Hairy Karen


Between her tears, Angela asked me what I wanted to do. I realized she was totally sorry about not telling me and arrangements have already been made to meet tonight so I guess we had better go to the hotel and make a decision when we get there! It took a long while for Angela to stop crying but eventually she did and then she repaired her makeup and looked as lovely as ever.

We found a spot in the parking lot and slowly walked towards the hotel. We stopped before we reached the front door and I hugged her and kissed her deeply and told her no matter what happened I loved her and if she wanted to fuck Carl that was O.K. with me! I felt a real idiot but what else could I do?

When we reached the door to Carl's room, we were squeezing our hands so tightly we were hurting each other. I knocked and immediately the door was opened by this smiling, pleasant black man. She kissed Angela and then shook hands with me and welcomed us into the room. I could see why Angela would have been attracted to him - he was very good-looking and well built and obviously well off judging by the clothes he was wearing. I also saw a very attractive woman standing alongside a chair looking just as nervous as we were. She was introduced to us as Karen and then we all had a drink to settle ourselves down.

Carl was a perfect host and did his best to make the meeting pleasant. He took charge and told me about the arrangements he had made with Angela. He pulled no punches - he simply said, "I have arranged for you to meet Karen and she will show you her hairy body. In return it has been agreed that I get to fuck Angela once! Are you completely happy with this arrangement?" I nodded my agreement and so the deal was done! Karen hadn't yet relaxed and was obviously nervous but said she agreed with the arrangements.

It was agreed Karen would undress completely and then allow me to look at any parts of her body. I would be able to touch her and feel her up but it would be up to Karen to say if she wanted me to fuck her! Next it was agreed that Angela would take off all of her clothes while I am looking at Karen and, provided I am in complete agreement that Karen was fulfilling her part of the agreement then Carl would fuck my wife! We all agreed to the arrangements and so we began.

Karen moved into the center of the room and slowly took off her blouse. The first thing I noticed was that she didn't shave her underarms. The growth of hair under her arms was amazing - far more that I think I have ever seen under a man's arms - it was very bushy. Next she removed her bra and she had lots of hair around her nipples and over her breasts. She was just very, very hairy! She didn't hesitate long before she undid her skirt and let it slip down her legs and on to the floor. She was wearing a normal pair of panties but the hair growth was astounding. It not only grew out above her panties but it also grew out of the legs of her panties as well. Again, she didn't wait and just hooked her fingers in the top of her panties and pulled them down her legs. When she straightened up I just couldn't believe my eyes - her whole pubic area was covered with a thick carpet of luscious black hair! The carpet, and that is the only way to describe it, extended from her navel right across to her hips, then down is a very wide triangle of sorts and extended down the inside of her legs for about 5 inches. The line of hair finished abruptly there and it was obvious she shaved her legs up that far! The thick hair extended around between her legs and up between her backside and spread, a little thinner, across her ass and joined up with the hair which I described before at the sides of her hips! She was one very hairy lady but she had the sweetest smile anyone could ask for and she seemed to be a very pleasant girl.

After I had been inspecting her for several minutes she shyly told me I could touch her anywhere if I wanted to but to be careful with her pussy. The reason was that Carl had fucked her just before we had arrived (that was part of the agreement to get her there) and she was leaking a bit! I took an instant liking to Karen and felt very, very sorry for her. Remarkably she had very little hair on her face and neck possibly due to electrolysis but a nice covering down her arms but it was rather fair in color so I guess she may have bleached it to make it less noticeable.

Carl asked me if I was now satisfied with his very hairy friend and could we now carry out the rest of the arrangements? I looked over at Angela and nodded but I could see she had very mixed feelings - she badly wanted to fuck Carl but she also wanted to remain true to me! Carl took my nod as assent and turned to Angela and began undoing her blouse. It really tugged at my heart strings watching this black man undressing my wife! Once he had her blouse unbuttoned he turned her around as he pulled her blouse off her arms. He then turned her back to face him and he reached out and took her breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard as well as her nipples. Angela frowned as he hurt her but she didn't say anything. It suddenly dawned on me that he had been a bully and had obviously had control over Angela when they were together. He squeezed her breasts for a couple of minutes and then bent over and took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suck on it. He alternated between nipples but he was not only sucking them but he was biting them hard and I could see the tears welling up in Angela's eyes. I moved towards them but Angela gave me a look which told me it was O.K. and I shouldn't interfere.

While Carl is stripping Angela, Karen has moved over closer to me and she has taken my hand and pressed it to her breast. It felt strange to be holding her breasts like that but feeling all the hair on it as well. I liked what I felt! Looking back at Angela I saw that Carl had already undone her skirt and that was just falling to the floor. Her panties were so small I wondered why she had worn them as her pubic hair was clearly visible at the sides and below and the panties were transparent anyway! These soon followed her skirt and she was standing in front of this black man wearing nothing but her shoes.

Carl gruffly told Angela to get his gear off and so she began undressing him. Karen, in the meantime, had moved even closer and had begun to kiss me and I was surprised how much the kiss was like kissing Angela! I was liking Karen all the more as we held each other and kissed. Angela had almost finished undressing Carl and only his underpants remained. These were tented by his hard cock and then Angela hooked her thumbs into the top of his underpants and pulled them down to his feet. His huge, and I mean huge, cock sprang up almost vertically near his belly. It was very long indeed and also very large in diameter! Incredibly it was rather wet and this was probably due to the juice from Karen as he had fucked her just before we arrived. Carl bent Angela down and made her put his cock into her mouth! I wondered how she felt about tasting Karen's cunt on his cock.

The room was furnished with a large double bed at one end of the room and a long couch at the other. Karen gently moved me towards the couch and when we were seated we had a perfect view of Angela still sucking Carl's cock. Although I hadn't stipulated anything against oral sex, I guessed that had to be part of the agreement and so I said nothing. The minutes passed as Angela was still sucking this giant cock but at last Carl began to tremble and I knew he was about to cum. And cum he did, and Angela did her very best to swallow every drop but some ran down her chin and dropped onto her pretty breast.

Karen was getting excited watching Angela and Carl and she began undressing me! I wasn't sure that I wanted to continue but allowed her to undress me until I sat on the couch just as naked as Angela, Karen and Carl!

Carl left Angela to get some more drinks and also to allow himself time to recover from his last orgasm! Angela looked over at me and smiled and nodded as Karen reached over and took my erect cock in her hand and began stroking!

When Carl brought the drinks over to Karen and myself he asked Karen if she thought she would be able to feel my cock in her cunt after having his inside her so recently! Karen just glared at him and told him to piss off! I guessed there was no love between them! Carl returned to Angela and told her to start sucking his cock to get it hard again! She leaned over him and took his semi hard cock into her mouth and began sucking hard. I could see her cheeks bulging as she sucked hard. In no time at all she succeeded in giving him a huge erection and his cock just stood up like a baseball bat! He was huge and I was very envious of his size and shape and hoped Angela would still love my smaller cock after she had been fucked by Carl.

Karen, in the meantime and leaned over me and had her mouth around my cock and was sucking me. She had a wonderful mouth and was very skilled in giving head. She took her mouth off my cock long enough to ask me if I would play with her cunt and clit as she was feeling very sexy. She again apologized if she was leaking but was sure I wouldn't mind. I quickly ran my hand down amongst the lovely stiff hair until I reached her cunt. I was able to insert two finger straight away and she was right - she was leaking a lot of cum! My thumb found her clit and as soon as I began massaging it she began to cum! While she was still cumming I looked over at Angela and saw that Carl had positioned her on the bed on her hands and knees and she had her cunt pointing towards me. Carl was getting behind her and then looked around to make sure I was watching before he moved his hard cock up and down her very wet cunt lips. Soon he was able to push just the head in her cunt and he again turned to see if I was watching. As he could see I was looking, he gave a shove and pushed almost the entire length of his cock into Angela! She gave a little scream and then began moaning. She was in heaven. Carl began to fuck her with very long, even strokes.

Karen took her mouth off my cock long enough to ask if I wanted to fuck her? I guess I wouldn't have done so normally but I was under great pressure watching my wife being fucked by Carl so I said, "Of course!" Karen then moved so that she was lying along the couch and spread her legs and asked me to play with her a little more before I fucked her! I played with her through the hair and became very excited as she came again and I was able to caress her hairy areas and ended up with four fingers in her lovely cunt.

It occurred to me that Carl was fucking Angela for a long time but it suddenly dawned on me that he had fucked Karen and had cum in Angela's mouth so he would take a long time to cum this time. He pulled his glistening cock out of Angela's cunt and turned her over so that she was lying on her back and then he grasped her ankles and spread her legs as wide as he could and at the same time pushed her legs up near her head. She was totally exposed to him and her cunt was gaping and wet. He then positioned his very hard cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed in. Again I heard Angela scream but then, as before, she began to moan as she began to cum. I had watched her before when she was on her hands and knees and reckoned she had cum five times and now she was cumming again.

Karen pulled me towards her body and, holding my cock, aimed me directly into her cunt. It felt wonderful due to the friction in her cunt walls and all of the hair pressing against my body and hips. Now I was in heaven. I was so excited being able to fuck Karen that I started to cum almost immediately and had to pull out and think of other things to make it last. As soon as I had cooled down I was back in her cunt and stroking away with Karen holding me in a lovers grip. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load deep into Karen. Her shudders told me she had cum at the same time and we kissed deeply.

We both looked over at Angela and Carl and were just in time to watch Carl's ass twitch and Angela grabbing at Carl's back as they both came together. My wife had just been fucked by the black man but I had also fucked Karen so I guessed we were about equal.

We all moved around the hotel room still naked as Carl got more drinks for us. I was watching Angela closely and could see her cunt was not only dripping cum on the carpet but it was very red and puffy from the pounding she had received from Carl. Karen was also leaking a bit but she didn't seem to mind.

We chatted for some time just enjoying the sensations we had just experienced and Angela and Carl were discussing old times together and laughing at some of the things they had done when living together. During this time Carl had another erection and it was standing up just like before. He moved closer to Angela and took her hand and placed it on his hard cock but she pulled her hand away and told him that was enough! I was proud of her. Angela moved away from Carl and came over to me. She kissed me and told me she loved me and hoped nothing which had happened today would dampen our love for each other.

Angela then surprised me when she reached over and grabbed my cock. It wasn't totally hard but not far from it! She began to stroke it and soon it was like a piece of pipe. She then kissed me, leaned down and kissed my cock and took it into her mouth. She slowly started sucking me even though my cock had recently been in Karen's cunt. Then she took her mouth off my cock, held it firmly in her hand and told me she loved me and wanted me to fuck her right now, even though she had just been fucked by Carl! I took this to be a demonstration to Carl that she really loved me. Of course I agreed and she laid down on the couch, spread her legs and, looking at that wet, puffy set of lips I almost couldn't wait to push my cock into her well used cunt! I was in her quickly and although my cock went in very easily, she still gave the little scream I had heard when Carl had penetrated her. She was telling him I could give her a thrill too. We fucked hard until we both came having wonderful orgasms each!

Carl must have decided second best would do and walked over to Karen and dragged her over to the bed. He rolled her onto her back and proceeded to fuck her. I could see she didn't want to be fucked but couldn't do much about it - he was just too big and strong! He came in her with a great show of his success but I am not sure Karen came as well.

After this we all dressed and prepared to leave the hotel room. Carl wanted us to stay longer (I am sure he wanted to fuck Angela again) and Karen left at the same time as we did. As we three walked to our car - we had offered Karen a ride home to her place - we began talking about Carl. Angela started by saying she had been totally captivated by Carl when they were living together and she had done lots of things normal people wouldn't do just to please him. After they had broken up she still had loving feeling about him and wanted to fuck him again. She then told me she now hated Carl! He was nothing like she had remembered and was an arrogant pig for the way he had treated her and Karen! She was now satisfied and would never look towards Carl again, ever! She also said she was very glad she had always phoned him from a public phone so that he could never trace where we lived. She knew they might meet if he ever returned to our city and they happened accidentally to be in the same place but she would reject him no matter what he offered.

Karen also told us she hated Carl. She had allowed him to fuck her on lots of occasions simply because he wasn't shocked at her hairy body like many other men had been. Although she looked older she was the same age as myself.

When we reached Karen's house Angela reached over and kissed Karen on the lips and told her we loved her! She then turned and kissed me and whispered in my ear, can I ask Karen to be our partner? I wasn't sure what she meant but nodded my agreement. Angela turned to Karen and, holding her hands, told her in the most sincere way she wanted Karen to be our special friend. She wanted Karen to be able to come to us every time she was horny and we would arrange for me to fuck her because we understood and loved her! Karen began to cry! She was so grateful that she had found true friends at last! She hugged us both and told us she loved us too but hoped Angela would at some time allow me to fuck her again. Angela assured her we would have lots of times together and she would hold and caress Karen while I fucked her. Angela told Karen she wasn't into sex with women but she understood and would always be there for Karen when I fucked her!

In the past year Karen must have been over to our house at least 20 times and has stayed for the whole weekend. We have wonderful sex together; the three of us, and Angela and Karen are the best of friends. Angela holds Karen in her arms and strokes her body and plays with her hairy body as I fuck her! Karen loves me in her own way but would never attempt to take me away from Angela. Angela is the most understanding wife any man could have and I must admit, although never to Angela, that I was very turned on watching Carl fuck her! I know that if I hadn't been so turned on watching them I would never have fucked Karen, but I am glad the way it has turned out.

We have no idea how long our arrangement will continue but I am sure Angela loves to have Karen with us and I am also very sure Karen isn't looking for another man either. I love them both, but I love Karen as a wonderful friend but Angela as my darling wife.

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