tagIncest/TabooHairy Fun At Home...

Hairy Fun At Home...


- 18 y/o boy ejaculating inside his 18 y/o sister's mouth!

- 18 y/o boy ejaculating inside his 18 y/o sister's hairy pussy!

- 18 y/o boy sucking his 36 y/o mother's hairy pussy and hairy ass!

- 18 y/o girl and her 36 y/o mother licking each other hairy armpits!

- 18 y/o boy licking his own sperm on his 36 y/o mother's hairy pubis and armpits!

- 36 y/o woman sucking her 18 y/o son's sperm on her 18 y/o daughter's hairy armpit!

- 18 y/o boy ejaculating inside his (other) 18 y/o sister's hairy pussy!

- 36 y/o man ejaculating inside his 18 y/o daughter's hairy anus!

- 53 y/o man ejaculating inside his 36 y/o daughter's hairy pussy, his 18 y/o grand daughter's hairy anus and on his (other) 18 y/o grand daughter's hairy armpits!

- 36 y/o man licking his 53 y/o mother-in-law's hairy anus!

- 18 y/o boy ejaculating inside his 53 y/o grand mother's hairy pussy!

- 36 y/o man and his 53 y/o father-in-law ejaculating simultaneously inside their 36 y/o wife and daughter's hairy pussy!

- 18 y/o boy ejaculating inside his 36 y/o mother's hairy pussy!

- 53 y/o man ejaculating inside his 18 y/o grand daughter's hairy pussy!

- 18 y/o boy ejaculating inside his 36 y/o mother's hairy anus!

- 18 y/o boy, his 36 y/o father and his 53 y/o grand father ejaculating simultaneously inside the hairy anus, the hairy pussy and the mouth of their 53 y/o grand mother, mother-in-law and wife!


So if you are shocked don't read it!

This saturday morning, like all mornings since more than four years now, Harry, 18 years old, wakes up in his bed with a huge hardon. It's because he's been dreaming, like all night, of hairy pussies of all colors. The only "sex" hairs that he can look are his mother and his two sisters hairy pits when they wear robes without sleeves because it's spring time. He remembers how he was ultra excited last summer at their swimming pool when he saw, for the first time, these three women wearing bikinis. All of them have a treasure trail from their pubis to their navel and it was a festival of brown, red and blond hairs sticking out their bikinis. Harry thinks that today he MUST get some serious bush to play with and not only jerk off. Harry is the only son of this modern family. He was born 1 minute before Harriet who was born 1 minute before Helen. Sex is not a taboo subject but thinking to fuck his own mother and sisters!

Harry knows where he can get some relief. He opens his closet door, and peers through the hole in the back. Carol, his 36 years old mother, is sitting on her bed facing him, unaware that he is peeking through the secret hole. She is naked and her legs are apart. Her enormous brown ultra hairy pussy stares at him like a hungry bearded clam. The vision of his father's sperm oozing outside his mother's vagina confirms that, even after 18 years of marriage, his parents continue to fuck each night and each morning! With the big amount of sperm leaking on his mother's thighs and the huge quantity of her pussy cream shining on his father's prick, Harry sees that his parents love each other very much. Carol reaches up to pull her hair back and he sees her very furry pits. He is so hard now, he can only do one thing. He stands peeking at her beating off furiously. Suddenly the door to his room opens.

Harriet, his 18 years old sister, was feeling horny this morning herself. She was going to see if Harry was jerking off like he usually does each morning. She can't believe Harry is watching their mother when he could be watching her. Harry tries to explain his way out of this but can't think of anything to say. He notices through his sister's robe her big nipples are fully erect. Harry not being very bashful asks if she want to go to her room. Harriet, says sure she would love to get her lips around his prick. They head off to the bedroom.

Harriet smiles and slowly begins to raise her skirt. At the upper side of her thigh the trail of red hair begins. She raises her skirt all the way and Harry sees the fluffs of hair sticking out of the sides of her panties and the tuft above the waistband leading into the treasure trail that rises to her navel. Harriet pulls down her panties and runs her fingers through her monster bush to fluff it up. "Well, what do you think?" Harriet asks. Harry smiles and says :

"You are even hairier than Mom! That's just about the biggest bush I ever saw. And you know that I read each month Hairy Girls magazine! I need to stick my dick in that!" Harriet laughs and answers : "First things first."

Harriet has now completely removed her clothes and Harry is amazed at the sight of his sister's impressively large bush that completely obscures her pussylips in a haze of red fur. He sees also, with a great pleasure, her red ultra hairy armpits. Harriet exposes her hard nipples and hairy pussy, this really gets Harry harder and dripping with excitement. Quickly he pulls her back in the room and gets his hairy cock out of Harriet to suck on just when things are going hot and heavy.

Harry is ready to explode in his sister's mouth. Harriet swallows Harry's incestuous load with pleasure as her moaning brother ejaculates a big amount of sperm cream. "Oohh! Sister I love you" says Harry as he finishs to ejaculate his sperm inside his sister's mouth. "Hummphh! Me too Harry" answers a slurping Harriet. It's the first time of their life that Harry blends his sperm with his sister's saliva. But they know it's not the last!

Harry throws his sister on her bed and buries his face in her flaming red pussy hair which is so soft and silky, and starts to lick. All pussy hair in the morning smells the night sex musk. Harry licks his sister from the top of her beautiful hairy pussy to the top of her butt crack in the goal to lick her sweet pink and hairy asshole. "Oh! it's fantastic, your asshole is hairy too" says a licking Harry. "And i'm sure it's hairier than Mom's and Helen's!" answers Harriet. By now his sister can't stand it any longer and pulls Harry on top of her and starts to insert his big hairy cock into her tight hairy hole. "Uuhh!!!" says Harriet as her hairy pussy receives a penis for the first time. "Oohh my god! It's so good" says Harry as he begins to enter paradise. They don't move for twenty seconds, savouring, for the first time of their life, the pleasure to blend male and female genitals.

Then Harry says : "Oh my god, finaly I succeed to enter inside a vagina. But beware sister, I suppose you don't want to have a baby with me! Are you on the pill?". "No problem brother, Mom take me on the pill one year ago to secure her. Don't forget that Dad and Mom conceive you when Mom was only 18 years old. And, for that reason, me and our little sister Helen are on the pill since 1 month, at ours 18 years old birthday!" answers Harriet as her ultra hairy pussy devours slowly, inch by inch, her brother's big prick, smearing it with her pussy cream.

As Harry's penis gently breaks her hymen, Harriet smiles, in spite of the pain, thinking they are taking each other virginity. "Oohh Harry! You made me a true woman now" says Harriet as she contracts again her vaginal muscles. "Uuhh! Not yet sis, I will make you a woman and you will make me a man only when my sperm will be mixed with your cream inside your vagina. And I... Aaghh!" answers Harry as he ejaculates his incestuous sperm inside his sister's hairy pussy sending Harriet in her biggest orgasm.

"Oohh Harry! I can feel that my vagina is full with your abondant sperm" says a moaning Harriet as Harry lay down on her body, his big prick securely impaled inside her hairy cunt. He sees his black pubic hairs glued with his sister's red bush by the mixture of his sperm and her vaginal juice and says : "I have already spied Dad and Mom as they fuck, and the vision of his abondant blond pubic hairs against her enormous brown bush is very exciting". They fall asleep together, in this position like incestuous brother and sister.

Carol and Walter, his 36 years old husband, after a good fucking night decide to go to Harriet's room to wake up her. When they see the naked couple : their son and their daughter sleeping together as husband and wife! The vision of this beautiful hairy couple, with their bodies mixed together by their sweat and by the ultra hairy black and red junction of their genitals, create immediately a huge hard on to Walter and wets Carol's panties. But, due to his strict education, Walter understands that it's incest so he just walks away in disbelief. Carol, more excited as a woman than shocked as a mother, stays and joins in on the action.

Carol pulls up her skirt as Harry pulls his now soft cock out of his sister's vagina. Harry sees that his mother's hair is sticking out around her tiny panties. He is delighted and practically rips off her panties. Carol pulls her own panties down, lays down, and spreads her legs wide open. "Do you like Mamma's pussy?" says Carol. "It's so hairy and beautiful, Mom, I love it" answers an excited Harry. Carol could see her son's cock growing big and hard.

Now Carol is naked, showing them both what a real hairy woman is suppose to look like. She proudly shows her brown hairs that run in a line down from her bellybutton all the way to her beautiful ass crack. She demands that Harry be a good son, lay down on the bed and suck on both her hairy holes. She also requests Harriet to fuck her brother's hairy cock, and slam down on him so she can hear Harry's balls hairs rub against his sister's pubic hairs.

Carol begins to play with her titties and rub her brown hairy pussy, full of the ejaculation that her husband give to her a few minutes ago. Then Harriet and Harry come out to join the fun. First she has Harry lay on the floor and she sits on his face holding the thick mass of pussy hair open so his tongue will find her clit soon. "Aaghh! It's the first time that another tongue than your father's suck me, and it's yours, my son!" says Carol as her son, very excited, continues to slurp unaware that he swallows not only his mother's juice but, maybe, a small part of his father's sperm! His face becomes more and more smeared with his mother's vaginal mucus. As he licks his mother's hairy asshole Harry says "Hey Mom, there is sperm juice inside your ass!" "Yes, it's true. I forgot to tell you that your father ejaculate in my bowel last night" answers Carol. "Now I understand why Mom and Dad groaned and moaned so loudly last night

" says a laughing Harriet to her brother.

Then his sister, excited by her own words, takes control and puts her hairy pussy on his big cock and begins pumping away. The mother and daughter play with each others huge tits as they alternatively lick each other hairy armpits. Soon everyone is quivering in complete extasy : Harry ejaculates in his sister's vagina for the second time as his mother has multiple orgasms on his tongue, bathing her son's face with her pussy cream.

"Oh baby! Mamma wants to feel your big dick inside her hairy cunt real bad." says Carol five minutes later. Harry walks to the bed and slides his hands under his mother's ass. He raises her ass off the bed and quickly impales his mother on his rock hard dick. She groans and says : "Fuck my hairy fucking pussy, lover boy!" Harry proceeds to pound his mother's thick bush which is becoming soaked with her juices. "Aaghh!, my god it's so good!" they say together as the son enters the paradise where his father ejaculate his potent seed inside his fertile mother 18 years ago. For one minute they don't move, savouring the pleasure to blend their genitals. As they start to fuck their pleasure is increased by the sweet friction of their equally abondant pubic hairs against each other. And by Harriet who is licking their sex junction! "Uuhh Harry! It's strange to have another penis than your father's inside my vagina" says Carol.

Harry and his mother are now slick with sweat and grunting with the pleasure of it. "Ohh! I love both of you so much" says Carol. "Me too Mom" answer Harry and Harriet when suddenly Harry pulls out of his mother's hairy pussy with an audible sound as he was just about to become a true motherfucker, eg. ejaculate his incestuous sperm inside his mother's vagina! "What are you doing?. I want to feel your cream in me! I'm on the pill so you can ejaculate in me. If your father ejaculate each night inside my furry ass, it's because we like it!" says a frustated Carol. "I know Mom but I want to paint your vaginal beard with my seed because I want to lick my own incestuous sperm glued on your thick bush" answers a groaning Harry.

He ejaculates on his mom's forest bush and pulls his mother on her back and start diving into her hairy pussy. "Hey Mom!, what's the feeling to see my sperm on your bush and not Dad's?" says a proud Harry. "Oh my son, you are only the second man that try to color in white my brown hairy cunt" laughs Carol. Carol's pussy hair is long, curly and so wet by now. She has hair on the border of the upper part of her legs too and from her pubis to her navel. Harry starts licking from her navel to her asshole. Harry licks his mother clean. Carol's pussy is spread and she starts coming. Carol screams so loud that Harry gets very excited and he starts ejaculating on his mother's belly. He spreads the sperm on her tits and her brown hairy armpits while she inserts her hand in her pussy to extend her pleasure.

Harry tells his mother and his sister to spread the legs wide, anxious to compare his mother's brown pussy with his sister's red bush. He stands over them looking at the cunts. "Mom has long pussy lips and Harriet is tight looking" he thinks. "You know what I would really like to see?" Harry asked his sister and mother. "I want to see Mom eat my sperm out of Harriet's red hairy armpit".

"Yeah!" Carol yells. So Harry starts to masturbate looking at Harriet laying on the floor. He starts to ejaculate, he pointed his torrent of incestuous sperm at her armpit and he gushes all over her very furry underarm bush. Carol is on it like she was starving. She begins to lick the big globs of sperm out of the furry pit, sucking big strands of gluey hair into her mouth when the door swings open.

As they all look up in amazement, they see Helen, their 18 years old little sister and daughter, playing furiously with her gorgeous blond ultra hairy snatch. They yell at her to come in and join them. She does what they say, and comes in. She starts to undress, showing proudly her blond very hairy armpits as she remove her robe. She goes over to her mother and starts playing with her huge tits. Helen then helps out her brother to eat their mother. She sucks on her mother's hairy ass while Harry eats her furry cunt and fucks again Harriet. Just when Carol is about to cum in a very wet splash, Harry ejaculates his sperm inside Harriet's hairy pussy for the third time. Harriet and her mother both cum at the same time and leaves Harry all wet. Harriet gets up off of Harry, her hairy cunt leaving her brother's cock with an incestuous sound.

"Uuhh!" say Harry and Helen together as she sits down on her brother's cock, losing her virginity with only a little pain because she is so excited. In no time Helen is gushing all over her brother's prick as he ejaculates another big load of incestuous sperm, this time inside his little sister's hairy pussy.

"Uuhh! I love you" say together Harry and Helen as they share a big orgasm. When Helen's vagina leaves her brother's cock, all the family hears an audible sound.

In the living room, Walter is pacing back and forth, berating himself for being such a fool. After all, a family that plays together stays together. So he goes back to the bedroom and finds everyone naked and asleep together. He first notices Helen, his youngest daughter, laying on her side with her luxurious cunt hair showing through the cheeks of her perfect ass. "Ohhh yeah!, her asshole is very hairy too and her anus is so pink among this forest of hair, like Carol for the huge quantity of hair but blond like me for the color" he thinks. His cock starts to thicken in his pants because he can't help thinking how great it would feel to be fucking his daughter's hairy asshole and to be squirting his sperm deep inside her sweet bowel.

Walter quietly drools a hefty puddle of saliva and quickly coats his long hairy cock with it as he gently spreads the cheeks of Helen's ass, not wanting to wake her or the others. "Mmmmm, is it time to go to school, Dad?" Helen mumbles, still half asleep. "Ooh! No, darlin. Uuuhh! Go back to sleep, you've still got plenty of time before you have to get ready" Walter answers as he eases his big cock deep into her hairy ass. "Ooooh, what's that?" Helen giggles, her eyes still closed. "Aagh! Baby's got a temperature, and Dad's checking it with his thermometer". "Mmmmmm, Baby likes Dad's thermometer!" Helen sighs as she begins gently bucking back to meet his thrusts.

After two minutes of fucking inside his daugther's furry ass, Walter, with a loud moan, ejaculates a big load of incestuous sperm. "Aagh Dad!, you are taking my anal virginity" says proudly Helen, still half asleep. "Uuhh! I was only 18 years old and your mother also, like you now, when we take each other virginity" says Walter as he finishs to ejaculate. "Oohh Dad! It's so good to feel your sperm inside my bowel" says Helen. "It's the first time of my life that I fuck another asshole than your mother's, and it's yours, my own little daughter!" says Walter when suddenly he realises it's an incest to take his daughter anal virginity and, most of all, to ejaculate his sperm inside her bowel!

"What the hell are you doing?" Walter yelled as he pulled out his daughter's sperm coated bowel and pushed the naked bodies of his family around. He asks Harry why he did it. Harry says he loves Mom, Harriet and Helen's hairy bushes, asses and armpits. "If you all are going to be a bunch of incestuous perverts, then I'll show you how it's done" says Walter. When he finished setting them in place, Carol was busy slurping her son's dripping sperm out of Harriet's hairy snatch. Harry was about to ram his dick up his mother's hot and so hairy cunt. And Walter was lustfully staring at Harriet's sexy-looking asshole. "Baby, Dad wants to shove his dick up your hairy asshole and fills it with his incestuous sperm!" says Walter. Already wild with lust, Harriet begged her father to fuck her ass good.

Just as Harry was about to part his mother's bush and Walter was about to plug his daughter's ass with their rampant, raging rods, John, the 53 years old father of Carol, walks into the room. "That's no way to fuck your mother! And you, corn-holing your own daughter without properly lubricating her first!" John pulled both Walter and Harry off of their women holes by grabbing ahold of their big sweaty ballsacks and giving each a sharp twist. "Walter, get on your knees and eat out your youngest girl's hairy brown-eye properly. Harry, suck your mother's hairy pussy. You men should be ashamed. So I'm going to have to service these beautiful, luxurious ultra hairy bushes in your steads!"

John had disrobed during his instructions to reveal a divinely proportioned grey haired penis that made both Carol, Harriet and Helen weep tears of joy. After his son-in-law and his grand son had properly lubricated the women, John positioned his daughter and his grand daughters so that he could alternate between fucking Carol's steaming brown hairy gash and plugging Harriet's clutching red hairy anus with each stroke as he licks alternatively Helen's blond hairy armpits.

"Uuhh!, Carol, your vagina is so good. Aaghh!, Harriet, your bowel is so tight. Ohh!, Helen, your armpit hairs are so sweet" says a groaning John. "Uuhh!, Dad, your prick fills my hairy pussy" says a moaning Carol. "Aaghh!, Grandpa, your cock fills my hairy asshole. You are taking my anal virginity" says proudly Harriet. "Ohh!, Grandpa, you lick so sweetly my hairy armpits" says Helen. "I'm married since 36 years now, it's the first time that I fuck another women than my wife and it's with my daughter and my two grand daughters! So I. Aarrghh!" says a groaning John as he shares his incestuous ejaculation between his daughter's hairy pussy, his grand daughter hairy asshole and one of his other grand daughter's hairy armpits. "Oohh Dad! I can feel your sperm inside my vagina!" says Carol. "Me too but inside my bowel!" says Harriet.

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