tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHairless with a Tongue Stud

Hairless with a Tongue Stud


Sarah and Valerie, both 18, were in the final year of high school. They had been friends since childhood, but they were as different as night and day. Sarah, my daughter, was a brunette with a sweet innocent face, a good girl. Valerie was blonde, about the same height and weight as Sarah. But she seemed a lot more free in her speech, perhaps a bad girl. Which interested me. Since both of them were cheerleaders, they had lithe athletic bodies.

But unlike Sarah,Valerie always seemed to wear the skimpiest of clothes when she came over to visit my daughter. This time she had on extremely short and ragged denim cutoffs and a yellow jersey that did little to hide the fact that she was not wearing a bra. Also, she had a silver tongue stud.

And oddly enough, Valerie, even though she was not going to college, was smarter than Sarah. So she used to help Sarah at night with her homework, and I paid her $7 an hour for the service and drove her home afterwards so she would not have to walk.

"I have a question I've been meaning to ask you," I said to her that night on the way to her home. "What's the idea of the tongue stud? What's the point of it?"

"Guys like it," she replied.

"I've never seen a guy with one."

"Guys like it on girls."



I thought for a minute. I was afraid to say what I was thinking. "Does it have anything to do with sex?"

She smiled. "You got it."

"Really? Oral sex?"

"That's it."

"Amazing. I would never have guessed."

"But you did. Right away."

Halfway to her house, we passed the deserted WalMart parking lot. "Why don't you pull in here for a few minutes," she said.


"I'll tell you."

"Okay." I pulled into the parking lot.

"Park somewhere and douse the lights," she said.

I did so.

"Would you like a demonstration?" she asked.

"Of what?"

"My tongue-stud."

"Doing what?"


"You're kidding me."

"You've been very nice to me, and I've already told Sarah that I think you're really sexy-looking for a dad. And the money you've paid me to help Sarah has really come in handy. So I would like to pay you back in some way. And you know what Bill Clinton said about a BJ: It's not really sex, so you wouldn't be committing adultery."

"I don't---"

"I'll tell you another secret about girls if you want," she said with a smile.

"What that?"

"A lot of girls—including your daughter and me—shave."

"What do you mean—shave your legs?"

"You really aren't this naive, are you? I mean shave your private area."

I looked at her shorts. "Down there?"

"You got it."


"Same thing. Guys like it....Now can I demonstrate my tongue stud?"

I thought about it. "I know I should say no, but an offer like that is hard to refuse. And you are of legal age—even though I'm old enough to be your father."

"Right—and I would like to do it."


"Because you're old enough to be my father."

"You won't tell Sarah?"

"Of course not."

"What should I do?"

"You might want to unfasten your pants and push them and your shorts down to your knees. Even though I like to swallow, we don't want to leave a spot on your pants that might be hard for you to explain to your wife."

"Good idea." I unfastened my belt, unzipped my pants and pushed them down to my knees, along with my shorts. Then I thought about it for a moment. "As long as we're doing this, why don't we go for broke," I said. "I have a request to make."

"What's that?"

"I've never seen a shaved one. Do you think you might be willing to take your shorts off as well?"

She laughed. "Gee, mister, you expect a lot for your five bucks. Okay." She unfastened her cutoffs and pushed them down until they were on the floor. Then she did the same with her white bikini panties. She was as bare as a baby. She knelt up in front of me. "See?"

Even though the lights were off in the car, there was plenty of visibility from the parking lot lights. I stared at her beautiful hairless cleft. "Can I touch it?" I asked.


I did so. It felt wonderful—and strange. I longed to put my finger inside her, but I thought that would be going too far.

"Just like you say: Might as well go for broke," she said, and she pulled the yellow jersey over her head. Now she was completely naked, with beautiful small breasts and hard pink nipples. "Time to get to work." She stretched across the seat so her head was in my lap. Then she started licking my already hard member. "You have a very nice one," she said, holding it up and looking at it.

"How many have you seen?"

"Despite what you may think, not many. Just a few." Then she started licking it in earnest until finally she went all the way down to my pubic hairs on it. It took all of my will to keep from exploding into her mouth. She was right about the stud ring: That little silver knob made it even better.

Seeing her beautiful naked body stretched sideways out in the seat with her hairless cleft near my hand, I did what any sane man would have done: I caressed her cleft with my hand, then slipped my middle finger inside. She drew in her breath sharply. No wonder: She was all wet and slippery inside. "Can I tell you something," I muttered.

She took my cock out of her mouth. "Sure."

"You probably don't know it, but I had a vasectomy ten years ago, and I've never had a social disease, so I was wondering—"

She looked up at me with a smile. "You were wondering if you could fuck me?"

"Could I?"

"Yes, I would love that." She got up on her knees, straddled my lap, leaned over to kiss me, then gently guided my cock into her wet slit and slowly went all the way down on it. She waited a moment, then slowly started going up again. Once more I felt ready to explode.

"Christ, I hope a cop doesn't come patrolling through here," I said.

She opened her eyes. "No problem. I'll just tell them you're my daddy, and you're bouncing me on your lap."

I couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sure they'll believe that. Speaking of daddy, since you know my daughter so well, is she still a virgin?"

"Why? Are you thinking of her, pretending I'm her?"

"No, I'm not thinking of her!"

"I wouldn't mind if you did. Nasty sex is fun. Do you want me to call you daddy?"

"No, I don't want you to call me daddy! And I'm not thinking of her."

"Okay then, I'll answer your question: Yes, she's still a virgin, but she gives really great blowjobs—or so I've been told."

She leaned closer and whispered in my ear. "Do you want to come inside of me?"


"Then do so."

That did it. I came inside her in a shuddering climax, and I think she came too. "That was wonderful," I said.

"I know. I thought so too. Let me clean you off." She eased herself off my still swollen cock, laid face down on the seat, took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean. I could not help it: I came again in her mouth.

"Hey!" she said. "That's gonna cost you another five bucks."


She licked it clean again. Then she sat up with a satisfied smile on her face. "Should I walk into my house like this, naked, or should I get dressed?"

"I love looking at you naked, but I think getting dressed would be a good idea."

"I have another good idea. Why don't we make the Wallyworld Motel here a regular stop on your way to my house?"

That sounded like a good idea to me too.

The End

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