tagIncest/TabooHaircut Ch. 02

Haircut Ch. 02


Everyone is adult in this story, enjoy.


It had been several days now, and Lily lay in her bed, unable to see. It was late in the pitch black night.

Daddy was not there.

She felt a fur shape on the nightstand and shivered. I've never felt so melted, ground into glass. To have his hands run over me. Not my lover, my owner, to be possessed. I said yes, yes, yes... MINE. I felt it, do anything. I am yours. We say this, say it all the time to lovers. But now, it takes getting used to. The euphoria, the feeling in my beating heart, the sweat trickles down between my breasts, when my legs spread wide. Can I handle this?

I've beem sexually active, still am. He still lets me date. And I have, to make HIM jealous. I thought I knew what sex is, know what I like. Feeling its skin to skin embrace, the feel of clinging naked bodies sliding together, wanting and then having. Climbing inside, being. Disappearing, the YES. The YES. Fuck. The fuck as if your life depends on it. The lazy fuck, the morning fuck. The moans, tongues finding each other, the slap and sigh, and kissing. And oh god kissing. But vanilla sex, vanilla! Hah. Vanilla. Something I enjoy, would never tire of. But that hand at my throat, another held between my legs. The fabric, the fur, the tails, the cords.

God, I am cumming and not even touching myself. O, God. Yes. Ahhhhh. Claimed and controlled, NOT between equals. MINE. HIS.

The wax melting to its flame, how I melt. The fear, the electric fear. The grip of its excitement. The secret, the depravity, the fear. The things I let him do to me, what should I wear daddy? What should I wear under my clothes? His whispers when we are out, make my hairs stand on end, my scalp prickling as he forces my legs apart. The palm at my throat, his hands in my shirt making me squirm.

Will I ever get used to this feeling? Do I want to?

I am Afraid...

But the fear, is

the heart of my attraction.


She agreed.

Feeling the heat from her body, our exhausted selves. She took my hand and followed, out of the vacant room and into mine. I opened this box in my closet and let her look inside.

The gasp, guttural from her throat. "You can, you can...." I did not want to finish the sentence, her small fingers reaching in the box. Ribbons, and fur, cords and soft leather. Masks, and balls, and ....

Her eyes met mine, we are sitting naked, sitting as if everything is normal and she rolls onto her front onto the be. Yes.

She does not say anything, but her softness, the curve of her ass, her legs, the swell of her pussy between her legs. My hand at the center of her back.

Fuck, fuck fuck. Foreplay be damned. I am so hard, can feel the weight of my cock. Mine. I keep thinking, fucking shit.

And I barely touch her, turning her so she faces me. Wrapping the cord around around her neck, down the center of her front, between her legs, she turns and up along her back, her shoulder blades. Looping the cords at the back through the cords at the back of her neck, and down around her sides, crossing, criss crossing, turning the cords around her breasts around her hips..

Silence, her trembling body. Unspeakable.

Our eyes meet, and she is holding her lower lip in her teeth, looking at herself, up on her elbows. Gestures, the knots forming at her navel, the criss-cross of cords on her, Another cord and her knees bent back, and wrapped from thigh to calf. The promise of no movement, what we want. Her ankles held back to her thighs, and her arms secured to the top of the bed. She is mine. The promise, her promise of what we want. She lays still and I draw my hand along her body, we are alone. The house is empty. I touch and stroke, could penetrate her, hear her say no. Her knees spread wide, and turning her onto her front, lifting her ass in the air. On her knees, spread wide.

Digging around in the box, the soft tail. A soft kitties tail, attached as it is to a butt plug. A tube of lubrication and pressing the juices around her ass, push the tail, the soft long tail into her ass, and the arch of her back the rise of her ass, she is mine. My pet. Marking her flash with the cords, held in place, her moan at the silicone penetration. So adorable, she is looking back at me, and her hear is pounding.


She was silent as I bound her, but now she is moaning, stretched out and waving her ass back and forth. I will never forget what she looked like there before me, and my cock so hungry to fuck.

I will never forget our bodies, the look of her, our smells, her softness. The room glowed, an instagram. The yielding, the magic. Her now soft, involuntary moans and gasps, squeaks and groans. It was all we could speak, an animal self overtakes the bound.

I do say in a deep voice,

"My pet."

And stroke her softly, find the slit of her pussy and push my finger in. I cover her with my body and lick her by the ear. "I want you, to take you." I say and she is laying there her cheek buried in the pillow, breathing. "Oh god, daddy." She whimpers it out.

Our words feel like they are running through a liquid, through a molten glass, and are bent like light in water. It is an hallucination. I cover her, and kiss her by the ear, her hot skin all beneath me, and lifting my heavy cock up, throw that soft fur to the side, and press inside. Her head goes up, all involuntary. Fucking like animals, like snakes, or fuckkkkk. It feels so good.

The cards are turning, the music plays in the silence, the future of our life, bending to its magic. I press and feel us together, her body, again again again. We have been fucking all day, and the ache is intense, and that space between her legs has me, and her ass filled, and I turn the knob inside her as I fuck and she groans, "Oh daddy." She says it again, fluttery like a bird. "It feels so.....good."

She cries "Oh god I am yours, do it to me. Yes."

She cums immediately, and her body is twisting beneath me and I continue, pounding, driving inside. Holding her, pinning her down. The cords straining at her wrists and she is bound to stay, cannot get up. She is whimpering, "Oh so sensitive, oh god daddy." and her body shudders again, spasms again, as an orgasm rips through again, and she is whimpering, holding her ass up high and crying out. "Oh, I can't I can't, I can't cum again."

I let my hands brush her skin, and it working like glass on her, the skin is being cut with the magic. As I work my way inside, under her arms and hold her still pinned, cannot straighten her legs or stop me, and I pump inside. "I'm going to fill you little girl. So full, fuck you. Cream inside of you, yes." And ribbons of cum pumping inside, her ass pressing back as hard as she can, taking me, drinking me. I work my way up in her sinews, her whole body weak, and drenched. The sheets are pulled down by my flailing on her. Her open gaping pussy, and moving back off her body, her pussy this open wound, with my cream leaking out. Her legs obscenely spread, unable to move or cover herself or recover.

Mine. Mine. Mine. I could leave her like this. Mine.

The cords worked their magic, rubbing her between her legs, chaffing as I fucked. I could dig my fingers into the knots of the cords and pull her to me. These will stay, today she will wear them beneath her clothes. The hidden cords bound to me.


How I split her, beautifully bound, and ready for more.


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