Every year, dad invites us to his school's annual Halloween Masquerade party. The college threw it as a way for faculty and students to unwind after mid-terms. A lot of the faculty brings their families because the party is festive, food is plentiful, and for faculty only, a separate area was always set aside for just the faculty to kick back.

As a kid, you always thought it was great. A big school in the big city. Everyone dressed up. And they always served the best desserts. But as you became an adult, it wasn't fun. Many of the students that were your age were spoiled and always seemed entitled. You didn't like dealing with them so you stopped coming.

This year was different. You haven't seen your dad lately and wanted to surprise him. He always asks for you to come, but you haven't for the past 5 years. He stopped asking you to come about 3 years ago. You thought it would be great if you surprised him this year. You talk to your mother about your plan and thought it was a great idea. She hasn't gone for many years either and thought you two could both surprise him.


Mom decided to wear a fancy laced purple bustier dress. It accentuated her curves. Her cleavage looked amazing. The corseted dress gave her a beautiful hourglass curve. Your mom was sexy as hell and this made her look fantastic. With the dress, she wore a mask that covered her eyes and nose. The mask had feathers that matched her dress.

You decided to be her "date" and wear a black tuxedo. Dressing up like a man makes you feel so powerful, yet insecure. It feels so right. You love Halloween because this is the only time that you can go out in public, everywhere, dressed as a man and won't make you feel guilty. You made sure you wore your strap-on. You always feel empowered when you walk out with it on under your clothes. You too wear a half mask, but it is plain dark black color. The outfit is complete with a top hat.

You both decided before you arrived that you will play a game to see who can find your dad first and secondly see if he can recognize you. As soon as you entered the gala, you both go on your way on your separate missions. Mom immediately scours the bars. He has been drinking more frequently lately and figured he would be close.

You on the other hand just start strolling slowly throughout the crowd. You hear some young men talking about a secret party. It is for "extra" credit. They all laugh. You thought it would be interesting to learn what that means so you follow them along. The building that the party is in is a part of a series of connected buildings. The boys head out of the party, down the hall and into one of the adjacent buildings. You can still hear the party and see party goers, but this building is a little off the beaten path from the party. You stay back as they knock on the door. Someone answers the door and asks what do they want. " Extra credit," was answered.

The half dozen students all went in. You want to get back to finding your dad, but curiosity has gotten the best of you. You decided to find out what is going on. You knock on the door.

"Can I help you?"

"Extra Credit."

"Come on in. Each subject is labeled. Go into the appropriate room for credit. Please make sure you take a condom before you go."

You are confused about the condom, but you pick one up and peruse the subjects. You are starting to think that you have stumbled upon a place where your dad might be. He was always helping students. Maybe this is something he is involved in. You walk down the hall until you see your dad's subjects. You enter the room. It is dark. It takes a moment until your eyes adjust. Suddenly a hand is over your mouth.

A familiar voice says, "Don't say a word. If you want "extra credit", you will write your name on that piece of paper and put it in that jar. No words are said. Put this on your jacket. Then sit over there until you hear further instructions."

You are given a sticker with the number 7 on it. The paper also has that same number on it. You write "Darby Johnson" on the paper and deposit it it into the jar and then wait. You hear "Number 7." You walk over and are handed a blindfold.

"We will go into this room. Before we walk in, but the blindfold on. Don't take it off until you are escorted out of the room. You will not receive credit if you take it off."

You shake your head and head to the door. With your blindfold on, you are instructed to walk 5 steps and kneel. Before you know what is happening, you feel the head of a cock at your lips. All you hear is "Suck".

You start licking the tip, but suddenly your hat is knocked off and his hands are grabbing the back of your head. He starts fucking your mouth. You choke at the sudden intrusion in your throat. He pulls back. You catch your breathe just in time before he starts fucking your throat furiously again. You are shocked at what is going on, but don't protest. His cock tastes like ass though. I must have been fucking someone's ass before you. This both repulses you and turns you on.

Suddenly he pulls out. "Get on all 4s and pull your pants down." You oblige. Without warning, he grabs your hips and slams his cock into your boi pussy. It is tight and dry. You haven't been fucked there in awhile, but it is starting to hurt so good.

"You are a naughty girl. Trying to pretend to be a boy. I am still going to fuck that ass hard," he grunts into your ear as he fucks you harder. You scream in pain, but he continues. Now his hands are around your neck. He squeezes, making you feel lightheaded. He pulls out. Pushes you over and now he is sitting on your face. His ass is firmly on your mouth. "Lick, number 7," you are told. You start tonguing his ass. You can barely breathe. Suddenly, you feel someone over your bottom half. Then you feel that person fucking your "cock". That person feels feminine. Your hands feels a soft dress.

You feel that woman fuck your cock nice and slow. You feel her bending forward. You reach up to grab her tits and feel some nice big titties with big nipples. In the meantime, you still lick the asshole. It feels like he is jerking himself off. Then you think the woman on your cock is sucking his cock. He starts moving with her mouth. Lifting his ass off of your face every few seconds. Before long, she has him coming in her mouth. You can hear his grunts and his last push as he explodes in her mouth.

After he is done, she sits up and rides your cock. Riding it up and down very quickly. You find her clit and help her to orgasm. He doesn't move though and waits until she comes before he gets off your face. He whispers into each of your ears separately and says you got your credit. Then states you can get dressed. He takes you out to another room.

In 10 seconds, you may remove your masks. He slips back into the other room. When your time is up, you take the masks off. You are a room with about a dozen people. It smells like sex. You look around and right next to you is your mom. Your mom says to you, "I think I found your dad."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/18/18

Bloody Hell!

Just the first paragraph...

"Every year, dad invites [PRESENT TENSE] us to his school's annual Halloween Masquerade party. The college threw [PAST TENSE] it as a way for faculty and students to unwindmore...

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by Anonymous04/12/18


Stories written in second person perspective are rare. There is a reason for this...it is hard to pull it off properly, and it often makes the story awkward or disjointed.

It is awkward, and really wasn'tmore...

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by redlion7504/11/18

Crap she seems to be a per then allows an unknown man to fuck her

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