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Halloween Surprise


Last Halloween I finally got in to the pants of my sister's best friend, or so I thought. Let me explain.

See I have a thing for Debbie my sister's best friend since grade 8. But she wouldn't say more hi or bye to me in all the years and I found her so fucking hot right from the first time I met her. I do have to say her standoffish piss me off and my buddies would tease about the one who got away.

As it turned out we all ended up going to the local college and our first year there a bunch of guys were throwing a huge Halloween party. My sister who is my twin was going as an Angel and Debbie was going as Cat woman with a form fitting suit just was in the movie. Fuck when I see her in it I got an instant boner and of course my sister seen my condition and told me I was being a jackass and to go jerk that thing off somewhere else, her words not mine.

A week later on the day of the party my sister said she wasn't going cause she didn't feel very good and I asked about her friend Debbie and she said she wasn't sure.

That night at the party I drank a fair bit and was feeling no pain when in walked Debbie in her Cat woman suit and I told my buddies that somehow I was going to get into her pants and that I hoped it was tonight.

I stopped drinking to sober up a bit and about midnight Dan come to saying Cat woman is up stairs all but passed out and that it was my chance. When I got to the bedroom they had her in she was saying "So now you assholes are going to fuck me?"

Her voice was so slurred I had a hard time making it out but seeing her naked from the neck down give me the hardest hard on of my life. As I looked down at her thing rang a bell in my head but I wasn't sure what in the hell it was.

I sucked on her tits with my buddies watching and played with her clit at the same time to get her wet. I thought I just have to taste her pussy before I fill her with my seed. So I worked my way down to her blond haired pussy and ate some of the sweetest pussy I have ever eaten in my life so far. My buddies cheered me on as I got her to cum with my tongue.

She sure was more than wet enough now so I began to push myself inside her feeling the tightest cunt I have ever got and it seem like I wasn't going to be able when I felt something give way and I was going in. Debbie give a very deep groan at the same time as I felt her pussy open up.

Once I bottomed out I noticed there was blood on my cock and I remembered thinking fuck she sure tasted good and her having her period too. I guess I wasn't thinking to good being still fairly drunk myself.

I'm not sure how long I fucked her for, but my buddies were telling to make her cum as Ted was sucking one tit and played with the other nipple. She was getting into it moaning and pushing back against me meeting my pushes.

When she hit her peak so did I filling her with what all my balls had to give. I was just about to take her mask off when we heard a bunch of noise coming from down stairs.

It turned out the parents of the guy throwing party had come home and were fucking pissed he had a party going on. We had a bitch of a time getting the suit back on Debbie with her being all sweaty from being just freshly fucked but I wasn't going to leave her there for the guys parents to find.

I noticed a puddle of blood on the bed but had to just leave it there as Ted give me a hand getting Debbie down the stairs and out the backdoor. We took her to my parents place knowing they would be in bed sleeping by now.

I put her on the couch and covered her up with a blanket before thanking Ted for his help. He was a little bit pissed he didn't get a crack at her but I wasn't about to let him fuck her on my parents couch was I?

The next morning when I got up Debbie was gone and all was fine to what I could tell. Terri my sister came down the stairs holding her head and looking a little green around the gills saying she ever felt so sick and sore in her whole life.

Last month it came out my sister is pregnant and has no idea who the father is, as she got drunk at a party and some guy took advantage of her in her drunken state. He not only knocked her up but took her virginity as well.

I stated thinking about that night at the Halloween party and the mole next to the left nipple and it hit me. When we were kids my mom had my sister and me bath together to save time and I remembered the small mole. Holy shit. I didn't fuck Debbie that night it was my own sister and now she has my baby growing inside her. No it could be, I had to find out for sure! But how?

Later when I was alone with Terri I asked her about the Halloween party and asked about what she was wearing? Terri told me that Debbie decided at the last minute not to go and that she thought her Angel outfit was a little lame so she tried on Debbie's Cat woman outfit and it fit her perfectly.

Now my sister is pregnant with my baby plus I took her virginity. I'm not sure if I should tell anyone about, I mean its tearing me apart inside but what's going to happen if I come forward. A torn apart family or me cast out for what I did. All I know is my sister is keeping the baby.

I wish I knew what to do but all I do know is my grades have gone down the dumper and I may be asked to leave this college. I find I cant study and all I think about is that night. I'm going nuts and don't know what to do.

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