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Haircut & Massage

byDr. Bull©

"Hi Mitch!" Debbie winked at her friend, the local Chamber of Commerce Director. It was his turn in the barber's chair, "grab a sit, I'll be right with you." Debbie enjoyed their conversations. She had gotten him in the Habit of being her last customer of the day, it gave her more time to spoil him while they talked or let her try new products on him or a massage to relax him. Debbie smiled thinking of their last conversation; Mitch mentioned seeing an old adult version of Candid Camera. They both laughed just at the telling of it, now she was going to push the envelope a bit.

Mitch chatted as he watched Debbie lock the place up, he was her last client and she was closing the place. She was also friends with Karen, Mitch's wife and enjoyed being around both of them. A couple times, she, Karen and Mitch had played together, Debra and Karen had enjoyed a night or two together, just the two women; and they had abused Mitch's body on several occasions. So Debbie usually locked the doors as she worked on them.

"Women can be sneaky," Debra thought to herself. She and Karen had set this up "OK now let's get started," this red head sounded a lot ditzier than she is, "let's wash that hair." Mitch loved having Debra wash his hair; she was also his masseuse and could nearly put him to sleep just massaging his head. "Off with the glasses mister." Debra tipped him back his head resting comfortably as she massaged the shampoo onto his scalp. Mitch loved this part; her ability to drain his stress away in moments always amazed him. His eyes closed and the world went away, he listened to the sound of her voice, not really the words. Karen knew he was out, almost to sleep state, "Poor Mister, you need a change of pace, good thing Karen will let me play."

Mitch heard something about Karen and felt Debra move away then come back to him, as she lathered his hair, her breast rubbed against his cheek. Mitch's eyes started to flutter open, Debra 'accidentally' splashed water towards his eyes keeping them closed as she rinsed his hair then sat him upright, wiping his eyes with a towel, the drying his hair. Mitch's eyes cleared of the water; he blinked, glanced left to watch Debra's now nude torso dancing as she dried the hair on his head. "So what ya think, Mitchell?"

His eyes hardly left her chest as he chided back," For some reason my mind seems to have gone blank." Debra's D-cup breasts hung low a bit, yet still captivated his attention. Her pale white skin with small faint pink areolas crowning the top of each breast were so sexy. Still so very sexy, even if she and Mitch were no longer considered young.

"I knew that would get your attention," Debra giggled, her nipples hardened as Mitch's attention centered on them, "time for the girls to go away." Picking up her smock, putting it back on.

"Aw," Mitch wined, "I always love your tits."

"Relax big boy," Debra giggling at him, "Karen said I could play with you as long as I want." she pulled the smock on but left the front open, barely covering her breasts up. "Besides I do need to cut your hair."

Through the haircut, Mitch squirmed as Debra's nipples peeked past the edges, it was enjoyable and distracting, and he kept turning towards her. "That is it!" Debra turned and walked away.

"What? Are we done? Debra?" Mitch did not understand what was going on.

Debra stepped over to the massage room, cracked the door and spoke to someone, then came back tying up the front of her smock." I was saving this surprise till later, but need something besides me to concentrate on."


"She's not a what, she's a who!" Debra giggled, "Her has been taking massage classes and wanted to help with you." She turned the chair toward the door into the massage room as it started to open. Long black hair hung from the round smiling face, her bare shoulder showed as she waved at Mitch. "'Come on out its OK and I need you to distract him." Debra encouraged her young assistant, at nineteen, Jo is very cute, the Latin blood of her Mexican for bearers did well by her. Jo's light brown skin, smooth as silk, flushed just a bit as Mitch and Debra watched her step from behind the door.

Five four and just over a hundred pounds, Mitch slowing noted her beauty. Jo's young perky c-cup breasts void of stretch marks, large deep chocolate colored areolas covered the front quarter of her breasts. Her slender waist curved in to her flat abs, hips flared classically to surround the slightly shaped patch of black pubic hair and her legs, not long, but well shaped. She gave Mitch a coy look as she sauntered towards him," Miss Debra said if I could get comfortable massaging a man while I am nude, then it will be easy to concentrate when only they are." She giggled, "Now look this way while Miss Debra cut your hair."

Jo moved across to the counter across from the chair Mitch sat in, "Is this good?" she asked Debra.

"Fine, that will keep his head straight."

Mitch watched as Jo put her hands on the counter pushed her nude body up and onto the counter. In typical teenager style, she was soon tired of just being looked at, even as Mitch tried to chat with her. She sat with her legs crossed or together, but as she started to fidget, Mitch would catch a glimpse then as she crossed her leg and started looking at the nail polish on her toes his view of her pussy lips was unobstructed.

The haircut finished and Mitch's cock trying to break out of his pants, Mitch rose out of the chair as the young woman jumped from the counter almost landing in his arms. Mitch smiled as he caught her watching her supple breasts bounce, "Easy Honey, you could hurt the old guy."

"Are you ready for your massage?" Jo was ready.

"Never rush your customer," Debra reminded her, "give him time, we want to relax him." Debra removed her smock; topless again, she started sweeping up his hair.

"Ok, sorry," Jo picked up the dustpan and helped Debra clean up.

Mitch watched with delight as the two picked up from his hair cut, the age difference aside, he was not sure which excited him most. Debra's experience verses the young tight Jo. "Don't know if I'm relaxed, but I think I'm ready," he declared.

"K Jo, walk him to the door and have him get ready."

Jo's round lil' booty was as nice as the rest; Mitch's hard-on was aching to get out. "You are just evil you know," he said to Debra as he reached out cupping her breast as he walked by.

"Yep, gotta love me."

Walking by the sexy young woman, she reminded him, "Get comfortable and lie on your front, we will be right in."


"Just go get ready," Debra winked at him, "you don't think I would leave her alone with you, do you?"

So Mitch went in got naked and with some difficulty lay face down on the table. He noticed Debra had made some changes to the room, each of the corners toward the head of the table had mirrors angled so you could watched the masseuse while you lie face down, like mirrors on a truck.

Mitch watched as the two women entered, Debra was now naked like Jo, Mitch moved a bit his erection growing again. Jo seemed nervous Eve though she had spent the last half hour with Mitch, now that he was naked be it under a sheet, it changed things.

"Just start your routine jus like the taught you in class." Debra encouraged.

"But what if they get... You know..." was the question in a hushed tone.

"A hard on? They often do, Mitch, roll over." Debra commanded as she whipped the sheet off he rolled over, his manhood pointing straight up. "See, this is why we practice naked." sounding like a school teacher she explained, "Mitch's wife Karen agreed to let me, let you practice on Mitch." Her hand reached out and caressed his shaft, "Because she knows you need to get used to it," her fingers stroked through the hair on his balls, he moaned. "And that he will be rewarded in away. Now Mitch roll back over." He complied, with a muffled groan as he once again adjusted his member to allow a face down position. Jo started to work on him, as she calmed down her training kicked in soon Mitch was out as she worked the stress from his body.

Feeling like a wet noodle, Mitch's conscious heard them tell him it was time to roll over. Hardly noticing that his sheet was gone, Mitch looked up at the two ladies standing over him. Their smiles, their amazing tits, amazing even to himself he was flaccid, limp as a rag. Debra was taking, "See; now normally we wouldn't have him roll over, but the massage has relaxed him completely."

"So it takes the stiff right out of them?" Jo asked.

"Yep," Debra answered, "but understand they can come back." She reached down and stroked Mitch's cock, it started to rise.

Jo giggled, "May I?" as she reached toward his growing member.

"I'm sure he won't complain," Debra looked at Mitch, who was smiling at her as the girl started with her fingers and then switched to her mouth and tongue. Debra moved up rubbing her tits against his chest as she move to his head, covering his face with them.

Mitch was in heaven; Jo was working over his balls and shaft with her rather skilled tongue, while Debra slowly ran her fingernails across his chest. Her breasts moving one nipple and then another to his mouth, where he sucked hard on them.

Debra stepped back to allow Mitch to watch as the young woman moved up onto the table astride his legs. Stroking him with her hands, balancing on the balls of her feet as she slid her tight cunt down onto his shaft. Her tightly formed breasts bouncing, her nipples riding high, getting harder with each stroke.

Debra moved to Jo's side, as Mitch fondled Jo's breasts, Debra reached in tickling Mitch's testicals, her other hand lay between Jo's legs sliding across her clit as she moved up and down on Mitch's cock. The sensation caused Jo to start having orgasms, her pussy clamped down around the throbbing member beneath her.

Mitch came hard, grabbing the young girl by the hips thrusting deep inside her, his cum filling her pussy and leaking out onto his balls. As Jo collapsed onto Mitch's chest, Debra's hungry tongue quickly licked up the juices leaking out, sending shivers through both Jo and Mitch.

They quivered as her long tongue slipped along his shaft and across her cunt's lips. The sensations caused Jo's orgasm to come in waves, her muscles crushing Mitch's penis inside her. Debra enjoyed the flavor of their two juices combined, like a mother cat, she licked them both clean. Then she moved around to see Jo's contented face snuggled into Mitch's chest, he looked up into Debra's eyes, mouthing Thank you."

"I thought you might enjoy testing our new massage teaching methods." Debra giggled as she started towards the door.

Jo crawled off Mitch and followed Debra, stopping at the door; she looked back, "Thank You Mr. Mitch." Wiggling her fingers and blowing a kiss, "I may need more training.", she giggled and disappeared.

After he finished dressing, Mitch went back to the front desk to find Debra dressed and smiling, "The usual three weeks?" she asked.

"Better make it two."

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