Gym Perks


I like to get to the gym early -- usually just as it opens around 6:30 in the morning. Gives me plenty of time to work out before getting a shower and trudging off to work. The gym is often empty, too, so I can get access to the weights without having to wait for some 'muscle brother' or steroid freak to finish with them.

Getting to the gym early has other perks too. Michelle is a gorgeous gym instructor that works the early shift. She took the early shift at the reception desk so that she could get away mid-afternoon and pick her children up from school. She is, I guess, a milf -- though she looks young and obviously works out.

I walked into the reception area, whistling tunelessly. Michelle was stood behind the desk, yawning and stretching like a cat in white pyjamas. I smiled as I approached the desk.

'You in for the early shift again?' I said lamely, flashing my ID card.

Michelle returned the smile. 'Oh, you know, the early bird and all that.' She took hold of the card and looked at it for a moment. 'You'll need a new photo soon,' she looked me up and down, 'you're certainly looking good for the six months you've been with us.'

'Th-thanks.' I stammered. And after a pause, 'But you're the one looking good.'

The look of surprise on her face told me that she didn't get many compliments -- which was crazy. She always looked hot - treacle dark brown hair swept back in a ponytail, lively brown eyes and lush, pouting lips. She could have stepped straight from a model shoot.

I bounded up the stairs to the changing rooms, eager to hide the flush of scarlet that must be evident on my embarrassed face. I splashed cold water on my face and quickly changed into grey slacks and Calvin&Hobbes T-shirt.

The gym was empty, but the smell of weight grease, rubber and stale sweat was very evident. It invigorated me, allowing me to zone into the upcoming weights session.

I stretched out and climbed aboard a treadmill, pounding out five miles to work up a sweat. I noticed Michelle in the background, busying herself at the door, drawing blinds at the window. I didn't think anything of it, but just liked to watch her as she moved. She wore white jogging bottoms and a branded white top. The top was 2 sizes too big and hung low over one sunkissed shoulder. God, I thought, fit as fuck.

The five miles was up and I padded over to the free weights section, limbering up and assessing which would be punished first. I picked up a couple of dumbbells and slowly curled them up, concentrating on a light bicep workout.

Movement in the mirror caught my eye and I saw Michelle walking towards me. Her hips sashayed and I suddenly looked dead ahead, catching sight of her in the corner of my vision.

Michelle stood to one side, watching my form as I repped the weights slowly, methodically, keeping strict form. I was about to say something when she placed a finger on her lips and said 'shhhhhhh.'

She tapped at a couple of dumbbells a few sizes bigger. I placed mine down and lifted the ones she recommended.

She leaned in close to my ear. 'The door is locked. The blinds are closed. Noone is going to disturb us for an hour, at least.'

'But, what . . .' I said, before her finger pressed against my lips.

'No. No words.' She whispered, 'Don't spoil the moment. I'm just going to give you a little motivation.' She crushed her body into mine and gave me a hot, wet kiss. Her tongue flicked into my mouth and then ran along my lips. Her hands trailed down my body and she slowly knelt before me. Unable to move I watched her descend in the mirror. It was as if I was comatose, the only thing alive was the raging erection that poked into her body, sliding over the material between her perfect, voluptuous breasts.

Michelle's thumbs hooked onto the waistband of my slacks and pulled them slowly over my thighs. My cock sprang up in front of her face and she made a perfect 'O' of surprise. She looked up at me with big, beautiful eyes. 'You may begin now.' She instructed.

I began to curl the weights up to my shoulder then down to my hips, taking care not to come close to Michelle. I stared straight ahead, watching the back of her head in the reflection. She settled down and flicked her ponytail behind her, clasping manicured hands on my muscular thighs.

She slid her tongue out and gently licked the tip of my hardened cock. I gasped at the delicate touch, and glanced down. A glistening string of pre-cum bridged the gap between my cock and her mouth. She smiled, then lapped again at the straining purple cockhead, winding her tongue up and over the helmet in a circular fashion. She flicked her tongue on the end, paused for a rep, then plunged her mouth down the length of my cock.

'Gaaaahhhd' I growled, trying to concentrate on keeping the weights moving, but entirely taken with the hot wet mouth sucking at my member, teeth slightly grazing as she rose up and then lips brushing down the slick length. I tried to prevent the inevitable by staring at the events in the mirror. But watching Michelle's head bob up and down in rhythm with my reps was too much, and I felt the telltale signs of an oncoming orgasm flex in my loins.

Michelle felt it too, and she grasped my dick, following the motion of her head with her hand, preparing for 'le petite mort'.

I groaned, my legs trembling with weakness as I shot the first stream of cum into Michelle's mouth. She rose up from my cock, mouth open, her hand pumping up and down, as a thick, ropey gushes of cum splattered onto her face and into her mouth, pooling on her tongue and dribbling down her chin.

She clutched at her breasts underneath her top, pushing them together as the last remnants of jism spurted from my cock onto her cleavage, joined by a stream of cum from her mouth.

I let the weights drop with a bang, willing the strength back into my knees. My head dropped as I panted uncontrollably.

Michelle stood up, smearing the spunk from her face and breasts over my T-shirt. 'Now that I have your full attention,' she smirked, 'What is the next piece of equipment you'll be working on?'

I nodded over to the bench press. A barbell with slab weights at either end bridged over a weights bench.

'Perfect.' She said, and led me by the hand to the apparatus. I lay on the bench and checked either side at the tonnage.

Michelle jiggled out of her half cut pants and top and stood, legs wide apart, arms on hips, looking like a naked Army Instructor. 'You may begin now.' And she knelt at my legs, fingers tiptoeing up my thighs.

I lifted the bar off its cradle and began to rep, lowering the bar to my chest, holding for a beat, then pushing smoothly upwards, exhaling as I did so.

I felt Michelle's fingertips working their way up my legs, and the warm weight of her breasts brushing along behind. She scratched her fingernails over my scrotum and around my inner thighs, and I felt her hot mouth suck in my shrivelled manhood. She rolled it around her mouth for a few moments, then lay it in her hand. She gently blew a cool stream of air along the shaft and my cock flinched, lengthening and straightening to this woman's magical touch.

She massaged the life back into my cock, her hands encouraging the hardness to return, and soon I was rock hard again, thrusting up from my body like the Tower of Pisa.

I continued to benchpress whilst Michelle straddled me, placing my cock against her slick wet quim. She braced her hands on my stomach and gyrated her hips, sliding slowly down the length of my cock in one long, swirling motion.

I heard a gasp of satisfaction escape her lips and she continued the small circular motion, her pubis grazing my coarse hair. Then she lifted up, slowly, deliciously, and began a press of her own, descending down my shaft, grinding herself at the base, then lifting herself up again.

She had her eyes closed, her head cocked to one side, biting her bottom lip whilst she fucked herself on my hardness. I had to relax the weights in the cradle as she pleasured herself -- it looked as if she had forgotten all time and space, as she rode up and down. She leaned one hand on my stomach, close to my crotch, whilst the other clutched at a generous breast, kneading herself in rhythm to the fucking.

Her fingers curled around my pubic hair and the rhythm began to speed up. Suddenly she wasn't just sliding up and down, but bouncing, quicker and quicker, the heady aroma of sex becoming stronger.

'Mnnhhhhh . . .' she moaned, tweaking hard at her nipple as her pussy muscles gripped me in a powerful embrace. Her legs started to shake, trembling with the oncoming tension. I could feel the build-up of her orgasm, clenching her insides, burning in her loins as it grew in power. And then it flared.

'Oh, Jesus fucking Christ,' Michelle panted, slamming herself down onto my loins, grinding hard against my pubis. A flood of juice squirted from her pussy and she slammed down again, squelching noisily. Her trembling increased and her whole body shook, throwing her head around as a powerful orgasm cascaded through her.

She slumped forward, her ponytail flopping across my face, as she heaved and panted on my chest. She kissed my skin, trailing up my neck until she found my lips. She kissed me once, twice, then lifted herself up, face flushed, smiling broadly at me.

'Wow.' Michelle said, 'That came a second close to the rampant rabbit. God, what time is it?' She glanced at the clock on the wall, 'Fuck. Fifteen minutes until the regulars are due.'

She lifted herself off me with a pop and gathered her clothes. She lay her clothes on a nearby bench and wandered over to a large wall mirror, tying her hair back into the ponytail. I stood up from the bench and moved towards her.

'That was fantastic, honey. But it was a booty call -- don't expect that kind of service everytime you come in ear . . . hey, what are you doing?'

She was surprised as I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her forcefully against the mirror.

'Whoa there, stud. We'll have company in less than five minutes.' Michelle protested, struggling against my powerful grip. But I was deaf to her concerns, and grabbing my cock I forced it down the curve of her arse until it encountered the slippery wetness of her pussy.

'We haven't got time for this.' She complained, pushing away from the mirror. Her push coincided with my thrust, and my steel hard column of flesh rammed full into her.

'Aaahhhh' she sighed, and I firmly bent her over, her hands bracing the mirror, while I gripped hold of her hips.

Snarling at her agonised look in the mirror, I slammed my cock into her tight pussy, banging her ass so hard that she had to push back with all her might. I thrust forward, grunting in time with the loud slaps, and reached up to grab her ponytail. Her head bent backward and she half screamed.

'Nnng . . . unnnnnnggggg . . .' I felt the powerful buildup in my balls, my stomach tensing. Michelle was making noises too, meowing loudly like a cat in heat. My length of meat impaling her from behind, filling her tight pussy so that she cat-called in the empty gymnasium.

I felt the contractions from Michelle's pussy, she was groaning and wriggling, climaxing from the hard fuck. It was all too much. I rammed hard into her, releasing my grip as I felt the inevitable rising surge, my thrusts becoming erratic as the final moments rapidly approached.

'Not inside me' Michelle whispered, and she moved forward and knelt down in front of me. I barely had time to grip my cock when I exploded hot and wet all over her.

She held her breasts up as I ejaculated again and again, cumming over her beautiful face and tits, showering her with jism that seemed to rain over her.

I fell to my knees in front of her, and we both stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

'Well,' Michelle said as she wiped cum from her face, 'That does prove one thing.'

'What is that?' I gasped.

'The early bird does indeed get the worm!'

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