't imagine what it would be like to be with him, but she knew that her body wanted him.

Steve was almost the opposite end of the spectrum, she thought, smiling. There wasn't any electricity, but the power of him, his manliness, was so sexy! He was nice and kind, and he was handsome in his own way, like a big Saint Bernard. And those arms and legs of his, covered so thickly with soft brown hair, the thought of it made Gwen shiver.

She pictured them together, and Green Eyes was so much better in every way, except that she hadn't even spoken to him, so she didn't know if he was kind and funny. He just looked so damn good! A polite tap on the front door dragged her out of her reverie, and Gwen took her fingers from her lips and hurried back out into the living room.

She opened the door and Steve shambled inside, smiling sweetly. "Do you mind if we sit on the floor?" Gwen asked, waving toward the blanket she'd laid out the pizza and wine on, like an indoor picnic. Steve smiled and sat, watching Gwen lay out across from him. She handed him a plate and a couple of paper napkins, and then a wineglass with red wine that smelled like it cost about two bucks a bottle.

Twenty minutes later he was on his side, leaning on an elbow, having finished half of the pizza by himself. He watched Gwen nibbling the crust of her second slice, and he was struck by how beautiful an average woman could be. She had a pretty if not beautiful face, with big, expressive hazel eyes, and really pretty hair, he thought, warming to the idea of romance. Of course, he mused, she had a great little body, even if she wasn't as fitness minded as his usual type.

Compared to him she was small, tiny, but it was easy enough to imagine being with her, cupping her full breasts or round ass in his hands, moving between her supple thighs. Steve shook his head, impressed by the power of the wine, or more probably the quality of the woman. To change the ambiance of the evening, which was quickly becoming rather intimate, Steve asked, "Have you lived here long?"

Gwen hugged her knees to her chest and set her jaw on them. "Yeah, about four years," she said softly, gazing at his face with a gentle smile. "I grew up here, but not in this neighborhood. We lived closer to the lake. I graduated high school and as soon as I got a job I moved into this apartment, and then lost my job." She sipped her wine and set the glass down again.

"I started working at the plant a month after that, just before my savings were completely drained," she said. "Now I live the exciting life, on my feet from six to three every day, spending two hours getting to and from work, and living in a neighborhood that's going to pot faster than I can think of somewhere else to go."

Steve distracted himself from wanting to kiss her by asking, "What about your parents? Couldn't you stay with them until you find something else?"

Gwen looked like she was going to lie, and then thought better of it. "My mom left us when I was little. My dad got busted for possession just before I graduated and he was in prison the last I heard." She paused, staring hard at Steven, trying to gauge his reaction. "I try to stay away from my family," she concluded.

Steve sat up and stretched his arms out over his head, and then asked, "What time would you like for me to come over to look at your car?" He saw that she was thinking of something, about to say something more, and then she smiled at him and he felt something swell inside his barrel chest.

"You just come over whenever you'd like, okay?" she said, starting to rise. "You're doing me the favor." Steve reached out and took Gwen's wrist in his hand and pulled her down gently, and as he pushed the fingers of his other hand through the thick hair on the back of her head, he pressed his mouth to hers.

He felt her tongue with his, felt Gwen pressing her mouth against his, and knew she wanted to kiss him just as much as he wanted to kiss her. Until her palms came to rest on his shoulders and she pushed at him, and turning her face away, gasped, "No, please!" Steve released her immediately, and she fell to her side on the floor and scrambled a few feet away. She got up and stood over by the door.

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