tagInterracial LoveHaitians at Carleton University

Haitians at Carleton University


Marc Albert Mathieu is the name. I was born and raised in the town of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti, and moved with my family to the Ontario region of Canada in the summer of 1999. Thirteen years later, I'm a business administration student at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, getting ready for a brighter tomorrow. It's the beginning of 2012, I am twenty four years old, and bored out of my damn skull. Life at Carleton University sucks ass, man. I need more excitement. I don't know too many people on campus and lately, it seems like everybody's getting more action than me. What's a brother to do?

Sometimes, I find that you have to go and make your own fun. I was chilling in the Mac Odrum Library, wondering when my luck would turn when I ran into Marie Benoit, this chick I knew from class. I first met Marie when I was hanging out with my buddy Abdullah, a Black guy from Dakar City in the Nation of Senegal. We were talking in French, going on about some big-booty Black chick who just walked by. I felt pretty cool saying this to Abdullah in class because I assumed we were the only French-speaking students nearby. Carleton University doesn't have a lot of francophone students. Most of them go to the University of Ottawa. Me? I'm Haitian, so I speak French, end of story.

Guess who interrupted Abdullah and I during our raunchy musings? A tall, chubby White chick with quite possibly the biggest ass I've seen in a long time. Marie Benoit. She sat down next to us, and said she had way more booty than the average Black chick. This bold gal addressed us in French, of course. Or what passes for French among Canadians from the region of Quebec. Abdullah and I were too stunned to respond. I looked Marie up and down and smiled. I told her the three words every woman always longs to hear. You. Are. Right.

Marie smiled, then asked me where I came from. That's something I get asked a lot in the Confederation of Canada. I've lived here for more than a decade. I became a citizen of Canada seven years ago. Hell, I even watch professional hockey! I only speak my native tongue of Haitian Creole with my parents and the few Haitian friends I've got at school. I speak English without an accent because I've lived in Ontario for so damn long. I speak the flawless French of the educated Haitian, not the funny-sounding crap they speak down in the Province of Quebec. Yet people are always asking me where I came from.

I tried not to roll my eyes and told Marie Benoit that I came from the Republic of Haiti. Marie smiled, and introduced herself. Marie Benoit of Montreal-Nord in the Province of Quebec. I smiled at her and she smiled at me. I've been to Montreal-Nord. The place is packed full of Haitians. Not my kind of Haitians, though. The gangster type. Montreal-Nord is to the City of Montreal, Quebec, what South Central is to the City of Los Angeles in the State of California. The hood. Last time I went down there, I always got robbed by two guys, one Black and one White. A Haitian hoodlum and his Quebecois buddy. Yeah, made me high-tail it back to the City of Ottawa in Ontario where it's nice, quiet and boring. Marie told me that she actually grew up in Montreal-Nord and had a lot of Haitian friends. I nodded at that. I'm not a bit surprised. What surprised me was what she did next. Marie Benoit winked at me and asked me, in accent-less Haitian Creole, to watch her back while she went to the ladies room.

I nudged my silent friend Abdullah in the ribs as I watched Marie Benoit get up and exit our sociology classroom inside Southam Hall. Hot damn. This chick not only has one hell of a booty but she's mighty tall, too. At least five feet eleven inches, if not six feet outright. She was curvaceous, with wide hips, thick legs and as I mentioned before, a really big ass. Her ass was heart-shaped and seemed solid. Nice. Really nice. Abdullah said nothing as I licked my lips. Ah, the things I could do to that Quebec woman's sweet chubby ass. Yummy. Abdullah playfully smacked my head and told me to quit thinking with my dick. Abdullah is a Muslim guy who takes his religion very seriously. He's just as horny as any Black guy I know but he's in denial about his needs. He prefers to pretend to be holier than thou. Masturbation must be fun for him! Me? I'm a proud Catholic who can admit that I need to get some ass!

When Marie Benoit came back to class, she gently touched my thigh and thanked me for looking after her stuff. I smiled, and pressed her with questions. Why was she at Carleton University instead of the University of Ottawa if she was francophone? Was she single? And did she like the brothers? Oh, yeah. I'm bold like that. Marie found my questions amusing, but she answered them anyway. Abdullah was rolling his eyes, but I had Marie Benoit's cell phone number stored in my Blackberry before the professor came. Class officially began, and the middle-aged White dude with the beard began droning on and on about informal social groups and social networks. I didn't really pay attention. I was busy carefully eyeballing Marie Benoit. This tall, chubby Quebecoise looked good enough to eat. She was fair-skinned, chubby but sexy, with wide hips and a big round ass. Oh, and her round face was really pretty. Her eyes were a really shiny blue and her short blonde hair was a bit curly. I found her exquisitely hot. I'm not into skinny chicks. And I definitely wanted a piece of her.

When class ended, it was barely seven o'clock. I was famished. Marie Benoit asked me if I wanted to go grab dinner with her. What do you think I said? Dinner turned out to be a really quick bite at the cafeteria of her Residence. She claimed not to have been paying attention in class and wanted to look at my notes from the previous class. Apparently she just signed up for our sociology class. Ever the good Samaritan, I was more than willing to help this chick out. We went back to her place, to compare notes. And ended up doing a lot more than that.

Seriously, I went into Marie Benoit's on-campus apartment with every intention of helping her out by sharing my notes with her. How we went from comparing notes to lying on her king-sized bed, minus our clothes, that's all a mystery to me. I had Marie lying on her back, gloriously naked. She was a little bit self-conscious once nude but I told her I found her beautiful. I like big women. I find them hot. No skinny women for me. Marie smiled and told me I had good taste. Then she spread her chunky thighs, exposing her hairy pussy. The Quebecoise cocked an eyebrow and told me to get to work. I smiled. If eating pussy were a sport, I'd be one of its champions. I went to work, licking her pussy and probing it with my fingers. Marie moaned as I worked my magic on her.

A lot of guys eat the pussy real fast because they see oral sex as just a preliminary to the main event. Not me. I actually enjoy eating pussy. And I licked, fingered and practically devoured Marie Benoit's sweet pussy as if it were my last meal. By the time I was done, the sexy chubby chick was squealing in delight. I waited for her to calm down after I made her cum, then I stroked my Johnson. Hey, my Jimmy needs some attention. Marie was more than okay with showing my dick some love after I left her pussy pleasurably sore. I lay on the bed while she got between my legs, grabbed my cock and began going down on me.

Now, a lot of chicks aren't very good at sucking dick. Most of us men are smart enough not to tell them that while they're going down on us. Marie's technique left a lot to be desired but I admired her enthusiasm. I ran my hands through Marie's short, curly blonde hair as she sucked me off. I closed my eyes as she did her thing, and it worked like magic. She did get me hard as a frigging piston. My hard dick was aching for a place to go. I looked at Marie and told her to get on top of me. It wasn't a request. She smiled, and did as I told her. Some guys would be intimidated at the thought of a woman as big as Marie Benoit getting on top of them. Not me. I'm not exactly small in any way. I'm around six-foot-one by two hundred and thirty pounds. Marie is a good five-foot-eleven and at least two hundred and fifty pounds. That's alright. I can take it.

Marie climbed on top of me, and grabbed my dick. She guided it to her pussy, after putting a condom on it. I always carry them in my pocket. Magnum brand. Marie put me inside of her, and began riding me. I reached for her large breasts, and gently squeezed them. Marie laughed and took my hands, putting them on her hips. And then she began riding me harder. Oh, yeah. That's how I like it. ROUGH. I thrust my cock deep into Marie's hot, tight pussy. Even with the condom on, I feel her heat radiating around my member. Nice. Marie screamed obscenities as I fucked her. I pumped her up. Hey, I haven't gotten any in a while and I wanted to make up for lost time. Lucky for me, Marie could take everything that I dished out and then some. I hammered that pussy like a Blacksmith in a forge. Marie's screams mingled with mine in a beautiful symphony of truly great fucking. It was truly one for the ages.

Man, I think we went at it for a good ninety minutes or more but let's round it up to two hours, just between you and I. Marie was positively glowing afterwards, so I guessed it had been a while for her too. I smiled. Nothing like some good sex to make you feel great. Marie told me she loved fucking Haitian men, going on and on about how good we were in bed. I shrugged. There's some truth to that, but not all brothers are as skilled as I am. Anyhow, I wanted out so I promised her I'd be in touch. Then I kissed her on the cheek, in the Haitian manner, before heading for the door. Just as I turned to leave, the Quebecoise squeezed my ass and told me we'd get together soon for another session of 'note-sharing'. I can hardly wait. Abdullah's going to have a heart attack when I tell him how my afternoon went.

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