Half Light


William stared at his lover asleep and snoring lightly, the sheet casually draped across his semi hard cock with a mix of desire and envy, the two emotions swirling together to make a new formula something altogether more powerful than mere desire, a curiosity, a will to break limits, a new strange feeling. William watched him for a while taking in every detail, the long strands of dirty blonde hair falling lazily across the beautifully handsome face, the sable coloured eyelashes making a fan, masking bright blue eyes now closed in sweet dreams, the jaw line strong and chiselled.

He stirred slightly amid his slumber and William caught his breath not wanting to be caught staring like this, not wanting the peculiar intimacy to end. Mumbling something incoherent he turned restlessly away from William for a second before turning back leaving more of his beautiful torso exposed. He must have been having pleasant dreams. His swollen fat cock was almost fully hard the sheet now almost a memory unable to conceal it. Williams's eyes gravitated like a magnet towards the beautiful cock jutting upwards into the semi darkness of the early morning while his right hand tentatively trailed downwards to fit between the waistband of his boxer shorts and find his own excitement tense and full of blood.

As hand touched skin it felt like a hot iron branding him and his eyes never broke their lock on the fat dick in front of him. He imagined what it would be like to be in possession of something so full, so solid, so tangible but he also remembered what it felt like in his mouth between his lips his tongue performing endless spirals around the soft yet firm shaft, the urgent touch of his lovers hand on the back of his head in the half light of the early dawn, pressing, insistent his mouth filling with that familiar salty taste, taking it all down.

His fingers gripped the small swollen lump in his pants flicking and rubbing as he remembered breathing hard on his lovers neck, smelling the odorous musk that seemed to emanate from his throat, a raw scent and powerful, the scent of glorious masculinity.

He remembered flipping his lover over pushing his face in to the soft pliability of the over stuffed pillow cases, alternating between playfully biting at him and breathing raggedly at his ear while Williams's saliva covered fingers worked teasingly at his lover's asshole.

He remembered the feel of that hot masculine body opening up for him, wanting, needing, yearning to be filled, vulnerable and yet demanding.

He recalled finding the exact spot inside his lover full and swollen, engorged and begging to be rubbed, teased, taunted, caressed until his lover almost begged him to stop and yet somehow always pleaded for more pushing against the insistence of the hand spinning William into an erotic sub reality of promise and bliss while he was all too aware of the yawning ache to complete the act his body denied him the capability to.

He could not take it any further, this was the fullest, most bursting limit he could take it too, his lover bucking urgently against his fingers the inner most secret place of him swollen and jutting in unapologetic need, Williams own small hardness tense and seeking relief.

He yearned to feel whole, to penetrate his lover completely and yet he knew in the dusky half light where conflicting worlds confuse, where masculine and feminine entwine even within the same body that this was where true pleasure was indeed found, that it is the longing, the incapacity which fuels desire over the edge, takes what is already potent, makes it stronger.

And he yearned also to submit himself,submit to someone who understand the essence of his true nature, his potency, the soul of his masculinity and yet he could still submit utterly to the hard insistence of that masculine external reflecting the internal perfectly where Williams betrayed him.

His tongue melted like ice-cream at the hot stabbing touch of his lover's heated mouth. Letting his lover invade him slowly first via his mouth and then using his body to manoeuvre himself into position on top of William his hard erection pressing into the space where Williams should have been, a torturous reminder but also a rapturous pleasure.

William held his body against his own his lovers hard and yet pliable, his own softer yet with its own firmness, hands skimming across bare naked flesh memorizing every inch braille like. His lover urgent, more insistent, teasing, Williams own body betraying him deliciously almost waylaid by potent actualised masculinity while at the same time a pang of longing stabbed through him like a needle breaking skin and something inside lit up his veins.

Pushing his lovers body weight off his own, guiding him upwards, pulling him forwards William ached for release raw desire and his primeval instinct now fuelling his actions. He wanted to be inside buried deep within his lover, erect and passionate, his first instinct, his primary emotion. Urging, surging that beautiful perfect body with the fat beautiful dick that was the object of so much lust envy to stand over him, wanting, needing his lovers cock to take on an almost symbolic meaning in the hallucinatory half light of the dawn.

He stood over William now like a sort of proud phoenix his hair flowing like flames licking around an already present molten core, cock full and proud sticking out in painful reminder of his essence and while William ached for him, ached to submit to what he worshipped, idolised the need to take him, take this beautiful man over rode everything else like a thousand pegasus charging towards the sun.

Tugging at his lovers ankles he guided his lovers tight little asshole on to his face, Williams lips and tongue losing themselves in ecstasy pushing deeper into the hole, exploring, tongue acting in place of phallus and yet in a way superior able to feel, even taste, experience pleasure in a different way, enabling William to fully acknowledge the sensation of this beautiful man.

His lover crying out in pleasure as he pushed against Williams's warm wet mouth, tongue pushing insistently in, upwards, attempting to fill him. And William felt his own need rushing upwards now as his lover opened to take him in and his own hand brushed against the small knot swollen in pleasurable torment.

Gripping his own heat between two fingertips William tugged with a shameless urgency while his lover squirmed deeper on to his tongue edging closer to release.

Suddenly his lovers thrusting became more immediate, faster and even the half dark seemed to pause while William waited a beat for the animal release of his lovers orgasm to flow over him completely, his body feeling the warmth over his stomach, his skin trying to absorb totally its potency, his body crying always for more, arching upwards while his tongue sort even more from his lovers most secret space and his fingers brushed what for a brief instant seemed on fire.

Sensing his frustration his lover brought his full weight down around Williams tongue and with a grunt and a gasp in one moment William tasted what raw masculinity felt his blood chill then overheat as white heat pumped through his veins and the rush came unrelentingly.

He could look back afterwards breathing haphazardly on the tail end of a pulsating orgasm blood vessels standing on end, still prickling his skin all over, the tingle nettle like mixing bitter sweetly once again with longing and admiration sculpting his lover into an idol, a statue, a roman or greek god in his imagination, an Antinous or Dionysus.

Masculinity. Pure total. Intoxicating. Raw. Erotic. His eyes flickered, left hand lazily brushed over his lovers torso now lapsing from desire into the slower rhythm of sleep.

In his dreams he saw his lover's body as perfect as marble, masculine, whole complete awaiting his touch, needing to be heated by the fires of a furnace burnt white hot by desire, by bittersweet longing and want.

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