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Halloween Switch


I guess from what I have been reading that this is a common fantasy amongst husbands, to see their wife with another man. It certainly has been mine for a long time, probably way back before we even married I longed to see my partner who ever that was to have sex while I watched and sometimes joined in.

First some introductions should take place, my name is Mark and I am in my mid-forties, I am the first to admit that I'm not in the best shape, not fat just definitely not fit, slight bulge around the middle with a head of grey hair (distinguished looking as my wife says with a giggle), My wife Lily is also in her mid-forties, she is in better shape than me, not a super model but still a great body. Her tits have that slight middle aged women sag, still a 34d and still enough to make me drool when I see her with her top off. She keeps her bottom half smooth and sometimes if I'm lucky it's me that gets to shave it smooth.

So we have been married for close to 15 years, no children together, but I have a 26 year old son living overseas. I guess having no kids to look after keeps us feeling younger than we are, I mean we look at parents our age with their kids and they are struggling to live, no holidays, no money. We are not rich by any means but we don't really go without either, if we see something we like we get it. I also guess have no kids pass thru her means that is why she still feels as tight as the day we first hooked up.

Our sex life, well that has declined over the last few years, Oh we still have sex, just not as often as I would like and only really in the spoon position, Where Lily is on her side and I enter her from behind, she is always wet and we always have a good time, but she doesn't get off as much as I would like her to and I'm sure not as much as she would like. Lily always says that it doesn't matter where she doesn't cum, but sometimes I feel like a heel just getting my rocks off and she doesn't. She has a vibrator and I'm sure it gets its fair share of usage when I head off to work.

Back to the fantasy, well my fantasy as every time I have bought it up I get shot down saying that she will not have sex with anyone else. I often bring the subject up during sex and I'm sure she always gets wetter and more vocal, Lily has even brought the fantasy up herself during sex but she says that this is only for my benefit and she only ever brings it up to turn me on and make me cum, and cum I do, I shoot such a load up her juicy pussy that I'm sure it is as much for her as for me. Yet after sex if I happen to broach the subject then I get told that it's only bedroom talk and is never going to happen ever.

So that's our lives at the moment, Lily goes to work as a dog groomer and I go to work in a large processing plant. We both work for good employers and earn a decent wage. Lily's company employs only 5 people while the plant I work for has over 200 workers, and we both have made good friends within our jobs. One of my close friends is Dan, we are the same age, same personality and both love to have a good time. Dan is recently single, his long-time girlfriend just decided a month ago that life is too short to be tied down and was gone from his life within days. As expected this devasted Dan and I have only recently managed to bring him out of his funk.

"Dan" I said "what you need is to get laid."

"No shit Sherlock." he replied "but in case you forgot I'm now single, and I don't have a long list of replacements waiting in the wings."

"yeah I know that, but we have our annual company Halloween party coming up in a couple of weeks and even an ugly fuck like you has a chance with all the drunk women that's gonna be there." I laughed

"Yeah maybe," he said back "but all that fuss on getting a costume and then trying to talk to a girl, is it really worth it?"

"I dunno, do you like wacking off by yourself or do you want some horny chick to help you?"

"Your right, I'll go." he said

"Damn right you'll go!" I replied

That night I went home to Lily and told her that I managed to convince Dan to go to the Halloween party. "That's good," she said, "he needs the company of a good women, it will help him get over Selina."

"He needs a good fuck, is what he needs!" I quipped

"Mark, don't be crude."

It was at that point that the idea popped into my head, the fantasy that I had had for so long, could I pull it off, would I have the balls to go thru with it, would Dan go for it?

"Of course he would," I thought, "Dan had often made comments to me about Lily's body and how lucky I was to be fucking her."

Without realising it I was getting a hard on standing in the kitchen, staring into space with a glint in my eye.

"What's on your mind big boy?" my wife giggled staring at my crotch.

I snapped back to reality and realised my pants had a tent in the front of them, which my wife found amusing.

"Careful with that thing." she said "You could have someone's eye out."

"Ha yeah," I mumbled, "Wanna do something about it?" I asked hopefully

"Go wash up." she said playfully, "I will take care of you later."

I went up to the bathroom and jumped into the shower, with all sorts of ideas and planning going thru my head.

"Costumes!" I thought, "I gotta get myself a good costume with a mask, and Dan will need a masked one as well."

Later in bed Lily's hand started tracing a line over my stomach and down to where I swear my still hard cock was throbbing and aching to be abused.

"Mmm you feel so hard tonight baby." she purred, "is that all for me?"

"All for you baby." I replied snaking my hand over the top of her tits down to her moist pussy.

Lily starting jacking me slowly while positioning herself so she could take me in her mouth, she started licking the underside of my cock like a Popsicle, driving me insane until she engulfed my prick like it was the first thing she had eaten for days. With the fantasy still in the forefront of my mind I decided to push the fantasy back into lily's head.

"God I love the way you suck my cock baby, I would love to see you do that to another man's cock."

Lily moaned around my cock head and took me as deep in her throat as she could.

"yeah you wanna see me do this to another cock? do you want me to suck their hard cock all the way down my throat too? mmmm I can taste it, do you want me to lick their balls to?" Lily moaned

"Oh god yes." I groaned.

Lily popped my cock out of her mouth and rolled on her side and begged me to fuck her hard. I turned to get behind her and probed her very wet hole with my fingers, Lily bucked her hips against my fingers and thrust back on to them.

"Fuck me Mark, fuck my wet cunt with your hard cock!" Lily cried out

I pushed my dick into her slowly and kept pushing until I bottomed out; I pulled back and repeatedly slammed back into her. My god she must have been horny cause she was like a lake down there, I leaned over her shoulder and bit her earlobe, another good spot that she likes to have teased. I was massaging her shoulders and fucking her from behind whilst nibbling her ear, she was in heaven, so I decided to pursue the fantasy.

"Can you imagine another cock doing this to you? can you imagine a strangers cock fucking your dripping cunt while you suck me off?" I asked

"God yes I love it." Lily moaned

I pushed the idea of another cock even further.

"So whose cock do you want to fuck?" I asked

"Anyones!" she cried out

"Give me a name." I asked pushing the boundary

"I don't care." she was now bucking back against me.

"I wanna see Dan's cock fucking you. "I nervously said.

"Yes yes fuck me Dan, fuck me while Mark watches." she yelled.

At that moment I blasted my load deep into Lily's pussy crying out as Lily came with me, I lay back breathing deeply while we both came down from the best sex we had had in a long time. I was lying on my back slowly recovering and waiting for the evitable questioning that was sure to follow. Lily turned over to face me and looked me straight in the eyes and said "That was awesome."

"Huh." I stupidly responded

"That was great sex baby, and I don't mind that you brought up Dan's name, but I am still never going to actually do it, it's great as a sexual tool and it really really felt good, but it is going to remain a fantasy, I love you and its only ever going to be you that I have sex with" She stated.

"Oh I know that baby." I replied, "I just thought it would spice it up if I mentioned someone we knew."

Lily hopped out of bed and went to take a shower as I lay there with all sorts of fucked up ideas racing thru my brain.

"Fantasy." I thought out loud, "for now."

The next day I saw Dan at work and ponded over the best way to ask him if he was up for it, in the end I thought the best way was to just come out and ask him.

"Dan, pick up your jaw." I said

Dan was just staring at me, I had just asked if he had ever thought of fucking Lily and would he be up for it if I could plan it.

"You're kidding?" He asked, "Aren't you?

I explained that it had always been a fantasy of mine and I trusted Dan not to do anything that would hurt my wife. He looked at me for a while to see if I was fucking with him, when he realised I was serious, he readily agreed to help in any way he could. I explained to him that for this to happen then we would need to do this on the night of our company Halloween party, as this would give us a reason to have our heads covered. We decided that I would go as Iron man and Dan would go as Batman, not that original I know, but it gave us costumes that you couldn't tell who was underneath.

Dan and I are basically the same build so I knew that switching costumes wouldn't really pose a problem. In my mind I could only see one small problem with our plan, well not that small, you see Dan has a slightly bigger cock than me, Yes you do notice these things when you are in a locker room. The good thing is Lily is a bit of a light weight when it comes to alcohol, after just a couple of drinks she can get a bit tipsy, so once she gets to that stage she hopefully won't notice if she is getting fucked by a slightly longer prick.

The two weeks till Halloween seemed to drag, Lily was going as a cheerleader I saw her outfit in the closet and wondered if she was going to wear panties with that short skirt, I hoped not. On the night of the party Dan met with us at our place to get ready, Lily welcomed Dan at the door and I noticed that she blushed a little, probably thinking of the fuck session we had in his honour.

"Come in Batman." she quipped "Iron man is in the living room getting us some pre party drinks, I will be ready in a few minutes I just have to throw some make up on."

Dan came into the living room and I gave him his drink, all the while watching Lily waltz up the stairs to the bed room.

"Dude are you sure you still want me to do this?" He asked hoping like hell I still said yes. "Very sure!" I answered.

Lily came down shortly after and sashayed into the room, Dan and I stopped mid conversation to stare at her, boy I was a lucky man, and tonight if all went to plan then Dan would be getting lucky, while I watched. I handed Lily her drink which I admit might have been a little stronger than ours, but I needed her to be on her way to being tipsy. Dan and I managed to get in two drinks and Lily finished her one when the cab I had ordered honked from the street.

"Time to party." I said, "let's go."

The cab ride would have looked quite a sight for any passer-by's on the street seeing Batman, Ironman and a cheerleader, but then it was Halloween. We arrived at the party in good time and we all immediately proceeded to the bar for a top up. Lily asked me to get her a drink which as the good husband I am, I did all though it was a little stronger than normal. We all mingled for an hour or so, but I was keeping an eye on Lily waiting for the right moment. At around 10 I went up to her and I could tell she was feeling no pain, her voice was a little slurred and she had a glassy look in her eyes. I rubbed her ass as I came up behind her and she backed up to my hand before turning around to check to confirm it was her husband.

"Hi Ironman." she managed to get out, "that feels nice." I maneuvered my hand under her short skirt and yes I did feel panties, but they got very moist very quick.

"How do you feel about going somewhere private and making this super hero feel super?" I asked.

"Mmmmm lead the way big boy." she slurred.

I lead her to a back room of the party and told her I would be back with a few drinks in a couple of minutes, Dan had noticed that I was leading Lily away and had already gone to the bathroom to get out of his costume. I moved quickly to meet him and started to take the suit off.

"You should be good to go Dan!" I said "She has had a bit to drink and is quite horny."

"Man are you sure you wanna do this?, cause I gotta tell ya I am really looking forward to nailing her." he asked again.

"Yep I'm sure, just make sure the lights are low enough and she is not facing the door so I can sneak in." I replied.

Once we were both changed Dan proceeded to the room whilst I hung around waiting for the right time to creep in. Dan approached the door and I could see him take a deep breath and turned the door knob and then he disappeared in the room. Dan walked in to the dimly lit room and gulped, there on the bed lay Lily in just her lacy panties and bra, her skirt and top were thrown on the floor and she was lightly stroking her pussy.

"Come on Mark, I need to feel you in me." she purred.

Dan dropped his pants like a hot potato, but made sure to leave his mask and top on, I had tattoos on my arms and Dan didn't so he had to leave his shirt on.

"Kinky." she giggled, "yeah leave it on I like that."

Lily crawled over the bed and started to rub the front of Dan's underwear, while Dan gingerly reached out and touched my wife's titties for the first time, I swear I could just about hear him moan from outside the door. Lily pulled Dan's underwear down and his big prick flopped down and smacked her in the face, This is where if we were going to be found out it would happen, but Lily just started licking that thing like it was me, she made no comment on it being bigger. I slowly peeked thru the door and saw that Lily was busy with Dan and her head was facing away from me, I crept in to the room and was glad it was plenty dark enough that once I got near the curtains in the room I could just about disappear, but still have a great view my fantasy coming true.

By this time Dan had managed to have his fingers massaging Lily's clit while she deep throated his cock, all Lily's clothes were now gone and I could see her naked beauty being explored by my best friend.

"Deeper." Lily moaned, encouraging Dan to push his digits further inside my wife's already sopping cunt.

Dan obliged by sinking his fingers as far into Lily as he could as her head bobbed up and down on his throbbing cock. My wife is extremely good at head and I could soon see the tell-tale signs that it was getting to Dan. Lily could tell as well because she suddenly stopped sucking him and said.

"Not yet, you're not cumming yet, I need to feel this hard cock fucking my wet pussy."

Instead of lying on her side she got on all fours and told me (Dan) to fuck her and fuck her good.

"Fill me up baby." she said, "I need your big hard cock deep inside me, make me cum."

Dan positioned himself behind her and lined up his cock with Lily's wet hole, he looked over to where I was and I gave him the thumbs up. Dan slowly pushed his big dick into my wife, they both let out huge moans of content.

"Ugnnn!" Lily groaned, "So big tonight, so wonderfully big."

Dan started moving back and forth in a rhythmic motion each time he pushed in Lily would let out a deep guttural moan.

"Oh yes baby fuck, fuck me hard, fuck me deep." Lily cried out . Then she said it, something I didn't expect her to say, but am more than happy she did.

"I bet you would love it if Dan was fucking me, wouldn't you? you would love to watch me take his cock in my pussy." she asked.

"Uh hu." Dan grunted back.

"Oh yeah, I would love to have a strange cock fucking me while you watched, I'd love to suck on his big cock too, would you like that baby?

"yes you would, Ugggnn, I would suck his cock good baby, makes me wetter just thinking about it, Oh yes fuck me Dan, fuck me while my husband watches."

Dan was just about creaming himself listening to this, he pulled out of Lily and flipped her over and mounted her again only this face to mask.

"Oh I really want you to watch him fuck me baby, I bet he has a nice prick, I bet I would love to feel him slide it into me, I can taste his cum on my lips, I want him to lick my clit while I take him in my mouth." Lily moaned.

I was busy jacking off in the corner listening to this, she had never gotten this explicit during sex, I put it down to the booze she had been drinking and made a mental note to make sure she had a couple of drinks in her before we had sex next, if she was gonna behave like this, I liked it.

Lily's dirty talk had gotten to me and it was getting to Dan as I could see him start to tense up, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he blew his load. Lily sensed that I (Dan) was getting close and started working her clit, her hand was a blur as she feverishly worked herself over as Dan continued to fuck her silly. Lily's orgasm had been building for quite some time and when she finally put herself over the edge, she came like a freight train.

"Cumming!" she cried out, "Oh god, oh god." as wave after wave of bliss rolled over her.

Lily kept cumming for over 30 seconds, moaning and writhing about on the bed, once she had finished she now made it her mission to make me shoot my load.

"Come on big boy." she purred "Let me have your cum, spray me with your hot jizz."

Dan pulled out at the last minute and grabbed Lily's head and pulled it to his cock, she greedily took him in her mouth begged him to blow his load in her mouth. That was the moment that Dan released everything and started to shoot down Lily's throat, He also pulled out and sprayed her tits with the rest of his load. After they had both laid back catching their breath Lily said that she needed a quick shower after such a great fuck. She tenderly kissed Dan's deflating cock and said she would be back in a few minutes.

We both waited until we heard the water running and Dan checked to make sure Lily was in the shower, once he confirmed it was clear there was a mad flurry of costumes fling around the room and enough noise to wake the dead.

"Everything all right out there baby?" lily called from the shower

"All good honey." I yelled back, "just tripped over my costume."

"Well why don't you leave it off and come and wash my back?" she asked in a voice that dripped with sex.

Dan and I looked at each other, Dan was giving me the big thumbs up as a thank you as I got back out of my costume and wandered in to the bathroom. I pulled the shower curtain back and once again was staring at the gorgeous body that belonged to my wife. I stepped into the shower with a raging hard on.

"Ready to go again." she asked while reaching out to grab my cock.

"Always baby." replied.

"You know baby." she started, "I have been thinking, about your fantasy and I was thinking that maybe if the conditions were right, then I might be open to trying it."

As she said this she swallowed my cock to the base and said,

"So,what do you think?"

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