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I am a fairly successful businessman and own my own company. I am six foot three, 225 pounds and in good shape thanks to a relentless personal trainer at our local gym. I bring home a healthy six figure salary, in addition to perks and bonuses, so we live comfortably.

My wife Diane is a typical 24 year old young woman in every way, except for the fact that she has grown more and more sensual as she gets older. She is beautiful, five foot six inches, 107 pounds carrying a 36C chest with shoulder length auburn hair. She inherited her long, sexy legs from her mother's side of the family. She loves to dress to show off her great shape that she works hard at the gym to maintain. Sometimes, she undresses to show off her incredible body.

Diane is several years younger than I am, but has learned to be more adventurous since we have been married. I knew her family for some time before we could begin dating. Di's family lived in the small town where I had spent summers of my youth, but wanted to attend the State University near my home at the time. Her parents really couldn't afford to send her there and had urged her to attend the local Community College for her first two years.

During one of my visits to her home town I saw her at the little restaurant where she waitressed and she explained her dilemma over tuition and housing at the State University. I mentioned that I had a large house, with extra unused bedrooms, and could possibly hire her to work part-time for my company while she attended school. Diane got excited and asked me if I would call her parents and make the offer, which I gladly did on her behalf.

While she lived and worked with me during her four years of college everything was purely platonic, with no activity between us. But she was exposed to a variety of ladies I would date and would hear stories about our activities.

After graduation, she continued to work for me and live in my home. I had helped her financially in addition to the salary she earned. I had also helped her get a job as a hand model as she has beautiful hands. But as a result she has to be extremely careful and does not wear any rings on her hands.

It didn't take long after graduation for her and me to begin to flirt and finally do what we had both wanted to do for a very long time. After officially dating for several months, we were married and eventually moved back to her home town after selling controlling interest in my company.

As Halloween approached, she was caught up in trying to determine what she wanted costume she was going to wear. She loved shopping at second hand and thrift stores to get different outfits for all types of occasions. She had previously bought an old style that button-up dress that she had used to perform an impromptu strip tease in my garage workshop. So I suggested that she stop by some of her favorite shops and see what she could find to wear for the costume party we planned on attending.

We had been invited to attend a Halloween costume party at a very private club in the greater Orlando area. The guidelines for the party were very specific and included a mask be wore around the eyes, no jewelry could be worn that might identify an individual, no business was to be discussed and no cameras, video or recording devices were allowed. The club is an exclusive membership country club with a car service and on-site cottages for out of town members or members in no condition to drive home.

Diane came home one day with several different assortments of clothing from which she hoped to come up with a costume. She dropped her assortment of clothing onto the dining room café style table and began showing me what she had found. She had bought several old style dresses and suggested going as a witch, a bag lady or cleaning lady. I reminded her that most of the other people would probably be wearing rented professional style costumes and probably would be a little sexier. She then showed me some outfits and suggested going as a streetwalker or working girl.

I kind of shook my head no and gave her a look to let her know that it wasn't a good idea.

We continued to browse through her purchases which included a black wide brim fedora, a few short skirts, and a jacket.

"What's with the jacket," I asked.

"It's cute and looks good on me. Look!" she stated as she put the jacket on over her shoulders.

It was a tan colored leather jacket that fit tight around her and came down to just below her butt. There was a matching leather belt that pulled it snug.

"Wait a minute," I requested as I reached for the fedora. "Put this on and pull the front down over your eyes."

She did as I had asked and I led her over to the hallway mirror to let her see herself.

"You look like a secret agent dressed like that.'

"You think so?" she asked rather tentatively. "It's not very sexy, is it?"

"I don't know, I guess it would depend on what you wore underneath the jacket. Why don't you see what you could wear under it and then we can decide."

"Okay." And with that she headed off to our bedroom and her walk-in closet to try on a variety of clothing.

I went to the kitchen, grabbed a beer and turned on the TV in the den expecting to see her come waltzing out of our bedroom showing off her latest creation. I didn't hear or see her for a while and decided to go check on her and what she had found.

I walked into our room and was greeted with a vast assortment of clothing strewn around the room, with Diane sitting on the end of the bed in her bra and panties, crying softly.

"What's wrong, honey?" came out of my mouth before I had time to think. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I know the answer before I asked. Her response would be...

"I have nothing to wear with the jacket that looks sexy," she cried, "I might as well go naked."

Of course I am still not thinking sympathetically to her and her needs, so of course the first thing I thought of came spilling out of my mouth.

"That's a great idea," I almost shouted. "That would be sexy as hell."

The look on her face was priceless. Her mouth was open and her blue green eyes were wide in amazement. Time to think fast.

"Look, you've worn all types of revealing clothing on a variety of different occasions. This is Halloween! You don't have to be yourself. It's in Orlando. It's anonymous. There won't be many people there we know. You know how you get when you get to show off your body."

I was talking as fast as I could trying to stop the tears and get a smile onto her beautiful face and it seemed to be working. The more I said the softer her look became until she was smiling.

"Really? How would that look?" she asked as she began to grab the jacket and stood at the end of the bed.

She swung the jacket around sliding her arms into the sleeves and fastening the belt in place. She reached for the hat which I had picked up off of the bed and pulled it down over her long hair.

"Well? What do you think?" she asked as she twirled around in front of me.

The jacket just covered her ass as well as accentuated her boobs. Almost as if she knew where I was looking she pulled at the top of the jacket showing more cleavage.

"You want me to investigate you?" she teased.

"No, but I wouldn't mind frisking you." With that I stepped towards her, began unbuckling the belt and undid the three bottom snaps holding the jacket closed.

I reached around her slender waist grabbing a handful of her ass and pulled her close to me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss while we groped each other. Our intensity increased as we continued to caress each other, my hands running over her newly exposed nakedness, her tugging at the belt and zipper on my pants. Quickly we were both naked and fell onto the bed continuing our groping of each other.

I love the feel of her smooth, tanned skin and shuddered as I ran my hands up and down her flat belly and settled in our massaging her soft, firm breasts. Her breasts amaze and tantalize me. They are firm standing out on her chest with no sign of any sagging, yet are soft to the caress. I could play with them for hours.

To make it easier to play with her titties I turned her away from me until we were spooning with my cock firmly wedged between her butt cheeks. I had my right hand under her holding her right breast with my left arm draped across her holding her left breast. Both of my hands were grabbing, groping, squeezing and pinching her magnificent titties. Diane was reaching down and began fingering herself. She was making little mewing sounds as her excitement built. She started to quiver and shake indicating she was about to explode so I worked my cock fervently between her ass. As her climax peaked Diane's body shook uncontrollably causing my own release to pour out between us, covering the small of her back and my belly.

We lay like this for a few minutes each of us trying to breathe normally when she finally spoke.

"So you like the costume?"

"Yes," I managed to say before I stood, "very much."

A little unsteady on my feet I made my way to the bathroom to clean up and returned with a warm washcloth to wipe the excitement off of Diane's back. I sat on the edge of the bed wiping the gentle curve of her back, cleaning up the mess I had made. I tossed the cloth towards the bathroom hamper and began stroking her back, her but and the top of her legs which still dangled over the edge.

"You know, when we go to the party you are going to stir up a lot of attention. I think, if anyone asks what a secret agent wears under her coat, you should show them." I let that sink in for a minute. "Hell, maybe no one will ask, but you do know how horny you get showing off that terrific body of yours."

She turned over onto her side and looked at me with one of those looks only a wife can give you. She started to say something changed her mind and said simply, "Pervert."

She then headed for the bathroom, closing the door behind her, while I was left sitting on the bed. After a minute or two I heard the water running and knew she was settling in for a nice hot bubble bath. Smiling to myself I followed her towards the bathroom, only to find the door locked. So I headed back to the den and the unfinished beer.

Neither of us spoke about the upcoming Halloween party until the middle of the week prior to the party. She brought up the subject of the party and her outfit.

"Do you really think I should wear the secret agent outfit to the party with nothing on under it?"

"Yes, you see the affect it had on me." I was trying to look thoughtful and wise. "Like I said, it's a very anonymous party miles from home, we will know very few people there and you like showing off. It's a perfect setting."

"Alright. But I am not going to show everyone what's not on underneath. They will just have to use their imagination." That was the end of the discussion.

Halloween weekend came so on Friday afternoon we drove to Orlando and checked in to a hotel with affiliations to the club where the party would take place on Saturday night. The hotel was in an area away from the attractions Central Florida is so famous for and located in a complex of hotels, restaurants and entertainment suited more for the adult interests.

Diane and I decided to get some dinner and go to one of the local nightclubs within the hotel area. While I dressed business casual, Di chose a more revealing outfit. She wore a short white top made from some almost transparent material with thin spaghetti straps, and a short tan mini skirt with a belt that was almost as wide as her skirt. She did wear panties but went without a bra.

The restaurant we decided on is a well know chain with an Aussie theme. Needless to say we joined the group of expectant diners on the front porch waiting for our little light-box to go off signaling our table was ready. Diane attracted the attention of a number of the male and female diners waiting outside and I could tell it was having an effect on her. When we were finally seated she squirmed around in her seat throughout our entire dinner. She practically yelled 'No!' when the waitress asked if we cared for any desert. Di insisted I just girl the girl money so that we could get out of there.

We had strolled to the hotel enjoying a typical Autumn Florida evening and the attention Diane was creating with her little outfit. On the way back to the hotel Diane kept saying that we should have driven as it was too far to walk (especially after she had had a few drinks before and during dinner). I was really getting into her arousal and wanted to take advantage of it, so I kept slowing down her rush to return to the hotel.

As we rounded one corner there was a small courtyard area that belonged to a little restaurant that had been closed for the evening. It was landscaped with bushes and shrubs to help block the traffic noises while customers ate and had many dark corners this late at night. I pulled Diane into the courtyard and asked her what her why she was in a hurry to get back to the hotel.

"Gawd, all that attention in the restaurant got me horny. I just want to go back to the hotel and fuck."

"Not so fast," I said to her. "Stop for just a minute," as I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her to look at me. "We're going to take our time walking back to the hotel.."

"But, I'm horny," she interrupted, "I just want to fuck you."

"No. I'm going to enjoy this. Take off your underwear. Do it, now." I commanded.

She blinked at me a couple of times before responding, "What?"

I looked at her and repeated, "Take off your underwear. Here, let me help."

I reached for the hem of her short skirt and began to lift the material. Looking around cautiously she grabbed her underwear and pulled them down her long legs, stepping out of them.

"Now what?" she asked rather impatiently.

"Now stick them in your purse and let's start walking, slowly back towards the hotel," I instructed as I began to lead her out of the courtyard.

We stepped into the walkway just ahead of a group of what appeared to be businessmen well into their partying ways. There were a couple of whistles and cat calls that made Diane cling to my arm with both hands. She rested her head on my arm as we walked and I dropped my hand from around her waist to her tight skirted ass. I slipped my hand down under the hem of her skirt and touched her wet spot, which evoked even more cat calls and crude remarks. The movement of my hand told the gentlemen following behind us that I was doing my best to get my wife off as we walked. After a couple of minutes of this Diane turned her head, nipping me on the shoulder as her body shook and shuddered in orgasm. This elicited a cheer from the group behind, followed by a brief applause. We were very close to our hotel so Diane turned and flashed our following entourage before we darted off to the hotel entrance.

Before we made it all the way back to our ground room Di was pulling her top off. As I slid the card through the locking mechanism she was unzipping her skirt and stepped out of it as she stepped into the room. She grabbed me and locked her lips on my while her hands fumbled to undo my belt buckle and unzip my pants.

"Hold on." I mumbled into her mouth as I grabbed my belt buckle and quickly had my pants down around my ankles.

I let my mouth find its way from her lips to her lightly scented neck. I nipped and nibbled her neck while one hand continued to massage back and the other hand fondled her breasts. I heard her moan into my hair.

"Touch me down there," she whispered breathlessly. My hand worked its way free of her breasts to be replaced with my mouth and tongue, and I slid my hand slowly down her body under her arm, down her waist and gently found her mound. I caressed her clean shaven mound as she ground her hips into my hand. I was kissing the bottom of her tits as my finger found it's way inside her. I felt her body shudder as I worked another finger inside her and then used my hand to guide my cock inside of her. I pushed her back against the hotel door and started thrusting hard into her. She continued to moan and tremble and my cock worked its magic. My fingers continued to draw little circle around her right nipple. Diane has her left nipple pierced so I took hold of the piercing bar and pulled, causing Diane to squeal. My hands continued to knead her breasts and Diane shook in my grasp.

I'm gonna come again," she practically screamed. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Uhuhuh, Ohhh, God that was good."

With that she went limp in my arms, so I carried her to the bed, where the covers had been turned down by the hotel staff. I kissed her forehead, telling her good night and that I loved her very much.

Saturday morning I got up, got dressed and retrieved the Orlando Sentinel from outside the room door. I decided that since our hotel room was on the West side of the building the sun would not be shining in through the wall of windows that lined the bedroom wall of our room. So I opened the curtains, ordered room service for breakfast and sat down by the windows to read the paper. The windows included a sliding glass door with access to the pool patio and overlooked the parking area and rear entrance to the hotel. After a short wait there was a knock at the door, identifying himself as 'room service'. Knowing that the server would be setting breakfast up in the small dining area of the room, I rose from the chair, swatted Diane on her naked ass and told her that breakfast was served. I opened the door for the server allowing him to bring in the tray full of food I had ordered.

The server was sandy haired young man about nineteen or twenty years of age. He was tall and lanky, but moved with a fluid movement as he went about uncovering the various dishes, filling the coffee cups, and completing the place settings. His name tag identified him as 'Brad'. As he began to pour the orange juice Diane entered the living area of the room in her state of undress from the night before. The young man overfilled the glass he was pouring and did not realize what he had done until I called his attention to the little accident. Brad started to apologize profusely as he worked to clean up the mess he had created.

"Sorry about that," Diane understatedly said as she turned to leave the area. "I guess I better put some clothes on, huh?"

"Our friend here would probably rather have you stay the way you are," I turned my attention to brad and added, "wouldn't you."

Diane had stopped and turned to face the two of us standing near the breakfast table, looked at the young man with her dazzling smile as if to wait for an answer. Nervously, he looked at Diane, remembered I was there and then began to glance back and forth between Diane and myself as if trying to stall for time to think of an answer.

"Go get dressed,' I suggested to Diane and pointed towards the bedroom area.

"Okay," she threw over her shoulder as she turned towards the back portion of the room.

I looked at the face of a very stunned young man, Smiled sympathetically and offered," She had a little too much to drink last night. You'll have to forgive her this morning."

Straightening himself up he replied, "Certainly. No problem" as he glanced towards the bedroom.

I signed the receipt with a good tip for the poor guys trouble. When the young man left Diane rushed back into the room, wearing only my button-up shirt for the previous nights outing.

"You could have told me that the guy was still here.'

"Would it really have made a difference?"

"Maybe I would have put on a better show," she replied as she made her way to where I stood, wrapped her arms around me, adding, " you will just never know. You should have seen the look on those guys out on the pool deck drinking coffee."

"I love you so much."

She kissed me deep and long while I ran my hands over her terrific body. We continued this for a few minutes until she broke free and sat down to eat.

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