tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHalloween Horror

Halloween Horror


"Oh shit!" Candace yelled as a big prod entered her hairy cunt.

"Damn!" Stephanie screamed, grasping to protect her pussy hole to no avail from the stiff cock entering her, "I am, unh, uh, unh, we are so fucked."

"Blub, blub, glub, slurp, squish," both Candy and Steph gurgled as big cocks slushed in their mouths.

It all started more or less innocently at the beginning of October. It was nearing an end now, but not for Candy and Steph. Their horror was just beginning.

Lesbian lovers, Candy and Steph decided at the beginning of the month to go to the apartment complex Halloween party as men. They spent the month off and on shopping for their costumes, trying them on with each other. It was a fun month. Every time they would dress as men they ended up playing with each other, kissing, licking, sucking titties, tonguing navels, eating pussy, rimming ass, and fucking each other in the cunt and ass with the strap on dildos they had bought to complete their outfits.

On Halloween night they dressed up and went to the neighbor's apartment where the party was being held. Both with ample breasts they had bound their tits compressing them, making them look more like men with well-developed pecs than the big titted women they were. Candace had pasted on a moustache. Stephanie was smooth-faced. They had let their armpit and leg hairs grow unattended. Candace wore a wifebeater t-shirt, Steph a checked shirt. Both were wearing men's slacks and shoes with socks.

Tall, well built women, they looked their parts. They worked out often, and their upper arms were muscular. They also played on community sports teams. That is how they had met before becoming lovers then roommates. After a mixed league softball game they went out with the guys for beers. They could put back the beers with the best of the men. On that first night together, well tanked from drinking beer and doing shots, they had some trouble deciding who would be the top person in their lovemaking. They wrestled around for awhile, naked, until they finally settled into taking turns bringing each other to orgasm, then turns fucking each other with the strap on dildo Steph kept in her apartment.

Soon after their first night together they moved from their old, separate apartments to their new apartment in the complex where the Halloween party was held. Their neighbors and others in the complex knew they were lesbian lovers. Their neighbors could hear them through the walls squealing out, yelling in the ecstasy of their lovemaking. Others saw them together around the complex, holding hands, kissing, groping each other like the lovers that they were.

A couple of guys sharing an apartment at one end of the complex had not seen Steph and Candy that way. The guys noticed them at the pool, and saw them only as good looking chicks that they would like to fuck. One of the guys, Bill, decided he would make a move on Steph. If he made any progress his partner, Ted, was to move on Candy. Bill made his move. He was barely getting started when Steph rebuked him saying, "Get the fuck away from me. Can't you see I'm here for the same thing you are, and I've got mine." With that, Steph moved over and sat on her lover's lounge chair between Candy's open legs. Candy cupped Steph's big tits. Steph turned her head, and they kissed, a long, tongue swapping French kiss. Then they looked at Bill and Ted and laughed at the guys' discomfort and embarrassment.

Right then and there Bill and Ted decided these bitches will pay for that. Candy and Steph did not know. Even Bill and Ted were not certain until they got back to their apartment. They talked about how pissed they were at Candy and Steph. Their talk led to plans for the Halloween party coming up a couple of months later and revenge on "those two sluts" as Bill and Ted called Candy and Steph.

Candy and Steph were the only two women invited to the party. In addition to Bill and Ted others at the party were a couple more guys from the apartment complex and a pair of crossdressers, Corey and Gene. Corey was alright with his name as a guy or woman. Gene spelled his name Jean when he was dressed as a woman.

When they arrived at the party Candy and Steph were comfortable that two other women were there, women who seemed especially fond of each other. So Candy and Steph joined in the drinking, party games and dancing – the two of them dancing together, the other two women dancing together and with the men – Bill, Ted, Larry and Kevin.

The plan Bill and Ted had made was simple. In addition to inviting only men, including the two crossdressers, other than Candy and Steph, Bill and Ted spiked their drinks. They also provided some good weed and coke for their guests. They passed around the joints and made sure Candy and Steph were never with an empty glass and did their share of the lines.

Soon all of the men watched in anticipation and horniness as the eyes of their only women party partners – Candy and Steph – glazed over, their heads bobbled, and they got loose and horny themselves.

Candy and Steph were strapped down on side by side massage tables, their hands bound. Candy was face up, her legs spread wide, head hanging off the other end of the table. Steph was face down, her head low, legs also open to accommodate Bill standing between Steph's legs and sliding his hard cock into her pussy. Ted's meat slid into Candy's quim. Larry and Kevin pinched the women's faces and put their erect prongs in the mouths of Candy and Steph.

"Oh shit!" Candace yelled as Ted's big prod entered her hairy cunt.

"Damn!" Stephanie screamed, grasping to protect her pussy hole to no avail from Bill's stiff cock entering her.

"Blub, blub, glub, slurp, squish," both Candy and Steph gurgled as the big cocks of Larry and Kevin slushed in their mouths.

Bill, Ted, Larry and Kevin pumped away for a few minutes in the holes they were using; then they moved to swap women and holes.

As the men moved Candy yelled to Corey and Jean, "Hell get over here and help us. Get them off of us."

Corey and Jean hiked their skirts, pulled down their panties showing Candy and Steph their big, long, thick hard cocks and grinned at the women.

"I am, unh, uh, unh, we are so fucked," Steph acknowledged as slimy wet cocks entered the lesbian lovers again, in their pussies and mouths.

Their getting fucked by cocks was the most disgusting thing Candy and Steph could think of to be happening to them. It was a horror, but more was yet to come. Their horror was just beginning.

Loud music, quite natural and appropriate for Halloween drowned their yells of protest when the men pulled a saliva-coated, precum-leaking dick from their mouths. They were fucked in their mouths, pussies and asses by Bill, Ted, Larry and Kevin while Corey and Jean watched, stroking their big cocks slowly, reaching over to stroke each others cock.

As the dirty dicks, slimed with saliva, precum, their pussy juices and ass musk fucked them in all their holes, rough hands mauled their tits, mouths kissed, licked and sucked on them, played with their clits, their greatest horror was that they started feeling good. Warmth spread through their bodies, tingling on their distended nipples, unhooded clits, deep inside their cunts and assholes. Despite themselves they started cumming, writhing, grunting in pleasure, moaning as they were fucked.

Then a new horror, cum shot into their pussies, wriggly sperm swimming into their unprotected wombs. They were forced to swallow cum pumped into their mouths. They felt jism deep in their rectums and dripping from their cunts and assholes onto their inner legs.

Finally the fucking was over. Candy and Steph laid on their separate tables gasping for breath, their taut bellies heaving, tits trembling, bodies shivering from the shock of it all.

Just as they were recovering, thinking they would be let go now, Corey and Jean, naked like everyone else, their stiff cocks bobbing as they walked slowly between their legs, approached Candy and Steph.

"Oh shit, no," Candy huffed.

"Please no," Steph begged.

Corey and Jean laughed at them, then went down between their outspread legs, Corey on Candy, Jean on Steph. At the same time they kissed the pussies open to them, licked the gaped assholes, started slurping up the cum, sucking it swabbing it out from the holes of Candy and Steph.

Once again Candy and Steph could not control their horny bodies. They started feeling good all over and shuddered, both of them cumming again. Over and over this time. As they were writhing in their orgasms, Corey and Jean raised their heads, their faces glistening with slimy cum from the men and both the women. Corey switched to Steph, Jean to Candy. They slid their hard, dripping cocks into the women's assholes, right up their gaping channels, balls deep and fucked them.

Refreshed and excited by the debasement of the lesbian lovers, Bill, Ted, Larry and Kevin came to the tables again. With some shuffling around, getting Candy and Steph into the right positions, the straps holding them down removed, Bill, Ted, Larry and Kevin with Corey and Jean back in their assholes made Candy and Steph airtight with cocks in their asses, mouths and pussies. Both Candy and Steph were triple fucked now with fresh loads of cum squirted into all their orifices.

Corey and Jean cleaned the cum out of Candy and Steph again, and off of them bringing Candy and Steph to further orgasms. Then as they had to lay there watching, Larry and Kevin sucked Corey and Jean making their cocks hard again. Corey and Jean then fucked Larry and Kevin in the ass. Bill and Ted got back on Candy and Steph fucking their pussies one more time holding aside as they had done before throughout the ordeal the strap on dildos the women were wearing. Corey and Jean got on top of Candy and Steph and fucked themselves in their asses with the strap on cocks.

When all were finished, Bill ordered Candy and Steph, "Now you will not say a word to anyone about this. We have still photos and video of you. It is clear in the video you were liking it, cumming, fucking Corey and Jean in their butts, and even begging for more as Corey and Jean ate your nasty pussies. Get dressed and get your slut asses out of here now. We are through with you."

Candy and Steph did as they were told. They put on their clothes and left. With cum leaking from their puffy, fucked out pussies and drizzle from their gaping assholes running down the insides of their thighs, they minced gingerly home taking short steps. Back in their apartment they undressed, showered together, dried and went to bed naked cuddling in each others arms.

Rather than wallowing in their misery and horror at being cock fucked, they started right away planning their revenge on the bastards who had violated them so horribly. All of them will pay for this Candy and Steph agreed.

[Any suggestions, especially from women readers on how Candy and Steph should get their revenge will be appreciated.]

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