tagRomanceHalo Ch. 03

Halo Ch. 03


Ren stood on the front veranda looking out at the heavy storm clouds that had massed in the west. He turned his head as he heard footsteps beside him and he saw Brad stop and look out at the sky as well.

"I'm glad we insisted Janey take Nicky home when we saw the storm clouds building up. It's blowing a gale out there now," Ren said indicating the trees that were tossing wildly in the strong wind.

"Yes, I'm glad they're both back home safe and sound," Brad agreed.

"So you get to see your son on your birthday," Ren said with a grin.

"I'm really looking forward to it - a real first for me." Brad said happily, he paused for a moment before asking "So what's going on between you and Janey? I thought you were just about to kiss her when you put her seatbelt on for her when she was leaving."

Ren smiled as he remembered how Janey had watched his mouth as he had lent over her to fasten her seatbelt when she had struggled with it. He had watched her eyes darken and her lips part softly before he had pressed a quick kiss to her forehead and then straightened out of the car. He could still hear her soft gasp of shock from when he had shut the driver's side door for her.

"She thought I was about to kiss her as well," Ren said sounding pleased with himself.

"Well tell all," Brad encouraged him.

"Janey asked me to back off, that she's with the boyfriend. I told her I wouldn't do anything she didn't want," Ren said with a tight expression.

"So you have to wait for her to want you to do something?" Brad asked.

"Something like that," Ren said sounding more than slightly strained.

" 'Tanaya has got supper nearly cooked. You'd better come inside if you're hungry," Brad said before turning and heading inside.

Ren hesitated for several more moments looking out towards the heavy storm clouds before heading inside to wash up for the meal.

"Does it still look like we might get a storm?" 'Tanaya asked as Ren sat down at the table.

"I'd say definitely, and I'd guess a nasty one at that by the colour of the clouds," Ren said as he reached for the plate of food 'Tanaya was holding out towards him. "Thanks for that, it looks good."

"I do like to be able to cook once in a while in my own kitchen," 'Tanaya said in reference to the fact that Ren had taken to doing a lot of the cooking when 'Tanaya had to work.

"Just doing what I can to help out," Ren said before tasting the mashed potato covered in gravy.

There was silence around the table while the three of them took the edge off their hunger; the only noises the clinking of cutlery on plates and the occasional rattle of cups in saucers as they took a drink.

By the time they had finished their meal, thunder could be heard rumbling in the not far distance and the bright flashes of lightening illuminated the late evening gloom. The sound of the wind told them it had picked up strength and speed.

Brad got out of his chair and turned the radio on to the local station; as they sat enjoying leisurely cups of coffee they listened to the latest popular songs playing. As the clock pointed to the hour the radio station started the news with a severe storm warning for several areas.

"Sounds like I'd better do a quick check that everything is secure outside," Brad said getting to his feet.

"I'll give you a hand," Ren said putting his nearly empty cup aside as he too got to his feet.

"Check to see if Mr Brinkley needs a hand next door. He might appreciate the help," 'Tanaya said as she began stacking dirty dishes in the sink.

"Will do, " Ren said and paused to look back at 'Tanaya. "Just stack the dishes in the sink, I'll do 'em later."

'Tanaya watched as both men disappeared out the back way before hurriedly finishing what she was doing. With the table cleared she made her way around the house checking that all the windows were shut and secured properly.

Pausing on the western side of the house 'Tanaya peered out a window at the storm clouds and flinched as several vicious streaks of lightening flashed from the clouds to the ground some distance from town. She was relieved when she heard the two men return to the house and when to the lounge room to meet them as they came in from the backyard.

"Gerald said it'll be a bad storm for sure. We put some heavy timbers on a pile of iron for him so he didn't have to strain himself." Brad said as he shook dust and leaves from his hair and shoulders.

They stood and watched through a window in one of the front rooms as the storm raced towards them. Vivid streaks of lightening danced between clouds before cascading to the ground in breathtaking displays of power.

Rain soon appeared as a grey haze that quickly approached the town swept before the strong winds that snapped small branches from trees and shrubs in its path. The rain sounded loud on the roof overhead and drummed incessantly against the western side of the house.

"Shit - hail!" Brad exclaimed as he saw the first of the marble sized white balls hit the window and bounce off.

Ren moved to where he could look out over the rear yard and winced as the hailstones became the size of tennis balls.

The combined sound of the rain and hail was nearly deafening as it pelted down mercilessly. Lightening illuminated the rooms with windows as the full fury of the storm passed overhead; thunder rumbled and the vibrations of the sound could be felt throughout the house.

Within twenty minutes the storm had passed the town leaving only heavy rain bucketing down.

Brad started with surprise as his mobile phone gave its shrill call and he picked it up off the kitchen cupboard where he had placed it. He answered it curtly and listened with a frown as his boss spoke quickly. He answered affirmatively before hanging up and looking at 'Tanaya.

"That was Hank. He's a member of the State Emergency Service. The SES is getting a lot of calls and expects more. Houses have lost their roofs, trees down across roads. I'll check everything is okay outside and then I'm going to lend a hand to the SES volunteers," Brad told her seriously.

"I'll lend a hand as well," Ren said as he headed towards his room for a waterproof jacket.

'Tanaya stood on the front veranda looking out into the hail covered street as both men walked around the exterior of the house checking for damage before heading over next door to check for damage then knock on the Brinkley's door.

'Tanaya's attention was diverted when Brent and Matty hurried across the street looking wet and ragged. They hurried up onto the veranda out of the rain.

"The flats have lost the roof all along the building," Brent said without preamble. "Wall has poured in through the ceiling, everything's wet."

"Go get your good clothes and a couple of changes of work clothes, I'll put them through a wash and dry some in the dryer and hang some on the back veranda. Has Hank called you?" 'Tanaya asked.

"Yes, he's bringing tarps for the flats and then we go on to other buildings," Matty supplied.

"How'd you guys go over there?" Brad asked as he climbed the front steps to the veranda with Ren close behind him.

* * * * *

Janey put the phone receiver back on the phone and frowned as she headed for the kitchen picking her son up out of the doorway as she went.

The morning had dawned cold and damp with misty rain in the aftermath of the storms; there had been two separate storms that had left unroofed houses in their wake before uniting to leave a trail of roofless houses and uprooted trees.

Only her mother and sister were in the kitchen as Janey let Nicky down to play with his pots and pans.

"Any luck getting through?" Marina asked.

"I got through on the landline eventually but he's is out helping with the SES clearing the fallen trees off roads and his friends are doing tarpaulin duty on houses," Janey said as she tried to control the irritation she felt.

She had been looking forward to spending the day with Brad even if it meant having to put up with 'Tanaya being around. Janey smothered the thought that she also wouldn't be seeing Ren.

Silly really, she told herself. He might have had other plans for the day that didn't include staying around the house.

"An extra pair of hands making lunch for volunteers from our area is always appreciated," Marina said with a gentle smile.

Janey looked out the kitchen window at the drizzling rain and shuddered as she thought about the people working in this weather to put to rights the storm damage.

"Make a big pot of thick stew?" Janey asked as she looked at the vegetables her mother and sister had collected and were peeling and dicing.

"You can start the meat cooking for the stew. We're making thick vegetable soup as well," Marina said as she paused work to glance at her younger daughter.

Janey nodded and quickly got the largest stew pot out of the cupboard and placed it on the stove before adding water and stock powder. As she worked she kept an eye on Nicky but he was content to play with his assortment of pots and pans.

It was mid morning when the three women sat down for a quick cup of coffee and Janey paused to give Nicky a plate of cut up fruit. The phone rang and Marina answered it. She returned to the kitchen shortly carrying the cordless handset and passed it to Janey.

"It's Adam," Marina said as Janey took the handset.

"Hi Adam, " Janey said happily as she got to her feet and walked from the room for some privacy knowing that her mother would keep an eye on Nicky while he ate his fruit.

"Hallo Beautiful. How are you today?" Adam asked fondly.

"Better now I've heard your voice," Janey said as she smiled with pleasure.

"Glad I brightened your day for you," Adam said sounding pleased. "Can I ask what you're doing Tuesday?"

"I haven't got anything planned," Janey said with a glance back towards the kitchen.

"I have to travel to Sydney Tuesday evening and I was hoping that if I rented a motel room in Lismore tomorrow night we could spend the night and Tuesday morning together. You, me and Nicky," Adam said sounding hopeful.

"I would love that," Janey said. It was hard to find any privacy for her and Adam when he came and visited at her parents' place.

"I could drive to your parents' place tomorrow afternoon, then we could take your car to Lismore so you can drive home the next afternoon after I go to the airport," Adam explained calmly.

"That sounds really good." Janey agreed.

They talked for several more minutes before they hung up and Janey returned to the kitchen. Her mother and sister were nearly finished their coffee when Janey sat down once again.

"How is Adam?" Marina asked as Janey sat down.

"He's good. We're going to spend tomorrow night and Tuesday morning with him," Janey said before finishing her coffee.

"I don't know why you take Nicky to see ... that guy in Lennox when you have Adam ready and willing to play happy families," Caro said as she got to her feet and put her empty cup in the sink.

"Because he is his biological father and they have a right to know each other," Janey said tightly.

Caro shrugged as she checked on the soup cooking on the stove, "Whatever."

When the soup and stew were cooked Marina called Jim on the phone to find out where the team was working so she could deliver the food to them for lunch.

While her mother was on the phone Janey changed Nicky's nappy and packed his lunch ready to take with them so that she could go with her mother to deliver the food to the volunteer workers; Nicky would enjoy the ride and it would get her out of the house.

* * * * *

Janey settled Nicky down for his morning nap and walked from the room knowing he would fall asleep quickly. With a quick glance at the clock she decided to try ringing Brad to check and see if his birthday party was still on Wednesday afternoon.

When there was no answer on his mobile phone she tried the house number and was just about to give up when the phone was answered.

"Hallo." The deep rich voice sent tendrils of pleasure through Janey's body as she instantly recognised Ren's voice even though it sounded as if he had just been woken up.

"Hi Ren, this is Janey. I was ummm ringing to see if Brad's party is still on Wednesday evening," Janey said softly.

"Hey there Blondie, good to hear your voice. Yes the party will be on. Did the storm hit where you are?" Ren asked, his voice quickening with interest.

"We only got heavy rain and some wind but a mile down the road there's some big trees blown over alongside the road," Janey said unconsciously smiling with the pleasure of hearing his voice.

"There are a few branches down around the house here and the block of flats where Brent and Matty rent lost their roof so they're bunking on the lounge room floor at the moment." Ren told her.

Janey heard faint sounds as if he was sitting on something that creaked.

"I didn't disturb you or anything did I?" Janey asked hesitantly.

"I was asleep when you rang but it's about time I woke up. I was out until nearly five am putting tarps over the last of the damaged roofs. Brad is out working with a chainsaw at present. Matty and Brent are sprawled around the lounge room," Ren explained.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." Janey rushed to say as she was filled with remorse for waking him up.

"Hey, no problem. Feel free to disturb me any time you like Blondie," Ren said with a slightly husky tone to his voice.

Janey blushed as a warm feeling flooded her body at his words.

Surely he didn't mean it the way my body is taking it! Janey thought as her breasts suddenly felt full and heavy, her nipples tingling and puckering into hard buds.

"So you still bringing Nicky to his Dad's birthday party?" Ren asked in the silence that followed.

"Yes, he, umm... he hasn't stopped going Daddad," Janey admitted with a soft laugh.

"Brad was really wrapped to see him as well," Ren said softly.

Janey sighed faintly and closed her eyes briefly as his voice washed over her.

"I guess I should let you go. You probably got stuff you need to do," Janey said almost reluctantly.

"Yeah I got stuff I should do. I'll see you Wednesday then," Ren said.

"I'll be there. Bye." Janey said and hung up before she found a reason to keep talking to him.

She turned back towards her room feeling strangely lost and looked in at Nicky where he lay asleep in his cot. She watched him sleeping for several minutes before turning away with a shrug. She had a few things she wanted to do before Adam turned up later in the day so she headed for the lounge room with a determined step.

With Nicky asleep Janey was able to iron the clothes she planned to wear that evening when Adam took her and Nicky out for tea as he had promised. She had chosen a very becoming top and trousers set a few days after the christening and had decided to wear them tonight.

A few hours later Janey was busy with Nicky who had woken up fretful from his nap when Adam arrived. He parked his car out of the way and knocked before walking into the house.

Janey recognised his voice and walked out of her room carrying Nicky who was cuddled miserably against her shoulder.

"Hallo," Adam said as he walked over to kiss Janey softly before lifting Nicky out of her arms and holding him.

"Dadam," Nicky murmured and went back to chewing at his fist.

"I think Nicky is teething," Janey said with a rueful grin.

"So that's what's wrong with our boy," Adam said fondly as he bounced Nicky gently in his arms. Nicky grinned his appreciation at Adam around his fist and glanced at his mother.

"I got everything ready to go whenever you're ready," Janey told Adam with a smile. The chance of an outing with the three of them had her excited.

"If you take Nicky and give me the keys to your car I'll put my bags in the car, put your bags in the car and we can be off." Adam told her with a smile.

"That sounds simple," Janey agreed with a nod and pulled her car keys from her jeans pocket before taking Nicky from Adam.

"We'll just go say bye to Grandma and Grandpa," Janey said as Adam turned towards the door.

"Okay," He acknowledged before leaving.

Janey headed towards her Parents room. She knew they would want to say goodbye to Nicky before they left. She knocked on their door and waited for an answer before opening it and walking in.

"We came to say byes, Nicky and Mummy are going with Dadam," Janey said using Nicky's name for Adam.

"Will you be very late tonight?" Jim asked as he gave his grandson a cuddle.

"We won't be home until tomorrow evening," Janey said calmly.

"Well have fun," Marina said and gave both Janey and Nicky a kiss on the cheek.

"We will," Janey said with a smile. She missed the frown on her father's face as she turned and headed for the lounge room.

Adam was picking up the last of the bags she had placed in the lounge room and she fell into step with him as he headed outside. Janey buckled Nicky into his child-seat as Adam put the last of the bags in the boot and then she got into the passenger seat.

"Don't you want to drive?" Adam asked as he stood outside the car door and looked in at her.

"You drive. I always feel much better when you drive." Janey said softly.

Adam didn't say anything as he walked around the car and got into the drivers seat.

The drive was uneventful and it was still mid-afternoon when Adam parked the car outside the caravan-park cabin where they would be staying.

Janey waited in the car slightly uneasy as Adam went to the office and paid for the cabin he had booked. When he returned he opened the front door with the key he had been given and stepped inside for a look.

Janey got out of the car and took Nicky out of his child-seat before walking into the cabin behind Adam; she looked around the surprisingly spacious room that contained a double bed, a single bed and a cot as well as a small kitchen alcove.

The shower and toilet was at the far end of the cabin separated by a sliding door.

"Cosy isn't it?" Adam remarked with a smile as he looked at Janey.

Janey looked around. The place was spotless and smelled slightly of disinfectant.

"It's not bad," Janey agreed with the slightest of reluctance.

Adam turned his head to look at her with a frown. He had picked up on something bothering her.

"What's the matter Sweetheart?" he asked gently.

"I don't know, it's just not...home," Janey said with a forced smile.

"I'll be right here with you. I won't let anything bad happen to you," Adam said in soothing tones.

Janey sent a pained smile his way before carrying Nicky to the double bed and placing him on it; she checked his nappy finding it wet and quickly removed the soiled garment while Adam hurried to get the nappy bag for her.

With Nicky changed into a dry nappy and the bags inside the cabin Adam, Janey and Nicky got back into the car and set out for a drive around town.

Adam found a park with play sets for small children and parked close by. The three of them spent the last of the afternoon there with Nicky playing happily on the swings.

Adam couldn't help noticing that Janey seemed slightly nervous at first and he continually tried to reassure her that he was there and would take care of her; but it didn't seem to help and as the time passed she only got more nervous.

As the sun sank lower in the sky and the air began to loose its warmth Adam packed Janey and Nicky into the car and headed back to the cabin. Once inside he noticed Janey seemed to calm down as she set about giving Nicky his wash for the night.

Adam ordered Chinese take-away from a restaurant with a good reputation and helped Janey when she carried a wet and clean Nicky from the small shower room.

"I ordered a meal for us and some long noodle soup for Nicky," Adam said with a smile at the boy.

"He's nearly ready to go to sleep, playing on the swings really tired him out," Janey said as she put warm pyjamas on her son.

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