tagErotic HorrorHalloween Pt. 03

Halloween Pt. 03


*A Word of Caution; This third part is long and it certainly not the final part of Mavis' Halloween story. It contains intense erotic and fetish elements, as well as elements of disturbing horror, so the author advises that if any reader feels like they would be disturbed or offended by this portion of the story, it may be a good idea not to read it. If, however, you have enjoyed the previous parts of the story so far and are ok with erotic horror, then please, continue. If you want to read this but haven't read the previous two parts, the author encourages you to look at them.

So we begin.*


Agonised souls wriggled all about her. A deep penetration in her skull filled it with shrieking screams and howls of terror and pain mixed with euphoria. Male voices and female voices, thousands, all roaring in palpating agony.

She felt the freezing, black chill surround her being like she was plunging into a frozen, watery abyss. The dark, malevolent chuckle growled in her ear as it tempted her on. As it awakened her most deviant needs, her most maniacal vices, her most evil temptations.

Arousal ripped through her body like a searing hot knife, slicing into every fibre of her being. Fear hurtled uncontrollably in her mind and settled in the deepest recesses of her core. The abject arousal and numbing fear seethed within her, convecting slowly and painfully in her soul. It was all she could do to slowly bend her head back, close her eyes and they rolled up, as the screaming creature within awoke, lest the volcanic sensations began bursting out of her.

The black hands skittered all over Lucy, entering every orifice, just how Mavis commanded them to. Lucy wasn't aware of this, but her body and Mavis' body crawled with rough black hands, poking, groping and squeezing at everything. Some hands even cracked their fingers before getting down to business. Some smacked and swatted at each other, and balled up into fists as they fought over the flesh they so desperately wanted. Some even flipped the middle finger to others.

"Dare, Lucy, dare me. Dare me Lucy!" Lucy sat back with the glass of wine and chuckled at how entranced Mavis was, how she begged. Lucy took her time, making Mavis grab and shake her arm.

"Lucy, dare me, Lucy come on!" Mavis was almost unhinged, violent. The shy girl was unleashed and now a horny, transformed woman was emerging, hungry for anything that will satisfy her deepest needs. She was consumed with desire for Lucy.

Wine jumped out of Lucy's glass and splashed on her naked chest as Mavis desperately shook her. Mavis gasped as she lunged at Lucy and ran her tongue hungrily over the bare skin, licking up the spilled wine. Her tongue was ravenous. If Mavis could have started chewing on Lucy's skin just to pleasure herself she would have.

Lucy had to gasp and laugh at the uncontrollable young woman who had moved to the soft flesh of her breast. A stream of blood red wine fell from Lucy's glass and trickled down her body between her breasts as she tipped her glass over herself. Mavis had all but mounted Lucy just to get at the wine covered skin. Lucy suddenly pushed Mavis back at feeling the abrupt moisture of the mad womans tongue swirling on her nipple. Mavis bit the nipple with her teeth as she was pushed away, trying to hold on to it as if for dear life, until she finally got too far to hold it and it snapped back to Lucy's chest, shaking the perfect swell of flesh that the erect nipple topped.

"Take off your panties Mavis." Lucy let her out of her misery with a grin. Mavis stopped in her muttering and ramblings and she smiled. She beamed up at Lucy, and almost laughed as she slowly, deliberately stood up and pulled up her witches dress, which was hindered under her naval by the corset.

Unshamefully, and confidently she revealed her bare privates, covered in her dark matt of short pubic hair. Lucy's eyes widened in surprise as she choked and spat out her wine. Mavis looked down at Lucy, in front of her and parted her legs slightly, allowing a line of pussy juice to stretch between her soaked vulva and the opening legs. The parting legs caused the line of pussy juice to stretch thinly and break, making it dribble down to the floor. The thick smell of arousal hit Lucy like a heavyweight boxers knockout punch. Mavis pushed her fingers between her sopping lips and spread them open, showing the glistening, wet pink within. Her other hand at the knot in the lines of fabric holding her blouse together and revealed her pale, free tits, soft and firm in the warm air.

Lucy couldn't see it, but Mavis knew that the hands were there. Slapping her erupting pussy, flicking and pinching her engorged clitoris, violently fingering and stretching her raw, seeping vagina. Some hands were at her ass hole, doing anything from simply tickling it, to stretching it open, to hanging down from inside the tight hole by a finger.

"Holy fuck Mavis, this whole time you had no panties?!" Lucy reached out to touch Mavis but her hand was swatted away. Mavis didn't know whether she did it or whether one of the many competing hands did it. Mavis' small, white hand rested on the back of Lucy's neck and her face was guided to meet Mavis' pulsating pussy. An out stretched tongue met the soft hairy hood of Mavis' hard clitoris, and lapped at it.

"Yes Lucy. Oh I was like this the whooole time. I had been touching myself before you came and scared the living shit out of me." Lucy chuckled into a smile and opened her mouth again, a thin line of saliva and juices stretching between her tongue and her teeth. She touched her dripping tongue to Mavis' flooded pussy, and began to eat it like a greasy quarter pounder filled with runny condiments and melty cheese.

Mavis nearly dropped, the instant sensation disabled her functions, dizzied her and made it hard to stand. The feeling of another womans tongue, lips, saliva on her cunt. An older woman, not by much, but still. A swelling wave of heat rose up Mavis' back and into her shoulders. There was a fire burning so hard between her legs now that Lucy was devouring Mavis. She could barely keep from screaming in pleasure, she could barely keep the creature within from emerging in a shrieking blast of wanton chaos.

She lifted her leg and rested her foot on the couch, giving Lucy more access. Mavis couldn't stop this now if she wanted to. She firmly held onto Lucy's head. "I needed... Aah... to relax aaafterrrrr work... Mmm yes Lucy. Fucking yes Lucy!" Mavis barely managed to speak through her moans and yet her voice had degraded into a raspy, deep growl. Lucy was taking no prisoners, she was doing her worst. She physically chewed on Mavis' fleshy cunt.

Mavis grabbed Lucy's head in two hands and started grinding herself slowly on Lucy's face. She roughly pushed Lucy farther and harder against her exploding vulva. She shrieked in shrill ecstasy as Lucy's hands massaged her ass cheeks, while she pressed her face hard into Mavis. Lucy wasn't Lucy anymore, she was just Mavis' toy. Just something Mavis could rub against and get off.

Her nose pressed hard against Mavis' clitoris and her tongue entered the sweet tasting, steaming hot opening without warning. It pushed past the quivering, tight muscles and a warm dizzying feeling flowed over Mavis like a raging river. A hot pang of electricity surged up her spinal cord and plunged back down to her anus.

Mavis could feel herself sinking deeper into madness and oblivion, into the black dimension. She knew that the black entity was all around her, in her, prompting her and speaking to her. It was touching her in every way conceivable. She then felt its frozen, black, soot covered arms wrap around her tight, little, white body from behind and the strong body pressed into her back. At first there were many arms all over her and they all converged into two. Mavis felt the solid, thick and throbbing erection rubbing on her lower back, making its heavy presence known. A sticky, freezing, black liquid oozed from its tip and rubbed into Mavis' skin.

The arms slithered down the length of Mavis' body and abruptly grabbed Lucy's head and hair, causing her to gasp in steamy, sultry delight. "Oh, you want to be rough with me, eh Mavy?" Lucy's head was roughly, violently craned at a hard angle and jerked back and forth on Mavis' cunt by the black thing, bluntly using Lucy's face on Mavis like some depraved and blackened sex toy. Lucy's head was shook left and right, up and down, forward and back, roughly, brutally, like an angry dog would shake a helpless rabbit around in its mouth.

Lucy slurped and swallowed, licking and chewing hard, pulling at Mavis' soft lips with hers. She gasped and let out shrill yelps as she was shook. A black torrent of slop, saliva and juices flowed freely from Mavis' flaming pussy. Lucy then suddenly pulled away and Mavis' cried out in fear of being left hanging. "Holy fucking shit Mavis! You are mmmph!" Lucy was slammed back against Mavis'pussy. She pulled away again and tried to continue. "What was that Lucy?" Mavis grabbed the squirming, sloppy, red faced head and banged her cunt against it, roughly, rhythmically humping Lucy's face as the poor woman choked and tried to talk to Mavis. All Mavis could do was close her eyes and smile, growling a primal, guttering growl.

Mavis suddenly threw Lucy's face away from her and held on to the back of her head, craning it to make Lucy look up at her. Lucy's face was covered in a sloppy, frothy and thick mixture of saliva and pussy juices, but Mavis nearly gagged at seeing that the juices weren't white, or clear, they were a deep, dark black, and Lucy's face was slathered in the black, shining juices. From her chin to her forehead.

Mavis could feel the massive erection behind her, rubbing on her wet, little asshole. The massive knob was searing hot, and gently pressed at the tight, lubed hole. Lucy was smiling up at Mavis' in uninhibited lust, smiling wide with black juices smeared all over her face. She obviously had no idea that she was being roughed around by a paranormal, black entity. Mavis felt Lucy's smile make her pussy quiver, so she reached down and jammed some fingers in, making her strain a grunt in aggressive pleasure. She moaned deeply as she fingered herself roughly and held Lucy's face right beside her cunt. She quickly yanked her dripping fingers out and slapped Lucy across her wet face.

Lucy gasped and her mouth opened in shock, but Mavis' little pet simply smiled back up at her. Lucy reached behind her and produced a large black dildo with a bulbous head. "You filthy thing, you. You like it rough do you?" Lucy grinned and strained her words with a deep chuckle. Lucy had changed too, she was no longer a work colleague, she was only out for lust now like Mavis.

The thickness of the toy intimidated Mavis, but she gave a serious, slow nod that made Lucy almost buckle with orgasm. Mavis pulled off the corset and her witches dress, leaving only her jewellery, mask and the thin white blouse she had on under the dress. It barely reached her naval. She could feel the black erection behind her trying to get in her back door. She paused in her extreme arousal as she realised that she was about to feel even more pleasure than she had ever experienced. Or, just as likely, more pain than she had ever experienced.

Lucy looked up into Mavis' eyes and deep throated the long, thick black dildo in one clean, gagless motion and yanked it back out, bring a slosh of saliva with it. Mavis pressed her fingers together on either side of her clit and pulled the soft, black juice covered hood away, exposing the shining, throbbing little bean. She could feel that the black thing had its hot cock in position at her back and it reached around to gather up Lucy's head in its hands in a similar fashion to how the wrestlers on TV gathered up their opponents head to beat their face. Mavis quietly smiled in aggressive pleasure and wonder at how the black thing did what she wanted it to do to Lucy.

Mavis then howled in sudden debauched satisfaction as Lucy pushed the bulbous dildo into Mavis' sloppy, slippery and accepting pussy with ease. Her face was guided onto Mavis' exposed clit by the black thing, as at the same time it pushed its red hot, massive, thick monster cock firmly, roughly into Mavis' wet, virgin ass hole. The two black cocks penetrated, stretched and ripped Mavis' two tight, little holes open at the same time. Once Lucy's lips started sucking on her hyper sensitive clit, Mavis was instantly over taken with the most crippling orgasm she had ever experienced.

She jerked, shook and wriggled, not making any noise, just straining to scream and completely suffocatedwith the lack of the ability to catch her breath. She couldn't breathe and she needed to but she was being squeezed from her very core by pounding oblivion. She was somehow able to go without breathing for a long period of time as her eyes rolled back and the orgasm finally ebbed down.

The two black cocks ploughed her holes. Lucy violently fucked the sloppy cunt, ramming the rigid, thick dildo deeper than anything Mavis had ever had in her cunt. Her lips sucked harder and harder on Mavis' tiny clit, making her ignite in uncontrollable, shaking intensity. The black things cock slid in and out of her ass at such a speed that the tightness of her unaccepting hole didn't even exist. There only existed pure pain and pleasure. It pounded deep into her ass, roughly gouging into it as she desperately slammed back and rode Lucy's dildo. The black thing mercilessly rammed itself into her as it shook Lucy's head against her pussy with just as much brutality. Lucy thought it was Mavis that was doing it, and in a sick, obscure way, it was Mavis. The cock deep in her ass burned so hot that she felt as if her sphincter was splitting and melting, and being cauterized at the same time. The huge tip moved up and down, in and out and Mavis felt the searing heat deep in her rectum.

A shriek of abject terror finally exploded from her as the fear that she was about to break swept over her. She didn't know if it would end, but she sure as hell didn't want it to. She was riding the back breaking sensations hard, making sure that she fucked each cock harder and harder. She was grimacing in agony and pleasure, and she was screaming into oblivion. She felt a frozen burst deep inside her ass hole, despite the extreme heat, as the black cock throbbed and twitched in her singed, beaten and used anus. Black cum dribbled out of her stretched and black covered ass in spurts around the raging cock. "Aaaah... fuck me black thing... cum in me, cum to me, cum for me! Fuck me Ben! Fuck me!" Mavis absently screamed the words in blank pleasure as she reached a terrifying height of urgency, agony and pleasure. She slumped into the dominating feeling deep inside her that was building up the strongest orgasm yet, groaning deeply in a long, dying drawl. "Mben!? Mlack Fing?" Lucy looked up and asked, confused but still licking inside Mavis. "I want you! Cum for me!" Mavis howled into thin air.

The door bell screamed. It howled in a way it shouldn't have. It was a real scream. An unnatural blackness rested around the empty spaces. A dead rumbling, tremble filled the air and a wave of freezing cold depth dominated the room. The dead evil oozed in the atmosphere like a living cloud. Mavis reached the edge and was about to cum hard but it was a ruined orgasm. Lucy jumped and gasped as the screaming doorbell nearly gave her a heart attack.

"Oh no fuck!" Mavis roared in broken rage and pulled away from Lucy and off the two cocks before anything could be said. Mavis couldn't believe that her amazing experience was taken. The howling continued, screaming, roaring, wailing. It was calling her. She had to come to it. She wanted to, and she wanted it to come to her. She was accepting it.

She jumped over Lucy and the back of the couch, and ran across the dark, pulsating room to the door in searing rage, half naked and ripped it open. The weather outside had deteriorated into a freezing black night with hard rain. The dead orgasm sputtered out and was replaced by a furious heat that raged through her body. There was nobody at the door. The little bastards rang the doorbell and ran away! Mavis charged barefoot, bare bottomed with her hairy pussy exposed, out into the cold street and angrily darted her eyes around. Empty. Deserted. Dead. It ought to have been, it was midnight. The rain fell hard and cold, and soaked Mavis' tingling, pale skin.

Mavis stood in the street half naked and defeated. The rain was so hard that a thick layer of rain water had gathered up around her feet. The black juices that oozed down her thighs from her aching pussy and burning ass washed down her legs in the downfall. She had calmed, and questioned her senses at how she had allowed herself to abandon into debauchery. She felt as if she had raped herself.

She slowly moved back toward the house, the pouring rain had soaked her through and she may as well have been naked. The white fabric of her blouse was clinging to her skin and completely transparent as she walked back into her garden. Her patch of dark pubic hair and her little, hard nipples dotted the soaked, pale, ghostly form of her body as she pushed through the wall of plummeting rain. She was frozen but she didn't care. She slowly pulled off her mask and dropped it into a deep puddle just outside her door with a splash.

She entered the house angry at the fact that she had given herself over to such dark desires, and that she was robbed of her release. Her hair stuck to her face and her body dripped as she turned her back to the open doorway.

The door slammed with a violent bang by itself and Mavis jumped back from it. Her heart throttled the inside of her chest as she slowly turned into the living room. She was met with an eerie, whispering chuckle that seemed to move past her and into the shadows. "You wanted me to come to you Mavis." the black voice chilled her, it sounded thick like tar. She was unwillingly beckoned to the abyss as the voice crackled at her.

A squirming shape crawled up out of the possessed, screaming shadows from the ground. Its movements were jagged, broken, crippled. Its upper and lower body twisted in opposite directions as the hands reach over and under itself to move forward and hold itself up. Mavis winced and jumped the spine cracked loudly and crunched loosly. A leg on the opposite side moved up from behind the mass and over its shoulder.

The foot had barely touched the floor and the beast turned to stand up, in a deathly slow summersault in mid air. Its arms pushed up as it rolled forward, floating. Agonised howls vibrated through the dense, dark atmosphere. As everything moved on the formless mass, the chilling orchestra of crackles, snaps and screams was led by the front with a deep, metallic grinding. Smoke rose from the body and thin black ashes fell from it and floated upward as it moved, in the same way that dark scale falling from a red hot length of steel being twisted in a vice would.

With yet more bones crunching and grinding off of each other, the black body aligned its crooked spine as its head rose up from behind its shoulders. The head swiveled to face Mavis as it cracked its neck and jaw into place. An arm broke and bent in multiple places as it squirmed up from under a leg that was bent backwards at the knee. The clicking, flopping arm twisted into position, where it finally was flung out to the side with a snap and it popped into the shoulder.

The fractures and joints of the arm ticked and turned as the bones fused themselves. As the heel of the foot rolled on the ground, the backwards bent knee crunched into place and the other thigh rose high, to slowly step forward in a wide step. All the while, thousands of damned and tortured spirits screamed in their eternal crucible.

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