tagGroup SexHaitian Bisexuality Ch. 09

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 09


There should be a law or at least some social sanctions against people who sit around doing nothing but cussing and acting rude all day. Seriously. I consider it a serious breach of human etiquette. And it's all too common in the black community of Massachusetts. However, I'm not quite sure how to approach the subject with some of the ruder individuals among my male and female paramours, as they say. It requires delicate handling, not something I am known for.

So, rather than stick around to fix relations with dishonest men or perpetually angry and difficult women, I usually dump them. Some people think I'm cold for doing it but then again, they don't know these hood dudes and hood chicks like I do. They're mean as hell, folks. Especially the hood femmes. Trust this brother on that one. My name is Eric Dawson, a tall and good-looking, forthrightly bisexual black male college student of Haitian origin from the town of Brockton. This is my story.

Summer had come and I basically had nothing to do. Well, I was taking one online course at UMass-Boston but other than that, I wasn't doing much. I work part-time at a restaurant and they only call for me three to four times a week. The pay is not that great but I spend it mostly on traveling expenses and movie tickets. I don't have a car and I still live with my father and mother, policeman James Dawson and corrections officer Lynne Ardell Dawson. I had to find something to do with my time before I lost my sanity. What's a brother to do when the sun is blazing and he's got a lot of energy and some time to kill? I found myself two ghetto bitches to have some fun with. The rest, as they say, is history. The ghetto bitches in question are my neighbour Louisa Trey and her friend Bella Gasman. They weren't very pretty but they had a reputation as D. L. Sisters.

The whole world knows about D. L. or Down Low Brothers. They're men who might be gay or bisexual but hide it from their friends and family. The term applies mostly to black and Hispanic men living in urban America. There was a book about it plus television interviews and documentaries and everything. Nobody really knows what a D. L. Sister is. Let me tell you about them. A D. L. sister is a woman who is lesbian or bisexual and hides it from her friends and family members. Having sex with other females on the low while maintaining a hetero image. Louisa and Bella are both on the down low. They're also a couple of Dick Lovers. Which is why I come to them every now and then for a sexual tune-up.

I went to visit Louisa and Bella in their apartment down in Mattapan. It was a nice enough place. Man, would you believe that I found two those in the middle of getting busy? Louisa sat completely naked on the living room couch, legs spread and a cigarette in hand. Kneeling before her was Bella, who busied herself licking Louisa's pussy like lesbian lick downs were going out of style. Man, I had to watch that. Louisa's eyes widened when she saw me standing there. I smiled and waved. She smiled back, and told her lover they had a visitor. Bella didn't let up on what she was doing. She's a worker bee that one.

Folks, you had to be there to see it. Louisa looked like a hood queen in all her naked glory. This five-foot-eight, thick and very voluptuous beauty with the big tits, wide hips and bubble butt from hell was something else. Her dark brown skin seemed to be glistening with sweat as Bella pleasured her. Bella herself was pretty hot too. The first thing I noticed was her huge butt. Man, this girl had a booty. It was even bigger than Louisa's. Bella was six feet tall, jet-black in skin tone and quite thick, with big boobs, very wide hips and a gigantic ass. We're talking about more than seventy inches of ghetto booty right here. And as she bobbed her head up and down on Louisa's tunnel of love, that big booty was bouncing.

Folks, I've done it with both men and women. Countless times. In pretty much every way that it can be done. And I enjoy it. I could teach most of you a thing or two. There isn't much that I haven't seen or done. However, the sight of two voluptuous ghetto beauties getting down and dirty was something which thrilled me like you would not believe. It was hot, to say the least. I sat down on a comfortable chair and watched the action. It was sizzling, to tell you the truth. Bella stuck two fingers into Louisa's asshole while tongue-fucking her clit. Louisa squealed in delight and kept on grinding her pussy all over Bella's face. I felt myself growing hard as the two large ghetto beauties went at it.

The sight of so much plump flesh must have brought out my inner chubby chaser or something. Come to think of it, I've always had a thing for bigger lovers. In every sense of the words. I like my men to be big and tall, a little chubby and with really big dicks. I like my women to be thick, with big tits and huge asses. I hook up with men and women of all races, but have a preference for my dark-skinned brothers and sisters. What can I say? They are simply hot.

Speaking hot, the action was intensifying between Louisa and Bella. Now, Bella lay on the carpeted floor of the living room, legs spread while Louisa serviced her. Bella winked at me and asked me to come over. I was more than okay with that. I was content to play spectator but it seems I was about to make the jump to participant. Apparently, my unique services were required. You see, I am the owner of twelve inches of long and thick, slightly bent and uncircumcised black cock. It's what makes me so popular with both the ladies and the gentlemen. My phone simply won't stop ringing. And I' m almost always ready to please.

I stood by Bella's side. She unzipped my pants and freed my cock. Out came my jungle fever inducing tool. Bella grinned, and began stroking it. Then, she wrapped her lips around my member. I leaned back against the nearby wall while Bella sucked my dick and stroked my balls. She was really good at what she did. See, I told you D. L. Sister stands for Dick Lovers! While Bella sucked me, Louisa licked and probed her pussy. It was an oral sex smorgasbord all around and in the end, we all came. It was hot. I mean, that was cum juice everywhere. And we were just getting started.

We tried something new. Bella got on all fours and told me to take her. I did just that. I placed my hands upon her hips, then spread her plump ass cheeks wide open. I pushed my cock into her asshole, and the anal fun began. I've always loved fucking people in the ass. Male or female, it didn't matter. Just give my dick a tight ass to fuck and I'll be happy. And so I happily slammed my cock into the forbidden depths of Bella's asshole. Like most big women, her asshole was much tighter than anyone else I'd ever fucked. How about that?

While I fucked Bella, Louisa had disappeared into their bedroom and now came back with a strap-on dildo. Well, well. Things just got more interesting. She joined Bella and me. While I savagely plunged my cock into her slowly expanding asshole, Bella screamed her lungs out. Louisa quickly put an end to that by shoving her dildo into Bella's mouth. There, silence at last. Louisa and I traded high-fives as we double-teamed Bella, getting screams, swears and various fluids out of her. It was a lot of fun.

Then came Louisa's turn to get fucked. This time, Bella wore the strap-on dildo and lay on the floor, stroking it. Louisa climbed on top of Bella, lowering herself onto the other woman until her pussy got impaled on Bella's dildo. Meanwhile, I came up behind Louisa. I gently spread her plump butt cheeks and pressed my cock against her backdoor. With a swift thrust, I went in. I didn't think it was possible at this point but Louisa's asshole was even tighter than Bella's. Which delighted me because I began fucking it for all it was worth. I gripped Louisa's hips and watched her big ass jiggle as it got the pounding of the century. Meanwhile, Bella shoved her dildo deep into Louisa's pussy, and Louisa squealed. This big black woman was into the rough stuff and that's exactly what she got from us. Hard and fast Bella and I drilled our tools into her holes. Bella handled her strap-on dick with authority and expertise. Until Louisa begged for mercy. That's when I finally got one over Bella. I came, the natural way, filling Louisa's asshole with my cum. Afterwards, all three of us lay on the carpet, covered with cum and grinning like idiots.

Man, that was off the hook. After this memorable encounter, I left Bella and Louisa while promising to see them again soon for an encore. These chicks know how to get down. I definitely wasn't bored anymore. In fact, I was feeling festive. So I took the train to downtown Boston and caught a movie. I watched Hancock, which was pretty cool. I even met a gorgeous but somewhat nerdy young man in the audience, a Suffolk University student named Mylos. We went down to Copley together and had dinner. He was my kind of guy. A little nerdy and a lot freaky. You know I'm gonna tap that ass before the night's over. I'm that good.

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