tagLoving WivesHalloween Discovery Ch. 02

Halloween Discovery Ch. 02


1.Halloween Discovery 2

Danny took stock and this was his dilemma, should he go to her with his tail between his legs or pursue with his divorce plan. He knew Sheila well enough to know that she would have covered her tracks very well and the police would find nothing to link her to his crimes. He sat there for some time reflecting on it all and with a sigh climbed the stairs to find out if his wife was still awake.

His problem was simple in one respect, he either accepted the fact that Sheila, his wife had just allowed herself to be fucked by a copper with a pretty massive cock or he could divorce her and probably wind up in jail! She had him by the short and curly's and no mistake about it! He knew that he couldn't face the jail time, at least seven years, he estimated, so he had no real option but to try and undertake some damage limitation until he could find a way to neutralise Sheila's stranglehold on his marriage. He entered their bedroom quietly hoping that she was already asleep, but she was sitting there on the bed, the covers pulled up to her neck. She was reading her book and when she noticed me standing there, she said, "Let' talk about what's been happening to us lately."

Danny just nodded and sat on the bed beside her and as soon as he was settled she said, "Truth time?" Again he nodded and waited to see how much she knew and how much she would reveal. He had no intention of confessing to all his indiscretions, because if she was unaware of them, he would only be digging a bigger hole for himself.

"Right then, I'll start shall I?" and taking a deep breath, she said, "I know that you have been cheating on me for at least six months and probably longer! I know for certain that you've had Andrea and before her, Mandy. There have probably been others, but to be honest, I don't really care about the, who and the where anymore. What I do care about is the why? I love being married to you! Before you start with the accusations about my infidelity tonight, I want to tell you this, I seduced him! It was deliberate and premeditated. I didn't know he was a policeman, how could I? He came dressed in the same fashion as you and your mates, but I knew he wasn't with you lot and I let him take me as a measure of revenge on you! I don't know why he was there, but he was clearly interested in me from the start. Now that I know that Mark was a copper, the only thing I can think is that he may have been working undercover and trying to get something on us by seducing me, but the bigger question is, who has been feeding them the information that led them to us?"

Danny thought about that for a while before replying, "I know it sounds trite and superficial, but I'm truly sorry for cheating on you. I didn't stop to think, Mandy offered herself on a plate and I was too tempted to even consider the ramifications. The sex with her was just that, sex. I didn't love her and it petered out just as quick as it started. I don't know why it happened but it did. Not long after Mandy handed in her notice, you and I interviewed Andrea as he replacement and she was the best candidate by far, we both agreed and offered her the job. A few weeks into the job, Andrea and I were going over the Internet orders and she simply opened her blouse and I could see that she was aroused. She said, "Wouldn't you rather work on these instead?" Honest to God, I didn't intend to start anything with her, but when she reached over and started to stroke my cock, all common sense went out the window!" I fucked her right there in the office and we started an affair, but she started to talk about me leaving you and shit like that, so I broke it off three days ago. She wasn't happy about that, but she is a pretty confident young woman and told me that I would soon be begging her to let me fuck her! Come to think of it, she started asking a lot more questions about the business, but you know we never keep our car jacking activities anywhere near the breakers yard business. I think we may have the answer as to who has been grassing to the cops."

Danny waited for Sheila to respond, but she simply looked him in the eye and waited for him to continue. "I'm still not happy that you openly disrespected me in front of everybody there tonight and then fucked him in the back of his car like some cheap whore! All our friends saw you and by this time the whole village will be buzzing about it." Danny retorted and then quickly moved to avoid her punch that was aimed right at his naked genitals.

"You bastard, you fuck two of your own staff and have the cheek to criticise me for doing the same thing. At least I chose a decent looking man and he had an impressive cock before you rearranged his privates. The two girls you fucked have a reputation for being the village bikes, all a man needs to do is climb on and ride them, they're that easy!" Sheila replied the sarcasm dripping from her voice.

Danny was about to have another retort, when he hesitated, this was getting them nowhere and she was right, he was the first to stray and he had not been as discreet as he thought. He thought about what she said and choosing his words carefully said, "OK, you've had your revenge, I can't say I'm happy about the situation, but we are now even, aren't we?"

Sheila had also got herself under some control, but she smiled and said, "I think you're still a few rounds ahead of me, but I can defer the catch up as long as you and I are happy with how our relationship continues, but any more peccadillo's from you and all bets are off! I'm not joking, divorce is not an option at the moment, but anyway, you've had your warning, do as you see fit."

He smiled at her and said fondly, "There was a time when I would have taken exception to an ultimatum like that, but we know each other too well to hold grudges for long. I admit that I have been tempted and failed to honour you as I should have, but tonight, when I caught you fucking that copper, I must admit that I was aroused at the sight of you in the throes of passion. It was always one of my fantasies to see you perform with another man. I must have stood there for two or three minutes as you had your orgasm. The look on your face was indescribable, a mixture of pain, pleasure and utter abandon. I have never seen you orgasm like that when we make love!"

"Isn't that the point though, Danny. What Mark and I were doing wasn't making love! It was plain and simple fucking! He was fucking me so hard that he was forced to clamp his hand over my mouth to prevent me screaming. I don't want to cause you any pain, so stop me if you don't want to hear about it from my perspective." She told him, looking deep into his eyes as if trying to fathom out his thoughts. When he didn't say anything she continued, "Did you see the size of his cock? It wasn't the length, you're probably longer, but the girth of his was what got to me and you're right, it was painful to begin with, I've never been so stretched. It hurt me when he forced it in to my pussy, but as soon as I adjusted to it, it was driving me wild!"

She looked down at his groin and noted that his cock was growing once more, so she reached down and took him in her mouth and felt his cock respond until it grew to its full length. She worked back up towards his mouth, only pausing to such on his nipples and the on to nibble at his ear lobes. She felt him twitch and quickly straddled him and eased his throbbing member into her still soppy cunt!

Danny felt almost no friction as his cock entered her moist pussy and he said, "I can't feel a thing, you're that loose in there. He must really have stretched you out and your still soaking wet!"

"That's because I didn't bother to clean up after him! I wanted you to feel what it's like to have sex with your partner right after someone else has left a deposit there. Now we're even on that score as well!"

"But I never came...." He started to protest and then realised that just the other evening he had fucked Andrea in his car and had not had the time to shower before his wife had practically raped him as soon as he walked in the door. He thought at the time that she stiffened when she started to suck his cock, she must have smelt Andrea's cheap perfume or tasted her juices on his cock! She had never said a word that night, but now she was getting her revenge and then some! He found himself even more aroused, he'd fucking show her who was the master here! He pushed her over onto her back and started pounding away at her like there was no tomorrow. He felt his orgasm approach several times, but backed off by thinking of something abstract to distract him. He was determined he would make her beg for mercy by fucking her until she screamed.

Sheila allowed herself a smile of satisfaction as her husband humped away at her. She knew what he was attempting to do, but part of her wanted to deny him the satisfaction he clearly wanted. She tried very hard to delay her orgasm, but her body was betraying her. She felt herself starting to come and despite her own needs she reached round and pushed her index finger up his arse. That was too much for Danny, he gave a few final thrusts as if he wanted to push her through the mattress and came with a shudder that left him with a having chest and shivers all down his legs. Sheila also climaxed and emitted a loud squeal as she too reached a climax.

They fell asleep cuddled together and when he awoke the next day, she was not beside him in bed! He was dreaming about a morning screw to start the day off right, but she was missing. He heard the door open and she entered with a breakfast tray. The full English breakfast was on the tray and as she handed it to him, she said, "Get your strength up, you're going to need it! When you've finished that lot, get your backside downstairs, we have things to discuss!"

"No chance of a morning special then?" he asked with a grin.

"Not till we have talked about last night and come to some agreement about what happened. I don't want this hanging over us, so enjoy your break-fast and think about what you really want to say to me."

Sheila waited nervously in the lounge for Danny to join her. She was concerned that her behaviour last night had pushed him too far. Sure, she felt that she was only getting her own back for his indiscretions, but part of her enjoyed the double bout of sexual intercourse on the same night! She was being honest with herself and knew that if the opportunity came around again, she would be tempted to take advantage. She knew all about her husband's affairs, he was so transparent when he lied to her! When interviewed by the coppers, he was terrific and handled their questions with ease, even when lying through his teeth, but with her, because she knew him so well, she always knew. She wondered if he would be able to tell so easily if the situation was reversed and she was the one doing the lying? Well she thought, she would soon find out.

Danny entered the room slowly, he too was nervous about what was about to happen. He didn't want to get embroiled in a divorce, Sheila certainly didn't, her statement last night made that very clear. He loved her but their sex life recently had been a bit predictable and to be frank, a bit boring. At least that was the excuse he made to himself for cheating on her in the first place. Now was the moment of truth. He sat down beside her and said, "Sheila, I'm sorry I cheated on you and the only excuse I have is that or sex life recently sucks! Last night when you were with that copper, was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. The way you looked when you came was fantastic. Our love making afterwards was terrific, I don't think I've ever exploded like that before."

"You're not angry with me for screwing another man? God, I even made sure you knew that what you were getting was sloppy seconds and still you are OK with what happened?" she asked.

"I told you, I was turned on by what you were doing. I was the one that was responsible for your behaviour, if I hadn't cheated on you first, then this whole thing would never have happened. As far as I'm concerned we're even. Are you able to accept that? He asked.

Sheila threw herself into his arms and kissed him and they made out for a while, Danny felt himself getting aroused again and Sheila felt it too, She smirked and said teasingly, "My you must be really feeling frisky, that's the first time in years that you've been able to get it up as often as this! Anyone would think that you wanted me to fuck poor old Mark again?"

"Not Mark! No more cop fucking for you, it's too dangerous for us. One loose word and we'd be in the pokey quicker than you could pull your knickers up. No, you will just have to find someone else to pleasure you."

This was conversation was taking a dangerous turn, Sheila was astonished that Danny appeared to be telling her to find another man to screw. She looked at him and said slowly, "You're absolutely sure that's what you want?"

"Yes! After last night, I want to see more of you when you are fucking another man or men. I want us to consider swinging, you know, where we find like minded couples and swop partners. The only stipulation is that we need to be in the same room or at least close by in case things get out of hand. How do you feel about that?"

Sheila was silent and Danny thought he had pushed too far, but she smiled and replied, "I could live with that, but not with any locals though. We need to be well away from here if we are going to experiment with that lifestyle."

They talked about it some more and eventually agreed that it was time for them to have a holiday and they would open up when they were out there. They had been approached before by a few expats living out there, so they knew a scene existed and that they would be welcome to join.

Danny told her about his plans to find the grass in his organisation. He also told her that this last car heist would be the last for a while. They were attracting too much attention from the police and they needed to let things cool down.

2. Grass trimmed

Danny put his plan into motion a week later. He 'accidently' allowed Andrea to overhear him and Charley discussing a 'hot' car that they would be bringing into the yard for restoration. Just to make it less obvious, they neglected to reveal when this was going to happen and Danny was amused when Andrea was less than subtle in asking him when this was to happen as she wanted to see this hot car he was talking about. He pretended to be angry that she had eavesdropped on his conversation, but told her that it would be coming into the yard that afternoon at 3PM. He knew he had confirmed who his grass was when she disappeared at lunchtime. Charlie followed her and reported back that she had met with a still shaky looking Detective Mark Holden. Charlie said that he looked as if he was still in some pain as his face still bore the bruises he picked up a week earlier and he was moving very gingerly.

That afternoon, right on schedule a car transporter sporting a tarpaulin covered vehicle entered the yard and Mark directed straight into the restoration shed and close the outer doors. The vehicle was only just unloaded when four Police cars, sirens blaring pulled into the yard and sealed the only exit route. Detective Holden climbed out of his car and approached Danny and ordered him to open the door to the restoration shed. Danny asked if he had a search warrant and DC Holden produced the document with a confident sneer on his face. Danny told him that he was wasting his time and told him that he would not find anything incriminating in his yard. DC Holden followed him and as he opened the side door to the shed, he grabbed Danny's arm and said quietly so that only Danny could hear, "That wife of your is a great fuck! I will enjoy buggering her when you are safely banged up inside."

It took Danny more than a little effort to contain his anger, but he just turned to the policeman and replied equally as quietly, "You better be careful. What you received last week was only a warning tickle. If I catch you near my wife again, I'll take great delight in terminating your career!"

Holden tried to smile, but the look of fear that crossed his features gave Danny a measure of satisfaction. He pressed the button to raise the roller shutter door to the shed and stood back and watched as the policemen tore at the tarpaulin covering the vehicle to find a vintage Jaguar XJS. They quickly checked the cars number plate on their data base and discovered that Danny was the registered owner of the vehicle and had purchased the vehicle from the previous owner only the week before. They continued to search the rest of the yard for several hours, trying to find something incriminating against Danny, but without success. DC Holden was there right to the bitter end and just before leaving approached Danny and snarled, "This Is not over! You're crooked and I will prove it sooner or later."

"You'll need to get a whole lot smarter and choose your informers with more care in future if you are going to succeed in that. By the way, someone has sent your wife some pictures from the Halloween dance. I hope you are better at explaining yourself to her than you are at catching thieves." Responded Danny with a smile.

The police left and Danny turned to Andrea who had watched the events unravelling before her eyes. Danny asked her to come into his office and without any preliminary's simply said, "Your fired!"

She tried to bluster her way out of it, but when Charlie presented her with the photographs of her meeting with DC Holden, she fled the office in tears, packed her stuff and left. Charlie and Danny discussed the operation to move the stolen SL500 out of the country and Charlie confirmed that it was already on the ship. Danny told his brother that he and Sheila were going to take a long break, maybe three months in Spain and cruising down to the Azores over winter and they would be spending Christmas at home before taking off for Spain. Charlie was happy to be left in charge and agreed that they would halt the car thefts until Danny returned. The main part of their business as doing well enough and there was no need for the proceeds from the theft operation.

That night, he and Sheila sat down and once more discussed their plans for the extended vacation. Sheila asked once more, "You still want to see me fucked by another man?"

Danny cleared his throat and rather nervously replied, "If you are OK with it, I would like to try the swinging scene in Spain, but if you are not ready for that, then I will not try to compel you. It's just that I think we were in a rut sexually and seeing you getting off on his cock made me very jealous and at the same time, extremely aroused. You are very beautiful and you looked so wanton and sensual at the same time, I wanted to see you take more, just for the look on your face as you came. I've never seen that look of total abandonment when you are with me! The only condition I would demand, is that if either of us, at any time say they want to stop, we stop for at least six months and try to get ourselves back on track. I don't ever want to lose you, I love you and this new lifestyle might just prove too attractive to give up. The six months will give us an opportunity to take stock and identify our true feelings. How do you feel about it?"

It was Sheila's turn to feel nervous, she had never thought that she would enjoy the fucking that she got from Mark so much. It had opened up a sluttish side to her that she never knew she possessed. Now, here was her husband giving her the chance to explore this side of her sexuality to the full. She had never told Danny this, but one of their mutual acquaintances, Denise who lived over in Spain had been trying to recruit her into attending a party where the women were the centre of attention from a group of well-endowed men. She had stressed that the men were not their husbands and the parties were only held once a month. When Sheila had challenged her about whether the husbands knew and accepted that their wives attended these parties, she replied, "Of course they do. It would be too difficult to explain the state they were in when they eventually got home!" This naturally enough led to a long discussion about what happened at these parties and when Denise went into the details, Sheila was both shocked and if she was being honest, excited at the prospect of participating. At the time, Danny was everything she needed, a passionate and ardent lover and she had turned Denise down gently but now Danny was openly inviting her to embrace the cheating lifestyle and she was tempted.

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