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Halloween Tryst


Halloween is traditionally a time for ghouls and goblins and all other mystical creatures to celebrate. For many years and in many cultures, it was both a night to be feared and a night to be celebrated.

In the last century, the forces of good and evil, of chaos and order got together and all of them shared one single thought "What the fuck happened?"

No longer was there the mystical, other-worldly connection to the day. Now it was more about kids getting candy and dressing up like vampires and witches and superheroes and Richard Nixon.

So, they all made a pact. Beginning at 12:01 AM on October 31st and ending at midnight the same day, all supernatural creatures would spend 1 day as mortals. If the humans could assume their guise, the creatures of the night would return to the human guises they had once known. No more mummies, vampires, werewolves, zombies or ghouls. Just ordinary mortals who were able to enjoy 1 brief day as human, doing whatever it is that humans do.

Jack met her at a jazz club in Harlem in 1923. She was sitting there in a lovely dress, her raven hair worn long, which was not in style at the time. Something about this young woman called to him. He did not resist the call, he allowed himself to be summoned to her side. When he first looked at her, he was sure he was hallucinating or drunk, although he hadn't touched a drop. It appeared as if the woman had blazing red eyes. He blinked again and they were brown, deep, rich and soulful. "I had to come over," he said to her in the deep, rich timbre which had gotten him work in radio. "It was almost as if I felt you calling to me."

"Perhaps I did, who can say?" The woman said as she faced Jack. She had an ethereal beauty, with skin as pale as porcelain and a slim, lovely figure. She had incredible legs and her skirt was scandalously short, almost as if she didn't care about other people's opinion. "I'm Satin and you are the most attractive man I've seen tonight. You seem to have an -- animal magnetism and I'm so glad you came over, Mister ...?"

"Wolfe, Jack Wolfe," Jack said, giving her the name he was currently using. "Satin?"

"I gave up my last name years ago," Satin answered as he sat down beside her. "I have few friends and those that do know me, know me simply as -- Satin," she told him. "Tell me about yourself Jack, I don't meet many men who pique my interest."

For reasons of his own, Jack had limited his dalliances as well. He had no idea why Satin seemed to be able to draw him out, to make him comfortable. It had been years since he had felt this comfortable around a woman. He told her about his career and his roots, leaving out a few small details he didn't believe were necessary.

"I love entertainment, I love these new `movies' and I go to the theatre whenever I can," Satin enthused as she ordered herself a Bloody Mary. "I even saw Sarah Bernhardt perform one time."

Jack looked at her and cocked his head to one side. "I must have been towards the end of her career or you must have been very young at the time," he grinned, showing off a perfect set of white teeth.

"I'm -- older than I look," Sarah smiled as the music began to play. "I love this song; it's a beautiful melody, almost haunting." Jack couldn't have phrased it better himself. Satin placed her hand on top of his and it felt as if it belonged there. In the space of less than 1 hour, Jack knew he had found a soul mate. Someone to help ease the loneliness. He would be with her for as long as he could and give as much of himself as he was able. Satin looked at him and smiled and somehow, he knew that she would understand the pain that he had carried with him for all of these years.

He and Satin stayed until the club closed, somewhere after 2 in the morning. "Would you like to go for a walk?" She asked him. "It's a beautiful night. I have an affinity for the night," she said.

"You aren't worried about the neighborhood?"

"Do I look worried?" She smiled. "I assure you, I can take care of myself. Last night was a full moon. I do love a full moon."

"It's not my thing," he told her. "I find the days after a full moon so much more liberating, everything is possible."

They walked, her arm in his and talked. Satin was from "around", much as Jack was. Jack was in love and he knew it. He had always been as honest as he could but something in Satin's demeanor told him that he could unburden his soul. She asked him straight-out if he wanted to go back to her flat and make love. He did, more than anything, but he shook his head.

"I know it will sound crazy, but -- I can't," he told her. "I didn't bring protection and I dare not risk getting you pregnant. Even crazier, I'm in love with you and I wouldn't want you carrying my burden," he sighed deeply.

Satin looked at him again and once again, he was sure her eyes blazed with a red fire. "I want to carry your burdens, to be with you. I want your warmth next to mine, I feel it too. We belong together, why can't we make that happen?"

Jack looked at his new love and said in total candor "Because I'm a werewolf and don't want to pass along the curse."

Jack thought that Satin would laugh at his lunacy or run away -- something. Her reaction wholly surprised him. She kissed him with a pent-up fury he had never felt from any woman, like she had been holding it in for years.

"I understand," she told him when they breathlessly broke the kiss. "I understand and at last, after all this time, I have found someone who might understand me." Before Jack could ask what she was talking about, she smiled even broader -- to reveal a gleaming white set of fangs and once again, her eyes blazed red - blood red.

"You're a vampire?" He gasped. "I don't ..."

Satin practically jumped into his arms and held him tight, almost enough to crack his ribs. "I had this curse forced on me almost 150 years ago. My family came over to the New World and sadly, so did various other creatures, trying to escape being hunted down. The creature slaughtered my entire family and left me for dead. Only, I was not dead. I was forced to walk the earth as this creature you see before you. I decided I would do the best I could to lead the life I should have. I only take what I need, often from animals. I have only killed once and that vile human was trying to rape me -- he deserved it. I keep to myself and have `reinvented' myself several times over the years. I look at you, my love, and I feel you understand," Satin sighed as she looked up at Jack.

"Yeah," he nodded. "Mine is a family curse, passed down from my grandfather. Our race ages very slowly, I'm almost 150 and don't look much over 35," he said. "I can't believe it, you're older than I am but you look ..."

With a warm smile that made him feel less alone, Satin put a finger to his lips. "It isn't nice to talk about a woman's age, my darling Jack." They kissed again and started to walk again.

"I can't get pregnant, you know that," she told him.

"Yes, but strange things happen and vampires and werewolves are supposed to be mortal enemies," Jack said.

"I will never be your enemy, you will always belong to my heart," Satin said and they kissed again and again. "I want to make love to you, with all the soul that is left in me."

Jack had a flash that warmed him deeply. "We can make that happen, Satin," he almost jumped with joy. "We can be lovers, at least for one night. Do you know what happens on the beginning of October 31st?"

Satin's huge smile indicated that she did know. "That's only three weeks away," he told her. "We'll be mortals with no curse, no afflictions. We can be together, make love until we can't walk, walk in the sunlight and be a normal couple for that day," Jack enthused. "I want to share that day with you, do we have a date?"

Satin nodded her head and smiled. "We do. Meanwhile, it's still dark outside and will be for another three hours. Buy a girl a cup of coffee?"

Jack teased her. "Vampires drink coffee?"

"This one does," she laughed. "A lot of the legends about vampires are just that -- old-world legends. I've seen my face in a mirror lots of time and I've had my picture taken," she grinned. "I assume the same is true of werewolves."

"Yes, one of my relatives even thinks that lycanthropy might be a virus and is developing a vaccine," Jack told her as they walked to a nearby diner. "I am also not a mindless beast under a full moon, I've worked hard and can maintain some control."

"As can I," Satin told him as they neared the diner. "It is far easier to kill randomly than to find ways to curb the lusts. I am in control of my destiny," she said.

"No, now it's we," Jack said, giving her one last kiss before they went inside. His coffee, steak and eggs were the best foodstuffs he had ever tasted.

The two lovers agreed to wait until that evening to meet again. To Jack, it was the hardest three weeks of his life. Only his work with the police and the FBI helped keep his mind off Satin. With his keen sense of smell and heightened senses, plus a mind honed by 150 years of knowledge, Jack had proved invaluable in helping them catch several bank robbers and gangsters. Only 4 men outside of Jack's immediate family knew of his affliction. Those men were the Commissioner of Police, the Chief of Police, a contact with the police force that could be trusted 100% and one other man. That man was Calvin Coolidge, the President of the United States. As he often aided the government in places they dared not go, Jack's "condition" was always made aware to them. So far, Jack's favorite president had been Theodore Roosevelt. He had not treated Jack as a curiosity, but as a valued friend and asset.

When they met early at the Waldorf-Astoria, his paramour was impressed. He had rented them the most lavish suite available. "I have a good job," he told her with a smile. "Plus, when you've walked the earth for 150 years, you tend to have a lot of money saved," he chuckled. She laughed with him, as she was almost as wealthy as John Jacob Astor himself.

"You cut your hair," she said, running her fingers through his chestnut locks. "It looks good on you."

"It will start growing rapidly again tomorrow," he sighed. "You look -- different," he said as he looked her over as well. It wasn't just the glamorous dress, something had changed.

"My pallor," she told him. "I'm not as white and look," she smiled at Jack. Her eyes were neither brown nor red -- but an incredible shade of green. He held her close and kissed her until they were melting together. "Bed?" She asked with a wink.

"No, not yet," he grinned. "I want to buy you breakfast and then walk around New York for a while. I want to share the daylight with my girl and have lunch and dinner, then we'll make love," he told her.

That's what they did. Satin had almost always spent this day alone, sometimes with friends who knew her secret, but rarely. Today, she had been granted a blessing. Her curse had been lifted and she could enjoy precious life for one more day with a man she loved. Food tasted wonderful and they spent time listening to music and seeing the sights.

Back at their hotel, when the sun went down, the two lovers went into lover's clinch that felt like they would never see each other again. Jack made tender, sweet love to Satin like it was her first time. She whimpered and beat her fists on the bed. He smiled, knowing that if she had been at her full strength, she very well could have destroyed the bed. When they fucked, neither of them held back. Her nails dug into his flesh and Jack felt pain, but it was a different kind of pain. It was a pain borne of passion and he let himself feel every second of it. They made love until midnight and as November 1st started, they ordered champagne and caviar.

"I'm going to miss that," Satin sighed as she sipped her drink. "I haven't felt that much emotion in over 50 years," she said to her smiling Jack.

"I am not going anywhere," Jack said and he kissed her. "We may only have our moments together, but we can be together in our hearts, have dinner, drinks and go to clubs. Once a year, just like a normal couple, we will have our anniversary. We'll pick a spot and make it special, just like today was. Of course, that's all up to you," he said as he lifted his glass. She clinked hers to his and they sealed the deal. They both spent the day in bed with the blinds drawn. When night came, he took her back to that same jazz club and they acted like a couple in love -- which they were.

Time came and their lives always intersected. Jack did work for the newly-minted FBI and he found another Roosevelt he liked, FDR, who he trusted. When the war came, he enlisted and his "skills" put the end to more than one Nazi spy. Loving and trusting her man, Satin also signed on and used skills to ferret out traitors and informants. Her kill count went up, but in 1945, after the war had ended, Jack was able to make sense of it all. "It was war, my darling," he told her during their Halloween assignation. "We did what had to be done and we're still alive and I still love you." They made love very tenderly that night and Jack wasn't sure, but he thought he saw her crying. In some ways, even despite the curse, she was still very much a gentle soul who did not relish harming a fellow human being.

The 1950's were a terrible time for Satin. Jack's work for the FBI, the police and the President made him beyond reproach, but the same was not true for his love. Because of her intentionally "Bohemian" lifestyle and the friends she had made over the years, she was called up before HUAC -- the House Committee on Un-American Activities -- and asked to testify. She flat-out refused and was threatened several times. In her beloved's arms that night, she broke his heart.

"I've walked this earth for nearly 200 years, my love," she said as he held her. "Yet in recent weeks, I have seen some of the most despicable acts done in the name of patriotism," she said. "You and I worked tirelessly during the war and this is the thanks I get. Jack, I'm leaving America and I won't be back, not for a long while, if ever. Come with me."

"To where?"

"Anywhere, although I was thinking Paris," Satin smiled as she ran her fingers along his thigh. His cock began to stir again. "I have history there and can enjoy the cafes."

"I can't," he shook his head. "I have a life here too, friends and relatives. My work is here. I can't live without you Satin, what will we do?"

She poked his chest. "You will never be without me. 30 years ago, I told you that you belonged to my heart. You always will and with airline flights improving all of the time, well, October 31st in Paris is an interesting concept." They nodded and made love again, although Jack's heart already ached from missing her so.

He never missed, not once. The nights after the 31st were sweeter and Jack loved the French countryside, where he could be free and hunt. Europe seemed to accept oddities. He was surprised to discover that Satin was fluent in French. "My family came over from France, my love," she laughed. "Did I never tell you that, mon coeur?" He shook his head and was surprised that even after 30-plus years, she could still surprise him.

In the 1960's, Satin lived in England and traveled Europe. In London in the mid-1960's, he held her hand. "We've been apart for too long, my darling," he told her and slipped a ring on her finger. "We might never be a conventional couple, but we must be a couple. We will find someone to marry us ..." He knew that his bride could never be married in a church "... and you are coming back to New York with me, where you belong."

Jack didn't even have to look at Satin to know she had accepted. "When?" She asked. "When do you want to do it?"

A crooked smile came over his face. "When do you think, my love?"

So it came to pass, on Monday, October 31st, 1966, Jack Lupus (as he was calling himself by then) married Satin. "Satin Lupus?" She giggled, crinkling up her face at him. It had been over 40 years and that face had gone unmarred by time. He had aged a bit, there was a touch of gray at his dark temples. Satin had told him it made him look distinguished.

"Get used to it, you'll be using it for a while," he smiled as he took his bride to lunch at Tavern on the Green. This was the best day of his life, topping even the day he had met his new wife. All was possible and the world was changing around them. He knew the world would never be perfect, but men like Martin Luther King were trying to facilitate change, real change. With Satin by his side, Jack knew he would always be happy.

It took Jack a few years to acclimate to living with someone. He had avoided intimacy for so long and had few close friends. Yet after sundown each evening, his bride woke up, had dinner with him, watched television, went to the movies and they still found jazz clubs they both liked. Once in a while, they risked it -- making love. Over the years, nothing had happened.

"Happy Anniversary, darling," Jack smiled as his wife walked up to the hotel to meet him.

Seeing no one was around, Satin indulged in a bit of PDA. "Happy anniversary to you too, you handsome devil," she said, biting his bottom lip playfully. "Can you believe it's been 90 years?"

"Nope, feels like yesterday," Jack laughed. "Although I do have a smidgen more gray. So, how was Paris?" His wife still continued to own property in Paris, where several of her friends lived. All knew and accepted her for who and what she was. Jack knew some were likely lovers, but he put no limits on her, much as she had done for him. Rules were not for such as they.

"Lonely without my husband," Satin lifted his spirits. She shook her head. "I still can't get used to saying that after all these years ... husband," she smiled.

"I love hearing it, ready to enjoy our day?" Jack smiled as her took her hand. They went to a Broadway show, they had wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner and they revisited places and shared memories of years and friends long passed.

Satin emerged from the bedroom in the sexiest lingerie Jack had ever seen. 90 years and she still made him crazy. "I do love the lingerie shops in Paris," Satin smiled. She still pronounced it "Pair-Eee". "I hope you're ready to get fucked handsome, we've got almost 5 hours to exhaust each other," she laughed gaily as she jumped into bed.

"We haven't managed that yet, have we?" Jack said as his wife began ripping his shirt from his chest. "It's a good thing we're both stinking rich, you manage to ruin at least one shirt every anniversary," he laughed.

"Can I help it if pent-up lust makes me a bit of a slut?" Satin panted as she began raking her nails down his skin while following it her tongue. Jack had not been a monk in his time on this earth, but from the day of their meeting, their souls had connected. His Satin knew everything on earth it took to get him feverish. Her mouth was around his cock and she was sucking on it like a ... well, she knew and he knew. He didn't want to cum, but the waiting had been so difficult.

"Don't worry baby, I know my husband is the most virile being on the planet," Satin said as she stood up and did a little dance for him. She had actually danced at the Folies Bergere while living in Paris. Both of them had led lives that would have made for a great novel. After his delightful bride had succeeded in arousing him, she demanded like treatment. She got it after removing her lingerie and setting her pussy over his face. Jack knew every inch of her body and noticed that this year, she had shaved. He ate her cunt until she went into the throes of orgasm and fell away from him.

"Oh darling, I will never get tired of that or of making love to my husband," Satin sighed. "I'm going to keep on saying that until it sinks in -- husband, husband, husband," she smiled.

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