Gym Muscle War


"Please, don't do that, I love her!" he pleaded.

"Don't listen to this cry-baby Tim. I want you, I NEED you, I need a REAL man for once in my life!" she sniggered back at him, while slowly caressing my glowing helmet with both hands. I could feel her juices running between her thighs, wetting her pink outfit. At the same time that I carried her back to the other girls with my brutish log, I undid her belt, and pulled the outfit down her shoulders, freeing her round, firm melons. I let her down on the ground so she could finish undressing, and helped Mercedes and Whitney out of their outfits too. Before my eyes stood three gorgeous, naked creatures, each physically different from the next, yet each utterly scrumptious in their own way. This was going to be one fun morning of heavy sex.

I knelt down in front of Barbara and darted my tongue along her shaved clit. She squealed as I expertly lapped up her juice and titillated her moist lips. At the same time, I was fingering both Whitney and Mercedes and rubbing their mounds with my thumbs. They were breathing hard, indicating that they were nearing orgasm. My hands were coated with their outpourings and my mouth was filling up with Barbara's copious deliveries. The three huge-titted babes reached climax almost simultaneously and filled the room with loud female moans of pleasure.

I stood up and quickly grabbed Barbara by the waist before she could wind down from her ecstasy. I lifter her clear off the ground once again, but this time, I directed her vaginal opening onto my distended glans. The hard knob parted her soft lips and slowly drove into her opening. She was sufficiently moist and excited to accommodate its tremendous size, despite not being accustomed to organs even remotely close to my behemoth. She screamed in delight as inch after inch of forearm-thick teenage cock impaled her, pushing apart her vaginal walls with brutal force, piercing its way deep inside her womb. When I reached a resistance, I withdrew her body from my log until only the head was firmly lodged inside her canal and then released her weight back down my titanic shaft. I used her whole body as a jacking device, each time managing to plunge a fraction of an inch more into her depths.

"Oh My God! Oh My God! You're so big!" she managed between screams of ecstasy.

"Fuck, look at that thing, he's destroying her pussy!" observed Whitney, as she furiously rubbed her mound while admiring our lewd coupling. Mercedes, meanwhile, helped the proceedings by holding my cock by its base and licking up the mixture of precum and pussy juice running down my shaft.

Relentlessly, I bounced the helpless Barbara up and down my rock-hard python. My tongue licked up and down her titty flesh as she rocked back and forth with 10 inch-long cockstrokes.

"Oh shit, it's so good, ssssoooo good!" she kept blurting out as I pummeled her innards over and over again. I rotated her still-impaled body so that her puny fiancée could watch the full display of my monstrously-thick cock entering her love tunnel time and time again, the slurping sounds of her devouring cunt a testament to the intensity of our fuck session.

"Where do you want my load Barbara?" I grunted as I continued to pound her with twelve-inch strokes.

" mmmy pu...ssy!",she stammered as the physical exhaustion took its toll.

"Keep some cream, big boy, you also need to fuck us!" warned Whitney.

"Don't worry baby, I've got plenty of cumjuice to go around" I replied.

My grapefruit-sized sperm tanks tightened in their loose sack as I felt the deep call of my impending release. Only a few more strokes and the first pellet surged upwards, past Mercedes' tightened grip, along the giant sperm tube which tripled in size as my stream whitewashed the insides of a delirious Barbara...

"Fuck, I can feel it filling me up, oh shit, there's so much of the stuff! AAAW! Damn, you're still pumping?" asked Barbara incredulously.

Indeed, I was still firing that very first volley of youthful sapping by the time she finished her sentence. Needless to say, the amazing volume of boycum being ejaculated deep in her recesses was way over capacity limit. Therefore, her womb had no choice but to start bloating under the considerable pressure. Eventually, I lifted her clear of my glans, allowing the excessive amounts of sperm to channel out of the cramped space of her uterus. Barbara squirted it out like a firehose, showering Mercedes who stood below. The giant-bosomed Latina squealed with delight at this second offering of the day, massaging my white gravy over her skin. Meanwhile, a second and third extremely powerful jets of boycum had streamed through the air, hitting the polystyrene ceiling tiles of the weights room which stood 12 feet above ground level. This was the first time I realized my ejaculations could reach such a height. My disgorging rod continued to spew volley after volley of creamy teenage spunk, while I lasciviously French-kissed a still suspended Barbara from behind. In response, she guided my hand to the discharging anaconda, instructing me to put it back where it belonged, ie: her hugely gaping cunt. I obliged, placing the sperm-coated helmet at the entrance to her vagina and letting her fall down on twelve inches of steel-like rod in one woosh. Jim watched, transfixed, as I ravished his fiancée once again, continuing the delivery of my heavy load inside her womb.

"Give me more! I love the feeling of your huge cock filling me up! Oooh, again! So much, so much. Ooh, again? Where do you keep so mu... AGAIN?" she repeated as I blasted over and over, filling her entrails with giant globs of boycream, until her abdomen bloated once again. As I felt my climax subsiding, I let an overfilled Barbara down on the ground, where she emptied her sperm tank all over Whitney and Mercedes' faces. Both girls lapped up the continuously seeping fluids for several minutes, while I prepped my slightly-softened dong for some more action.

I made sure all three men in the room saw me maintaining my erection, as I lubed my bull-sized pole with dollops of precum right in front of them. I sniggered at them while proudly displaying my 16.5 inches of prime teenage beef and matching giant spermbags.

Whitney, noticing that I was teasing her hubby, left Mercedes to finish her cum meal, and came over to me, lusciously licking her cream-covered lips.

"When Barney cums, there is so little coming out of his pathetic baby cock that I barely taste him." Turning to her hubby, she continued. "I just had the tastiest, thickiest, creamiest cum breakfast of my life, and judging by the looks of that giant hard log, I'm just about to have the longest, hardest and most pleasurable fuck of my life. Wouldn't you say honey?"

Whitney felt the hardness of my ever-ready cock, admiring the enormous and rugged veins coursing along the immense shaft. I admired back the muscular definition of her arms as she tenderly massaged my pillar with both hands. She roughened up, accelerating her pace, her upper arm muscles tensing, her whole body heaving, her abs tightening, her big firm boobs rising. I didn't want to lose it here and there but this fitness babe took me by surprise, so much so that I felt cum rising from my balls. Contorted with excrutiating bliss, I trembled as viscous cum rocketed out of my tip. Barney attempted to avoid it but the speed and power of that blast was too much and a thick trail of my boycream hit him square in the torso, traveling down towards his crotch, where it ended, but not after completely obscuring his 5 inch stub with a inch-thick layer of boysperm. Fortunately for him, I willed myself to stop this premature ejaculation, and he was spared from the humiliation of being covered with further rounds of my virile seed.

Realizing I had stopped, Whitney hopped onto my still convulsing shaft with the agility of a gymnast. "Pound me stud like you pounded Barbara, I'm ready for your horsecock!" she screamed while sliding along the top part of my shaft by pushing herself with her feet against my tree-trunk thighs, and pulling herself back with her arms around my waists. Her pussy was sufficiently wet with her own lube, and my still-glistening cock still coated with sufficient warm and viscous sperm to allow her to drag herself effortlessly over the whole length of my raging leviathan. While I looked down upon this super-fit petite beauty, I thought to myself that I was not going to last much longer if she kept this up. After a couple of minutes, I therefore grabbed her roughly by the waist, and proceeded to impale her in one swift motion with as many inches of forearm-thick teenage cock as possible. And I pounded her. And then some.

After miles of pussy-stretching pounding, our bodies were a glistening heap of sweaty muscles. Whitney's little pussy had been so distorted by the giant mass of my pummeling schlong that it puffed up with red-hotness, as if bruised beyond recognition. This, in turn, gave my surging knob even more pleasurable friction with the inside walls of her overstuffed vagina. By that time, I decided to switch position and dumped the cock-craving slut on all fours, while maintaining my cock inside her at all times. Doggy-style, I had an unfettered view of my pummeling cum-cannon sliding in and out, pulling her stretched lips several inches with every brutal stroke. Not all of my immense dong managed to sneak inside, it hardly ever does, but I managed a good twelve inches, which, considering Whitney's petite frame, was truly remarkable. That girl was so fit that she could easily contort her body to accommodate my titanic log.

"Uuhm, Shhhhhiit! So fucking BIG!" she moaned repeatedly as I continued my onslaught on her battered pussy. I increased the pace, pulling almost all the way out, until only the very tip of my cockhead was left embedded, before plunging back deep inside, leaving her breathless and panting from so much pounding. Again and again, my tireless behemoth travelled up her love canal, pushing apart her tender pussy folds like an unstoppable battering ram, while Barbara attempted to lick my dangling seedmakers, only to have her face slapped repeatedly by my super-heavy sack. Mercedes was furiously rubbing her clit, while running her free hand all over the overdeveloped musculature of my upper body.

"God, you're so big everywhere, you muscles are HUUUGE! I can hardly believe it. You really put our little boys to shame, didn't you, stud? Go on, show us what you're made of, fuck that little cunt and fill her up with another load, then come and fuck me, please!"

Her words spurred me on and I felt the first tinge of a climactic outburst rising from my loins. It coursed through my cock, building in intensity, and as Whitney cried out as yet another orgasm racked her body, an urgent dose of cum raced up my sperm canal. It was propelled with tremendous velocity out of my knobhead, but crashed inevitably against the uterine back wall of an orgasming Whitney. Again, I filled up my second cum-hungry whore of the day with a single voluminous wad. However, Whitney was so muscular herself that her lower abdomen could not bloat up. Instead, the chorded muscles of her rock-hard abs expelled the upsurge of magmatic semen by sheer self-contorsion. I felt the back tide of viscous sperm sliding through every possible crevice along my veiny crank, before being unceremoniously dumped on Barbara's upturned face. Soon, she was glazed, gargling as she vainly attempted to swallow the unending streams of boycream cascading down on her.

"Oh, you fill me up so good, I want it all over my body, quick!" demanded Whitney. I slightly released my grip on her hips and she darted forward, quickly turned on her back and waited for my next salvoes to cover her sweaty body. This I did, as several more wads erupted, landing heavily on her face and breasts, side gobs splashing on her stomach and arms. She bathed in my goo, cooing in delight as I finished my third load of the day with a powerful wad that splashed against her chin, giving her a pearly necklace containing several times more sperm than the three men's previous combined orgasms had managed.

While Whitney continued to contort herself and massage the ounces of cream covering her body into her skin, my monumental cock remained rigidly horizontal, occasionally dripping out a thick grape-sized dollop of lube onto her upturned breasts. I basked in the aftermath of this particularly vivacious fuck session, slightly panting and sweating. Mercedes, observing the obvious hardness of my maintained erection, encircled my cockhead with her hands and slowly pulled it towards her mountainous chest. I accepted the invitation with renewed enthusiasm, letting her mammoth pillows of titflesh envelop my oversensitive rod.

"Now for the main course, stud. You won't find better tits than those this side of the country" she argued. And I could see her point. The size of her rack was simply unnatural, especially since the two massive orbs defied gravity to sit proudly high up on her navel. Yet, they were soft and velvety, caressing my shaft with exquisite splendour.

"Look honey, his cock sticks out of my cleavage!" she exclaimed. "That could never happen with your little thing!"

Rod was fuming. "Fuck you bitch!" He paced over to us, his fists clenched. Before he could lift a finger, I grabbed his lower arm and twisted it, making him growl in pain.

"Don't you dare touch her pindick!" I snarled at him. Mercedes looked up to me lovingly, not caring one bit that I had probably broken her hubby's wrist. Still maintaining him by one massively muscled arm, my biceps bulging obscenely, I pulled him down on the ground and looked at him menacingly. "Go back with the other boys and don't say another word." I released him and he whimpered and sobbed as he defeatedly crawled back to the corner where Jim and Barney were cowering.

"Thanks, stud. Darling, you'll never get to feel these again." she announced as she held her giant mammaries from the sides and gently rubbed my colossal manmeat. Precum was liberally oozing out and covering her upper chest with a glistening coating of my fluids. "Quite a workout, hey stud?"

Not to be outdone by this sex-crazed latina MILF, I decided to show what a real Big Timmy workout consisted of. I grabbed her by the arse with my powerful hands, lifting her clear off the ground, then proceeded to use her whole body as a giant jacking device. Holding her tight against my bulging torso, I bounced her up and down, mashing her tits against my huge crank. She got the jest of it and pushed her balloons together to better envelop my turgid pole. Bending her head down, she engulfed my cockhead on each downstroke of her overstacked body, uttering incomprehensible guttural moans of lust. I could feel her cuntjuices squirting out and covering my 8-pack washboard abdomen, filling its deep crevices with her womanly offerings.

"Fuck me with your mule-sized cock stud! I can't stand it anymore!" she begged deliriously. Her feet pushed against my tree-trunk thighs, desperately trying to untangle her body from my tight grip in order to lunge herself on my upturned pussy pounder. I let her go and bend my knees slightly to give her more leverage. She was starving for my hard cock, moaning in anticipation like a possessed woman. Finally, she managed to lift herself up high enough so that my crown was poised at the entrance to her flaring cunt. Looking down upon my angry knob, the enormity of my organ dawned on her and she hesitated for a fraction of second. Sensing her bewilderment, I indicated to her that it would fit and it would give her pleasure beyond her wildest imagination. Not needing more encouragement, the massively-endowed MILF beauty let her whole body weight fall of my mighty organ. Instantly, the apple-sized knob drove its way deep inside her vagina by distending her pussywalls beyond recognition. A crack in her hips was heard as I entered her womb. Another crack when I bumped against the back of her cervix. Mercedes rolled her eyes, unable to breath. Gently, I pulled back in order to let her recover from this single massive onslaught.

"Shit, I think I almost died and went to heaven!" she panted. "Let me get used to this massive log of yours for a while!"

"It's all yours baby." I replied while grinning at Rod, who instantly looked down at the floor in total humiliation. I dove my head inside her giant bosom, licking over the vast expanse of her oversized pillows, while she rode the top half of my stallion cock. Slowly, she impaled herself further and further down on the trunk-like shaft, her numerous mini-orgasms lubricating the massive organ until a full 15 inches disappeared up her body. I felt my own cocktip with my tongue as I was licking the inside of her cleavage. How the hell it ended up there I will never know, but the sensation was amazing. I almost lost my load before she relaxed her cunt muscles and gave my angry knob some breating space.

"Fuck, I feel like I've just been impaled by a telephone pole!" she moaned. "More, give me more of that amazing horsecock!" Eagerly, she strained to lift herself, bouncing up and down my trembling manmeat at lightning speed. My heavy seedmakers angrily slapped her arse on each upstroke, the skin of her cheeks turning red with my brutal testicle beating. "Oh yeah, so fucking big, sssoo good! You're so strong, it's amazing for a boy your age!" she clawed at my biceps to feel their hardness and cooed.

"You ain't seen nothing yet lady!"

Switching her weight slightly to the left, I held her up from under the arse with just one massively muscular arm lifting her up over and over again on my tireless behemoth. With my free hand, I fetched the heaviest dumbbell available and continued to power-fuck the hapless MILF while doing some curling exercices.

"God, look at those veins on those arms. Jim, you're just a little boy compared to this teenage hulk!" exclaimed Barbara as she caressed my flexing arm and felt the power rippling through my biceps. Jim watched on meekly but dared not respond to his fiancee's humiliation. After a few dozen curls, I decided to up the ante even further. I gently lied down on my back on the barbell bench, still impaled inside a grunting Mercedes, who did not stop bouncing up and down my manmeat during our short trip to the machine. Barbara and Whitney had gathered round to watch the spectacular show of masculine power I was about display. Flexing my mountainous arms for leverage, I lifted the 600lbs bar effortlessly. Mercedes stopped her furious riding for a second to admire the bulging muscles of my tense body as I repeated the lifts with the heavy bells in quick succession.

"Oh, fuck, this is so hot! I can feel his cock getting even harder and bigger!" she grunted while another orgasm racked her body. Indeed, I learnt early on that physical exercice causes a rush of blood to ALL my muscles, and that includes enlarging my already monster-sized cock a further quarter inch or so, both in length and girth.

I must have managed over 200 lifts before I started feeling the strain in my arms. During the lengthy course of this intense physical marathon, Mercedes had reached over ten mind-blowing climaxes, judging by the amount of girly juices inundating our connected genitals. She was riding almost 14 inches of forearm-thick teenage cock by the time I was done with my little show. Barbara and Whitney had helped clean up the copious amounts of our combined juices constantly pouring out of her distended vagina. I could feel my precum almost pissing out of my slit, in anticipation of my fourth climax of the morning.

The hot latina turned round, letting me admire her curvy arse while she rode me with wild abandon. Barbara and Whitney proceeded to tease her hardened nipples mercilessly while massaging my giant nuts, coaxing them to produce the vast quantities of the salty nectar they had previously devoured and adored, in order to satisfy their cum-hungry lust. The sight of this buxom latina's hot behind engulfing my towering pillar with such ease was overwhelming. I could see her lips being dragged by the ridges of my colossal dong on every upstroke, leaving a viscous trail of her womanly juices to glisten on the uncovered part of my king-sized shaft. Suddenly, my whole body tensed up, I sat up on my elbows, my toes curled and I froze. Barbara and Whitney sensed that I was about to deliver what they had been eagerly waiting for: a giant load of boy cum deep inside their friend's pussy, and hopefully some in their own mouths too. They released my balls, as if to let the sperm churning within the giant eggs escape unencumbered. And so it did.

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