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Halloween Discovery


I have a few thoughts for a sequel to this story if anyone is interested. Constructive comments are welcome.

Chapter 1 - A Halloween Story

Danny Black sat in the kitchen of the home he and his wife of nineteen years, Sheila had shared. Once again, Danny's thoughts returned to the dilemma he now faced. He had caught Sheila fucking a guy in the back of a car and the confrontation had ended with her lover in hospital. The fact that her lover, was also a Detective Constable in the Regional Task Force complicated matters. Danny was no angel himself when it came to his marriage vows, but catching his wife fucking a copper in the back of a car came as a complete shock and also forced him to face up to his dilemma.

They had brought up their two children in this house but they had now flown the nest and they were rattling around in a five bedroomed house and they had discussed downsizing more than once, but Sheila was reluctant to move. Danny and his brother, Charlie's parents had been killed in a train crash when Danny was sixteen, leaving them the house and a small inheritance. The inheritance enabled them to buy a small scrapyard, specialising in breaking old cars for spares and over the years the pair of them had built it into a profitable business.

Danny was just eighteen when he first met Sheila at a dance organised by the local youth group linked to the village church. She was a 'townie' as they called anyone from the neighbouring city. She was the cousin of one of his friends, visiting their country relations for the weekend. Her cousin and Danny best friend, Billy had been tasked with entertaining her over the weekend and Danny was more than happy to give him all the assistance he needed, for Sheila was a striking young woman. Her hair was dark and long with abundant curls, which he found out later, she hated. She was not what one would call beautiful, but she had something about her that caused all the young studs in the village to seek her company that night. She had come to the dance in a short red dress that accentuated her long legs and she was not deprived in the bosom area either. Danny monopolised her company that evening and discovered that she was the same age as him and she was working as a beautician in a hairdressers in the city. She concentrated on hands, face and make up for the shop's clientele. They started courting and at first she would only permit him to kiss her and let him have the occasional caress of her breasts, over the top of her clothes, of course! They started to see each other every week, but the distance involved made it difficult for them to get together except at weekends, but they made the effort and gradually, she permitted him to take more liberties with her.

That changed on the night of their first Halloween together. The village hall was hosting a fancy dress ball and they had arranged to go together. When he called at Billy's house to collect her, he was dumbstruck. His date was dressed, head to foot, as a witch complete with green paint on her face and a broomstick to boot. The black dress was cut very low, exposing her cleavage, also painted green. She wasn't your run of the mill ugly witch, made up to look more like the witch in Sleeping Beauty. She laughed when she saw his reaction and told him to stop catching flies and close his mouth. Danny stammered something complimentary and she just giggled at his ability to make a complete ass of himself so easily. She commented on his fancy dress for he was attired as a pirate, complete with a gruesome scar on his cheek and he was quite proud of his efforts to win the prize as the best costume on the night, but he knew then that Sheila had him beaten hands down. It would be no contest and so it proved for she won the first prize and the bottle of bubbly that went with it. They danced until closing and afterwards, Danny asked her to marry him. He had the ring in his pocket and she was so delighted that she just had to announce to everyone that we were engaged.

After everybody had offered their congratulations, he took her back to the house he still shared with his brother and for the first time they made love. Danny was pretty inexperienced, he had only had sex twice in his life up to that point, but Sheila led him gently to the bed and started to strip him of his clothes. He tried to reciprocate, but she told him no and once he was naked, lying on the bed, she performed a slow striptease and gradually revealed her beauty to him, green facial paint and all. First her dress shimmied to the floor and revealed her naked breasts, her hard tipped nipples pointing proudly. She them slowly peeled off her panties to reveal her sex. He could see that she had shaved completely, what he was later to discover was called her labia were glistening with the evidence of her arousal with her clitoris swelling and opening like a petal as she spread her legs for him. She moved to the bed and pushing him onto his back she mounted him and eased his erect, throbbing cock into her warm depths. Their love making was at first rough, almost primeval as she strove to impale herself onto him for the first time. He came so quickly that first time and she patiently caressed him until he was hard once more and once again she rolled on top of him and started to thrust herself towards orgasm. This time, they came at the same time and once more his semen blasted into her womb! Clearly, Sheila was clearly more experienced in the art of love making and it briefly crossed his mind as to where she gained that knowledge, they were both only nineteen, but he quickly let the thought slip from his mind, so entranced was he.

They got married six months later and held their reception in the same village hall. So they settled into their married life and their two children came along in rapid succession. Sheila returned to work in the City and Danny provided her with a car to make her travel easier. It was a wreck that they had restored to full working order. His business was flourishing thanks to his hard work and it's true to say some rather shady deals! In the business he was engaged in, it was not unknown for scrap merchants to sail close to the wind and he was no different. He had a profitable side line in restoring selected old bangers that were brought in as scrap by owners who failed to realise their true worth. He had a full workshop for this work on the premises and he employed some good panel beaters and paint shop guys. All together they made a tidy profit from that side line. From there it was a short hop to reworking stolen cars to order and shipping them abroad where they fetched a tidy sum. The details of how he achieved this are irrelevant to the story, but he had customers on the continent that would order a particular make and model, usually old classics and Danny had his contacts who would find the right car and boost it. From there, a quick change of DIN and number plates and the vehicle was out of the country within twelve hours!

His biggest problem was laundering the proceeds of his criminal activities. His legitimate business could only bear so much of the load. He came up with a novel way of ensuring the police would never find his cash reserves resulting from this scam. Their home was on the outskirts of the village and one of the things about the village was that there was not any mains sewerage system. Every home had an individual septic tank system. Danny had two systems! The second one was located under his garage and accessed through a trap set in the floor. The tank was not connected to anything, but had electricity to power a small office. This was where Danny kept the true data about his transactions and a safe for the booty. Sheila knew all about his criminal activities, she did a lot of the bookkeeping and actively helped him spend the proceeds. They had a villa in Spain and a motor yacht moored in a local marina there to boot. They enjoyed their lifestyle and everything had gonewell with their marriage, until now!

Chapter 2 -- Halloween Dance

Every year at Halloween, the villagers put on party in the early evening for the children and nearly all the village attended. There were all the traditional party games associated with Trick or Treating. Later on, after the children were safely tucked in bed, the adults had their own party. Danny and Sheila always attended and Sheila, as ever would pull out all the stops in her endeavour to win the prize for the best costume. She had a good success rate, not every year but one in three was a pretty good batting average. In previous year's she had gone as witches, schoolgirls, maids and even once as a tart! This year it had been decided that the event was to be a masked ball and that added some spice to the evening. Trying to guess who was behind the mask was to form part of the fun. The completion would run as usual and Sheila was determined to win after missing out the previous year to the Newsagent's wife who had dressed as a Sun Page 3 girl! She was only about 23 years old and had the breasts to complement her costume, or lack of it. She had used tassels to cover her nipples, but she still revealed more than anyone else all the men voted en-bloc for her, including Danny! Sheila had not let him forget it either and this year had refused to tell Danny what she was going to wear, she said she wanted to surprise him!

Normally, Danny went as a pirate, he felt it suited his profession. Sheila had promised to look out the clothes for him, but one evening he was in the local pub with his brother and some of their pals and the topic of conversation was the forthcoming Halloween Dance and the costumes they were going to wear. Danny told them that he would go as a pirate as usual, but his younger brother persuaded him to join with them as they were all going to dress up as French mine artiste Marcel Marceau, complete with striped tee shirt and beret. He said, "The beauty of it is, we won't have to talk, only mime and with all that white make up, the girls will never recognise which of us is which. Come on Danny, it'll be a hoot!" Danny could see the funny side of it, six of them identically dressed would cause a stir alright. Most of the group were of different statures, but he and his brother, Charlie were facially very similar and roughly the same height.

None of them paid any attention to the young man sitting next to them on a bar stool, he had been listening to every word avidly. He was in fact an undercover policeman called Mark Holden and for weeks they had been trailing Danny and his brother trying to get evidence linking them to the string of car thefts in the area and so far had little success. He thought he saw a way to get closer to Danny's wife, Sheila. By dressing the same as the others, he might get close enough to her to glean some information, maybe she would let something slip. He would need to run it past his boss, but it was their best chance so far.

Danny was late getting home on Halloween as he had a late order for a Mercedes SL500 and he had to make some calls to his contacts to identify one for him. The 'lift' could wait until later next week. This would be his last one of the year. He had decided it was time to cool that side of the business for a while, the coppers were getting too close for comfort. He had spotted a couple of them watching his yard only this week. He wasn't stupid enough to do the business on the stolen cars in his scrap yard, he had an old barn that he hoped they knew nothing about for that element of the business. He was always close to the line with his scrap yard business transactions, not to be would raise even more suspicion, so he let the local coppers catch him out now and then, but never with anything that would give them grounds to prosecute.

He got changed at work and drove to his home and parked his SUV in the drive. He checked the house and Sheila had already left to walk the short distance to the village hall, so he took care with applying his white make up and even out a couple of cheek pads in to alter the shape of his face a little. He walked to the hall and met his brother as arranged and they entered together and as they entered the hall, Danny realised that he didn't know how to find his wife. He was in the dark as to what she was going to wear and with her mask on, he had no inkling, apart from her dark curly hair and five foot five height. Then he realised that this worked both ways, she would not know who he was either. It was a chance to have some fun without her knowing that it was him. He went to the bar and ordered a drink and everyone complimented him on his disguise. He started to circulate and watched as some of the early starters were 'ducking for apples', trying to capture an apple from the basin full of freezing cold water. There was much hilarity as one of the women slipped and nearly all of her head got ducked under the water, mask and all. She came up spluttering and the excess water streamed off her head and down her tight top. The effect was instantaneous as her nipples immediately reacted to the cold water and hardened in front of everyone watching. The lady in question was clearly embarrassed by her display and tried to cover herself up until one of the guys shouted, "Don't worry darling, nobody knows who you are, so be proud of your assets not ashamed!" She must have accepted this for she let her hands drop and stuck out her chest displaying her proud nipples for all to see. Danny smiled and wondered what her husband would have to say later when they were alone.

Danny circulated, trying to identify which of the various women witches was his wife to no avail. He chatted to several of the ladies and was even propositioned by one of them, but he knew she was not his wife, too short and dumpy! No he would save her for another time when he was sure Sheila was otherwise engaged. Danny stood back and observed the other mimes wandering around and making complete asses of themselves as they tried to mime to the ladies. He noticed that one guy was particularly good at it and soon had the floor to himself as he ran through a clearly well rehearsed routine in which he knocked on the door, opened and entered to be met with a sight he should not be seeing. He used a woman from the audience as his foil for this and he pretended that she was undressing and he was trying not to look, but peeking through his fingers and making suggestive gestures with his hands every time he turned his back to her. Everyone was having a laugh at her expense and Danny was wondering who it was? He counted the number of Marcel's and instead of six, he counted seven! He wondered about the guy acting out his skit and he could not see any of his mates having the acting skills to perform like that, so he studied the man a little harder.

PC Mark Holden was the man in question and he was embarrassed that his little performance had attracted so much attention. All he wanted to do was get Sheila Black to take notice of him, not the whole fucking hall! He had drawn too much attention to himself and tried to slip away quietly, but a vamp dressed as Jessica Rabbit, complete with long red tresses intercepted him and started to talk with him. Even with the Mask covering the upper half of her face, she was gorgeous. The dress had a plunging neckline that displayed her generous breasts and every time she moved a large expanse of elegant thigh was exposed to his and everyone else's avid gaze. She asked who he was and he again used his miming abilities to convey that he was a friend of the local pub landlord. She was amused by his antics and had a deep throaty laugh that made his cock twitch more than a little. The music started and he held out his hand to her and she accepted his request for a dance. It was a the type of function where the first few dances were for those wanting to show off their ballroom skills, before the later disco tunes were blasted out for the more energetic folk. The first dance was a waltz and he felt his erection growing as she moved easily in his arms. He was sure she had felt his hardness through the thin silk of her dress, but she just smiled and him and whispered, "I sure hope you are my husband, because if not, I know that he will be very angry with me for encouraging you like this." Mark could not break his disguise and say anything back as she would immediately know that he was not her husband, so he just kept pressing her closer to him.

Sheila knew that the man in her arms was not her husband, just from the feel of his hands holding hers. These hands were too soft to be those of her husbands! Danny's hands were rough from the time spent in the scrapyard, but she could feel her partner's right hand which was around her waist, slowly moving and caressing her bare lower back. She longed for him to move his hand further down and cup her arse, but she knew that that could not happen this early in the proceedings. Her reverie was interrupted by another man cutting in and whisking her away. He was also one of the Marcel's, but she was confused as he was of similar build to her husband, but when she looked closely at his face, she could see that even through the make up, he was different. The next few dances were all similar, she would be asked to dance and yet another mime would take her onto the floor and pull her into a clinch. She found the attention arousing, she had at least four or five hard erections pressing into her thinly clad tummy and she felt herself responding to the attention.

The disco music started and she deserted the dance floor in search of a large Bacardi and Coke. Her first muse was at the bar and bought her a drink and entertained her silently with his not so subtle hints that they should slip outside for a while. As she chattered away to him, Mark realised that this beautiful woman was Sheila Black, the wife of his target and the reason he was here tonight! He bought her another drink and opened his mouth to speak for the first time that evening, "God, you are drop dead gorgeous. How can your husband leave you alone dressed like that? If you were mine, I would never leave your side for a second!"

Sheila was delighted that she had gotten him to speak. He had a nice sexy voice and she was tempted to allow herself to slip out the back door as he had suggested a few minutes ago. Danny was great lover, but just lately, she knew that he was fucking the girl, Andrea who worked in the yard office. She was also aware that she had not been the first woman he had cheated. She thought it only a matter of time before she would be forced to confront him, but first, she had an itch to get some revenge on her wayward husband. Andrea was here tonight, the little bitch and Sheila smiled when she remembered her how embarrassed the bitch had been when she had got soaked earlier. Sheila had given her the little nudge that caused her to pour the cold water down her front. She hoped that that would cool her ardour a little. She looked over the dance floor and noted that the bitch was surrounded by at least three of the men dressed as muses and she thought she recognised her husband. In fact she was sure that's who it was! She recognise his wrist watch, it was a Versace Divers watch that she had bought him only last Christmas. It had cost her over two grand and she was sure that nobody else here could afford such a watch. She studied his costume, so she could easily recognise him later and resolved to make him pay for not trying to find her. She had deliberately put on the gold bracelet that he had given her recently for he rbirthday, just so he could identify her, if he wanted to! It appeared he wasn't all that fussed about finding her, so she decided it was time to see if this hunk beside her was able to scratch her itch.

She waited until the slow dances started and made her move. Mark was delighted at all the attention she was paying him and when she refused to switch partners when asked by a man dressed similarly to himself, he was sure he was onto a good thing. All thoughts about the reason for his being in the hall that night had long since disappeared. All he wanted now was to get into the pants of this hot babe flirting with him.

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