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Halloween Costume



"Yes, baby. Why is your door closed?"

"I'm almost ready. I want to show you the costume I'm working on for waitressing on Halloween at work."

"Okay. Since you work at Hooter's, this ought to be interesting. Come out when you're set."

"As a matter of fact, I'm done now. Here goes."

"Holy shit, baby!

"You like it, Daddy?"

"Holy shit!"

"I'll take that as a yes. I know it's not all that original. I got the idea from that cheesy ole Britney Spears video. I'd like to think I can rock the Naughty Schoolgirl way better than she can. I mean, she's about four inches taller than me, but I fill out the white shirt way better than her. Skirt, too."

"Holy shit. I have to tell you, if I were the headmaster of your school, you'd be in real trouble for the way you modified that school uniform."

"Oh. OH!!!! I'm sorry Sir if I'm breaking the rules. It's the weekend, and I'm just trying to be a little more comfortable."

"Well, Miss Randi, we take our responsibilities seriously here. The Wayward Women Preparatory School is serious about getting you young ladies ready for the real responsibilities of adulthood. Now that you're legally adults, the consequences of continuing your old behavior becomes more severe. That's why we're a full-time boarding school. You have to be role models for each other, even on Saturdays. That means wearing the school uniform with pride."

"Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir."

"No you don't. Not from the way you're dressed now. That's why I've called you over to the Residence. We need to have a long, hard talk about consequences."

"Yes, Sir."

"Follow me, young lady. The uniform you are issued is supposed to give you ladies an important understanding of modesty and how the way you dress affects the way you think and live. All of you led dissolute lives before coming here, but you managed to avoid the harshest punishments due to your age. This is really your last chance to straighten yourselves up. Do you understand?"

"I think I do, Sir."

"I think the evidence in front of me is proof that you don't. For instance, Miss Randi, you are not wearing a brassiere under your white blouse. A young lady with your endowments really needs to wear a bra when wearing a white shirt. I can see your aureoles through this thin material. And the sheer size of them means your blouse is stretched out. Hmmm. I suspect you wear a 36DD bra. Am I right?"

"Yes, Sir. Exactly right. How can you tell my size so exactly?"

"Well, when I cup your breasts in my hand like this, they more than fill my palms. In fact, they spill out. And, Miss, your nipples are stiff. I can feel them with my thumbs."

"Yes, Sir. Mmmm."

"Next, your blouse has been tied off halter style, exposing your midriff. We cannot have that. You are putting on quite the display young lady. Dressing like this, even on the weekends, is forbidden because it takes you back to your old, immoral lifestyle that we are dedicated to eradicating for your own good. If the other girls see this, it could reverse all the gains they've been making this semester."

"Yes, Sir."

"We prefer the positive feedback method of changing your thought processes. But in extreme cases like this one, we also believe in negative feedback here at the School. For your brazenness, you will have to be punished. You will be treated in the manner in which you present yourself. Do you understand why, Miss Randi?"

"Yes, Sir. I understand. And I'm ready to accept your discipline."

"Good. A young woman dressed as you are is not a lady by any stretch of the imagination. Presenting yourself as a hussy results in being handled as a piece of flesh. This tied off midriff. All I have to do is pull it like this and it comes apart. Now I can see those big tits of yours, and the nipples look like they're begging to be sucked."

"Ahhh, oh my. Yes sir. Of course. And oh that feels good sir. Ahhh. Your tongue. Yes. Ah, you stopped!"

"That's so I can take off my shirt. There. I want to feel those big tits rubbing against me. Yes, just like that. You like how my chest hair feels on your nipples, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah. But you seem uncomfortable. Oh, you have a problem."

"Yes, I do. And you're going to help me with it. Get down on your knees."

"Yes, sir. Let me unbuckle your pants. And now the zipper. And pull down....hey, I just got slapped in the face."

"You caused the problem."

"And it's a big problem. Oh my, it's a huge problem. Huge and thick. Mmmm."

"That's right. Take it into your mouth, just like that. That's it. Suck on my dick. That's right. Now lick around the head and the underside. Yes."

"I like nice big flesh lollipops like this. Mmmm. And licking big balls. Yours are so tight right now. Mmmm."

"Ohhh. Yes. Now stop and stand up. You like sucking cock, I can tell. Did sucking on my big dick get your panties all wet?"

"No, sir, it didn't."

"I don't believe you. I'm going to check for myself. Oh my, you're right. You're not wearing panties under that short little skirt."

"Mmmm, no sir. Ahhh. Your finger."

"Yes, my finger. Your pussy is sopping wet, however. Oh my. Let me unzip that skirt and get it out of the way. Now lie down on the bed and spread your legs."

"Yes, sir."

"I see you keep your cunt hair trimmed. Girls that keep their bush nice and neat like to have their pussies eaten, don't they?"

"I love getting eaten out. Oh, yes. Lick me. Just like that. Yessss."

"Mmmm. Tasty. I'll bet your clit is sensitive. Let's see."

"AHHH. YES. Mmmmm. OhGodyouputyourtongueinsideme. Yes. Inandout. Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh. HEY!"

"That's right, I stopped. You're still wearing those non-regulation heels. You know what those shoes are called don't you. Yes you do. Fuck-me shoes. Well, it's time."

"Oh, yes it's time. Time."

"You want to be fucked, don't you?'

"Yes. Yes. Please fuck me. I want your cock in me."

"Your pussy is so wet and slick. Mmmm, there we go."

"OHyes. Big. Yes."

"You're so nice and tight. Oh, yes. Nice and slow. Nice and slow."

"Oh. Deep. Fuck. Big. Fill me up. Unnnh."

"Your tits bounce when you fuck. Oh, my. You love cock, don't you? Don't you?"

"Yes. Yes. Fuck. Me. Deep. Yes. Yes. Yes. Ahhh."

"Are you a slut? Are you my little cock hound.?"

"Yes. Yes. Slut. Fuck. Me. Cock. Fuck. Fuck. Oh. Yes. Getting. Close."

"Oh, I can. Feel your pussy. Getting tighter. Yes. You want my cum. Don't. You?"

"AHHHH. AHHHH. FUCK." "Nowwwww. Yes. Unnh. Cum. In. Your. Pussy. AHHHH!"

"AHHHHHhhhhh. Ahhhhh. Cumming."

"Ahhh. Haaah. Now you know what happens when you dress like that. You dress like a slut. You get treated like a slut. You understand?"

"Ahhh. Ah. Yessss. I dress like that, ahhh, and I get treated like a slut. Whew. I wind up getting stripped naked. Then I have my nipples sucked on. Then I drop down to my knees and have my mouth filled with a cock. Then I get my pussy licked and eaten to the point where I can't take any more. And then I spread my legs for a huge thick cock that pumps in and out of my drenched pussy. I get my brains fucked out and I cum so much that I squirt all over the sheets while I'm filled up with loads and loads of spunk. I understand."

"I see that you do. So have you learned your lesson, Miss Randi?"

"Yes, Sir, I have. So next Saturday, I dress like this again and come straight over to the Residence so you can reinforce my punishment with that huge dick of yours pounding my pussy. Is that right?"

"You're a slow learner on this, young lady. I can see you'll need repeated reinforcement on your lesson."

"Yes, Sir. Exactly."

"What am I going to do with you?"

"Fuck me. A lot."

'You are a bad, bad girl. That's all there is to it."

"Heee, heee. Yes, Daddy, I'm a bad girl. I'm your bad little girl. I'm glad you liked my Halloween costume."

"You still going to wear that costume to the party?'

"I'd better add a bra and panties. They'd probably fire me if I showed up for work like that. The way I just wore it tonight is for our private party. That way I can be Daddy's Little Party Favor. How does that sound?'

"It sounds like I'm going to be your Headmaster until you learn your lesson."

"Cool. It might take a while, though. Hope you're up for the long haul."

"Count on it."

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