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Haitian Werewolf Chronicle


Imagine for a second that the year is 2000. Some of your friends and family members that are gone now were alive and well then. By most counts, 2000 was a great year. A time of optimism in the United States of America and the rest of the world. Technologically, it's quite backward. No MySpace, no YouTube and no Facebook. AOL rules the Internet. Before the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Ages before the unending War in Iraq. Long before President George W. Bush fucked up America economically and socially and paved the way for African-American visionary Barack Obama's meteoric rise to the U.S. Presidency.

Back when Tiger Woods was a cool guy and exceptional athlete instead of a sex addict. In an age where Boy Bands like N'Sync and Backstreet Boys were seen as cool by young women who really should have known better. More than a decade before the nasty 2010 Earthquake which nearly destroyed the capital of the beautiful and exceptionally tough Republic of Haiti, the first independent, democratic Black country in the Americas and the Most Resilient Country in the Western Hemisphere. Eight years before Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics stunned the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals and made NBA superstar Kobe Bryant cry. A time when NBA legend Michael Jordan still had some comebacks left in him. Remember this wonderful time when optimism prevailed, a time where the global economy was stable, the world was peaceful for the most part and people felt good about the future.

Well, for some of us these times were far from idyllic. Depending on who you are, what you are and what you're up to, even the best of times might seem tough. Many were struggling in the glorious year 2000. And here's one of them. It's September and Stefano Veaux is a newcomer to Randolph College in the city of Randolph, Massachusetts. The big and tall young Haitian man couldn't believe how different the city of Randolph, Massachusetts, was from his native city of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. His beloved Cap City was a nice town with nearly two hundred thousand people. Home to fine single-sex secondary schools like College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours ( for guys ) and Soeurs Saint Joseph De Cluny ( for girls) along with the famous Universite Roi Henri Christophe. The city of Randolph was far smaller, but quite lively in its own way. The young Haitian man was honestly starting to like it. He was the first of his kind to set foot here, that's for sure. He couldn't detect any nearby.

Life in the small New England city of Randolph was dominated by Randolph College. The businesses in town catered to the student population, which nearly outnumbered the local folks. With nineteen thousand students, Randolph College was a really big school. And for a private school it was surprisingly diverse. Students of African-American, Asian and Hispanic descent made up forty two percent of the overall Undergraduate student body and thirty eight percent of the Graduate student population. The school's President, Dr. Jamal Daschle Henderson, tried his best to diversify Randolph College. And many thought his hard work paid off. Stefano honestly thought he was going to like it here. He would do his parents, Frank and Eloise Veaux, proud. They had sacrificed a lot to send him to America where he would benefit from the Pan-American Educational Institute's Scholarship.

The Pan-American Educational Institute was an organization which promoted higher education in the Caribbean and Latin America. They had offices in cities like Cap-Haitien in Haiti, Havana in Cuba, Kingston in Jamaica, El Pueblo in Mexico and Bogota in Colombia. Their global headquarters were in Atlanta, Georgia. Every year, they sent hundreds of the most talented high school graduates in the Caribbean and Latin America to American colleges and universities where they would study on international scholarships. And Stefano was one of the lucky few. He was one of six young men selected from the prestigious College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours, an all-male Catholic High School in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, to study in the U.S.

To the ambitious young Haitian, Randolph College seemed like a dream come true. Unlike so many American colleges and universities, Randolph College wasn't lily-white. There were many students of color. Forty nine percent of the student body was male. Also, the school was a student-athlete's paradise. The Randolph College Department of Athletics sponsored men's varsity baseball, basketball, tennis, track & field, rugby, cross country, sailing, rowing, Nordic skiing, swimming, football, wrestling, ice hockey and golf along with women's varsity softball, volleyball, sailing, rowing, swimming, rugby, wrestling, ice hockey, Nordic skiing, golf, tennis, cycling, equestrian, archery and rifle. Stefano thought he'd feel quite comfortable there. Unfortunately, Stefano hadn't counted on the harsh ways the Haitian students at Randolph College would treat him. They seemed particularly intent on giving him a hard time.

For this reason, Stefano began avoiding them. They were only human, after all. What could someone like him expect from their kind? He hung out mostly with Madiop Diamant, a tall, dark-skinned and rugged young man from the Republic of Senegal in Africa. Madiop Diamant played baseball for Randolph College. He was cool with Stefano Veaux and treated him like a friend. The other students at the school were an odd bunch. Whites and Blacks mixed well enough to befriend and even date one another at the school but people still had their own cliques. Athletes hung out with athletes, and nerds hung out with nerds, for example. That's just the way it was.

Some of the Haitian students were really intent on ribbing Stefano, their way of welcoming the new guy. And he didn't like it one bit. One of these Haitian students was Ketiana Vincent, a tall, busty and big-bottomed, chubby and dark-skinned young Haitian woman. Star of the Randolph College women's varsity rugby squad. This athletic superwoman majored in business administration, and she'd been at Randolph College for a couple of years. She found Stefano kind of handsome, and would have asked him out if he hadn't been three years younger than her. Ketiana Vincent didn't like dating younger men. Why? Let's just say that she had a bad experience once.

Stefano quickly realized that his only refuge from persistent harassment by the Haitian students was the campus library, along with the off-campus apartment of his best friend Madiop Diamant. On weekends, he went to Brockton Temple, a Haitian-American Seventh-Day Adventist Church which celebrated mass in French and Haitian Creole. He loved that church so much that he didn't mind hopping on the train to Brockton, a racially diverse city that was one tough town to live in. At Brockton Temple, he felt welcome. The pastor was a tall, dark-skinned and sturdy Haitian man from Cap City. Stefano took an immediate liking to him. Cap City people always cared for their own.

Someone else noticed Stefano's troubles at the school... as well as his rugged good looks. A young Haitian-American woman named Angelique Joseph. A tall and voluptuous, deliciously big-bottomed young woman with long, curly black hair, dark brown eyes and light brown skin. Out of all the Haitian chicks at Randolph College, only she treated Stefano nicely. The Haitian students at Randolph College were big on hazing new arrivals from the island. Leading the pack was a tall, light-skinned young Haitian-American named Ernest Tines. Starting quarterback of the fledgling Randolph College men's varsity football team. He was going out with a light-skinned, busty and big-bottomed, light-skinned young Haitian-American woman named Sandrine "Sandy" Jay. The only Black woman on the Randolph College women's swim team. With their good looks, athleticism and smarts, they were clearly a power couple on campus. Together they ruled the clique of Haitian-American students at Randolph College.

Unlike a lot of young Black college women, Angelique Joseph was thinking about the future. Right now, a lot of young Black men were in trouble with the law, running from controlling mothers, absentee fathers and angry girlfriends rather than pursuing worthwhile endeavours like a college education. Of course, that's what the media liked to report. They mostly ignored the college-educated, hard-working, law-abiding and family-oriented Black men of the world. Angelique was well aware of that. Unfortunately, the young Black men she saw at her college for the most part liked to date white chicks. And she couldn't stand the sight of them with their Valley Girl-type insignificant others. Granted, a lot of Black chicks were verbally ( and sometimes physically ) abusive toward the Black men in their lives but not all Black women were like that. Plenty of Black women were desperately looking for a decent brother to share their lives with. And Angelique was such a sister. So why did eighty percent of the Black male students at Randolph College go out with women of other races? Angelique Joseph was determined not to become a statistic : Black, female, college-educated and impossible-to-marry.

When Angelique Joseph looked at Stefano Veaux, she saw a decent, hard-working and good-looking young brother who didn't deserve the disdain with which Randolph College's Haitian clique treated him. She wanted this rare fish for herself...before it was too late. Good-looking, smart and talented young Black men didn't stay single for long in collegiate America. If only she could get him away from Madiop for a few moments. Madiop was fiercely protective of Stefano and seemed to be the only person the buff Haitian hunk trusted. Well, Angelique was determined to work through that.

Little by little, Angelique Joseph wormed her way into Stefano Veaux's life. Basically, she bumped into him 'accidentally' on campus and tried to engage him in idle chat. At first, he seemed really shy and nervous around her. One day, she ran into him at the Turner Free Library near campus and had a long talk. She learned quite a bit about him. Stefano originally came from the northern region of Cap in the Republic of Haiti. Angelique had lived in America her whole life but her family hailed from the city of Croix-Des-Bouquets. They talked about life on campus, academics and politics. Stefano was quite passionate about Haitian politics and voiced his support for President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, whom he claimed had been on the receiving end of a coup orchestrated by the United States of America. Angelique smiled at that. Her father, Assistant District Attorney Emilio Joseph, was certainly going to like Stefano if and when she introduced the two of them. Like most Haitian men, Stefano loved discussing politics. Afterwards, he took her to the Olympian, a local Greek restaurant. Angelique had lived in Randolph for years and never ventured into the town of Randolph celebrated Greek restaurant.

The moment they walked inside, Stefano was greeted by a tall, dark-haired young man with Greco-Roman good looks. He smiled at Angelique and Stefano before showing them to a table, after handing them menus. Stefano addressed the young man by his name, Palantzas, and they seemed to know each other. Angelique smiled at Stefano's charm as he pulled the chair for her and then sat. She looked at him as he browsed through the menu. She noticed that he ordered a lot of meat, and found that a bit odd. Not that she was a vegetarian by any means. Angelique Joseph was a meat eater...within reason. Over the next hour, she and Stefano enjoyed each other's company.

Stefano Veaux looked at Angelique Joseph and found himself liking this tall, curvy young Black woman. She wasn't as hot as Sandrine, his rival Ernest's sultry girlfriend, whom he initially had a crush on but she was something else. If only she were more like him. What a pair they'd make. However, he feared it simply wasn't in the cards. His parents warned him that getting attached to humans, especially human females, was a no-no. The humans had done much damage to their kind over the past two thousand years. Still, when he looked at Angelique, he almost wished things were different. She was smitten with him and he with her. Had he been a normal guy, this would have been simply wonderful. Unfortunately, he wasn't normal. And he doubted that even the most understanding young woman in the world could accept him for who and what he was. So, even though it pained him to do so, he would only be friends with Angelique Joseph.

After their 'date', he walked her back to her dorm and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek. Angelique smiled at him and wished him goodnight. Stefano walked away. Night had fallen. Already he could feel the pull of the night. He'd been walking in daylight for far too long. He would need to feed soon. He went to the wooded areas near Mill Village and caught a rabbit. He drained it of blood and buried the carcass where no human would find it. Satisfied, he went back to his dorm. That night, he lay in bed and thought of the two people who had come to mean so much to him. Madiop Diamant, the tall, athletic young man from Senegal. And Angelique Joseph, the gorgeous Haitian-American princess.

Sometimes, Stefano wondered how they would react if they knew he was bisexual. He took out his cock, his eight-inch, uncircumcised rod of manly power. Among his species, they didn't believe in the barbaric human custom of bodily alteration. They didn't butcher their sons weenies or pierce their daughters ears. They believed in the natural ways. He stroked himself, thinking about Madiop's manly, sexy abs and muscular chest along with Angelique's big round ass and big tits. Oh, yeah. They both turned him on. If he could have his cake and eat it too, he'd hook up with both of them. Unfortunately, the Code he lived by forbade intimate contact with humans. Oh, well. The Code didn't forbid him from having fantasies so he masturbated himself to full hardness. When he came, he didn't know which one turned him on more, Angelique or Madiop. Since they were both human and thus off-limits, he decided it didn't matter.

When Stefano Veaux woke up, bright sunlight came in through his dorm room window and he gritted his teeth. The sunlight felt like a hot lamp against his skin. He would have to apply lots of sun-block lotion before going out today, and wear sunglasses. His kind had been called many names by humans since the beginning of time. The name he loathed the most was the term Vampire. The humans had so many nasty myths and misconceptions about his species. Vampires weren't humans transformed into the Undead by a bite. They were born Vampires. No human could become a Vampire. They were a unique and separate species, not some club. They could and did walk in daylight. As long as they drank blood regularly and use sun-block cream, they'd be fine in daylight. A Vampire caught in the sun without sun-block wouldn't burst into flame. He or she would fall into a coma due to the fact that sunlight slowed down their metabolism and sapped their strength.

Both of Stefano's parents were Vampires. And in the Republic of Haiti where he grew up, Vampires were quite common. Most of the world's Vampire population was concentrated in places like the Caribbean, South Africa, Brazil and parts of Southeast Asia. Vampires of African, Asian and Hispanic descent were quite common. White Vampires were quite rare. Most of them perished during the Dark Ages where humans in Europe hunted them to near extinction. The Vampire culture was alive and well in Stefano's country. His parents lived in the small town of Quartier Morin, about thirty miles from the city of Cap-Haitien. Hundreds of Vampires lived in Quartier Morin. Tens of thousands lived in the nearby big city. Stefano was proud of his origins, both as a Haitian and as a Vampire. In Randolph, he felt quite lonely. And his fellow Haitians shunned him rather than to welcome him with open arms. He was honestly starting to hate the city.

Stefano went to check his email at the campus library computer and noticed he had two messages on AOL. One came from his best friend Madiop, telling him he'd scored last night with Nicole Carlotta, one of the most popular chicks at Randolph College. A five-foot-six, alabaster-skinned, brown-eyed and dark-eyed chick whom so many people seemed to be crazy about. Stefano recalled seeing Madiop with the white chick once or twice but had no idea they were hooking up. Wow. So Madiop was straight after all. Bummer. He checked his second message and his heart skipped a beat. The message came from Angelique, and she thanked him for a wonderful night while inviting him to hang out with her later in the day. He smiled, then sighed. More than anything he wanted to go out with her. She had a smoking hot body, with a face that was cute as hell and had a big, heart-shaped ass. And she was actually nice to him. What kind of brother would he be if he didn't at least try to go out with her?

Stefano replied, telling her he'd be there. With a smile on his face, he went into the shower. He'd modified his shower so that it would spray him with water mixed with sun-block. He spent a small fortune buying sun-block at the local stores. It was all worth it. The last thing he wanted was to end up comatose in the sun. The sun could and did kill blood-deprived and unprotected Vampires after prolonged exposure. It withered them to dust after a couple of days. After showering, Stefano did number one and number two and then brushed his teeth. Then he put on a black leather jacket over a bright red T-shirt featuring professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin and dark gray jeans along with Timberland boots. He checked himself in the mirror and smiled before grabbing his backpack.

Stefano sat through his Intro to Criminal Justice and Fundamentals of Corrections classes. Like every Criminal Justice major, he was required to take them. After classes ended, he went to meet Angelique. She was waiting for him by the campus library. Angelique looked really hot in a bright red sweater over a white T-shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. Hot damn. Stefano licked his lips. He walked up to her, grinning. Angelique smiled when she noticed him. She kissed him on the lips and gave him a hug. Well, that surprised Stefano but he didn't let it show. Smiling, he took Angelique's hand in his and they walked to the bus station. They went to Westgate Cinema Seven to catch an early showing of American Psycho, the movie everyone was talking about.

The movie was really cool. Stefano delighted in watching a suave, good-looking and wealthy business executive/serial killer hunt men and women through the streets of New York City. Angelique found the thriller quite disturbing, but oddly fun. For Stefano, the best part was that the serial killer never got caught. Too often, dumb heroes easily defeated the movie's villains, whom Stefano usually found more fascinating. In the Sci-Fi Channel reruns of the original Star Trek series, he found the genetically engineered conqueror Khan Noonien Singh far more interesting than the dull Captain Kirk. After the movie, Stefano took Angelique to Westgate Mall where they grabbed a bite to eat. This time, she impressed him with how much meat she ate. Wow. And she was so sexy. Where did she put it all?

They enjoyed each other's company and making out frequently while strolling through the crowd of Haitian-Americans, Cape Verdeans, Italians, Irish folk and Hispanics who made up the bulk of Westgate Mall's patrons. Night had recently fallen when Stefano noticed that Angelique was restless. She started pulling away while he embraced her and he asked her if everything was alright. Angelique told him she wasn't feeling well and had to go home. With that, she excused herself and took off. Stefano watched her go, stunned. He called out her name but she didn't stop. She didn't even slow down. Stefano shook his head. That's what he gets for dating a human. Feeling embarrassed, he decided to leave the Mall.

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