tagLoving WivesGym Girl to Hotter Wife

Gym Girl to Hotter Wife


It all started two years ago. Sandi and I had been married for several years, and our careers had always come first. We both had put on extra pounds and had fallen out of shape. That had affected our sex life. It was still there, but not as frequent or intense as either of us wanted. Being out of shape was worse for her. She was tall, attractive with blonde hair and blue eyes, and had been a college athlete. She also worked in a field where looks meant more sales. That motivated her to join a gym.

Like most things, Sandi threw herself completely into working out and watching her weight. At first she went to the gym three times each week. Then, it became an everyday thing. I, on the other hand, insisted that I would work out on my own, and did, but very slowly. Within six months she had dropped thirty pounds and was in better shape than her college playing days. She continued the workouts, and started taking classes at the gym, including kickboxing. The more she went the more assertive and confident she became.

At first I was clueless as to how much she was changing. Then I noticed that we didn't agonize over choosing restaurants any more, she simply chose. She planned our evenings and weekends. I actually liked it. It was nice not having to choose, and she looked great. She began dressing more sexy and wearing more daring make up. She was hot and she knew it. She got a promotion at work. It meant more money and also meant lots of travel for her. That's when the big changes happened.

She started leaving me lists of things to do while she was gone. "James, while I'm gone this week I need you to give the kitchen a good cleaning, clean the bathrooms, and work out every day. I've left you a menu of meals to eat. You are starting to do better getting in shape, so when I get home I'll have a special surprise."

I complied; there was no reason not to. I had an internet based business that ran itself, so I had lots of free time.

After one trip she came home and immediately told me to draw her a bath. She told me she just wanted quiet for a while. I put on soft music, lit some candles, and set her phone and a glass of wine next to the Jacuzzi. She said she would call my cell if she needed anything. She told me to go downstairs and open my surprise she left on the kitchen table.

I went down and found a large envelope on the table. I opened it and pulled out the first item. It was a handwritten letter on perfumed stationery.


I hope you are proud of how far I have come. I am very proud of myself. I am a new woman. I hope you like that. I know you married a timid, sweet girl, but I have learned to be a confident, sensual woman. I love you and I want you to be part of the new me. But, I have to tell you, the new me expects a certain lifestyle. I need to feel sexy all the time. I need to have new experiences. Remember how you used to fantasize about threesomes, bi-couples, and all that other porn you love to search on the internet? Well, I WANT some of that.

It's time to start now. If you are ready to do things my way, then you'll follow these instructions, but it means that you have to accept everything I say and everything I want; no jealousy, no bullshit. I've worked hard and my training at the gym has taught me that I deserve certain things, including sexual fulfillment. That's right, I've talked to friends about our lack of a sex life and I have found out it doesn't have to be that way. I still love you, but it's time I started having more fun, and I think it will be fun for you too. I know you've been viewing those cuckold websites. I know you've fantasized about me fucking other men. Well, if you agree to becoming my sexy servant hubby, then open the blue bag on the chair and put on the clothes I've bought you and come back upstairs and I'll tell you your first cuckold story, about me getting fucked by my kickboxing coach for the last three months.


I was trembling, not with anger, but with excitement. My cock was harder than it had been in months. It was true, lately my favorite fantasies had been her fucking guys with huge cocks and bossing me around while I watched. Instead of reading my mind, she had simply been reading my search history. I opened the bag. Silky black panties and a silky black camisole. I blushed in embarrassment, obviously she had seen that I had been looking at pages with guys cross dressing in the bedroom. I was afraid, but my cock was so hard, it just took over my thinking.

I took the items and put them on in the guestroom. They felt so sexy. I didn't look great in them. I hadn't lost much weight and I had a full beard, but the feel of the material was so sexy. I timidly went to our master bath and peeked inside. She was sipping wine. She looked up, totally confident.

"Well, come on in my little slut." That was all it took, my cock led me through the door. "Mmm, look at my big girl, we are going to have to get you in shape if you plan to please your mistress. Are you gonna do that for me?"

I stammered a little; "Uh, yeah."

"No baby, tell mistress with a little more respect," she cooed.

I blushed, but my cock jumped. "Yes, Mistress, I promise I will get in shape for you."

"Want does my little pussy want to hear about?" she asked.

I knew what to say. I had read enough cuckold stories to know what she expected. "Please tell me about fucking your lover."

She smiled, "which one?"

I was shocked. I stammered "whichever you choose mistress, just please tell me about their big cock in your pussy."

She motioned me over to the edge of the tub and pulled me to sitting on the edge. "Reach your hand under water and gently rub my pussy."

As I rubbed her pussy she gently stroked the tip of my cock through the silky panties.

Her voice got very low, almost a whisper. "My first week at the gym David was showing me how to use the machines. He said that if I stayed with it I was going to be one sexy woman. I told him thanks, but he said he would be my personal trainer for no extra fee if I agreed to one dinner with him after one month of workouts. I figured there was no harm, and it also felt good to be flirted with."

My cock was dripping precum and I had slid two fingers into her pussy.

"In the first workout with David, he wore very tight shorts. He would spot me on the free weights. His bulge rubbed against me over and over. Oh James, he was SO big."

"After two weeks I was letting David rub my tits. Then, late one night he took me to his place to show me a new machine that the gym didn't have. I knew he wanted a chance for more, I did too. As soon as we got inside the door her took me in his arms and started kissing me. I resisted at first, but his tongue was so forceful, then just melted into his arms. He was so strong, self assured, and his cock felt so big through his shorts."

I couldn't believe what she was telling me. I was jealous, but more turned on than ever.

"He led me to the bedroom and stripped off my clothes. I was on fire. I knelt and took his huge cock in my mouth. He was so much bigger. I licked his big cock up and down, I kissed it and swirled my tongue around it. I loved it. He lifted me onto the bed and then pushed my legs wide apart. I wrapped my legs around him and begged him to fuck me."

David said "Is your hubby's little dick not big enough for you? Tell me your husband's cock is too small for you, that you need a real man."

"James, I told him, I told him your cock wasn't big at all, that it was half his size."

She kept rubbing my dick, she looked over at it straining at my panties and said "really, it's more like a little man-clit, just like David said." It jumped when she said that. "You like that don't you, you little slut. When I showed David your websites he said you were a subissive little sissy just waiting to be dominated."

With that she stood up and toweled off. She led me by my cock to the bed.

"I'm going to give you something you won't be getting a lot of now." She threw me on the bed and yanked down my panties. In one motion she moved up and slid down on my cock. "Oh my, not much there at all," she smirked.

Then she started gyrating on my cock. "Oh James, no, Jamie, that sounds sexier, Jamie, he fucked me so deep and full, and when he came in me it was so much it ran down my legs all the way home."

With that I came so hard I whimpered. She giggled a little, then held me to her breasts and stroked my head. "Jamie, there was much more to tell you, but my little boy came so quickly. I am so glad you wanted this, because you are going to have so much fun becoming our little slut. I've got some very sexy plans for you, but right now you need to get down there and lick my pussy clean."

I hesitated, but she kept whispering in that sexy strong voice that she knew i wanted this, that she knew I wanted to be a little cuckold slut. I slid my way down the bed and she parted her legs and pulled my face into her pussy. Something inside me broke, and I reveled in her using me for her pleasure.

I knew we were just beginning a sexy, but scary adventure.

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by MightyHorny11/09/17

Hey, don't feel sorry for that asshole...

He obviously set up his wife to cuckold him by denying decent sex for a while, blaming work and gaining weight, which was obvious bullshit; he let her go to a gym by herself, knowing full well there'smore...

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by Anonymous08/18/17


Another stupid cuck with his brains in his cock end.

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