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Half Sister


My name is Ryan. I grew up in a pretty normal house. My parents divorced when I was eleven and my mom moved my sister and me across the state to start over. My sister and I had a completely normal childhood and grew up to be normal adults.

When I was around 22, I discovered an incest themed chat room and began discussing it with others. It was mostly mother and son or father and daughter but what really got me going was all the brother and sister stories. This experience led me to find more incest chat rooms and to create a fake profile posing as a 19 year old girl who was interested in incest.

A few years later, when I was 27, my sister called me out of the blue and dropped a bombshell. She had gotten the real story as to why our parents had split up; our father had an affair which resulted in him fathering another child. I was in complete shock. I thought she was pulling my leg but she wasn't, she was telling me the truth.

A few weeks later I was headed out to Detroit to meet my half sister, Jessica. When she arrived at my father's house and got out of the car, the first thing I thought was 'wow, my sister is a hottie'. She was about 5'9 110; she had great tits, probably 32C, long shapely legs, and an amazingly tight ass. We chatted for a while and got to know each other a better. Throughout the entire time we talked, I kept on thinking how sexy she was. Later that night on the way home all I could think about was how much fun it would be to fuck a hottie like that.

When I returned home, I went back to my normal routine of incest chat. Then one day, I was chatting with a guy who set up a fake MySpace account, claiming to be a 19 year old girl who was in a consensual sexual relationship with her natural father. After he had gotten enough friends and such to make the fake profile seem legit, he started chatting up his daughter about incest until he was able to fuck her. This led me to think 'maybe I can fuck Jess this way.'

That night I set my plan in action. I knew Jess would be turning 18 that summer and was going to attend Eastern Michigan University in the fall. That was my in. I then set up a MySpace of a girl named Tracy who was 20, attending EMU, who also happened to be fucking her dad. I got as many people from EMU as I could to friend me and then I began my adventure. I started that fall by sending her a message saying 'hi' and that I went to EMU as well, and if she needed anything I would be glad to help. I then put in a friend request for her, hoping when she read my profile she would accept me. The next day I got a response from her, she said 'thanks' and if she needed anything she would let me know. Then she accepted me and I was in.

I began chatting with her via e-mail for a couple of days till she suggested yahoo chat. The first time we talked was just normal stuff really but then out of nowhere she asked "So what's with your profile? Is it true?"

I waited a second before typing "About my dad and I?"

"Um yeah," she responded.

I quickly typed "Yes." After receiving no response I typed "Does that bother you?"

"I guess not," she replied.

"Have you ever thought about it?" I asked. She told me she hadn't because she didn't know her father, our dad, while she was growing up and she didn't know she had a brother until recently. I told her that for me, as "Tracy", sex with my father was so much hotter because of the taboo.

"That makes sense I guess."

In response I typed, "If you ever get the chance to fuck a family member definitely consider it, you won't be disappointed."

"Ok I will." She said. "I gotta go ttyl" Wow! I was so hard. I had just been talking to my hot ass little sister about fucking family and she seemed somewhat receptive about it. This was too good to be true.

I continued to chat with her a couple of times a week and would occasionally steer the topic to incest to keep her thinking about it, but I needed something more. The process was taking too long. Then I got an idea. I asked her if she had ever thought about or had been with another girl. To my surprise she said "I have thought about it." Sweet, I thought. Jess then said she thought my picture, "Tracy's", was hot. I told her she was hot too and asked if she wanted to exchange pictures, as I had several nude pictures of the girl whose picture I used for my profile.

"Sure." She said, so I sent 4 pictures to her e-mail. A minute late her IM screen popped up "Wow you have a great body," she said. "Ok I gotta go take some, brb." Then about ten minutes later I got the e-mail I had been dying for. I opened it up to see Jess had sent five pictures of herself in just a little pink thong and four more of her completely nude. I was so hard I had to get off the computer to jerk off. I told her how hot I was looking at her pictures, but I had to go. She said "Ok I will ttyl."

We continued chatting for a couple more weeks and every time I would find a way to talk about dad, while jerking off regularly to her pictures. Then one day while chatting she asked "Is it really better with family?"

"God yes," I said, and then a pause. "Why?" I typed. A few seconds later I got the response I was waiting for.

"I think I want to try it with my brother." Yes, yes, yes, yes! I was so excited reading that I was shaking.

"Good for you." I typed. "You won't regret it"

"I just have one question," she said. "What if he doesn't want to?" I told her that she should get high or drunk with him so that if he is not into it she could pass it off as being messed up. I also told her to wear something kind of revealing around him so he would start thinking with his dick.

"Ok thanks, I'm going to call him now. Wish me luck."

I replied, "Just relax and have fun, ttyl" A few seconds later my phone rang.

"Hey big bro." She said. "I'm gonna come visit, got time for your little sis?"

"Of course I do," I said.

"Sweet, I will be there in a couple of hours," she replied and we said goodbye.

When Jess arrived we decided we would go to a local bar since it was Friday night and she had a pretty convincing fake. She headed into the shower to get ready. While she was in there I took the opportunity to snoop in her bag. Wow was she planning on being seen. She had four sexy thongs, a red lace teddy, and a black garter belt with stockings. I could not believe this is happening. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I then went back into the living room and waited for her. When Jess was done with her shower she came out in just a towel that barely covered her sexy ass. She then disappeared into the spare room to get dressed. She came out dressed to the nines, wearing a short jean mini skirt with a purple blouse and knee high black leather boots with the stockings as well. She looked so good I wanted to take her right then and there.

We went to the bar and had a good time. We each had a pretty nice buzz when we got back home. When we got into the house she asked what I had to drink. "I have some rum above the stove," I replied.

She asked, "Do you want one too?"

"Sure." I replied as she opened the cupboard. Jess couldn't quite reach so I stepped behind, intentionally pressing tight against her body to pull the bottle down for her. Jess turned her head to look at me as she pressed her ass back against my already hard cock. I put the bottle down and placed my hands on her hips, pulling her tighter into my cock as I whispered in her ear, "God damn you look good tonight."

"So do you," she said as she turned around and brought her lips up to mine. It was amazing. My plan was working out well: there I was making out with my sister in the kitchen. She began stroking my cock through my jeans, then undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor, revealing her sexy black lace thong, matching garter belt ,and thigh high stockings that I had seen earlier in her bag. I moved my hands around to her ass, squeezing it as I lifted her up to the counter and began to pull her panties down. There it was the sexy pink mound that I had been jerking off to for weeks.

I broke our kiss and dropped to my knees, starting to furiously lick her beautiful pussy. She started moaning and bucking her hips, her silky stocking covered legs wrapping around my back and her hands pulling my face deeper into her. After only three or four minutes she couldn't take it anymore. She screamed in ecstasy, "Oh yes oh! God yes!" She soon started to convulse in pleasure. I continued lapping at her young pussy until her whole body quivered from my touch. I stood back up and kissed her deeply again, letting Jess taste her own juices off my tongue.

"Oh my god that was good," she said, "but we are just getting started." She pushed me back and hopped off the counter. She then led me down the hall to my bedroom. We began kissing again and she removed her blouse and bra, revealing her beautiful tits to me. I began kissing and sucking on them while she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. "OMG," she said as my cock sprung free from my pants. "Damn it's big," she exclaimed with a smile. She pushed me down on the bed and I lay back as she grabbed my rock hard member and began sucking it, stopping only to say "You have a really nice cock." I was impressed my eighteen year old sister was taking all of my thick 7 inches in like a pro. After a few minutes she stopped again and climbed up on the bed, straddling my face for 69. There I was with my cock in my baby sister's mouth and my tongue in her pussy.

I pushed her down a bit and started tonguing her asshole. She started moaning louder and louder while sucking until she started bucking up and down on my face in an orgasm at the same time. That was all I could take. I released rope after rope of my hot sticky cum down her throat. Jess then turned around and kissed me while falling along side of me, both of us panting and trying to catch our breath. We laid there for a moment, sharing a cigarette, while playfully kissing and touching each other. Nothing was said but we both knew, this was only getting started.

After twenty minutes or so of softly kissing and petting each other, Jessica kissed me deeply, and then she grabbed hold of my cock and asked "Well, are you ready to fuck your baby sister?" Just her saying those words caused me to almost lose it. Wasting no time, I rolled over on top of her, the head of my cock touching the outer folds of her pussy for the first time. It was electric; my skin tingled as if I had electricity flowing over my body. I began kissing her once again while teasing her a bit by just inserting the head an inch or so then pulling back out. "C'mon baby, put it in and fuck your baby sister." That was all I needed to hear. With that a rammed my full 7 inches deep into her mound. "Oh my god it's so big," she exclaimed as I pumped in and out of her slowly at first, then building momentum and speed.

I whispered in her ear "God your pussy feels good." She began moaning louder and louder. "Oh yes, oh! God, yes! Fuck me, fuck me harder." As I began picking up the pace, fucking her harder and deeper, she put her fingers on my back pulling me to her lips and kissing me. "Oh god yes, I'm going to cum." I quickly pulled all the way out of her for a second then forcefully slamming it back home. This was too much for her; she dug her nails deeply into my back breaking the skin, as she came to her third orgasm of the night.

When her orgasm subsided I pulled out and lay back, her climbing on top of me straddling my cock. She again grabbed my cock and inserted it into her wetness and started rhythmically fucking me while I kissed and sucked on her perky young tits. She built up a steady pace and asked "Do you like fucking your baby sister?" I responded, "God yes."

"Good." She said. "I love my big bro fucking me." And with that she began to bounce up and down on my cock faster and faster. "Yes, yes, yes," she cried. As I was building up to climax, I placed my hands on her hips pulling her down onto me deeper. I looked her in the eye and said "I love you sis," and at that moment we both erupted in orgasm. She began kissing me and said "I love you too".

She collapsed into my arms and we laid there, a sweaty mass. As I lay there listening to her breathing, she looked up at me and said" WOW! You were right, it is better with family" shocked I said "What?" As if I didn't know what she meant. She replied "Yes Ryan or should I call you Tracy, but it's ok because I'm yours now. I love you." She kissed me and laid her head on my chest. Exhausted we slowly fell asleep in each other's arms.

I awoke the next morning to Jess playing with my cock. She looked at me and said, "Wanna take a shower?" As if I could say no. We showered and picked up where we left off the night before. We spent the rest of the weekend pleasuring each other, before she had to return to school.

Jess continued coming home every weekend to be with me. At this point it was more than just having sex with my baby sister, we were in love. At the end of the semester she transferred to Grand Valley State so she could be with me full time. She moved in and we began our new life together. No one who knew us was aware that we were related so we played it off like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. On her 20th birthday I asked if she would be my wife. Three weeks later we got married in Vegas. We continue to be completely devoted to each other as husband and wife as well as brother and sister.

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