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Halloween Stalker


324 year old Laura Tucker sat in her kitchen with her fourth cup of coffee in front of her. She looked at the kitchen clock, still two hours until Michael came home. She dared not look outside, he or it might be there. Last four years she had seen it following her, watching her every Halloween, the black hood hiding it's face in shadow and the glowing red points where it's eyes should be were enough to send chills up and down her spine.

The first time she saw it she had thought it rather amusing, but through the years as it kept appearing every Halloween, she had been less and less amused and when last Halloween she had seen the two glowing red eyes staring at her through her bedroom window, as she was going to sleep, she had her first touch of the fear that now was consuming her. She was sure she had seen the glowing eyes last year, even though it had only been for a moment, when she had looked again to be sure, they were gone. She was scared, terrified that it might be out there in the street, watching her house as she sat here with her coffee, waiting for Michael to come home. She dared not go to sleep without him, not while it might be out there.

Her shaking hands brought the cup to her lips, as she sipped the black coffee she realised that she shouldn't be drinking so much of it. She looked out into the hall, she needed to pee but she was afraid to move from her seat. She looked at the kitchen clock again, only two minutes since she last looked at it. God, why did time have to move so slowly, she watched the second hand on the clock tick slowly around and around. Tick, tick, tick, tick, she couldn't hold it any longer, she had to relieve herself, she looked again into the hall.

She could do this, it was out there in the street, not in her house. She got up from her chair and slowly walked out into the hall, at least she'd had the sense to turn on all the lights in the house before it got dark outside. She thought about going back into the kitchen and take a knife with her, no that was silly, the doors were locked and all the windows were closed, she'd seen to that. Michael would laugh at her if he knew she was in this state. She turned around again and took one step and then she froze, cold fear nearly stopping her heart, she looked towards the living room, the lights weren't on in there. She was sure she'd turned on the lights in there like in all the other rooms, didn't she? She couldn't remember. No, she must have forgotten the living room, she would have heard if anybody had tried to get into the house. But still she couldn't move and just kept staring into the darkness which was her living room, imagining that she saw the glowing red eyes staring back at her. No, she was just imagining it, she looked again, no she couldn't see any red eyes there, it was just her imagination. She had to go, there was no way she could hold it any longer.

"Get a grip. There's nobody in the house but me." She whispered to herself.

"Then why am I whispering?"

She looked towards the bathroom, she had to go and she had to go bad. She took a deep breath and moved as fast as she could into the bathroom, she locked the door, undid her jeans, sat on the toilet and ahhhhh, what a wonderful release. The feeling was so wonderful that she forgot all about her fear, she closed her eyes, it was as if all her fears were melting away with the release of her bladder.

"Oh, Wow."

Sho opened her eyes but couldn't see anything. She blinked and the fear came back with a vengeance, the light was out. Shaking, she reached for the light switch, moved her hand back and forth against the wall until she found it. She tried it but no luck, everything was still pitch black around her. She sat there for what felt like forever but she still couldn't move from the toilet. What time was it? Wasn't it time for Michael to come home? Michael. What would Michael think of her if he found her like this and in this state? He would laugh at her. She couldn't bear the idea of him laughing at her fears so she stood up, her legs were very weak and she was shaking but she pulled her jeans up from her ankles and moved towards the door. Maybe the lights were still on in the hall and in the kitchen. She managed to unlock the door and opened it slowly. No, the lights were off in the hall too, but what about the kitchen? She stepped into the hall, there were no lights anywhere, the house was in total darkness except for a vague light coming in from the street which at least made it possible for her to see vague outlines of the furniture. She willed herself to move towards the kitchen, she knew she had a flashlight there and some candles, that would at least make it possible for her to have some light, though she knew it would not relieve her fear. She saw the outline of the little table and the phone, she should call Michael on his mobile, but first she had to get the flashlight.

She had almost reached the kitchen when a cold hand grabbed the back of her neck, she screamed and started to run, knocking the table over, she fell face down on the floor. She turned around, saw the outline of the telephone where it had fallen when she knocked the table over, she looked up and saw those red eyes staring down at her, she couldn't move, completely paralyzed by fear, unable to move or scream. The shadowy figure stepped over the telephone coming closer to her.

She saw the creature kneeling down by her side and felt it's hand stroking her belly, moving up and gently start to feel her breasts through her t-shirt. This couldn't be happening, I must be having a nightmare. Wake up Laura, wake up. The tears were running down her face but she still couldn't move. She realised that the creature had undone her jeans and she could feel it's hand going through her perfectly black bush. She started to struggle, trying to get away from this thing that apparently wanted to rape her. The creatures left hand grabbed her throat and pinned her to the floor, the touch of the creatures cold hand on her throat was enough to stop her struggles. She felt the creatures finger on her clit and shivered when two fingers sank into her.

A moment later the creature removed it's hands and roughly pulled off her jeans and panties and threw them down the hall. Laura again tried to get away but the creature quickly grabbed her legs, spread them and kneeled down between them, Laura now had nothing on but her t-shirt. The creatures hands now went under her t-shirt and began fondling her breasts, then moved down again to spread her legs wider, she felt the creature start to kiss and lick her, the tongue circling her clit and then it started sucking on it, her body was starting to react to this constant attention to her sensitive areas. She felt it's teeth, unnaturally big and sharp, start nibbling on her and fear came crashing through her arousal, it's going to bite me, it's going to eat me alive. She started struggling again but the creature soon put a stop to that pushing hard down on her chest.

"Please don't kill me."

The red eyes only stared at her and then the creature resumed it's licking of her pussy. A low moan soon escaped her lips as the creature was getting her wet and bringing her close to an orgasm. Her moans were getting louder as she was on the verge of an orgasm, completely forgetting that it was some sort of a creature doing this to her and not a man, she came hard. The creature undid it's robe and moved in closer between her legs, pushing it's cock into her. It felt no different from a man's cock but now she could see the glowing red eyes again and her fear came back along with shame for allowing herself to forget what it was that was raping her. Being already turned on, her body again started to move with the creatures thrusts and she was glad that she was already wet, it made things much easier all around.

The creature suddenly stopped, pulled out of her, turned her over and quickly re-entered her. This change happened so quickly she hardly noticed it. She felt a finger being pushed into her ass and soon some sort of liquid was being poured on her lubricating her ass. God, no not that, she had never even let Michael go there. When the creature pulled out of her pussy she tried again to get away but the creature's left hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. The creature tried to push it's cock into her ass but she clenched her muscles denying it entry. This only made the creature pull harder on her hair and she realised that she had to relax and allow this to happen if she was to have any chance of getting out of this relatively unhurt.

The creature started to push it's cock into her ass. She was surprised the creature went so slowly, it still hurt but it would have been much worse if the creature had just rammed it in as she had expected it to. The creature finally had it's whole cock completely buried in her ass and with the left hand still holding her hair, pulling her head back, it's right hand moved down between her legs and started playing with her clit. She was getting used to the creatures slow thrusts in her ass and the pain was being replaced by pleasure. The creature was now moving faster, she screamed as she came again with the creature pulling harder on her hair as it came in her ass.

The creature pulled out of her and let her go, she just lay there on the floor, crying. The lights came on but she hardly noticed it, then she heard Michael's voice.

"Honey? You okay?"

She looked up as Michael kneeled by her side. She went into his arms, crying on his shoulder.

"Oh, Michael"

Holding him she felt something strange on his back, she opened her eyes to look and saw the black hood on the robe he was wearing, she pushed a little away from him to see his smiling face.

"Michael? Michael, you bastard"

She started beating on his chest, Michael started laughing.

"Honey, it was just a little Halloween scare."

"A little?"

"Okay, I can see it worked a little better than I expected."

"But four years, Michael?"

"Yeah, well I had to make sure you feared my creature a little before I made my move."

"A little? I've never been more afraid my entire life."

Smiling a little, now that the fear had left her she hit him once more on the chest.

"You bastard."


If there is a moral to this story I couldn't find it. But if I changed it a little and made things happen before Laura made it to the bathroom the moral might be: "On Halloween, when you've got to take a leak, don't wait but do it right away or things might get messy when your boyfriend or girlfriend comes home to give you a scare."

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