tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHalloween Hijinks

Halloween Hijinks


2006 was the first year I did something slightly naughty on Halloween. This was a year before my first gangbang, and also before I learned that I'm an exhibitionist. My then fiancé and I decided to go to a work friend of mine's annual Halloween party in Lake Stevens. I had been to her party a couple times over the years, but never did anything remotely suggestive.

The theme for the party was classic horror movies. We both dressed as vampires. I bought a cheap black costume dress that came with a vampire necklace. The dress had thin ribbons that tied over the shoulders to hold it up. I also bought a matching cape with a hood, and a black stand-up collar to complete the look. My dress wasn't really revealing. It had a neckline that showed a little cleavage and came to just above my knees when standing, but that was about it. My fiancé convinced me not to wear a bra, which wasn't a big deal since the dress was black velour, and I didn't think my nipples would show even if erect. I decided to put some of the black lipstick I used on my face on my nipples, just in case. He also bought me a pair of special panties for the occasion. They had a vibrator built in that pressed right against my clit. They were also remote controlled, and he kept the remote.

I didn't know it when I put on the panties, but there were three speeds to the vibrator. My fiancé only used the slowest speed when I tried them out as we were getting ready for the party. The slowest speed felt pleasant, but wasn't strong enough to make me cum, and was almost silent. It was just enough to keep me horny. I didn't know about the higher speeds until later that evening.

As we drove to the party, my fiancé turned the vibrator on a couple times. I jumped every time from the surprise. We arrived at the party, mingled and had a couple glasses of wine. As the party got more crowded, and louder, my fiancé turned the panties on to the middle setting. I was sitting down at the time talking to someone, and stood straight up from the shock of the higher intensity. Several people looked at me like I was crazy. I played it off like I had a cramp, but I could hear a slight buzzing coming from my crotch. I don't know if anyone else noticed it or not. I was feeling warm all over and took off my cape.

After leaving the vibrator running for several minutes, he turned it off. I was on the edge of an orgasm and wished he had let me finish. He didn't turn it on again for another hour. The party was in full swing and rather loud. Everyone was talking, drinking, and having a good time. I was standing in the kitchen, talking to a couple guys I worked with when it happened. The panties turned on to high.

I know my face turned red, and my legs were a little wobbly. I grabbed onto the counter to steady myself. I didn't know what the guys were saying to me, as I stood there and had an orgasm in front of them. I managed to stay quiet, but it wasn't over yet. I quickly sat down in one of the kitchen chairs, my panties still buzzing away. When my second orgasm hit I couldn't help myself, I started moaning out loud and grabbed both of my boobs. I leaned my head back, and slid my hands down my body, until I was pushing the vibrator against my clit through the dress and panties. Sitting on the hardwood chair also increased the volume of the vibrator. I'm sure my coworkers could hear the buzzing, and seeing my actions, they had to know what was happening. I came again when I realized I had just had an orgasm in front of two guys I worked with, and they must have known what was going on.

The panties turned off shortly after that. I just looked at my coworkers, smiled and said, "That was fun"! They grinned at me while nodding, but remained speechless, and both were staring at my tits. After a minute or so of recovering from my orgasms, I looked down to discover both of my boobs were out of my dress. Apparently, when I slid my hands down to my crotch, I pulled my dress down with it. I was too caught up in cumming to notice the ribbons holding the dress up had come loose, and the dress had gone down with my hands. I started cumming again when I realized I had not only cum in front of these two guys, but I was pretty much topless when I did it. I'm not sure what came over me, maybe a combination of the wine and orgasms, but I closed my eyes and imagined I was alone. I left my dress down, and started rubbing my boobs, then pinching and pulling my nipples. I was lost in my own world. I kept pulling at my nipples with one hand, while I pushed the dress down to my waist with the other. I slid my hand down to my thighs and pulled the hem of my dress up to the top of my panties. I then started rubbing the outside of the vibrator, pushing it against my clit. When I figured out I couldn't make the vibrator come on, I slid my hand into my panties. They were pretty tight with my hand inside and the vibe attached outside, so I pulled my hand out of the top, and worked my fingers into one of the leg holes. When I reached my wet hole, I pushed three fingers into my pussy. I sat there moaning, playing with my nipples, and finger fucking myself, for probably five minutes, keeping myself at an orgasmic high. When I reached my plateau, my pussy gushed, and I just melted into the chair.

When I finally opened my eyes, both guys were still watching me. "WOW", was all I remember them saying. I pulled my soaked fingers from my pussy, and started pulling my dress up. I found out one of the ribbons had ripped from the dress at one end. There was no way to fix it without a safety pin, or needle and thread. I re-tied the other side of the dress, and left the other to hang loose. When I went to pull the bottom of the dress back down, I noticed the gusset of my panties was off to one side, and my pussy was partly uncovered. I pulled them back into place and pulled my dress back down. I got up and gave each guy a quick kiss, then went to find my fiancé.

We left the party shortly after I found him. I took my soaked panties off as soon as I sat down in the car, before my fiancé got in on the drivers side. I started sucking him off a few minutes after we pulled away from my friend's house, another first for the evening.

I thought we were going home, but my fiancé wanted to stop by his cousin Dave's house, since we were in the area. We went to the door, and I'm sure they didn't recognize us until we spoke. We went in and chatted for a little while with him and his wife. They have three medium sized dogs that kept trying to get at my crotch. If I had to guess, I'd say it was from the smell of my wetness. I came five times earlier, and I could still feel the dampness between my legs.

I kept pushing the dogs away, but it wasn't easy keeping all three of them off me. Everyone laughed, not knowing what was attracting them. I'm pretty sure Dave got a good view of my boobs from where he was sitting, while I had to keeping bending over to deal with the dogs. As I was holding the two on my lap away from my groin, the third dog managed to get his head under my dress. I didn't notice him at first, until I felt his head between my thighs, and his cold nose touched my pussy. I quickly stood up and said we should be getting home, leaving all three dogs at my feet.

On the drive home, my fiancé turned the panties up to high again, only to discover then buzzing at my feet. He glanced over at me with a smile, then pulled my dress up to expose my bare crotch. He started rubbing his fingers up and down my slit. I just leaned back and enjoyed the ride. As I was quietly moaning while sitting at a stop light, my fiancé pulled my dress down off my shoulders, and below my big breasts. I rode the rest of the way home with my dress bunched up around my waist, and my tits and pussy out for all to see.

I didn't attend the annual party again until this year. It wasn't because I was embarrassed, I was just too busy with other things, divorce, grand kids, etc. This year I decided to go, and make a statement. We didn't work together anymore, but we kept in touch. I would get to see many former coworkers, and I know they'll never forget me.

The theme this year was legends and historical figures. I was going as Lady Godiva. I bought a long blonde wig that came down to just below my butt, a dark brown stick pony with a plastic shaft about two inches wide, and a matching colored horse tail butt plug. I figured I could keep my pussy hidden with the pony between my legs, and the tail would hide my asshole. I also found some small pink pasties to cover my nipples, just in case the wig shifted, I would still be covered.

I put on a long coat for the drive to Lake Stevens. I had told my friend ahead of time I was going to wear a naughty costume, and she said that was fine, and it wouldn't be the first time someone got wild at one of her parties. I arrived and wore the coat inside. It was still early and only a few people had shown up so far. I decided to keep my coat on for a little while, at least until more people arrived.

The two guys that had seen my orgasms at the previous party showed up about an hour later. There were a few dozen people in the house by then. When one of the guys asked me what my costume was, I figured it was time to reveal it. We went into the kitchen, I slid the pony between my legs and I took off my coat.

The long hair of the wig had moved around while I had the coat on, and except for the pasties, my boobs were completely exposed. I straightened the wig so the hair mostly covered my front, leaving my ass uncovered. Both of the guys said they loved my outfit. We talked for a few minutes before I decided to mingle, and show off. I filled my wine glass and headed for the covered patio, where most of the crowd had gathered.

Everyone turned toward me as I stepped through the patio door. I could feel my nipples harden as I walked toward the group. I made my way through the crowd, feeling an occasional hand on my hip and butt. I also noticed I was getting wet from the shaft of the pony rubbing against my pussy. The two guys I had been talking to met me on the far side of the patio, both grinning from ear to ear. They both commented on enjoying seeing this side of me, more exposed than last time. I asked both of them if they would like to see more. Of course they both said yes.

I finished my glass of wine and told them to follow me to the back bathroom. By the time I got there, the shaft of the pony was getting slick. It was sliding back and forth as I walked with it between my legs. It was a pretty good size bathroom, with plenty of room for three people. Once inside, I took off my wig, and then dropped to my knees. The two guys looked down at me as I unzipped both of them. I pulled out one cock, then the other. I started licking one, as I stroked the other with one hand. I wanted to squeeze my nipples, so the pasties had to come off. I had no plans to put them back on, so I handed one to each guy.

As I started sucking one guy's cock, the other guy moved behind me. His hands came around to my bare boobs, and he took over pinching my nipples. I moved one hand down, sliding it between my legs. I dipped my fingers into my already wet pussy, and then started slowly rubbing my clit.

The guy in my mouth asked if he could feel my pussy. I didn't know if he wanted to feel it with his fingers or his cock, but I know what I wanted. I turned around and got on my hands and knees. I told the guy now in front of me to come down to my level. He took his pants and underwear off and got on his knees, his cock at just the right height.

I told both guys they could fuck me anyway they wanted, but they had to cum in my mouth. As I slid my mouth onto the cock in my face, the guy behind me slid into my dripping pussy, while the horse tail stuck out of my ass. It had been several months since I'd had two guys at the same time, and I started cumming almost immediately. At some point, the tail was pulled from my ass.

As I was cumming, the two guys started getting a good rhythm, sliding my body back and forth between them; I think they called it spit-roasted. When I was pushed forward, I slid most of the way off the cock in my pussy and all the way onto the cock in my mouth, until his balls were against my chin, and his shaft was in my throat. When I was pulled back, the cock in my mouth slid out until just the head was resting on my tongue, and I was all the way against the guy behind me, his cock buried in my pussy. They pushed and pulled, back and forth. It was almost like riding one long continuous cock, sliding into my pussy and coming out of my mouth. It felt wonderful!

As the two guys started moving my body back and forth faster, I came again. I could feel my juices running down my thighs. They had full control of my body, sliding me faster and faster between them. I was moaning non-stop, as much as I could with a cock moving in and out of my throat. It went on for probably ten minutes, back and forth, in and out.

The guy in my pussy was the first to pull out. I knew what was coming, and quickly turned around to receive my warm treat. I sucked him into my throat, tasting our combined juices, then pulled back just in time for his tasty load to hit my tongue. I swallowed as he kept spurting. When he stopped, I sucked as hard as I could, trying to milk the last few drops. Once spent, he stood up and put his pants back on. He thanked me, and I thanked him.

I had the guy still in the bathroom with me lay down on the floor. I straddled him, and lower my pussy onto his cock. He began pulling on my nipples as I rode him, bouncing up and down, stretching my tits on every stroke. I leaned down to kiss my partner, still grinding my pussy on his cock, as our tongues wrestled around in each other's mouth.

I didn't know someone else had come into the room until I felt the wet cock slip between my butt cheeks, press forward, and slide into my asshole. I gasped, and came again hard. I love DP, and these two guys fit my pussy and asshole perfectly. I had my eyes closed as I was getting fucked and cumming. As I rode the two cocks inside me, another pressed against my lips. I didn't even bother opening my eyes to see who it was; I just opened my mouth and sucked his cock inside, and let it slide down my throat.

My whole body started to quiver as I had an incredible orgasm. One of the few times I've had a full body release, and it only happens when I have a cock in every hole.

The guy underneath me said he was going to cum, but I was enjoying my double penetration too much to stop now. I just kept rocking back and forth on the two cocks, fucking them for as long as I could. Then he pulled me down against him and held me there, and I felt his cock twitching inside my pussy as he filled me with his seed. Once he was spent I started moving again, riding him until his cock shrunk down and slipped out of me. He stayed under me as the other two guys continued fucking me in both ends. I think he enjoyed the view from below of the cock fucking my mouth.

He was the next to cum. He grabbed the sides of my head and started pumping hard and fast, until he held me hard against him and started cumming straight down my throat. I tried to pull back, but he didn't let me go. His orgasm seemed to go on and on. Just as I was about to black out from lack of air, I came again hard, shaking while the guy behind me kept pumping my asshole. The cock in my mouth pulled out just before I passed out.

I just went limp against the guy still lying below me. I told the guy behind me I wanted his cum in my ass. It was only a couple more minutes until he started fucking me faster, and I felt his hot load being deposited in my bowels. I finally sat up, turned around and licked his cock clean. I was still on top of the guy on the floor, but facing the other way. His cock was right below me, so I started cleaning him up too. To my surprise he started getting hard again.

I went to working sucking his cock. The other two guys had left the room leaving just the two of us. As I worked his cock with my mouth, he pulled at one of my thighs, trying to get me over his head. I stopped sucking just long enough to straddle his face and spread my knees apart to lower myself down to his mouth. He began eating my pussy as I went back down on his cock.

He really got into it, licking my clit as his fingers slid into my pussy. He kept pressing in and out, until I could feel he had all four fingers inside me. He pushed me up, raising me higher on my knees. I felt his fingers curling inside me as he pressed in. All of a sudden I felt his whole hand slip inside, my pussy clamped down on his wrist as I came yet again. He started slowly twisting his hand around inside me, pulling back just slightly, and then twisted it faster as he pressed back in. I had never felt anything like this, his whole fist spinning back and forth inside my pussy. I kept cumming as he kept moving it faster, still sucking on his cock below me.

When he pulled his fist about halfway out, then slammed it back in, I lifted my head off his cock to keep from biting down. I moaned so loud I'm sure someone heard me. Then he started pumping faster and faster, his fist coming almost all the way out and back in. When he started pressing two fingers from his other hand into my ass, I yelled out.


I'm glad I had a load of cum in my ass to lube me up. He grabbed the stick pony, and started pushing the bottom end into my asshole. I don't know how far it was in, but it felt like two feet. I came with a loud, low, long, guttural moan that sounded like a dying animal. I just went limp, still up on my knees, as he slowed twisted his fist inside my pussy, and pumped the pony in my ass. I finally couldn't take anymore. I told him to stop moving so I could catch my breath. We lay there quietly, his hand and the stick still inside me. After several minutes I said that was enough. I don't think I could have cum anymore if I wanted.

He slowly twisted his hand, pulling it of my pussy. Then he started moving the stick in my ass. He pulled back just a little, then pushed it in slow and steady. He pushed until it wouldn't go any further. Once the stick bottomed out, he slowly pulled it completely out. I felt empty in both holes, but so satisfied. After a few minutes to recover, I went back to sucking his cock. I figured after the intense pleasure he had just given me, I could at least give him one last orgasm. I sucked hard, fast, and deep, taking him into my throat on every stroke. It only took a few minutes to make him cum, and I kept bobbing on his cock the whole time. I held him in my throat for the last spurt or two, sucking out every drop of his spunk.

We cleaned ourselves up. I cleaned the cum from my body, and then put my wig on, before we left the bathroom. To both our surprise, there were only a few people left at the party. Turned out we were in the bathroom for almost two hours.

I can hardly wait for next Halloween.

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