tagSci-Fi & FantasyHalloween Offering

Halloween Offering


The light from the twin moons of Luna and Alt-Luna danced in the night sky over the City while, on level 6, Neela walked up the corridor to the one-room dome she shared with her husband. The red light flashing next to the latch told her she had mail waiting inside. "Oh," she thought, "I wonder if our lottery assignments for this year have arrived." Hurriedly, she waved the bracelet with her personal code on it over the lock and pressed the latch. The door swung open and Neela stepped into the room. The lights came on automatically just at the subdued level she loved as they always did. A notice flashed on the monitor at the computer station in the far corner.

Seated at the computer station Neela could not help but reflect on the nearing Halloween Festival with its rituals and final ceremony that would ensure a prosperous coming year for the City. By tradition, every person in the city from ages18 through 50 participated in the Festival every year. No one could remember how the Festival started, but everyone who was eligible always participated. Halloween was such a gay time and guaranteed a good coming year. Everyone in in the city looked forward to the Festival with great anticipation.

Smiling with excitement, she pressed the mail key. Almost instantly, the screen came to life and showed her mail list. At the top was listed "Halloween Festival Lottery". She touched the screen and the message filled her monitor.

From:       National Halloween Festival Lottery

To:           Neela93626/Willum99387

Subject: Lottery Selections for 2197

Tricks     Dome #              Treats Dome #

1 19773 E Level 4 (M)     19554 E Level 4 (F)

2 19331 W Level 2 (F)     19631 S Level 9 (M)

Your Lottery Number for the selection drawing is 463885. Retain this number for the final selection. This year's selection will be honored as always.

In accordance with the rules, Trick or Treat will begin promptly at 1700. Please plan to be at the first address on time. The schedule this year is very tight. All Tricks and Treats must be completed and you must be back at your dome by 2130 hours. At that time, you must report your arrival to the Festival Office. The Festival and annual selection will take place at exactly 2200. All Citizens are required to attend. All rules of the Halloween Festival will be strictly followed as in previous years.

Happy Halloween, Citizens


"Willum will be so pleased. He will have a level 9 this year. While I only have a level 2 and a 4," she thought first smiling then with a frown. "Oh well. It can't be helped."

Neela picked up a brush and began brushing her long brown hair as her mind drifted off to the Halloween event only a few days away. The traditional costumes had already been pulled out of storage, cleaned and made ready. The Takla, the traditional drink for the guests, had arrived and was chilling in the cooling unit. The Commal-Takla, the traditional goblets were ready too. It seemed nothing had been forgotten.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Willum returning home from his work at the Level 6 Authority Office. "Oh, good news, Willum," Neela said as she turned to her husband. "This year you have a level 9 in the lottery. I'm so jealous."

Willum moved next to his wife and bent over to look at the computer monitor. "Yes, it seems so." Then, "Oh dear, you have a level 2 this year," he said shivering, "Those people are so..."

Neela smiled, "Not to worry, my love. It won't be my first level 2. I rather enjoyed it last time." Then after a thought, "I shall have to hurry. 2 West is a long way. And I just can't be late getting back here."

Willum kissed his wife quickly on the cheek and said, "I'm going for a shower, love. Are you coming?" With that, he dropped his robe on the floor and strode off to the refresher. Neela slipped out of her short wrap-around and padded bare-foot after him.


At 1400 on the night of the Halloween Festival Neela and Willum were both already home from their work and dressed in their costumes. Everyone knew there was much to be done and tardiness always resulted in being moved down a level. Neela thought how she loved living on level 6. It was so bright and gay. The people on this level were so friendly and "normal. But then maybe we will get a promotion to level 7. Now, those people have so much more than we." This was Neela and Willum's eighth Festival and neither of them had ever been listed as late. Nor would they be late this year, she promised herself. "I'm sure that would count for something in the promotions," she told herself dreaming wistfully of an even larger, lighter dome. "Or maybe Willum or I will be selected this year. That would be wonderful. But that is reserved only for the most deserving," she thought with a frown. But still, we've shown our citizenship over and over though the years so there is hope for us. So it not a selection maybe a promotion. Neela grinned at the thought of either.

Looking at his wife Willum loved the way the sheer, lavender fabric of the short tunic showed off his wife's delicate curves and accentuated the bulge of her breasts. The lavender seemed to make Neela's dark blue eyes glow. As he walked around her admiring the costume, he lifted the back hem of her tunic to expose her bare ass. "Not for you tonight, darling. Halloween, remember?" Neela said with a laugh as she pulled her tunic down to cover her nakedness.

Neela noticed Willum's cock made a somewhat larger bulge than usual under his longer, orange, male tunic. "Is Mr. Happy already thinking about the level 9 tonight?" she asked with a giggle. Willum's face reddened for a moment and simply nodded. Neela put her hand under his tunic and gave his cock a friendly squeeze. "You two will have fun, I'm sure," she laughed, then reached up and gave Willum a quick kiss on the lips.

At 1430, Neela set the four Commal-Takla Goblets on the short table next to the sleeping pit in the middle of the room. Beside them, she placed the chilled Taka in an ice bucket. As tradition dictated, the blankets were stored leaving only a single clean white sheet covering the foam mattress. Jasmine incense and black wax candles burned at intervals around the sleeping pit. The computer had turned the lights down to a dim glow giving the room the correct atmosphere for what was coming.

Neela kissed Willum on the cheek as he left saying, "Have a good time, darling. I'll see you at the Festival if not before. And don't be late. We don't want to miss the selection." With that, Willum and Neela stepped out into the corridor. Neela watched from the doorway as her husband walked to the corner transport station and stepped on a transport disk. He keyed in 19773 E Level 4 on the pad on the wall and the transport rose from the floor and began to move rapidly down the corridor while Neela still stood at the door smiling and waving good-bye.

Neela went back inside the dome and closed the door. She went into the refresher and took one final look in the mirror. She stopped to straighten her hair and adjust her tunic. Just as she turned, there was a knock on the door and a voice saying loudly, "Trick or Treat."

Neela checked the time on the computer. It was exactly 1700. When she opened the door, a rather short, rotund man in his traditional tunic stood outside. He was beginning to bald at the crown and had silver hair at the temples. "Not all that bad for the first tryst of the Festival," Neela thought. She could see his cock making a huge bulge near the hem. The man smiled broadly with his arms outstretched. She went to his arms and gave him the traditional kiss of greeting with maybe a little too much tongue for normal propriety, but it was Halloween after all.

She took his hand, led him into the dome and closed the door. Then she led him to the sleeping pit where he laid back in the comfort of her bed. Neela took the bottle of Takla from the ice bucket, poured the traditional amount into two Commal-Taklas, and handed one to him. Together they lay side by side sipping the green liquid from their goblets. As the liquor slid smoothly down her throat a burn began in the pit of Neela's stomach. Soon the burn turned to fire and moved downward to her pussy and upwards to her chest. Her breath deepened with the enjoyment of the feelings as her mouth hungrily opened to receive his tongue. Her hand moved down to stroke his cock while his hands crushed her breasts. Her hard nipples dug into the palms of his hands.

It was not long before she was screaming as his cock pumped inside her. Her fingernails dug deep into the skin of his back as her hips thrust forward and upward to meet his thrusts. Suddenly, as if unexpected, her body stiffened, her legs locked around his waist and with one final animal thrust her body shuddered with their mutual orgasm as his hot, sticky cum splashed again and again deep in her cunt. He rolled off her and together they lay there exhausted for a while. Then Neela and the man rose to check the time. "Oh, it's already late," the man said, "I really must hurry down to level 3. Happy Halloween." And with that, he was gone out the door.

Neela pulled the soiled sheet from the bed and spread a clean one for her husband. Setting the two goblets on the counter in the refresher, she too left the dome. As she neared the corner transport station, Willum was just arriving. Neela stepped on a transport disk as Willum gave her a quick kiss. Then she was off for level 2. The clock in the town square said 1933 as she flew past on the transport disk. She saw many friends rushing here and there on transport disks going to their assignments. Neela grinned broadly and waved at each. Even at this early hour, there were happy throngs of older people and children already gathered at the podium stage for the Festival Finale. She could see that all the equipment was there; even the large collection bowl, cleaned and ready.

Level 2 was dark in contrast to the level 6 where she shared the dome with Willum. This was a much older section of the city. Neela could see where some of the corridor lamps were in bad need of maintenance and trash had accumulated in the corners. The transport disk stopped in front of 19954 in the east section and hovered a moment before setting itself down ever so lightly. She knew the transport disk would wait for her as she stepped off and knocked on the door. "Trick or Treat."

The door opened. Neela stretched her arms out and a tall black woman with large breasts came to her. Ebony arms surrounded Neela and thick red lips, press against hers. Their tongues did a short dance before the woman took her hand and led her into the dome. This dome was not nearly as nice as the one she and Willum had on level 6. The dome was quite small, the walls were yellowed with age and the computer terminal seems quite old and antiquated. The floor, instead of thick padded carpet was tile with rugs scattered here and there. But the most striking thing was the bed. Yes, an actual bed, not a sleeping pit as was common. Neela was surprised there were any left in the city at all. She moved her hand over the smooth wood of the footboard in amazement.

A hand slipped around her waist and cupped her breast. A tongue licked at the back of her ear. "Come, my dear," the black woman said. The woman took Neela's hand and led her around to the side of the bed. Neela sat on the edge of the bed and reveled at the oddness of the springy feeling. The woman thrust a Commal-Takla into her hands and sat next to her. Together they drank the green liquid. Neela's head swam with the affects of the liquor. She was aware of big soft lips on her nipples and fingers penetrating her pussy. Neela's hungry mouth yearned for the lips that worked so hard on her tits. Then two fingers slid so deep into her cunt that she automatically arched her back and thrust her hips forward to meet them. The fingers withdrew and were held in front of her face, glistening with her own juices and the cum of the man from level 4.

Neela licked the fingers hungrily, sucking every bit of wetness and cum from them. Then an ebony hand pushed her back on the bed and slipped on a large strap-on. The woman took Neela's ankles and pulled them high to expose her ass as the large strap-on was forced deep in her ass. Fingers again penetrated her pussy and played with her clit as the strap-on pounded inside her. Neela screamed again and again as waves of orgasmic contractions coursed through her body, finally ending in a planet-shaking shudder. Afterwards Neela lay there panting and spent while the black woman disposed of the empty goblets and prepared to change the sheets.

Trembling, Neela stood up. With a wave of her hand and in a shaky voice Neela said, "Happy Halloween." Then she opened the door and stepped into the dark corridor to the waiting transport disk.


At about the same time, Willum heard, "Trick or Treat," coming from a voice outside the door of the level 6 dome. He walked to the door and opened it. Standing in the doorway were two identical oriental women dressed in their traditional Halloween costumes with their arms outstretched. Willum went to their arms and tasted their tongues as was traditional, then led them into the dome.


When Neela arrived back at the dome, the two oriental women were greedily lapping cum from Willum's chest and from each other. Willum lay there exhausted and unable to move. The women kissed each other deeply, then rose and headed for the door waving a cheerful, "Happy Halloween" in unison.

"Get up, sleepy. The Festival is about to start," she told Willum. Neela smiled as she reported her return at the computer station - 2114. Willum moved and stood next to her. Neela straightened his tunic, gave him a kiss and took his hand. They left the dome together and flew on transport disks to the city square. They arrived at 2140. The city square was crowded with people waiting for the Festival to begin; Neela saw a few friends and waved. She chatted for a few minutes until at exactly 2200 the Mayor stepped up to the podium.

"Citizens of the City," he began, "Another year has passed. This year we have had the best Halloween ever in the history of the City. There were 604,863 participants this year. Every single one of you returned prior to the 2130 dead line. Therefore, there will be no punishments dealt out. I am glad to say there will be no demotions in level this year. There will, however, be some level promotions. Those will be sent out by mail after the Festival. Let me congratulate those promoted in advance.

Now, we will move on to the Festival business at hand. As every year, the Lottery Computer has made its random selection." The Mayor looked around the square at the crowd who murmured softly among themselves. "Who? I wonder who it is?" they whispered excitedly.

The Mayor looked serious for a moment as he opened an envelope handed to him by his assistant and read. Then with a big smile, pointed to someone in the crowd. "The number is 359411. That number was assigned to you, Damon73391. Citizens of the City meet this year's Halloween selection."

Immediately Citizens near him pushed Damon toward the stage. As the crowd cheered, Neela and Willum strained to see through the crowd of people. More eager hands pushed Damon up and onto the podium stage, where two strong councilors took him by the arms and held him. Neela and Willum could see him now. He looked frightened and struggled against the restraining arms of the men. Neela could hear a whimper coming from Damon. She could not understand why he would whimper with the special honor that he was to receive.

The Mayor looked serious as he stepped back to the podium. "Citizens of the City, as is our rule and tradition, each year one participant will be selected to ensure the prosperity of the City for the coming year." Turning to Damon, the Mayor held out his arm toward him. "Behold. Here is our annual offering."

Neela and Willum watched in rapt fascination just as they had every year when the tradition was carried out. Damon was hacked to pieces by the Councilors. His screams brought renewal to the City as the citizens chanted in time to the falling blades and reveled in Festival joy as they danced and licked the fingers they dipped in the blood offering that ran into the great collection bowl at the foot of the podium.

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