tagLesbian SexHaitian Lesbian Booty Rocks!

Haitian Lesbian Booty Rocks!


Parting the sexy legs of Amanda Brownstone, I pressed my strap-on dildo against her pussy and pushed it inside. I smiled to myself as I began fucking her. I've always fancied the sexy young Black woman who lived across the street from me. And she was a very special gal indeed. The eldest daughter of internationally famous author and Howard University Law professor Henderson Scott Brownstone and civil rights attorney Alexandra Myers. Authentic members of the African-American royalty of metropolitan Washington D.C. What a catch! Especially for an inexperienced dyke like myself. My name is Emiliana Figueroa and I approve this message.

Of course, I knew Amanda and I had a lot in common underneath it all. It's hard to say, really. Call it one of the benefits of the innate sense that gays and lesbians have when they're around their own kind. Amanda and I came from radically different worlds but underneath it all, we're the same. I'm of Haitian, Canadian and Puerto Rican descent. Standing five feet eight inches tall, with light brown skin, short curly Black hair and pale green eyes. I'm biracial but consider myself Black, like most mixed brats I know in twenty-first century America. I used to attend Spelman College in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, but moved to Washington for Law School. My girlfriend's father is one of my professors. How awesome is that?

Amanda moaned as I penetrated her with the strap-on dildo. I forcefully kissed her and grabbed her breasts roughly while sinking the dildo deeper inside her pussy. Gosh I've wanted her for ages. I've always been attracted to tall, dark-skinned chicks with big butts. And at six-foot-one, Amanda definitely fit my type. I like to dominate them tall chicks and they like my style. Playfully I smacked Amanda's face and her eyes widened in surprise. Grinning, I smacked her face again and slammed the dildo deeper inside of her. Amanda moaned and urged me to fuck her. Of course I fucked her. Why else would I go to all this trouble?

I've been daydreaming about Amanda's sexy ass ever since I first spotted her at the Student Union of Howard University. I'm as country as a Black woman can get. My mother is Puerto Rican and my father is Haitian-Canadian, having moved to the American South from the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. I had very little in common with Amanda. She's the daughter of privileged parents, and mine are immigrants. My father works as a cab driver in the mean streets of Atlanta. I'm on a scholarship at Howard University. Last semester I was enrolled at Concordia University in my father's hometown of Montreal, Quebec. It was an interesting experience, attending a Canadian university. Thankfully they charged me regular fees instead of international because I held dual Canadian/American citizenship. There were lots of gorgeous Black women in Montreal and I had my way with many of them but I soon found myself missing the ladies of the United States of America. That's why I came back to Washington D.C. and enrolled at Howard University. After meeting the sexy Amanda, I didn't regret leaving cold-ass Canada. African-American ladies are hot!

I bent Amanda over and spanked her big Black ass while slamming my strap-on dildo deep inside her cunt. I grabbed hold of her long, neatly braided hair and pulled it back while fucking her. I wanted to totally dominate this Black American Princess. I wanted her to feel humiliated and dominated. I don't know why but I like to dominate the women that I sleep with. I only sleep with Black women. Women of other races are beautiful but they don't light my fire. I love my Black women. The darker the better. Just like our dear friend Amanda here. I spanked her big ass hard, leaving nice bluish marks on her gorgeously dark skin. Suddenly, I flipped her on her back. I wanted to look into her eyes while fucking her. Amanda stared at me, stunned. I guess she's surprised that a meek-looking gal like me could flip a Black Amazon beauty like herself. I laughed to myself and resumed banging her with my strap-on dildo. This was turning out to be more fun than I thought.

I raised Amanda's big sexy legs in the air as I slammed my strap-on dildo deep into her pussy. The tall Black woman squealed as I fucked her hard. I smacked her face again, and gently bit her nipples. Amanda yelped. I laughed, smacked her some more and viciously traced my fingernail on the skin of her belly. With wide eyes Amanda watched me as I fucked her. I leaned closer and kissed her. She kissed me back passionately. I bit her lip, drawing blood. Another yelp of surprise from Amanda. I laughed and smacked her face again. And just like that, I plunged the dildo deep into her pussy. I told her that I wanted her ass and she had better give it to me. I loved watching my towering Black Amazon squirm. Amanda got on all fours, face down and ass up. And she offered her big Black ass to me, just like that.

I positioned myself behind her and spread her big Black ass cheeks wide open. I applied lubricant all over her asshole, then I gently pushed my strap-on dildo into her rectum. Amanda groaned as I penetrated her asshole with my strap-on dildo. I could tell that she was nervous. I told her to relax and reminded her that she was in good hands. And just like that, my tall Black goddess relaxed and enjoyed what I was doing to her. Amanda gritted her teeth as I began fucking her in the ass with my well-lubricated yet nevertheless thick strap-on dildo. I smacked her ass while fucking her in the ass. She tried to stay strong and held back from screaming. I fucked her ass hard and she screamed at last. It was sweet music to my ears. I slammed my dildo up her ass, wanting to tear her sexy big Black ass up. I'm flat in the chest and flat in the butt. I'm forever fascinated by chicks with big tits and big butts. I love them and hate them for their physiques. Ah, the life of a butch Black lesbian, eh? I fucked Amanda until she begged for mercy. Then I pulled my dildo out of her ass and kissed her passionately. She told me she loved me. I grinned. Of course she loves me. I'm the best fuck she's ever had.

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